Nkiru wanted to feel guilty
but she couldn’t, Sam had been so good to her and the past three days they had
spent in each other’s arms was worth it. She wished her sister could disappear
forever and never come back so that she could have Sam to herself.
“You are glowing…what’s
the secret?” Agatha, her colleague said to her.
“What do you mean? I don’t
understand…” Nkiru said.
“You look very good…in
fact, everyone has been saying so, it’s like you’ve been under a blossoming
spell.” Agatha said.

Nkiru smiled, indeed she
had been under a blossoming spell, she thought. Sam had made her feel so safe
with him and she loved the feeling of being loved. She was happy.
“Well…it’s God…” Nkiru
“God is in
heaven…something on earth is making you really happy and you have to
spill…” Agatha said. “You’re even dressed sexy…”
Nkiru blushed, she had
carefully chosen the clothes she wore to work nowadays especially as she wanted
to look good for Sam. Her phone chose that time to buzz, it was her sister.
Nkiru breathed in deeply and answered the call.
“Nkiru….I am back home
with the kids….”
“We thought you guys would
have been home yesterday…we waited up for you and we had to call the school.”
“Who’s we?” Her sister
“I…err…Sam and I…”
“Oh okay….we couldn’t
leave because the weather wasn’t really clement so we stayed a day extra.
Parents were informed but they didn’t bother informing Sam because I was with
the kids and I said I’d inform him but somehow, I got busy with the twins-they
are stooling you know…” Her sister said.
“I’m sorry about that…are
they better?”
“Yes they are. Ehen, I was
calling to find out why you left the sink dirty….” Her sister said trying to
control her temper.
Nkiru remembered last night
quite vividly, she and Sam had been worried that her sister and the kids hadn’t
returned and after eating dinner, she had forgotten to wash the dishes because
as soon as Sam had called the school’s administrative phone number and his
fears had been allayed, he pulled her into his arms for a fresh bout of love
“Errr…I am sorry…we
were worried sick over you and the kids and I wasn’t thinking straight…”
Nkiru apologized.
“So you mean that you couldn’t
wash the dishes because you were thinking about my safety and kids? Now that
you haven’t washed it, I have to wash it myself and it’s not fair.” Her sister
“I said I’m sorry…was it
wrong to worry about you and the kids?” Nkiru shouted.
“Are you raising your voice
at me? You live under my roof…”
“What has living under your
roof got to do with anything?” Nkiru spat.
“Do you know what? I have
had it! You can go home! Besides, you are not doing anything for me in this
house…I clean the house, I take care of the kids, I cook the meals…”
It was at the tip of Nkiru’s
tongue to say, ‘I satisfy your husband’ but she said something else.
“I just found out that you’ve
been lying to me all along about our childhood and before I leave, I need an
explanation from you.” Nkiru said and cut the call.
Immediately she ended the
call with her sister, she called Sam.
“Hey baby…”
“Your wife just pissed me
off!” Nkiru said.
“She got you too huh? Do
yourself a favour, stop answering her phone calls at work….and you’ll find
that life can be such a beautiful place.”
“I’m not ready for
jokes….she told me to leave the house.”
“What? What for? Is she
back home?”
“Yes she is and she blames
me for not washing the dishes and says that I should leave. I told her that I
would but first she’d have to tell me about our childhood….the abuse and
all…” Nkiru said, lowering her voice at the last words.
“No! You can’t ask her
“Why not? She hid things
from me. If you hadn’t told me that she was abused, I wouldn’t have known anything about…”
“Listen to me, if you tell
her, she’ll ask where you got the news from and you’ll have no choice but to tell
her that I told you and….she might find out about our affair…” Sam said.
Nkiru paused and said
“Are you there? Nkiru…”
“Yes I am….then I guess,
I’d better get ready to pack my things and leave your house…” Nkiru said.
“No way! You are staying
put…there’s no way I’m letting my wife send you home…” Sam said. “You home
is with me now…”
Nkiru smiled and said.
“Okay then…I’ll see you
after work…”
She concentrated on work
and let the thoughts of Sam cloud her mind.
Ogonna was packing her
bags, she had to leave the house she shared with her room-mate, Ebube, as Gbade
had found them accommodation, not too far from his former house. The interior
decorators had begun work but since he didn’t want to continue living at the
hotel, he had decided that they move in as soon as they could so as to hasten
the designers. She was packing the last of her stuff when Ebube opened the door
and walked in.
“Hey…” Ebube greeted.
“Ebubs, how far?”
“I didn’t see your new ride
outside and now, you’re packing?”
“Yea…Gbade sent his
driver to take the car to our new apartment.” Ogonna supplied.
“So, you’re moving away for
“So you are going to live
with him as what?” Ebube asked.
“What do you mean by that?”
“Has he said anything about
divorcing his wife?”
“Well…he’ll have
to…with time…”
“Don’t you think you’re
jumping the gun? This man hasn’t properly wed you and you’re moving in already?
C’mon! Besides, how would you shuffle school, seeing that you have quite a
distance from your new home to school.”
“I don’t appreciate your
lectures…” Ogonna spat.
“Listen Ogo, I am on your
side regardless of what you think but I need you to know what he has in plan
for you….” Ebube said.
“Whatever….all I am happy
about is the fact that I have gotten what I have always wanted. A rich man by
my side and I know that we will get married sooner or later.” Ogonna said and
picking up her heavy bags, she left the house.
Morayo watched Gbade enter
his room and heard him shuffle about, emerging some moments later with two
large suitcases which he dumped at the center of the sitting room. She was engrossed
with the show on television, having only returned from work and was trying to
catch up with a new telenovela on Telemundo that Ebube had told her about. She
wasn’t in the least interested in his activities or what he was preparing to
do. Gbade walked out his room one last time and stood right before her in the
sitting room.
“I am leaving….”  He said.
“Bye…” Morayo said taking
a sip of the fruit juice in her hand.
“I didn’t take all my
clothing but I’ll be back for more when I need them.”
“The door is open…you
have the keys….you can come back whenever you want…” Morayo said not taking
her eyes from the television screen.
“This is it then, five
years of marriage is over…”
“Well…that’s for
you….as far as I am concerned, I’m still a married woman….till a legal separation
“I have found happiness in
Ogonna and I love her….”
“Bravo…” Morayo said.
“She’s better than you
are…” Gbade said.
“Gbade, can you go already?
You have told me things that are quite irrelevant…or are you trying to
validate your actions?”
“You’re a monster Morayo! A
wicked and evil woman I was unfortunate to marry, you killed my child and you
almost killed me some days ago and my girlfriend.”
“Look at
you….yadayadayada….you love it don’t you? You love it when you see me cry
over the death of Lolu! Guess what? Lolu is gone, baby, and he can never come
back, so deal with it and as for almost killing you and your girlfriend, thank
God you had enough sense to move your things out of this house and move in with
her wherever she is.” Morayo said.
Gbade looked at her in
anger, he breathed heavily and without a word, he picked up his suitcases and
headed towards the door.
“I wish you all the best
darling….do write me if anything surprising happens!” She called out in
Gbade stormed out of the
house and shut the door loudly.
Morayo stared at the closed
door filled with mixed emotions, she didn’t know whether to yell, laugh or cry.
Nkiru smiled through grit
teeth as she stared at her sister.
“I am really sorry over my
outburst…it will never happen again…” Nkiru said to her sister
“Ofcourse you should be,
you didn’t use to be this rude and I was wondering what had gotten into you.”
Her sister said.
Nkiru smiled and gave Sam a
knowing stare, they had both agreed that in order for their affair to continue,
Nkiru had to ask her sister for forgiveness.
“You said something about
our childhood…what was it?” Her sister asked.
“Don’t mind me jare…I
used to have a piggy bank as a child and one day I found that all the money was
taken and I knew it was Kene but everyone was covering up for him….” Nkiru
“You are so silly Nkiru…”
Her sister laughed. “You’d better grow up and start thinking like an adult. I’m
sure that if you were married and in your husband’s home, you won’t be thinking
of something as stupid as a piggy bank.
Nkiru looked at her sister
and almost laughed, ‘if only she knew that she had just one leg in and the
other leg out of her supposed husband’s home.’
Photo Credit:
1. divadiaries.ng

To be continued next week….



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