Ogonna stared at the frame
on Gbade’s sitting room wall, it was a beautiful picture of his family. Gbade
and his wife sat holding their son in their arms and they were beaming at the
camera, the picture made her heart lurch in her chest. She wanted a family with
Gbade too.
“Still looking around?”
Gbade asked walking over to snake his arms around her.

“Hmmm….your apartment is
so beautiful, you must be paying millions to live here.”

“Well…comfort is
paramount in life…” Gbade said nuzzling her cheek.

“Wow….to think that you
have all this luxury while I lavish in heat at that small room that I share
with Ebube is pure torture. It’s not fair ooo.” She said.

Gbade turned her to face
him and raising her chin, he said.

“You know you only have to
ask…and it will be given.”

Ogonna smiled remembering
the car he had just gifted her and which was parked at her compound at home.
She had not explained the car’s existence to Ebube yet but she had kept the
keys of the car on the small table beside their bed.

“Thank you again for the
car…you are simply amazing…” She said and kissed him.

“You are about to make me
forget all about dinner…” He murmured as he kissed her back.

“Well, I’m food for your
soul…” She laughed.

Gbade lifted her into his
arms and carried her to his bedroom.

Morayo stood outside her
house, she had just parked her car and needed to recollect herself. Gbade had a
woman in her home? She thought and shook her head. ‘He must have guts!’ she
said to herself.

 As soon as Ebube had given her the news of
Ogonna’s presence in her home, she had left the spa and headed to the salon
where she had asked for a quick and amazing hairdo. As soon as she was done,
she got into her car and drove home. Before alighting from the vehicle, she
slipped on her four inch Sophia Webster heels- the shoes had been in her
possession for the past four years but after Lolu’s death, she had abandoned
them. Only recently, she had seen them hanging out of her shoe closet and she had
thrown them into the booth of her car for a rainy day. She mentally took in her
and smiled. She was grateful to have worn her well-cut black dress which meant
she was in for business. She opened her purse and brought out her sun shades
from her bag and wore it, as soon as she did that, she stepped into the

The security officer at the
reception took one look at her and said.

“Can I help you madam?”

“I live in flat 205….”
Morayo said in a husky voice.

“Oh…Madam Morayo! Is it
you? I didn’t recognize…I am sorry…” He said as he stared at her in open

Morayo waved him off and
pressed the button to go up in the elevator. Her phone rang, she answered.

“Morayo…it’s Ebube…”
The voice breathed.


“Have you gotten into the
house yet?” Ebube asked breathlessly.

“About to…”

“You sound hard…are you

“Can I call you back? When
I’m done?”

“Okay…sure…” Ebube said
and hung up.

She didn’t need any
distractions as her mind was already made-up. The elevator door opened and she
stepped in. She got to her apartment in no time and turned the key in the lock.
The door opened to reveal her sitting room and she stepped inside. There were
two half empty glasses of wine on the centre table and she could hear some
music from Gbade’s room. Morayo smiled slowly, her face amused at the audacity
of her husband and his mistress. She saw the half empty bottle of champagne in
the ice bucket and picked it up. Taking one step at a time, she headed to
Gbade’s room and pushed it open.

Gbade and Ogonna were busy
on the bed, the music was loud and they didn’t hear Morayo come in. Morayo walked
over to the television stand and taking the remote control, she turned off the
music. Gbade and Ogonna didn’t stop, they were so engrossed their activity that
they had no idea that they had a third party. Morayo held onto the bottle-neck
and slammed the bottle against the wall. Gbade and Ogonna stopped abruptly and
turned to see the intruder.

“What was that for?” Gbade
asked growling in anger. “Who gave you the right to step into my room.”

Morayo didn’t reply, she
removed her glasses and tossed to the side and walking up to the bed, she
climbed it and still with the half broken bottle in one hand, she dragged
Ogonna’s leg with the other.

“Let go of me! Gbade! Help!”
Ogonna screamed as she felt her weight leave the bed. She was stark naked.

Gbade moved to grab Morayo
but Morayo swung the broken bottle at him and it slashed his palm.

“My God…arrrahhhh…”
Gbade shouted in pain as his palm began to bleed.

Ogonna tried fighting
Morayo but she was no match for her. Still on her heels, Morayo dragged Ogonna
down from the bed and pulled her roughly out of the room.

“Morayo! Will you stop
this? Morayo!” Gbade shouted chasing after his wife who had dragged Ogonna out
of the room.

Ogonna thrashed her legs
about and Morayo used the broken bottle to slash her ankle.
“She’s mad! She’s a
monster! My God! Gbade!” Ogonna screamed. She was stark naked and so was Gbade.

“Morayo will you stop this?
Morayo!” Gbade called out helplessly as he followed his wife out to the sitting

Morayo wordlessly flung the
door open and Ogonna, seeing what Morayo had in mind, tried to stand up and run
but Morayo pounced on her and gave her the most nerve racking blows ever and
hurled her out of the house by her hair. As soon as Ogonna was successfully
tossed outside, she shut the door and faced Gbade.

Gbade’s palm was already
dripping with blood and it was soaking the carpet.

“Morayo! How dare you?” He

“If you want to sleep with
the whole women in Lagos, be my guest but this is the first and last time that
you would dare to bring any of them to this house, to ‘My’ house! Do I make
myself clear?” Morayo shouted.

Gbade looked at his wife
and was instantly scared, there was something in her eyes that he had never
seen before. He turned on his heels and stormed to his room and soon emerged
dressed in his clothes and with Ogonna’s bag in his hand. Morayo stood there,
watching him storm into the sitting room and open the door and leave the house.
As soon as he left, Morayo exhaled deeply and picking up her phone, she made a
call to Ebube.

“It’s done!” She said and
hung up.


Ebube was about to sleep
when she heard the light knock at the door. ‘Who could it be?’ She asked

“Who is it?”

“It’s Ogonna…”

Ebube’s eyes widened as she
walked over to open the door. Ogonna stumbled in, looking dishevelled and

“I thought you left for the
week. What happened?”

“Gbade’s wife is a
monster….but I swear that she will pay! I swear it with the last breath in my
body!” Ogonna screamed.

Ebube was taken aback.

“What happened? Please tell
me….” Ebube asked.

“I don’t have time…I just
came to take some stuff….Gbade is waiting for me in the car…we are going to
a hotel.”

“You look a mess….and is
that blood?” Ebube asked, looking at Ogonna’s ankle.

“That witch slashed me with
a bottle…a broken bottle! That agbero! Thank God that she has shown her true self
to Gbade. At least he now knows the kind of monster his wife is and he just
told me that he’s getting a divorce and he’s leaving that house for good. We
are going house hunting tomorrow…” Ogonna said. “Can you believe that she
kicked me out of the house and I was naked?”
Ebube let the information
sink in.

“So where are you headed?”
Ebube asked.

“We are going to lodge at a
hotel …but before that, we need to visit a clinic for tetanus shots. The
wounds on our bodies are deep.”

Ebube almost laughed at
Ogonna’s words but she kept silent.

“Take care of yourself you
hear…” Ebube said.

Ogonna quickly took some
things from her wardrobe and shoved them into her bag.

“I don’t need to tell you
that the car outside is mine, courtesy Gbade and that once he gets the house, I
will be moving there permanently. Whether the witch likes it or not, I have
gotten my claws on her husband and he is mine!”

“Really? I hope I’m invited
to sleep over sometimes…” Ebube said cheerfully, ignoring her friend’s last

“Yes…you will be invited…”
Ogonna said. “See you…bye…”

As soon as Ebube locked the
door behind Ogonna, she let out a mischievous laughter. Her friend had seen
more than she bargained for.

She quickly placed a call
to Morayo.

“Hey…you really dealt
with them…” Ebube chuckled.

“I didn’t even do enough…”
Morayo said.

“I am sorry….you must be
going through a lot….since he’s with her.”

“Funny enough, I feel
nothing. I don’t feel sad or rejected, I feel nothing…” Morayo said.

“I guess you had put up
with his nonsense for too long…”

“Yes I have and God forbid
that I will put up with it any longer.”

“Ogonna said she’ll deal
with you so, please watch your back…” Ebube said.

“That’s her business! Where
are they headed? Did she tell you?”

“Yes, they are going to a
hotel and according to her, Gbade is going hunting tomorrow….they want a new
apartment and he’ll be moving out of the house….”

“Good riddance….” Morayo

“I’ll let you sleep
now…goodnight…” Ebube said.

“Goodnight dear and thank
you…I owe you so much…”

Ebube smiled and hung up.
As she lay down to sleep, she couldn’t help but feel happy at what had happened
at Gbade and Morayo’s house. She wished she could feel a bit of sympathy for
Ogonna but she felt nothing.

To be continued….


  1. Ghen ghen, women whose husbands try this need to tske pointers from here o. That's why its important to be able to carry her weight. If she was totally dependent on her husband dem no born am well to do wetin she do. Love this, can't wait for tomorrow.

  2. I've not commented for a while,but this episode is beautiful!!!
    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Morayo has just won my heart! What's all the pity thing and crying and apologising, ehn-hehn, now she has acted right. I'm loving this series now.


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    Ebube thank u jare.


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