Within two weeks, Morayo
found her husband metamorphose into something entirely different from what she
used to know. He spent late nights outside the house and on one occasion, he didn’t spend the night at home, he’d stopped speaking to her or responding to her greetings and he had a new habit
of whistling in the shower.
Morayo was scared, angry,
and afraid that her marriage was finally over. That morning before heading to
work, she walked into the room her son used to occupy and stared at his picture
for a long time.

“I should have died….and
let you live…” She said looking at the picture as her eyes glistened with tears. Then, after a while she
snapped. “No! I shouldn’t have died, the God who kept me alive kept me for a
reason and I can’t continue to beat myself for being a good mother to you.
While you were in my womb, I hardly slept at night because of the discomfort but I endured and loved it anyway.
Before you were born, I spent two days in labour trying to push you out but I did it because of the love I have for you. When
you were born, I single-handedly took you to daycare each and every working
day, I breast-fed you and burped you when you felt uncomfortable. On the day
you died, you had cried for my attention and I lost focus because I was trying
to take care of you, I turned to check up on you for a fleeting moment before I
felt the impact of the heavy truck on my vehicle. I suffered through that
accident as well, I broke my arm and I was hospitalized for one month, I went
through emotional trauma and pain for losing you. It’s been almost two years Lolu,
and I will live my life. You have lived yours and now it’s my turn to live
mine. I will only look upon your picture with fondness and joy because I know
that you are in heaven but I will not beat myself again for your death. I am
over it! You will always be my baby but I’m going to make space for other babies to come.”
Morayo took the picture
from the mantle and looked at it closely.
“Goodbye Lolu….you’ll
always have a spot in my heart.” She said and dropping the picture back on the
table, she walked out of the room.
She picked up her bag from
the sofa and was about heading out of the house when Gbade walked out of his
“I want to discuss with you
briefly…” He said.
“What’s it about?” She
“I’d rather we speak after
work…” He said.
“No, I’d rather I hear what
you want to say now, besides you brought it up now…” She said.
“I want a separation…”
Gbade said.
Morayo looked at him, she
didn’t look stunned in the least.
“Any reason for your
decision?” She asked.
“Do I need to have a
reason? This marriage is as good as dead and I want us to take a breather,
so…I’ll like you to move out for a while.” He said.
Morayo threw her head back
and let out a long laugh, Gbade stared at her in surprise, he thought she was
running mad.
“You want me to move out?”
Morayo laughed again.
“I remember saying that
clearly the first time…” He said.
darling, this is my home….and I am going nowhere…” She said.
“I am the head of this
house and if I say I want you out, I want you out!” He said.
“This is my house….if you
want to leave, be my guest.” She said to him and watched the effect of her
words on his face. “If you have nothing else to say, I have a job to get to.”
Morayo walked towards the
door and opening it, she slammed it hard.
Ebube yawned tiredly, she had recently finished some series of tests and presentations and she was beat. She
stretched and stood up from the bed, she needed to go to work as she had been
quite absent over the past week. She hopped out of bed and knocked at the
bathroom door.
“I’m in here…” Ogonna
called out.
“Please come out fast…”
Ebube said.
Soon, Ogonna walked out of
the bathroom and Ebube entered. Soon the two ladies were busying about the
“Good Morning…” Ebube
“Morning…” Ogonna
“I have to get to work
today…it seems like I’ve been away for so long.” Ebube said.
“You just missed some days
of work…it’s not like you skipped a whole month…” Ogonna answered, bringing
out a duffel bag from the wardrobe.
“Escaping the university?
We have just finished presentation and you’re thinking of travelling?” Ebube
asked in reference to Ogonna’s duffel bag.
“No…I’m around…just
taking a break to relax somewhere….” Ogonna replied flippantly.
Ebube stopped what she was
doing and stared at her room-mate.
“Are you hiding something
from me?” Ebube asked.
“No…” Ogonna replied.
“If you’re not going home
to see your parents, where are you headed?”
“I’m spending the week at
Gbade’s….at least, that’s the plan…” Ogonna said.
Ebube stared at her in
surprise and bit her tongue.
“So you guys are serious?”
Ebube asked.
“Ofcourse…he’s crazy in
love with me…” Ogonna replied.
“That’s good to hear…but
if you are staying at his place for the week, what happens to his wife?”
“She’s moving out…”
“How? Did she tell you
that?” Ebube asked, careful not to sound frustrated.
“Gbade said so…”
“Oh!” Ebube said not
knowing what else to say.
“You are happy for me
right?” Ogonna asked looking at her.
“Yea…I am…as long as
you are happy, I am happy…” Ebube said.
“Cool…” Ogonna said.
Ebube quickly picked up her
towel and rushed into the bathroom, she felt so upset by the news.
Nkiru watched her sister
load up the car, she was off for her kids excursion to Ghana and she was with
her two younger kids in tow.
“I’ll miss you…” Nkiru
“I’ll miss you too….” Her
sister said.
“Do have fun…”
“Yea…I’ll try to. I
thought the school was planning this excursion for last week and I prepared for
it but they decided to shift it down to this week and I have the women’s wing
meeting for our village….I wonder what excuse I’d give to them.”
“Chin up sis, you’ll be
back by Sunday and I’m sure you’ll be able to catch up.”
“Stop talking silly little
sissy! You don’t have a home yet….and yet you’re saying that I’d have enough
time to catch up on Sunday. Do you know what it is to be a mother? I will be
preparing my kids for school for Monday and since the twins have missed school
due to the excursion trip, I’ll take some teaching aid from the Akpabio family.
You know that their kids attend the same kindergarten with the twins so I’ll be
teaching them in order to make sure they catch up.” Her sister said. “So, no
time for any meeting…”
Nkiru pinched herself, if
her sister continued to slyly insult the fact that she wasn’t married, she
might have to throw a jab at her at some point.
“Have a nice trip….”
Nkiru said instead.
“Jamil!” Nkiru’s sister
called out to her husband’s driver. “Come and take us to the school…I don’t
want us to miss our flight….”
Nkiru waved her sister and
her kids off, her brother on-law stood at the front of the house with a cup of
coffee in his hand as he waved his family off. As soon as the gate-man closed
the gate, Nkiru walked up to the house and Sam followed closely behind. He shut
the door behind him and pulled her into his arms.
“Baby…” He started.
“No….this is not
right…I…I…” She started to protest.
“Shhh….she’s gone, we
have the house to ourselves.” He murmured into her ears.
“I have to get to work…”
“Tonight then?” He asked.
“Sure…tonight…” She
said with a veil of promise.
As she picked her bag and
headed to his car to wait from him to drive them to work, a voice asked her ‘Nkiru what are you doing?’ while
another voice jabbed, ‘What does it hurt?
He’s a man and you’re a woman…’

Photo Credit:
2. modernservantleader.com

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. Amazing write-up as usual Ada. AMAZING
    Nkiru pls don't do anything stupid. Resist the devil and he'll flee from you.
    Morayo….Remain strong.
    Ogonna…receive some sense pls

  2. All I can say to Nkiru and Sam is Na wa for una.
    Morayo, you will conquer! I really think Gbade isn't even good enough for you, he should have been the strong one- not because he is a man but because you are also carrying the guilt of losing your son as well as the pain.

    • Yes ooo….thank God I'm not the only one thinking that. He should be there for her as she should be for him. He's behaving like a pampered baby and hopefully his eyes will open soon.

      Thank you for reading dear.


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