Nkiru’s parents stared at 
their daughter in complete confusion. What was going on? They kept
asking themselves.
“If you ask me ehn, dis thing resemble jazz ooo…nor be
small.” Kene, Nkiru’s brother said as he stared at his elder sister.
“Which one is jazz? Who hates her enough to jazz her like
this?” Nkiru’s mother wailed. “My daughter, talk to me ….please….what is

“What else do you want me to say? I don’t know this man, I don’t know the children he claims
I have with him. Can everyone just leave me alone?” Nkiru’s sister screamed.
“Sister, calm down please….” Nkiru started. “We’ll sort
this thing out.”
“Sort what out? Nkiru! Your sister is mad and you’re telling
her that you’ll sort things out.” Her father barked.
“Who’s mad? I’m not mad ooo…I am just telling everyone
here that I am not married and I don’t have children, shikena. Take me to any
law court in Nigeria and I’ll prove it.” Nkiru’s sister shouted.
Sam was so sad, he stared at his wife, reached out to touch her hand and spoke to
“Please tell me that you’re joking…” He said.
“Who are you? And who gave you the right to touch my hand
and speak to me?” She shouted at her husband. “Don’t you dare touch me again or
I’ll get you arrested.” His wife barked.
Sam was tired, he stared at his wife and said nothing.
“It’s late…I think you should go home because no one is
with the children.” Nkiru’s father said to Sam.
“We dropped them off with the neighbours.” Sam said.
“Who’ll take care of the kids now that their mother is this
way?” Kene asked.
“Nkiru is there…she’ll take care of them.” Their mother
“Hmmm…is it not the same Nkiru that you wanted to come
home? I thought sister was complaining about her.” Kene said thoughtfully.
“That’s not the point. She has to go and take care of the
children.” Their mother said.
Nkiru and Sam soon left the house and headed home. On the
drive home, Sam was so shaken, he couldn’t believe what was happening.
“Are you sad?” Nkiru asked.
“Is that supposed to be a question? I am devastated. She’s
my wife and the mother of my children. She’s also your sister.”
Nkiru paused for a bit.
“Well…don’t you think it’s a blessing in disguise?”
“What do you mean by that?” Sam asked in a frustrated voice.
“We made a wish and it happened! I don’t know why she’s
suddenly behaving like this but I know that God might be answering our prayers.”
Sam pressed the brake hard and the car stopped.
“What? Are you crazy? How can you say that?” He asked, enraged.
“I am just saying that our prayers might have been answered.
That’s all! Isn’t this what we wanted? To be together without restrictions?”
“I have to ask this question. Do you have a hand in this?” Sam asked her.
“Me? No way! What are you talking about?”
Sam released a pent-up breath.
“This is all so messed up. God knows I never wished this on
her and ….oh my God! I need to sleep and focus on what next to do.”
“We’ll send her to a psychiatrist…maybe…” Nkiru shrugged.
Sam was silent as he drove the car home.
Ogonna was sulking in the sitting room of the house she
shared with Gbade, she felt so insulted that Gbade had spoken to her in such
demeaning manner and had spoilt the big announcement she had wanted to make to him as soon as he came home.
She was staring blandly at the television in the sitting room when Gbade walked
“I’m sorry for my outburst…” He said.
“Go back to your wife.” Ogonna flung at him.
“Can we stop this?”
“Can we stop what? Stop what Gbade? The fact that you are
comparing me with that half woman? With that useless woman that never made you
“I said I’m sorry…”
“It’s too late…I’m leaving…” She said.
“Leaving to where?”
“I don’t know where yet but it’s better than staying in a
house with a man who is not my husband.”
Gbade looked at her.
“If you leave, you’ll make all my sacrifices seem useless!”
“So what? I will leave because I want to….and when I want
to, anyway, you are not my husband.”
“What do you want from me?” Gbade asked.
“Divorce your wife! Why are you still married to her anyway?
I can’t be a baby mama….I just can’t.”
“What do you mean by that?” He asked in surprise.
“I am pregnant Gbade….I took the test and it’s positive.”
Gbade was surprised, then his face slowly broke into a
Morayo was getting ready for work, the fact that she was the
only one living in the house made her feel so depressed. She hardly ever looked
forward to coming home and loved the comfort of her office instead. She had
just worn her shoes when she heard the doorbell. She walked out of her room and
headed out to answer the door. She opened the door and was stunned to see Gbade and
Ogonna at the door. Ogonna leaned towards Gbade and snaked her hand around his
“Good Morning…” Morayo greeted.
“Good Morning Morayo.” Gbade greeted.
Ogonna smirked and rolled her eyes.
“Can I help you?” Morayo asked.
“Yes, I am here to pick up the rest of my things…” Gbade
Morayo stepped aside and they both walked into the house.
Gbade went into his room while Ogonna stood at the sitting room and regarded
“You seem to being doing so well, living the life of a
hermit.” Ogonna said.
Morayo didn’t respond, she just stood there waiting for
Gbade to pick up his things so that they would leave. Ogonna laughed and walked
over to the wall where there was a family picture of Morayo, Gbade and their
late son, Lolu. She took the picture off the wall and let it fall from her
hand, it smashed to the ground.
“Oops! Sorry but considering the fact that Gbade is now mine
and err…little Lolu is dead, the family is dead.” She said with a smirk.
Morayo watched her, she tried so hard to control her temper but
the picture that Ogonna had just broke set her on edge.
“How dare you?” Morayo said.
“Hey…it was an honest mistake.” Ogonna said lifting up her
hands in innocence.
“Do not ever mention my son’s
name again…ever!” Morayo said.
Gbade walked out of the room with two duffel bags in his
“I’ll send my driver to pick up the rest…” He said. 
He saw
the tension between the two women and looked to see the shattered picture on
the floor. 
“Baby, what happened here?” He asked Ogonna.
“It was an honest mistake, I was just admiring the picture
when it fell to the ground…” Ogonna said in a meek voice. “But not to worry,
we have a new memory to make especially as we are having a baby of our own
soon.” She smiled, looking at Morayo to see if her words had any effect on her.
Morayo’s heart sunk at Ogonna’s words, she was surprised to hear
the news.
“Yes, that’s true…”Gbade said.
“Baby, you missed something…the divorce papers….you are filing
for a divorce right?” Ogonna said with a mischievous look.
“Yes, I am…please expect the papers today or tomorrow…”
Gbade said to Morayo.
“Okay, can you both leave now?” Morayo said, trying hard not
to cry.
“Come on dear, let’s go home and plan on how to decorate our
baby’s nursery, I’m sure it’s going to be blue because we’re having a boy.”
Ogonna giggled and snaking her hand round Gbade’s waist, she hugged him and
kissed him. “I also have to make arrangements for my friends to throw me a baby shower!” She giggled further.
Gbade kissed her again right in front of Morayo and afterwards,
he picked up his bags and they both left the house.
Morayo shut the door behind
them and sat of the floor in tears, ‘how could life be this cruel?’ She thought
as she recalled the look on Gbade’s face as Ogonna had mentioned ‘baby’, he had looked so ecstatic.
felt so empty. She picked herself back up and walked to her room to pick her
bag but her phone rang, it was an unknown number. She wiped her tears with the
back of her hand and answered the call.
“I know it’s too early to call but I want to say thank you
for being at my birthday yesterday.” The voice said.
“Oh…you’re welcome.” She said and sniffed.
“Am I calling at a bad time? This is Kolade on the line…”
“I know it’s you…”
“Are you okay? You sound so low…”
“Thank you for having me at the party, it was fun.” She said
changing the topic.
“I was wondering if we could see each other sometime this
Morayo closed her eyes as tears poured forth, she recalled
the weekends she spent with Gbade when they were newly wed, those weekends were
the best of her life.
“I …don’t think…” She burst into tears.
“What is wrong? Morayo! Are you okay?”
“I’ve tried hard to be strong but I can’t…I can’t…I’m
hurting too much and I don’t know what to do to take this pain away…” She
“Send me your address, I am coming over right away…please
stay calm.”
“I was just on my way to work…and…I…don’t think I can go
anymore…” She cried harder.
“Where’s your house, I am on my way…”
Morayo tearfully gave him her house address and hung up the
call, she sat on her bed and cried loud, she had thought that Gbade’s leaving for good would pass as quickly as possible but the thought of him being with another woman and having a new family broke her. She quickly typed a text message to her supervisor, informing him that she was ill and couldn’t make it to work.

To be continued on Friday….


  1. Gbade is digging a grave deeper than 6ft for himself while God is about to bless Kolade with a perfect mother for his twin girls. As for Nkiru, I can only smh in pity

  2. I pity Nkiru seriously and Sam is so dumb. Let's see how far Ogonna and Gbade will go. I hop eMorayo finds love again. Thanks Adaeze for all these beautiful stories.


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