Nkiru was very restless, just
that morning before she left for work, her mother had called her phone.

“Hello mommy…” Nkiru

“How are you?”

“I’m well ma…”

“Don’t you think it’s time
you came home?” Her mother asked.

“Why? What’s wrong with my
staying with my sister and her family?”

“Thank God you said it’s
your sister’s family’s home and not your home. Your sister has been
complaining of your disrespecting her before her children.”


“You heard me and that’s
why I want you to return home, latest tomorrow…”

Nkiru was speechless, so
her sister had reported the small spat they had yesterday to their mother. She
was so angry.

“Staying here saves me
transport costs because I follow Sam to work every day…”

“Why are you calling him by
his first name? Is he your husband?” Her mother shouted.

Nkiru’s heart froze for a

“You used to call him
brother Sam….why the sudden change?”

“Well…he said I should
call him by his first name…” Nkiru said quickly.

“I need you home tomorrow…”

“You have forgotten that
you and daddy gave me a deadline abi?”


“To get married of course
and that’s what I am working on here…”

“Have you found a man to
marry you?”

“Yes I have…”

Her mother was silent for a
while and soon said.

“Come home tomorrow and
let’s talk about it.”

As Nkiru left the house and
entered her sister’s husband’s car, she felt so angry with her sister. She had
purposely ignored her this morning when she passed her at the dining, feeding
her kids.

When Sam hopped into the
car and started the ignition, Nkiru’s silence disturbed him.

“What’s the problem?” He asked.

“Nothing…” Nkiru


“You spoil me rotten
Gbade….thank you…” Ogonna gasped clutching the diamond necklace to her

“You make me happy…”
Gbade smiled.

They had been living
together for almost three weeks and it was paradise. The new house was not as big  as the one he used to share with Morayo but it was beautiful and
Ogonna was already prepping one of the rooms for a nursery. She was working so
hard on getting pregnant and her instincts told her that she was already pregnant.

“How far with the driving
lessons?” Gbade asked.

“Mtcheww….driving in
Lagos is crazy love…I prefer it when I’m chauffeured.” Ogonna whined.

“You know that my driver
can take you wherever you want…” Gbade smiled and kissed her.

Ogonna giggled and kissed
him back. He was dressed and ready for work and she didn’t want him to leave as
his absence made the house seem empty.

“Can I borrow your driver
for today? I want to go to the Uni…it’s been weeks since I went and we have a
course for this afternoon.”

“Sure babe. The driver will
drop me off at work and come back to pick you up…” Gbade said.

“That’s why I love
you….thank you so much…”

“I love you more babe…”
Gbade said.
“Before you go…I was
err…thinking…what’s the way forward?” Ogonna asked.

“What way?” Gbade asked
adjusting his tie and looking at the mirror.

“What next? You are still
married to Morayo right? I was wondering if you’d file for a divorce.”

“That’s not for you to
think about…” Gbade said stiffly.

“What do you mean by that?
I need to know if you’re going to divorce her or do you intend to play with me
and once we’re done, you go back to her? She’s still legally your wife!” Ogonna

“This is what I loathe
about women! You give them everything and they ask for something else.”

“What have I asked for that’s
so impossible? Are you divorcing her or not?”

“I’m late for work…I’ll
see you when I return.” Gbade said and left the room . 

“Gbade! Gbade do not walk
out on me! Gbade!” Ogonna called out, hurrying over to the door and following
him behind.


“What are you reading?” Agatha asked Nkiru.

“A soft sell magazine…I bought it at the vendor on my way from lunch.” Nkiru said to her colleague.

“Does it have juicy gist? I’d love to read…”

“Could you give me
a moment? I am still reading…” Nkiru said.

Agatha nodded and went back
to her cubicle. Nkiru flipped through the soft sell, she had finished reading most of the gossip columns and was about to hand it over to Agatha when eyes was transfixed to a small advert box in the magazine, it read;

“Do you want things to work out for you? Do
you want to have everything you’ve ever wanted in life? Then look no more!
Spiritine Temple is a solution to your problems! Touch and Go, Marry Me Quick,
Leave My Husband Alone, Examination Success, Love Me Ring and lots more. Hurry
now and call this number to speak with our spiritual director…”

The advert had the phone
numbers to call and Nkiru quickly scribbled it down, once she was through, she
handed the magazine over to Agatha.


“Ogo baby! Ogonna!” Vanessa
shouted in excitement. “Where you dey since?”

The students turned to see
Ogonna strut into the class, clutching a Louis Vuttion bag, and dressed in a
head to toe denim look. She looked gorgeous. Ebube turned to look at her and
shook her head.
Ogonna smiled and greeted
her classmates and soon took her seat beside Ebube.

“Ebubs!” She greeted.

“Abegi…nor Ebubs me
jare…you just bone my side…”

“Nor vex jare….I was
being pampered.” Ogonna laughed.

“I can see that Gbade is
taking really good care of you…you are glowing…”

“Yes ooo….he keeps
showering me with gifts and buying different things for me.”

“That’s nice…”

“You nor go work today?”
Ogonna asked.

“No…I needed to be in
class. Guess who came visiting yesterday?” Ebube said.


“Bunmi! My old friend…the
one I always gist you about…”

“Really? She’s back from
the UK?”

“Yes, for the meantime but
she’ll be leaving soon.”

“I suppose visit you for
dat ya office ooo…atleast make I show that useless Morayo say I dey take good
care of Gbade and that he is taking care of me too…”

“Do you need to do that?”
Ebube said irritably.

“Well, you know what? Why
bother? Anyway, soon, I’ll be on the wife list. I harassed him this morning and
I have a feeling that he is going to propose soon….” She said.

“That’s nice…I wish you
the best of luck…”

The lecturer stepped into
the class and Ogonna quickly said to Ebube.

“You need to help me catch
up ooo…you know that I have missed classes…”

Ebube rolled her eyes and
opened her book.


Nkiru knew she couldn’t loose
Sam even if it meant her losing her sister in the process. She thought of life without Sam and shook her head ‘it was next to impossible to live without him’. Before he came into her life, she had self-esteem issues, she always dejected and couldn’t hold on to a relationship. Now, she felt so complete as he ticked all her boxes.  

As soon as work was over, she’d texted him that she was going to see a
friend briefly so he could go home without her. He called her back and worriedly asked if it was her sister’s tantrums that upsetting her but she said, no.

As she made her way through
the narrow streets leading to the Spiritine Temple, she knew she was doing this
for herself and Sam. She took a deep breath and as soon as the taxi stopped her
at the entrance to the old and almost dilapidated building, she walked in.

She saw men and women
dressed in purple and red, they all turned to look at her and she froze. 
One of
them asked.

“Are you here for

Nkiru nodded.

“The door to your left…”

She hurried towards the
door and knocked, a light voice ushered her in.

“Welcome to Spiritine…” A
lean woman said to her. She was seated on a funny looking chair and had crystal
balls on the table before her.

She raised her hand and
waved her to the chair. Nkiru sat.

“What brings you here? You
are a beautiful creature…you have lived your life at peace with others but
never with yourself. Your heart troubles you….what do you want? Say it and
the spirits will carry out your mission.”

“I am in love with my
sister’s husband…at first I was willing to share but she’s making it
difficult for me to cohabit with her in her home so I have no choice but to
seek help.”

“What do you want?” The
woman’s voice sounded like hypnotics.

“I want Sam all to myself,
I want her to forget all about him…”

“Is that all?”

“Yes….if she can ignore
him and me…and stop pestering…I will be fine…I really need a chance to be
happy at life.”

“Hmmm….your wish will be
granted. Come here!”

Nkiru stood up and walked
over to the woman. The woman slipped a small silver ring on her thumb and said.

“Go through that door but
before you do that, your payment will be seventeen thousand naira.”

Nkiru had withdrawn some
money from the ATM earlier so she opened her purse, counted the money and
handed it over to the woman. 

“Don’t ever remove the ring….” The woman warned.

It all seemed surreal, she wish it didn’t come to this but her heart had chosen its mate and it was none other than Sam and she didn’t want to loose him.

Nkiru walked over to the door while the
woman chanted and danced around, sprinkling some dust substances on her. 

stepped out through the door and found herself at the roadside. She was totally

To be continued next week….


  1. Perfect ending! Suspense on point!
    Ogonna's story reminds of the Yoruba adage that "the cane that was used to flog the old wife is kept in the roof for the new wife". Does she think that a man who cannot forgive his wife for an accident that killed THEIR CHILD, will be easy to handle? He will deal with her well!
    As Nkiru, I hope she doesn't get more than she bargained for.

    • Hahha….you have already planned Ogonna's fate.
      Yes ooo…I love the Yoruba adage…so onpoint!
      I worry so much for Nkiru.
      Thank you for reading dear.


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