Ebube strode into the
office and Morayo’s assistant told her that Morayo wanted to see her. Morayo
had been promoted so, she had an office to herself and didn’t have to share a
cubicle space anymore.
Ebube knocked and walked
“Ebube…please sit…”
Morayo said.
“Good morning Mo…”
“How is school and the
Ebube rolled her eyes and
Morayo laughed.
“Tough huh?” Morayo asked.
“As tough as a
coconut….but soft within…”

They both laughed.
“I’ll cut to the chase….”
Morayo said looking at Ebube in the eye. “This morning my husband asked for a
“I am so sorry, I know I
promised to help you out but with my tests and the presentation, I lost track
of things…” Ebube apologized.
“I understand….totally, I
just wanted to know if you knew anything about it…”
“This morning, Ogonna
brought out a duffel bag and when I asked her where she was headed, she said
she was going to your house to spend the week.”
“Over my dead body!” Morayo
“I hope it doesn’t work…”
Ebube said staring at Morayo who was now pacing her office.
“I will not leave that
house even if it takes my last breath…” Morayo said.
“I am sorry that you are
going through this…”
“I need a solution, I need
this girl out of my husband’s life for good…”
“I am scared….that she
could get pregnant for him…” Ebube said and winced.
“What? She’s planning to
get pregnant for him?” Morayo shouted in alarm.
“Calm down please…we’ll
work this out and see…”
“I don’t think I’ll do this
the carnal way anymore….” Morayo said.
“What do you mean?”
“I might go the diabolical
route….I need to flush that girl out.” Morayo said with spite.
“Hey…hold up! No! You can’t
go diabolical…it hasn’t gotten to that. All you need to do is, apply some wisdom…” Ebube said.
“Apply wisdom? She is
ruining my home! She’s trying to take my husband….my life…”
“I know but if you go
diabolical, it would work against you. Think of it, the devil route is never
the right way out.”
“What else can I do?”
Ebube buried her face into
her palms and said.
“I am no expert on this
kind of thing but I think you should work on your husband….I think you should
show him that you have a life outside of him and mourning over your dead son. I think you should concentrate on
you. If he wants her, he can have her but not in your house….besides, there’s no harm asking God for help.”
“What if he moves out to be
with her? What do I do then?”
“He hasn’t done that yet,
has he? Look at yourself Mo’ I heard that you used to be one of the best
dressed employee the company used to have and you used to look so beautiful. You have
aged with time and I think you should look for ways to bring your youthfulness back.
Let’s start with that first and see what happens….”
Morayo looked at Ebube and
“I know that I have been
neglecting myself of late and I will snap back. Infact, today I am going to the
spa and after that, I am going shopping for new things. I am not going to let
Gbade steal my joy, never again!”
“Good! Please do that…”
Ebube said and stood up to leave the office.
“Have a nice day today
Ebube and thank you so much…”
“Have a nice day Mo…”
Ebube said and left the office.
Gbade stood at the window
of his office and looked out at the cars on the street, he dialled the security company for his home and
the phone was picked at second ring.
“Good morning Mr.
Gbade…trust you are well?” A voice floated down the line.
“Yes I am…”
“How can we be of assistance
to you?” The voice asked.
“I need the keys to the
entrance and exit doors of my house changed and I need you to inform the
security at the gate that I am the only one to be admitted into my house…” He
“We registered the serviced
apartment with two signatures,  we’ll have to contact the second signer to veto your order, sir.”
“That won’t be necessary, I
pay the rent so…I am expected to make the decisions.”
“I am sorry sir but on your
legal document, it has been written that you and your wife are the sole signers for the house and for every change, we need to get her involved.”
Gbade gritted his teeth and
“That’s fine…” He hung
Morayo was at her desk, she
stared at her phone for a while and picked it up and dialled the security
company for her home.
“Good morning madam…” The
voice answered.
“Hello…it’s Morayo, I am
a resident in the County Homes Estate and Serviced apartments.”
“Yes we are aware madam
Morayo, how can we be of assistance.”
“Please could you see to it
that none of my keys are changed or my entrance and exit to my apartment bared?”
“I just did that madam,
your husband called earlier over the change of the keys and some changes to the
occupants of your home and we asked that your consent be granted.”
Morayo was shocked at the
revelation but smiled nonetheless.
“Thank you very much…”
She said and hung up. As soon as she dropped her phone, she said. “That son of
a bitch! Gbade, you have just unleashed the dragon and God help you….because
you’ll bleed.”
Ogonna sat at the waiting
room and soon it was her turn.
“Ogonna Anifowoshe…” The
nurse called out. “The doctor will see you now.”
Ogonna nodded and stood up
from her seat and walked into the doctor’s office.
“Good morning…” The
doctor greeted as he smiled at her, he was in his late sixties.
“Good morning doctor…”

“Your file shows that you’re a first time patient.”
“Yes…My friend referred
me here and I’d like to try it out…” She smiled.
“So, how long have you been
married?” He asked.
Ogonna smiled and lied.
“Well, I don’t want to take
any chances. My wedding was on Saturday and I want to get pregnant fast….so,
are there any medications that I should take?” She asked.
“Have you been pregnant
“Okay…I’ll run some tests
on you and we’ll see how your womb looks.”
“My ovulation begins
tomorrow and I’d like to start trying from tomorrow…” She said.
“Okay…we’ll run the tests
today and see…” He said with a smile.
Ogonna emerged from the
hospital three hours later, she felt so prepped for journey to pregger-land and
couldn’t wait to start making babies for Gbade. Her phone rang and she
“Hey baby…” She said into
the receiver.
“Princess…how are you?”
Gbade asked.
“As good as new….” She
“We might have to hold off
on our plans for your vacay at my place from tomorrow…”
Ogonna stopped dead in her
tracks. Tomorrow was ovulation day and she needed to be with Gbade and sex shouldn’t be rushed like it always was, she thought.
“What? But baby, you know I
have just five free days …if I don’t spend the five days with you, when will
I?” She said sounding desperate.
“My wife doesn’t want to
leave and things are complicated.”
“Stop calling her your
wife….you hate her don’t you?”
“Okay, Morayo doesn’t want
to leave…”
“I won’t have any other
free time….you have to do something about it…”
There was a long pause at
the end of the line.
“I would have said that we stay in a hotel but I don’t really like hotels…”
“I need to be with you…that’s all I care about…” Ogonna said.
“You know what?” Gbade
“I’ll come and pick you up
tonight…pack your things.”
“Where will I stay? You
said she refuses to leave…besides I was to come over tomorrow…”
“Well, if she doesn’t want
to leave, you’ll meet her when you come over.”
Ogonna’s face broke into a
smile, it was so good to meet an opponent in battle, she thought.
Nkiru got down from the car
and walked up to the house, she had spent the day at work thinking of what the
night holds in store for her as well as the days to come. Sam got down from his vehicle
and locked the door to the car. Nkiru turned the keys and soon opened the door,
as soon as they both stepped in, she said.
“I’ll go get dinner
“Dinner? I ordered
something and it’ll arrive in the next five to ten minutes….” Sam said
smiling at her.
Nkiru nodded and turned to
go to Sam caught her hands and pulled her to him.
“There’s nothing to feel
guilty about, we knew that this was bound to happen.”
“She’s my sister…”
“Shhh….clean that thought
from your mind…”
“How can I? I feel like a
“Stop it…if you feel like
a betrayer, how do I feel? I am her husband remember?”
Nkiru let out a heavy sigh
and nodded.
“I have to tell you
something…I…haven’t done this before…I mean, I have a problem with men
and I…don’t know how to say it but I might fight you off and…” She started.
Sam looked at her in
“Where you abused too?” He
“Excuse me?”
“Your sister was abused as
a child even though she refused to tell me by whom. She doesn’t fight me off though but at first, I met with some kind of restrictions and ….”
“What? My sister was
abused?” Nkiru asked in shock.
“Yes…why do you look so
“I have no idea of what
happened during my younger days but I know that someone I trusted did some
inappropriate things to me and I hated it. I have been having nightmares of the
whole experience and I have told my sister and she says I’m hallucinating. How
could she say that when she too was abused and when it’s obvious that I was
abused too? And it might be that we were both abused by the same person.”
“I am sorry…” He said.
“It’s not your fault…I…”
“Do you know what? Why don’t
we make good memories together? Let’s forget the past and bask in the
present…I promise that you’re in safe hands.”
Nkiru had always wanted to
feel loved, protected and cared for, she nodded and let him drag her into his
arms. Soon, they were so busy with each other that they didn’t hear the
doorbell chime repeatedly or see the food delivery van leave their
Morayo was at the Spa, her
eyes were closed and she was enjoying her treatment when her phone rang. She
hissed and answered the call, not bothering to look at the caller ID.
“It’s me, Ebube…” The
voice breathed down the line.
“Ebube…I’m at the spa,
what’s up?”
“There’s fire on the
mountain. Ogonna just called me, she is in your home!”
Morayo felt her phone slide
out of her fingers and crash to the ground.
Photo Credits:
1. www.nigerianmonitor.com
To be continued on Friday…..



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