Susan was so confused, it was as though her life was turning
upside down before her very eyes, she cried and pleaded with the policemen to
release her to no avail instead they practically pushed her into the station
and locked her in a cell. How did they find out? She thought, how did the
police resurrect a long forgotten case? What was happening? She thought, she
looked around her cell and fear lurched in her throat, she felt her lunch rumble in her stomach and she threw up on the
cell floor. She felt so sick and nauseous, everywhere begun spinning around her

“Where is that lady? Bring her out!” One of the policemen
said to another.
The policeman walked to the cell and opened it, Susan was crouched
on the ground looking beat.

“Wait ooo…you vomit for dia? See dis killer ooo…she
vomit for cell. Who go clean am for you?” The police officer barked.
“I’m sorry…” Susan blurted, stopping another batch of
vomit from coming out.
“Come out of there!” The officer barked.
Susan stood up and walked out of the cell, hoping that she
is set free. She was led to a small room 
where there was a chair and she was told to sit down. A officer walked
into the room and stood before her.

“Susan…I expect you to tell me the truth…what happened
on the night of Engineer Tom’s death?”
“Nothing…I was at home as usual…” She started.
“Are you going to tell me what happened or do you want it
forced out of you? Listen to me, all odds are against you….and when I say all
odds, I mean that we have proof that you murdered him so, speak up!”
“I told you ….I…” She stared.
She felt a loud slap against her cheek, Susan screamed and
stared at the policeman in terror.

“That slap is nothing compared to how you killed that expatriate in cold blood…speak up now or I’ll do worse things to you!” The
officer threatened.
“I didn’t…” She started.
“There was an anonymous parcel delivered to the police, it contained
evidence which shows that you really murdered Engineer Thomas, it even had a
picture of you….right there at the scene….” The police said pausing as he
spoke and looked at her to see any strange reactions.
Susan was in a state of panic, if she spoke the truth, she
would lose her job, she would lose everything she had ever worked for. At that
moment, she wished she had listened to her father and stayed in Lagos, at
least, such wouldn’t have happened there.
“I’ll give you ten minutes to think about telling the truth,
by the time I return, I expect you to be corporative…” He said and walked
Susan closed her eyes in grief and let the tears pour down
her face. “Why is this happening to me? Why?” She screamed in agony.

Rita stared at her husband, he was picking through his food
and looking so sad and forlorn.
“Chuka, please eat…”She said.
“Eat? What do I need food for?” He asked in anger.
Rita hated seeing his angry side but then again, she
understood how devastated he must feel. He had lost his job and practically
everything, he had even lost his Abuja big boy reputation because somehow, word
had gone out and most of his former loyal and trusted friends had stopped
picking his calls.
“Please eat something…I understand that you are
devastated…but you need your strength.” She said.
“You don’t understand how I feel! Besides, what do you know
about being devastated.” Chuka spat.
“Don’t tell me that I know nothing about being
devastated….I miscarried our…baby yesterday…” Rita said as she choked on
a sob.
Chuka looked up at her in anguish.
“You what? What happened?” He asked.
“I,,,it was a long story but to cut it short, I was
literally kidnapped and robbed yesterday when I boarded a taxi cab. The robbers
took my ATM cards and withdrew everything I had in my account…the both
accounts had about one hundred and fifty thousand naira each and all of them
are gone!” Rita pronounced.
“To make matters worse, one of them wanted to assault me but
when I kicked him in the groin, he punched me in the stomach and I guess
it…harmed the baby because…that was why I was bleeding yesterday…” She
“Why is this happening to us? My baby, my job, my money, my
properties were all lost on the same day. What have I done to deserve this?”
Chuka cried.
“All will be well, just eat your food okay…” She said.
A loud knock was heard at the door, Chuka’s mother came out
of the room and hurried to answer it.
When she opened the door, two uniformed men stepped into the
“Is this the residence of Chuka Ifeani?”
“Yes it is…” Chuka’s mother replied.
Chuka stood up from the dining chair and walked into the
sitting room with his wife.
“Are you Mr. Chuka Ifeani?” The officer asked.
“Yes I am…” Chuka said in a shaky voice.
“Then, you’ll have to come with us…” The uniformed man
“I don’t understand…why…why?”
“You were involved in the money laundering case for the
Vershatti group of companies.”
“I was sacked for it!” Chuka said vehemently.
“Yes you were but you still need to be interrogated so, we need
you to come with us.”
“What?” Chuka asked in alarm.
The men seized him by the trouser and pulling him out of the
house like a criminal, they had him out of his home in a matter of minutes.
Rita cried uncontrollably, same with Chuka’s mother who kept
screaming and beating her chest.
“Chuka nwa’m…” His mother kept calling.
They were still crying when there was another knock at the
door, this time, Rita went to open it. A man dressed formally greeted her stiffly.
“Is this the house of Mr. Chukaelo Ifeani?” He asked,
calling out Chuka’s full name.
“What do you want?” Rita asked stonily.
“I met with your husband downstairs…it is unfortunate that
he has to go through such a rough time.” The man said with regret.
“What do you want?”
“I am in charge of this property and the company your
husband defrauded, has asked that I rent out this apartment in order for them to make up for
the monies he looted from the company.” The man said.
“What? Hasn’t he been dealt with enough? Do you want him
dead before you people leave him alone?” Rita screamed.
“I have a document here for you to sign…” The man said.
“I am not signing anything! I am not signing it!” Rita
screamed, her eyes flashed in fury.
“It will be in your best interests to sign madam. I expect
you and your husband to leave this house in three days.” He said.
“What? Three days? Move out?” Rita blurted in shock.
The man handed over the files to her and turning away, he
left her staring at him in surprise.

Tosin had decided to spend the night in Priscilla’s place,
it was one of the most luxurious houses she had ever stepped her feet into.
After speaking to her daughter last night about the ‘mommy and me” day at school
on Monday, she was very disturbed about the so-called PA who was also her
husband’s friend.
“Thinking of something?” Priscilla said smiling sweetly at
her and handing her a glass of drink.
“Yea…something very unimportant…” Tosin smiled and took
the drink from her and slurped it. 
“Hmmm…nice…what is it?”
“Raspberry juice with a touch of Smirnoff …” Priscilla
It was the first time that Tosin was ever spending the night
at her new friend’s place and they were both in her room together.
“I like your eyes alot, they are so bright…” Priscilla
“Thank you…” Tosin said.
Tosin was seated on the edge of the bed while Priscilla was
lying on the bed.
“Your son, Justin, he’s looks like a smart boy…from his
pictures I mean…”
“Hmmm…come join me on the bed…” Priscilla said, patting
her side of the bed.
Tosin drank up the drink in the glass she held and climbed
up the bed. She lay facing Priscilla.

“You have the most beautiful skin…” Priscilla said in a
husky voice.
Tosin smiled and said. “I am flattered, you have a more
beautiful skin than I do…”
“Your lips are so soft…”
Tosin smiled and looked at her new friend wondering what she
was talking about but the drink was a bit to strong for her.
“I’d like to taste it…” Priscilla said seductively.
Tosin was surprised, she stared at Priscilla. Priscilla in
turn didn’t wait for an answer, she leaned in and captured Tosin’s lips in a
kiss. Tosin was shocked by the gesture, the drink was evoking a lot of heady
sensations in her head and she swooned as she found herself responding. 


Augustine stepped into Susan’s apartment, he had seen the police take her away and as soon as they left, he used his spare keys to open the door to her apartment. As soon as he stepped in. he looked around.

“Hmmm…dirty girl….look at that dirty dress.” He murmured as he stared at one of the clothes Susan had left in the bed.

As he closely inspected the room, he heard a loud vibration, his head snapped as he looked for where the vibration was coming from, he soon found it.

“Her cellphone.” He murmured again.

The caller ID read ‘My Dad’ and as soon as he saw it, his face lightened up, he quickly picked the call.

“Susan! Susan! I have been calling for the past one hour, why haven’t you been picking your calls?” Her father barked.

“Good evening sir…” Augustine answered in a very sweet voice.

“Who is this?”

“Your future in-law sir….” Augustine replied.


“Yes sir…”

“What is your name?”

“Augustine Tempeh, sir….”

“Hmmm….where is Susan?”

Augustine burst into fresh tears.

“What is wrong? Why are you crying?” Susan’s father asked in a tensed voice.

“Susan ….the police….they came to take her away, she is being charged with murder!” Augustine cried louder.

“What? Susan! What?” Susan’s father shouted.

“Please calm down sir, I came to pick up some clothes for her and take them to the prision…”

“I am taking the first flight to Abuja tomorrow….” Susan’s father said in a broken voice.

“Please do sir, I’ll be waiting for you at the airport.” He said.

As Augustine hung up, he smiled, thankfully Susan’s father was coming over to Abuja and the best part was that he was going to pick him up at the airport. 

“We have a lot of catching up to do, daddy…” Augustine laughed hysterically and went about tidying up Susan’s apartment.

To be continued tomorrow…..



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