Rita was so upset and Chuka’s mother was making matters
worse, she had been calling Chuka’s father all through the morning and crying
over their son’s arrest. Rita and her mother in-law had spent the remaining
part of the weekend in sorrow as the real estate agent had come in thrice with
three different people who were interested in renting their apartment. Rita had
cried till she had felt that the tears in her eyes had dried up. She had no one
to ask for help, she couldn’t ask her father or he would lash out at her and
tell her how disappointed he was at her for marrying a man she barely knew, she
couldn’t tell her mother either because she would get too worried.

Rita knew that this was a cross she had to bear by herself
the question was, how? What could she do to make things better? Chuka had not
returned since he was taken away and she was worried sick, she hadn’t eaten
since he left the house and she wasn’t hungry. She was still crying when she
heard a knock at the door, she hurried to open it, praying that it was her
“Good afternoon madam.” The real estate agent greeted.
“How do you do Mrs. Ifeani?” The lawyer greeted.
“What do you want?” Rita spat.
“You have less than six hours to vacate this property…we
have already received payment from a new tenant and have transferred the money
to your husband’s former company’s account.” The lawyer said.
“Don’t you people have pity? Don’t you have a soft bone in
your body?” Rita cried.
“We are sorry but this is out of our hands.” The real estate
agent said.
“How do you expect me to pack all this? I can’t take these
properties away from this house today. Please give me till next week.”
“Errr…the company reserves rights to the properties in
this house. The company will take the properties and auction them in order to
make up for the money that went missing in your husband’s care.” The lawyer
“What?” Rita asked in anguish.
“You are to pack up your bags as well as your husband’s and
leave this house. You both can take only personal belongings. I am sorry…”
The lawyer said.
Rita crouched to the ground in tears, she couldn’t believe
that in a space of two months after her wedding, all these things were
happening to her. She had no one to turn to, no one to beg for shelter or help.
“I’ll stick around to monitor your packing, and a police man
would be here as well to make sure you don’t take any property that could bring
money to the company…” The lawyer said.
Rita stared and the men incredulously and let out a loud
The look on Jumoke’s face as she walked into the office with
her stained dress caused stares, she hurried up to her cubicle and placed her
head on her desk.
Bode was on his way to see the operations manager when he
saw her at her desk.
“Back already?” He asked.
Jumoke didn’t reply, she didn’t even raise up her head.
“Jumi…are you okay?” He asked.
Jumoke raised her head and looked at him with red eyes.
“Do I look okay?” She shouted.
Bode’s eyes widened in surprise, he quickly beckoned that
she follow him to his office.
“I’m not going in there…I have work to do.” Jumoke said
“Jumoke! Come with me now!” Bode ordered.
Jumoke stood up shakily and followed him to his office.
“What happened to you?”
“Guess who showed up? Aunty Kemi! She even bathed me with
hot soup.” Jumi said with tears in her eyes. “And called me a husband snatcher!”
“What? Kemi showed up? I am so sorry…I am really sorry…”
Bode started.
“Don’t worry…I’ll be fine…I just need to get back to
“In this state? No! You look a mess….” He started.
“I don’t want to ever have anything to do with you or your
family again, one embarrassment is enough, and the next one could be
catastrophic!” Jumoke said.
“No…you can’t say that…I am sorry…I will talk to her.”
“No…don’t. It would only prolong the issue and prove that
there’s something between us. I am no husband snatcher!” Jumoke said in tears.
“No you are not…” Bode started.
“Can I leave now?
“No! Not if you are still in this state.” Bode said.
“I am fine…”
“No you are not. You were humiliated by my wife’s sister and
you deserve an apology…I am truly sorry…please…” Bode begged.
“It’s fine…can I go now?” Jumoke asked and without waiting
for his reply, she stormed out of his office and slammed the door.
“Can you imagine the piece of trash? I am going to have a
word with Bode this evening! Is this the example he’s setting for his kids?” Kemi
screamed down the phone.
“Do you mean that the tramp still showed up at my daughter’s
prestigious school?” Tosin asked in surprise.
“Yes ooo and you should see her; the girl is so
miserable-looking. She has no class! You should have seen the dress she wore to
the school event, she made Shade look like a pauper.”
“Hmmm…I am going to have a word with Bode!” Tosin said.
“Yes, you better do and start thinking of how to shuffle
work with your wifely roles or these thirsty Lagos girls would steal your
“They can’t steal him…Bode is mine and he’s not going
“I hope so. Let’s change the topic jare…how is work?” Kemi
“Going good, we are making progress and it has just been two
“You are one helluva strong woman sis…”
“Thanks dear…”
“I got to go now…will call you later.”
“Thank you for kicking that tramp’s ass…” Tosin said.
“Anytime…” Her sister said and hung up.
Tosin stared at her phone angrily and was about dialling her
husband’s number when Priscilla’s call came in.
“Hello bae…” Priscilla said over the phone.
“Is that what I am? Bae?” Tosin asked playfully.
“Of course…you are ‘before anyone else’ to me.” Priscilla
Tosin smiled, she remembered the other night and what had
happened between them, and she quickly became uncomfortable.
“About the other night…” Tosin started
“What about it?”
“I’m not used to doing…”
“You mean…you aren’t used to lesbian sex? Where have you
been? Antarctica? Every woman I know has done it…” Priscilla said in a
laughing voice.
“Well I haven’t and neither have my friends or sisters…”
“Hmmm…you gals must be Cave women then…”
“I guess not…”
“When are you coming over?” Priscilla asked changing the
topic. “I loved the feel of your lips on mine…”
“Not today…I have lots of work to do…” Tosin butt in
trying to stop her from talking any further about the night.
“I could come and meet you up at work…perhaps in the
evening, with a chilled bottle…”
Tosin sighed and said. “I’ve been getting distracted of late
and I…”
“Don’t you like our friendship?”
“Of course I do…” Tosin said quickly.
“Are you trying to run from me?”
“No…I’m not…”
“Did you enjoy the other night?”
“You see…” Tosin started.
“Answer the question dammit! Did you enjoy the other night?”
Priscilla asked harshly.
There was a long pause as Tosin contemplated her response.
“I did…”
“That seals the deal. I’ll see you at seven.” Priscilla said
hanging up the call.
Tosin stared at her phone and sighed aloud, all thoughts or
Bode, Mummy and Me day and Kemi’s claims were forgotten.
“You are making it so obvious that I wronged you…” Bode
“Am I?” Jumoke spat.
“I have never seen you this way, please stop it.” Bode
“I came to tell you that I’m going home.” Jumoke said.
“Can the company driver at least take you home?” Bode asked.
“And have the office point accusing fingers at me as well?
No thank you.” Jumoke said turning away.
Bode walked up to her and grabbed her.
“Let me go!” Jumoke struggled.
“You are one of the best things that happened to me, please
don’t blow it…” Bode begged.
“Can I go home now?” Jumoke asked with tears in her eyes.
“Let’s go home together…you could wear one of my wife’s
clothing to work tomorrow.”
Jumoke slapped him hard.
“How dare you? What do you take me for? A tramp?” She spat.
Bode stared at her stunned at what just happened, he pulled
her closer to him and kissed her.
Jumoke felt like breaking the kiss but couldn’t, perhaps she
had bottled up her emotions for too long because at that point, the dam burst
open and all the hidden emotions came flying out like a volcano. It’s needless
to say that she soon found that her back against the plush sofa and her skirts
hiked up…

To be continued tomorrow…
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  1. There is nothing like platonic relationship between the opposite sex, Jumoke weds Bode..so Tosin is now a lesbain? Stupid woman! Too bad Nigeria is not a gay country else i would have said "Tosin weds Priscilla" cos she seems to be the man in the sinful relationship.
    As for you Rita this is just the beginning.Watch out for part 2 3 and 4 all in one CD.

  2. why on earth would a woman throw away her lovely family just because of a career?
    What some seek for doggedly is something others play with.
    I wish Bode could make up his mind and take a bold decision..
    @Rita, your tears has just begun…
    Happy weekend Ada…E-high five

  3. Ada not when you cook food and Oga is missing madam. There is a huge different between hello and hi between a girl and a boy.Oya tell us are you as close as Jumoke is to Bode to your platonic friends..

    • My reply is in reference to what you said 'There is nothing like platonic relationship between the opposite sex' and I said that there can be a platonic relationship between a man and a woman and that I have friends of the opposite sex. So, yes, I am friends with guys but not as close as Jumoke is with Bode.


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