Jumoke was not at her desk when Tosin arrived Bode’s office,
it was lunch time and the office was practically empty when she stepped into
the office of Bode & Young. Tosin didn’t knock but walked straight into her
husband’s office hoping to catch him and his PA in an uncompromising position
but to her dismay, he was alone.

Bode looked up as soon as the door opened, hoping to see
Jumoke but to his surprise it was Tosin, his long lost wife.

“Bode dear…” She greeted.

“Look who’s found her way back to Lagos, what are you doing
in my office?”

“Touché. She’s around right? I’d love to see her…I’d love
to tell her to her face that your’e taken.,” Tosin laughed mirthlessly.

“What do you want here?” Bode asked again.

“Is that supposed to be a question? Please! I came to see my
family…is that a crime?”

“Your family is at home and not in this office.” Bode said.

“Such a bad way to welcome your wife, Bode…I should have
known that you couldn’t cope being a husband.”

“Are you serious? Don’t let me lose my temper, Tosin! Please
leave my office…we will discuss our marriage matters at home and not at my
place of work.”

“It’s fine…I didn’t get to see the tramp but then again,
is she really worth my time? The answer is no!” Tosin said and turning on her
heels, she left the office.

Bode watched her leave the office and gritted his teeth in


Jumoke had hardly touched her meal, she was seated in the office
canteen and was idly turning her spoon around her plate while thinking of
everything that was happening. She hadn’t bargained on falling in love with
Bode, she hadn’t expected that it would happen and God knows the will-power she
had to resist in order to get out of his office this morning. She was still
picking on her food when two of her colleagues walked into the
canteen laughing.

“Ofcourse I’ll say yes to such proposal! Who nor want better
thing?” The first colleague said.

“Abi ooo…the woman treated the man like trash for years
and now that he wants a chance at life, everyone is telling Serena that he has a
wife. Wife ko, girlfriend ni! Abeg jare…one man’s meat is another man’s sweet
poison. Let the Serena stay there and be dulling na…another girl will come into
the picture and snatch that man like a hawk. The guy is so vulnerable and needs
a woman so…” The second colleague said.

Jumoke paused and listened, then it all began to make sense.
Yes, she loved Bode and she didn’t care if he was married. Besides, who told
his wife to be too career oriented? Or was it her fault that Bode loved her?
She was going to seize the bull by the horns and she didn’t care if she gets hurt at
the end because after all, she’ll be doing what her heart tells her to and it
was telling her to love Bode. Jumoke dropped her spoon and headed out of the
cafeteria in a heartbeat.

Jumoke used the back stairs so she missed Tosin who took the
front stairs out of the office, she reached Bode’s office and pushed the door

“I told you to…”Bode shouted thinking that it was Tosin
but stopped when he saw that it was Jumoke.

“I accept…let’s be lovers, let’s throw caution in the wind
and love each other like there’s no tomorrow.” Jumoke said closing the door to
the office and locking it behind her.

Bode’s eyes lightened up in surprise, it was at the tip of
his tongue to ask what changed her mind but he was too thrilled with what she said so, he closed the gap between them as he pulled her close for a long


It was nine thirty and Chuka wasn’t back yet, Rita stared at
their bare room which had nothing but their luggage in it and shuddered. She wished
she could go outside to look for her husband but this place was more rural that
the place they used to live and it was so scary. 

She had laid out some of her
clothes as beddings on the ground and had spent the day thinking a business
that the remaining sum of twenty thousand naira in her account could do for
her. She had quickly concluded on a moi moi business, hoping to be able to get
to the bank tomorrow, withdraw the money, buy a pot and stove as well as ingredients and begin business, besides man must survive and Chuka had no dime
to his name.

She was still lying on the ground when she heard a slight
scuffle at the door.

“Who is it?” Rita asked in a shaky voice.

“This is my house…this is my house…is this not my house?
Where is Abdul? Where is my car? I have a big…big…” He hiccups “Big car…”

Rita recognizes Chuka’s voice and lets him in, he almost
falls into the room and soon lies on the clothes which was spread on the ground.

“Did you drink? Chuka! Are you drunk?”

“I have told you, Aisha…drinking is …” He started.

“I swear I’ll cut you with something sharp if you call me that name again! Aisha
is gone! My name is Rita and I am your wife!”

“Hmmm…interesting…so, you mean that she left and passed
the baton to you. Tell me, how does it feel being my wife since Aisha left me?”
He asked, reeking of alcohol.

“Chuka! Stop this please…Chuka please, I beg you in God’s
name…don’t do this, you will ruin yourself…” Rita said kneeling before him
in plea.

“I love your height Aisha…you are so…so…tall…” Chuka
yawned and closing his eyes, he drifted to sleep.

Rita screamed in fury and began to wail, she was already
tired of her incessant cries but she had no choice, tears were her only solace.


Jumoke had a swell time with Bode and soon lost track of the
time, they had both left the office early and hung out at a beautiful hotel in
Victoria Island. Jumoke loved the feeling of being loved, Bode professed
undying love to her and she did the same for him. It was when the clock struck
ten thirty that Jumoke realized that she had stayed out too late.

“What? It’s ten thirty…I’d better call my mom…” Jumoke

“C’mon…let’s spend the night in this hotel room, you can
go back tomorrow.”

“But I don’t have a change of clothes…” Jumoke said

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to resume early tomorrow, I’ll
have my driver take you home early and bring you back to work once you’re fully

“Thank you so much Bode…” Jumoke smiled.

“I’ll move mountains for you my angel.” Bode said. “I need
to get home though, I have to tuck my kids in…do you want to stay here or
come with me?”

“I’ll come with you…I don’t want to be all alone in this
room besides, I need to see the kids too especially Shade.” Jumoke said.

Hand in hand, like love struck puppies, Jumoke and Bode left
the hotel and soon were driving down the road to Bode’s house in Lekki. They
arrived there in less than fifteen minutes and they quickly alighted.

Bode and Jumoke entered the sitting room at the same time
Tosin was going through a map game with her children. Bode and Jumoke froze at
the door. Bode had had so much fun with Jumoke that he’d forgotten that Tosin was in town or that she might be at home with the kids.

“And he had to guts to bring her into my house…” Tosin
said standing up from the floor where she was sprawled with her children.

“Daddy!” The kids echoed, running up to hug their dad.

Jumoke felt the world stand still, she stared at her former
boss in fear, she was intimidated by her presence.

“Wait a minute! I know you!” Tosin said pointing at her. “Jumoke

Bode looked at his wife in surprise.

“Good evening madam Tosin…” Jumoke said in a shaky voice.

“You two know each other?” Bode asked.

“Don’t tell me this is the girl you’ve been shagging! Jumoke,
my former lazy PA!” Tosin spat.

“You worked for my wife?” Bode asked in shock as he looked
at Jumoke.

Jumoke nodded and stared at her shoes.

“This little tramp! Not only did you leave my company
without a word, you found your way into my husband’s office to seduce him! You
planned this all along!” Tosin accused.

“Planned?” Bode echoed.

“Yes! She did! She knew you are my husband or didn’t you

Bode turned to Jumoke, hoping that his wife’s accusations
weren’t true.

“Did you know she was my wife?” He asked in a broken voice.

Jumoke nodded in tears.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I…didn’t want to…raise up issues of the past…” Jumoke started.

“It’s as simple as ABC, she wanted to get back at me for making
her work late hours so, she planned to steal my husband from me! I saw your
reasons for not returning to work as my PA. The HR sent me a copy, where you said and I quote; ‘Mrs Tosin
George is the worst boss ever! She made me work long hours and I almost got
raped on my way home from working for her.’. So that is it right? You wanted to
pay me back for almost getting raped and that’s why you seduced my husband in
my absence.” Tosin fired.

“No! Please no!” Jumoke cried.

“Then why didn’t you tell him that you knew his wife and
that you worked with her? What kind of an evil witch are you? So, you’ve been
sleeping with him and you’ve kept such secret from him! Your kind of person can commit
murder and dispose the weapon! You are poison!” Tosin said vehemently.

“That’s not true…” Jumoke cried.

Shade and her brother watched their mother shout at aunty
Jumoke and wondered why mommy and aunty Kemi didn’t like the aunt that was kind
to them.

“Bode…you have to believe me…” Jumoke cried louder.

“Go and meet my driver now that he’s not yet on his way home and tell him to take you home…” Bode said in a steel-like voice.

“Bode please…I can explain…”

“Tell him that he can park the car in his house and bring it
to work tomorrow so that he doesn’t make a trip to the Island this late…” Bode continued.

“Bode you are not listening to me…” Jumoke said in tears.

Bode turned to look at her and said.

“Go home Jumoke…”

Jumoke was crushed, she sobbed loudly and went outside to
tell the driver what Bode had said, and as she got into the car, something told her
that her romance had been short lived and it was all over.

To be continued next week Friday….

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  1. Pls Jumoke should leave dis married man alone joor, a father of 3 for dat matter, in addition to a drama queen wife, girls be desperate for marriage since 1900, same thing Rita is suffering for, I'm sure if this men were broke, they won't look their side. Mtcheww. But Ada friday is too far now. Well done.

    • Hahahaha at your description of Bode and Tosin! Once the heart is involved, it's easier said than done. Sadly lots of ladies find themselves in this predicament but then again, what can we do? Such is life.
      Thank you for reading dear. Friday is just around the corner.

  2. When I read this yesterday, I felt sorry for Jumoke because I have been a victim of this kind of circumstantial evidence and there's really no easy way to defend yourself in such circumstances.

    It's funny how Tosin is acting vengeful and righteous while her own affair is even worse and she didn't even value her marriage. Please expose her soon.

    As for Chuka… let me reserve my comment.

    • I feel sorry for Jumoke too but then again, it's easy to have encouraging words for her when she's actually in the wrong kind of mess. The truth is, she doesn't deserve to be in such mess. She's a good girl and should have a good 'baggage free' man for herself.
      Tosin will get a measure of what she deserves.

      Thank you for reading namsie.


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