Nkiru watched her brother
in-law eat dinner, she had waited up for him just as her sister asked and was
flipping through the pages of a worn magazine as he ate. Her sister had long
retired for the night, same with the kids.
“I wish this was how my life
is…” Sam said, drinking his glass of water.
“I mean, I can’t deny that
I miss having a normal life again….don’t get me wrong but the kids have made
things more distant for your sister and I. I can’t remember the last time we sat at the table together while I had dinner, I can’t even remember the last time we
had sex.”

Nkiru was tongue-tied, she
wasn’t a big talker but something told her to shut her
brother in-law up now that she had the chance. However her very weak self
“Maybe you could talk to
her about it…” Nkiru said evading his eyes and still looking through the
“I have…countless times.”
Sam said. “But you…you remind me so much of her when we were still dating
even though you’re so different. You are prettier and a bit more reserved.”
“We are different
people….” Nkiru said, astonished that her brother in-law referred to her as prettier than his wife.
“I really enjoyed our lunch
today and I want us to have lunch more often.” Sam said.
“Well….I don’t always
have the time besides, I don’t feel….” She wanted to say, she didn’t feel it was right
having lunch with her brother in-law but thought against it.
“We never had the chance to
be close….I guess it’s due to the distance in age between your sister and
yourself. When we got married, you were just finishing your secondary education. She’s so much older than you are and the both of you really don’t
have so much in common and didn’t use to be this close till of recent.” Sam
“My sister
is seven years my senior and we never really bonded as kids, I was too shy back
“But look at you now,
huh….you have blossomed from the caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.”
Nkiru was a bit flattered
but didn’t let him see that his flattery had affected her.
“I have what? Not everyone
thinks that….” Nkiru blurted.
“Why do you say that? You
are beautiful….”
“Thank you for the
compliment but I’m not in the least pretty…at least if I were, I’d have a
boyfriend or a fiancé….”
“The men around you are
blind, if I were still single, I’d have snapped you up within a second.”
Nkiru smiled again.
“So, you wanted to talk to
me about something work-related?” She asked.
“Yes, I errr….was given a
minor project to do at work and was wondering if you could join me on it. I’ll
totally pay for your time….”
“Pay? Rubbish! I’ll help
you out.”
Sam smiled at her and Nkiru
smiled back.
Ebube resumed work the next
day with a firm resolve, she had made up her mind to mind her business and
not embarrass herself the way she did yesterday when she blurted out to Morayo that her husband visited Ogonna. She kept to her promise and
threw herself into her work not minding anyone but her job alone. By lunch
time, she was had already worked for six hours straight and her back ached. She
looked up to see that no one was in her department , she had just stretched her
arms and yawned when she heard the shuffle of feet and the sound of someone
pushing a chair away to stand up. Ebube stretched her neck higher to see if she
could catch a glimpse of the person as the sound was coming from Morayo’s
cubicle. Soon, Morayo came into view, she walked up to Ebube’s desk.
“Good morning…I mean good
afternoon Morayo…” Ebube greeted.
“Can we have lunch
together? Some place out of this office?” Morayo asked.
Ebube nodded numbly.
“Cool…let’s go…” Morayo
said and walked away.
Ebube struggled into her shoes and as soon as she’d worn them she sprinted off after Morayo.
They got to the parking lot
and Morayo opened her car door and Ebube gasped at the beautiful latest
Honda CRV car. She got in and Morayo drove them to a classy and simple restaurant where
they sat. The waiter soon came and took their orders and walked away. As soon
as the waiter left, Morayo looked at Ebube.
“You must be wondering why
I asked that we have lunch?” Morayo asked.
Ebube shook her head then
nodded and shook her head again.
“I am very private person
and aside a few colleagues of mine who happen to be my friends and who know
about my private life, no one else at the office does.”
Ebube nodded.
“I am talking about your
outburst yesterday….you recognized my husband from the papers and you said
that he’s friends with you.” Morayo said.
“No…not me…my friend…”
Ebube said licking her parched lips and wishing for a glass of water.
“I believe that my husband
is her close friend?” Morayo asked.
“No….err…it was the
first time he came to pick her up.”
“And he’s not been at your
place since then?”
Ebube looked at the table
mat and chewed her inner gum.
“I am sorry that I am
asking these questions especially as you are a new staff and we haven’t been better acquainted….”
“You don’t like me…”
Ebube said.
“Me? Says who?”
“Don’t pretend. I know you
don’t want me on your team…” Ebube said.
“I didn’t say that, I was
just upset that I wasn’t consulted before the hiring…” Morayo said.
“I am sorry that I blurted
out about your husband….I never knew who he was before…” Ebube trailed off.
Morayo looked at Ebube and
“I’ll be honest with you,
and I don’t know why I am but my marriage is dead. It died a long time ago and
I have been suspecting that my husband might look for other ways to revive his life….if
you know what I mean, I just wanted to be sure that you never told anyone what
you told me. I mean…about his being at your place some nights ago.”
“I never told anyone…”
Ebube said then continued. “Why do you say your marriage is dead? You don’t sound like a fighter to me and my mom
always says that you should find for what you treasure….”
Morayo exhaled deeply.
“Gbade’s hurt runs deep and
it was all my fault. I can’t stop him from seeking the happiness he needs
outside, as long as he returns home to me at the end of the day.” Morayo said.
“You think?” Ebube asked.
“What’s supposed to mean?”
“I shouldn’t be saying this
seeing that Ogonna is my room mate and my friend as well…”
“Ogonna, is that her name?”
Ebube nodded.
“She’s what I call a
desperado and everyone knows that once she sinks her claws in, it’s next to
impossible to get her out. She prefers married men and doesn’t mind being a
second wife. I don’t know where she met your husband but I’ll be sincere with you, if he falls for her, you won’t have a home anymore.” Ebube said.
Morayo’s heart stopped, the
waitress chose that moment to bring their orders and there was a pause in the
conversation. When the waitress left, Morayo looked at Ebube and asked.
“What can…I do?”
“You must fight for your
home, for your man and for your life. You can’t and shouldn’t let a girl who
has no idea of all the years it took you and your husband to build your home to
take it from you in short space of time.”
“How? I am so weak, I am
so devastated…I….”
“I’m no pro…but .I could help
you.” Ebube said. “Since she’s my friend, I can help find out her plans and help you work against her.”
“I don’t know what to
say…I…we…started on the wrong foot and…”
“Never mind, we are all
humans and most days are tougher than the others. You weren’t in your best
moods on the day I resumed.” Ebube smiled.
“Thank you….thank
you…but please, could you keep this…our discussion a secret?”
Ebube made a zip sign over
her lips and said.
They both smiled at each other
and quickly dug into their meals.

To be continued on Friday 


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