Susan opened her eyes to a small room, she was lying on a
bed and she had no idea where she was. She wanted to sit up but felt restraint,
it was from her wrist, it was handcuffed to the iron bed post. The door opened and
a nurse walked in, accompanied by the female police officer.

“What am I doing here?” Susan asked.

“I saw you lying lifeless on the floor of your cell so I
brought you to the hospital….” The police officer said.

“What? How come I don’t remember any of that?”

“You’ve been complaining of nausea and tummy pains…” The
police officer said. “You are our responsibility and we’ll be held responsible if
something happens to you in the cell.

“Okay…” Susan said, looking at her. “I think it’s some
kind of food poisoning…I didn’t like the prison food.”

“No, it’s not that…” The nurse said. “You are pregnant and
you’re almost through with your first trimester.”

Susan was shocked, she didn’t know what to say.



“What? I can’t believe it…” Susan said bewildered.

“You’d better do…” The police officer said.

“Can my being pregnant, help me out of the cell?” Susan
asked hopefully.

“Nope! You committed a crime even though the child is
innocent….” The police officer said.

“Okay….wow! I can’t believe this!” Susan said.

“You better do…” The police officer answered.


Susan’s father came to the hospital with his friend, the lawyer, he had a very worried look on his face.

“Susan, I cam as soon as I received a call from the police station. How are you? Your mother is beside herself with worry.” Her father said.

“I am sorry dad…I…” Susan started. “You guys shouldn’t worry so much.”

“I’ve asked that your mom and sister returns to Lagos, so that I can be the only one here….”

Susan looked at her father and nodded. The lawyer spoke to her.

“I will be representing you, Susan.”

“Thank you so much.”

“The expatriate community is a large one but a very small
circle, trust me when I say that they won’t rest till you are dealt with.”

“But I know nothing of Tom or what killed him…I …” Susan

“Listen to me Susan, I am your lawyer and can never go
against you…the law doesn’t necessarily take the good side all the time, it
all depends on how good your lawyer is. I would see if you can be bailed but I’m
sure it’s going to be at a heavy sum.”

“Please sir…I’ll appreciate if you could help me….I have some money saved up, please…”

“I hope you’re okay, have the doctors said anything about your health?” The lawyer said.

“There’s nothing to be worried about…” Susan said.

“What caused you to faint?” Her father persisted.

“I…am …pregnant.” Susan blurted, knowing that she couldn’t hide the truth from her dad.”

“What?” Her father barked. “Who is responsible?”

“Dad…I…” Susan started.

“Susan, you need to be truthful. Who is the father of the
baby?” The lawyer asked.


“Is it that senile man Augustine?”  Her father barked at her, clearly

“No dad…he never…we never…”

“Then who is it?” Her father asked. “You haven’t told me of
any man since you came to Abuja, how come you got pregnant?”

Susan breathed heavily and exhaled, she looked at her father
and the lawyer and looked away.

“I am trying to help you here…and for all I know, since
the police knows about this pregnancy, it could be used for or against you.”
The lawyer said.

“How?” Susan asked in the defensive.

“Did you ever have anything to do with the murdered man? I
am not asking if you murdered him, but did you have sex with

Susan looked at her fingers and her father quickly decoded the truth from her reaction and stood up from his chair in anger.


“Dad…I…I…I…he…” Susan started.

“So the child could be his?” The lawyer asked.

Susan buried her face in her palms and shut her eyes.

“I have a contact with the police and he sent me copies of
the statement. It is confidential but it read that at the first time you were
asked if you had anything to do with Tom, you denied it. It read that you said
that you were just a new employee and you only went to his office for work
related matters.”

“Does it matter? It was a one night thing and I regretted

“Do you know that the lawyer representing Tom’s family could
ask the judge that we wait for the baby to be born before holding the trial?
These people have connections, they have money and they hire the best people,
even the judges are their friends. Do you know what could happen if they find
out that the baby is his? They would slander you with all kinds of things, they
would accuse you and convict you of a crime you didn’t commit.”

“Why? Yes, I had sex with him but I am no murderer!”

“The fact that you concealed that information from the police
would be held against you and they would argue that you know something about his death and that’s
why you refused to acknowledge the fact that you were sleeping with him!”

“I am so confused…what have I gotten myself into?” Susan

“I told you never to come to Abuja! Look at what’s happening
now! You could be sent to jail…” Her father said with tears in his eyes. “Susan…why?
This is not the little girl I know, how could the few months you spent in Abuja
change you this much? Your company have cut off all ties to you, you are in a
deeper mess than you think…and I and your mother, sisters and brother are
beside ourselves with grief…”

“I am sorry dad…” Susan said.

“No need to apologize over what has already happened. We
must look for a way to get you out of this present problem.” The lawyer said grimly.

“Which is?” Susan asked.

“We have to get rid of that baby!” The lawyer said. “And we must do it soon before word gets out…”

Susan stared at him in shock.


“I have to get to work, I am late already…” Tosin said,
walking over to hug Priscilla.

“No, I want a kiss…” Priscilla urged.

Tosin smiled shyly and kissed her.

“Stop being shy about us…there is nothing to be shy about?”

“In Nigeria? Where there’s a fourteen year jail term
awaiting us? No way!” Tosin said and left the room, heading out of the house.

As soon as she left, Priscilla locked her door and hurried
into her bathroom, emerging moments later with some papers. She quickly splayed
them on her bed and looked through them. There was a knock at the door and she
answered testily.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me mom.”

She heaved a sigh of relief and hurried to open the door
after which she locked it again.

“Is she gone?” She asked.

“Yep…out in a flash!” Her son said as he looked at the
papers on the bed. “Found what you wanted?”

“Not yet…I’m still in the process of doing so. These are
files I got from her bag last night when she was asleep…I photocopied them.”

“Are you going to find anything reasonable from her? I
mean…she doesn’t look like a boss to me.”

“She is a boss! She heads the company’s branch here in
Abuja. Why would you say that?” His mother spat.

“I dunno…” He replied.

“Hey, look here. I am trying to secure a better future for
you so you’d better chin up and be friendly with her. I can’t have you blowing
our cover.”

“Mom…I can’t begin to imagine what you guys do together…you
know…isn’t the sacrifice too much? I mean, having to… with a woman
and all…” He said uncomfortably.

“I’ll do it till thy kingdom come if that would make you get
back your inheritance! They stole from us! They robbed us!” His mother said.

“Dad stole lots of money and they froze his accounts and
seized his assets. I am not his only child you know and my step-siblings mother’s
aren’t taking the risk you are taking.”

“That’s because, all of them are from rich and wealthy
families! I have nothing, my family has got nothing…I …was lucky to have
found your father and married him…and the only property he left to you…the
only asset that he wrote in your name has been confiscated and sold off to that
stupid company. I would have managed with the spa but you know that it’s all camouflage,
the spa is in my name but I am owing lots of money at the bank and most of my
proceeds from the spa pays my loan. This is our only way out! This is your
inheritance and I need it back!” His mother said with tears in her eyes.

“Okay mom…let’s see if we can get it back…let’s play her
so bad that she won’t know what hit her.”

“I believe she holds the key of the company in her hand. She
has  the legal document and everything… if only we can get the original copy, burn it maybe and do a fake! Oh I don’t know what to do but God help me, I am going to destroy that company and get back our lands and she’s my passport to doing that.” His
mother said.

“What do we do if we get the document? Seize the land? It’s
a company land…”

“Well… I don’t know yet but I’ll find a way of getting
back what rightfully belongs to you. I need access to company files, I need to know her passwords…I still have a long way to go.”

“How mom? If she’s boss, she must be smart…she’s decode that you’re trying to use her…” He said.

“No…she’s not that smart…”

“Why do you say that? She’ll use her brains to figure you out.”

“No she won’t., I’ll make sure she uses her heart and not her brains, I am going to make her fall hopelessly in love with me.” His mother said with
determination in her eyes.

To be continued….

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