Tosin sat at the board room and watched one of the young
executives give his presentation. Her mind was far away as she was thinking of
the night she had spent in Priscilla’s arms. Who could have known that she
would feel so satisfied with a fellow woman? She thought. She thought of a life
where she didn’t have to get married, instead, she builds a career, ends up
owing a big empire and having a woman like Priscilla at her side. Would it
work? She thought again. ‘What would people say?’ She thought. She hated it
when she had to place the society in focus whenever she had decisions regarding
her life to make.

She loved her family but then again, she enjoyed her freedom,
the freedom to be anywhere at any time and not be stuck at home after work every
night, checking on the kids and on the domestic staff, life was easier at
Abuja, sweeter even.

“Do you feel that we should extend the project around the
surrounding environs?” The assistant general manager asked her.

Tosin was still in her reverie, she wasn’t listening at all.

“Tosin..” He called.

“Oh…yes…” She said.

“So, we should extend the project then?”

“What project?” She asked.

The boardroom went silent as everyone regarded her.

“The presentation Mr. Aliu just made was of the idea that
extending the project would be the best idea.” The assistant general manager

“Oh…let me see the presentation sheet…” Tosin blurted.

“It’s right in front of you madam…” The assistant general manager
said, clearly upset about her lack of focus at the presentation.

“This meeting is adjourned till noon tomorrow, I’ll have my
P.A communicate with you all.” Tosin said and grabbing the presentation file,
she sauntered off.

She got to her office just in time to receive an incoming call,
it had no caller ID.


“Tosin it’s me…”

“Oh Bode…did you change your phone number?”

“You barred me remember?”

“Me? Barred you? That’s ridiculous sweetheart.”

“I’m not calling to settle a lover’s spat, I am actually
calling to ask you why you had to tell Shade that she should ask her aunt Kemi
to come for the mummy and me day at the school and not my P.A.”

“So you admit that you’re shagging her right?” Tosin said.

“Answer my question dammit! I don’t care what you think, all
I want to know is when you started running the affairs of my family from your
Abuja office.”

“Excuse me? Your family? Bode, you must be kidding!”

“Listen to me Tosin and listen real good, your sister
stepped on a very delicate nerve. Not only did she embarrass Shade who has been
so inconsolable since the incident at her school, she bathed my P.A with soup.”

“Hahahaha…that’s my girl!” Tosin laughed.

“Tosin, listen to me…and don’t get all sarcastic.”

“Oh shut up Bode! Shut the hell up and be a man! If you are
sleeping with that girl, address her with a proper title and stop calling her
your P.A.”

“Are you mad? How dare you tell me to shut up?”

“I am hanging the call on you Bode…”

“I want a divorce, Tosin!”

Tosin felt the air around her suspend, she didn’t see this
coming and she was so shocked to hear Bode speak about separation.

“What? You love her that much?”

“You haven’t been there for your family. I can’t continue to
live like a bachelor, I’d rather define it properly and introduce myself to
people as divorced.”

“Over my dead body Bode! I will never give you a divorce!”


“Is it the new P.A? Does she have a hot body? You know what,
I really don’t care that you exert your pleasures on the stupid thing but this
marriage stays intact.”

“What? You don’t care that I am cheating on you? Who are you
Tosin? What have you turned into? Where is the woman I married?”

“We are not breaking our family Bode, not for a silly little
piece of panty hose!”

“I’m hanging the call now, but I have one last word from
you, stay the hell away from the decision-making in my house and secondly, you’ll
be hearing from my lawyer.” Bode said and hung up.

“The good for nothing pig! How dare he? Who is that stupid
girl that wants to answer the last name-George? She must be kidding to think
that such prestigious family would stoop so low to her level. Pig!” Tosin spat
and began dialling Priscilla’s number.

Priscilla picked at second ring.

“Hey baby…miss me already?” Priscilla said.

“I miss you so much that I haven’t been
concentrating at work…”

“That’s so good to hear…” Priscilla said over the phone.
Jumoke was lying on the bed in the small room she shared
with her mother and siblings, her mother walked into the room and said to her.

“Any problem? No work today?”

“I’m not feeling too well mom…” Jumoke said, turning to
face the wall.

“Everyone has gone out…do you want to stay home alone?”

“Yes ma…” Jumoke said.

Jumoke’s phone began to ring but she didn’t move to answer
the call.

“You nor pick your phone?”

“No ma…” Jumoke said as tears stung her eyelids.

“Jumoke, you sure say you fine so?”

“I am okay…I am just not feeling too well…ma…” Jumoke

Her mother sat on the bed and said.

“Is it your boss?”

Jumoke stiffened and said nothing.

“I am your mother and not a fool. Even if say I nor finish
school, e get something wey pesin nor dey learn for school.” Her mother said.

Jumoke didn’t reply.

“Una don do am?” Her mother asked.

Jumoke tensed, she didn’t speak.

“You don carry belle?”

“No!” Jumoke shouted.

“Wetin happen?”

“I don’t know mom…I am in love with him. Me, Jumoke! In
love with a married man…” Jumoke turned to look at her mom with tears in her

“This life wey you see so na unpredictable place ooo…e nor
get how you go fit do everything wey dey this world and you nor go make
mistake. You be God?”

“The thing is, I don’t see it as a mistake…I see it
as…as a right! I feel like it is right to love him…to want to be with

“You nor be pikin…and dis kain decision ehn, I nor dey put
mouth. If you want make you continue with am, continue but know say, im get
wife and e dey hard to see man wey go leave him wife for small girl. This one
sef wey get big wife….hmmm…. na big problem you dey sooo…”

“I am so confused mom…why me?”

“Ha! Na you carry ya leg enter de man hand….nor be you
apply for job? Nor be you dey helep am take care of him childrens dem?”

“I did that because I know his wife, I have worked under her
too….I know that she’s such a workaholic and…I pitied the kids…” Jumoke said

“You don see wia pity pity land you? My dear, I nor fit tell
you make you continue with de man….lai lai…if I tell you dat one, I nor be
better mama but wetin I fit tell you be say, you nor need to lie down dey cry
like pesin wey nor get hope. Stand up from bed, clean ya eyes and go to work.
I dey sure say de man go don dey office now sef. You don ask yourself why he
nor dey house dey cry? My dear, advice yourself ooo..” Her mother said standing
up from the bed. “I dey go market.” Then changing the topic she said. “Make I leave key?”

“Yes mom…you can leave the key…I’ll be at work tomorrow.
Thank you ma…”

Her mother nodded and left the room while Jumoke shed a
fresh bout of tears.


The female lawyer, Beatrice stared at the woman, she looked
so frail and pale, it was understood, she had lost her husband.

“What do you want me to do? She’s been arrested and we’ve
just charged her to court.” Beatrice said to the lady.

“I am not satisfied, I know she killed Tom..and I want her
dead for it!” The white woman screamed.

“Calm down, this is not a karma center but an attorney’s

“I want you to bury her…she’s the one who’s
responsible for my husband’s death.”

“We haven’t been able to prove that he had an affair with her and we can’t
prove that she killed him…besides, she lied in her first statement to the
police. She said she had nothing to do with Tom at all only for the police to
get pictures of her at the crime scene, sent in by an anonymous source.”

“Have you called your agent at the police station? She
should have more implicating proof that we can use to nail her…” Tom’s wife

“I’ll call her and find out but right now, our only evidence to winning this battle is that she was actually at the crime scene and she had lied previously that she had been at home at the night of the murder.” Beatrice said, taking her
mobile phone and making a call.

“Hello officer Dara, good afternoon…” Beatrice greeted.

“Beatrice…how are you doing?”

“I hope you loved the package I sent you?” Beatrice asked.

“Yes, the shoes were lovely and they are my perfect size.”

“Did you receive the perfume?”

“Yes…lovely scent too..”

“So, what’s up with our case…any new development?”

“Yes…in fact, there is…” Officer Dara said over the

Beatrice looked excited and Tom’s wife, sat up eager to hear
the news.

“Your suspect is pregnant.”

“Pregnant?” Beatrice echoed.

“Yes, pregnant! I am actually with her at the hospital…I
brought her in, with the aid of two other officers.”


“Yes, and according to the test, she is about three months
gone and my calculation of the time she conceived, dates back to the time the deceased was alive.”

“Interesting…so this means the child could be his…”


“I am going to speak to the judge to errr..extend the time
for the hearing till she has given birth. It would not be so hard to detect a
mixed race baby.” The attorney said.

“Yes…and that’s a winner for you, seeing that she lied in
her first statement with the police. You could actually say that she’s been
lying all along and pin the murder on her.”

“Very true…please I need you to pay close attention to
her, nothing must happen to that baby.”

“I heard that her lawyer is trying to get her out on a bail.
I know that lawyer, even though I can’t remember his name, he is ruthless in
court and I’m sure he’ll want to cover up her tracks.”

“Do you mean he might want to get rid of the baby?”

“It’s not impossible.” Officer Dara said.

“I am taking this up, I am going to arrange a small hearing
at the court with just me, her lawyer and the judge present and I am going to
raise the fact that the suspect is pregnant and that there is a possible case
that the baby could be aborted when it is needed for our case.”

“Do it quick! She is still in police care and I’ll see to it
that she does nothing stupid to end the life of the foetus. You have to act
fast before she’s out on bail because by then, she can do whatever she wants
with the pregnancy, without our knowledge.”

“Thank you for the information…”

“You’re welcome. I’ll appreciate call credit and some money
for a few necessities.” Officer Dara said.

“Sure…anything…” Beatrice replied and cut the call.

Tom’s wife looked at her in expectation.

“Is there good news?”

“Yes….something is about to work in our favour!” Beatrice
said and laughed.

To be continued next week….
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