The doorbell rang and
Rita wondered if Chuka had come back to apologize, she hoped he was the one at
the door but when she opened the door, it was someone else.
“Good morning ma…”
Rita greeted with a huge smile.
“Hmmm….” Chuka’s
mother murmured and breezed into the house as though Rita was an interloper.
Rita had seen Chuka’s
mother, twice in her lifetime, today made it the third time. Their first
meeting was a day before the wedding when she and Chuka had gone to visit his
uncle and his family. His mother had just arrived for the wedding and with the
flippant way she answered the questions her son asked, it was hard to figure if
her expression was as a result of the delayed flight she experienced on her way
to Abuja or if she was against the wedding. The second time had been at the
wedding registry where she had tried so hard to evade Rita’s gaze and ignore
her completely. Chuka’s dad on the other hand was very warm and seemed to be
curious about his son’s new wife.
“I thought you had gone
back to your base…” Rita said in a chatty voice.
“Really? So you want to
chase me out of Abuja right?”
“No ma…that’s
“Me? Ridiculous?”
“No…not you…I meant
that the thought of chasing you out of Abuja is ridiculous.” Rita said quickly.
“Where is Chuka?”
went out….”
“Where did he go?”
“He didn’t say…”
“So you mean…your
husband of one day left the house and didn’t tell you where he was headed.”
“No ma…he didn’t.”
Rita replied a bit succinctly.
“Well…as you can see,
I’m not leaving Abuja anytime soon, I’m here for a while…” She said
indicating to her bag which she had tossed carelessly on the sofa.
Rita nodded and taking
the bag, she headed towards the guest room, praying that Chuka’s mother was as
gentle as a lamb.
Time flew so fast and
Bode mentally circled the date which made it two months since his wife left her
family to lead a new team in her company’s Abuja office. Life had moved so
fast, he had had lots of work engagements outside the country and now, as the
plane was about to land, Bode knew he had to learn to live his life without his
wife in the picture.
 The plane landed soon enough and everyone disembarked,
Bode included, as soon as he got into the airport, her call was the first to
come in.
“Back yet?” She asked
via the phone.
“No…still in the
air…” He chuckled.
“Hahahaha….I set the
timer, your flight was meant to last for an hour and thirty minutes and my
alarm just ticked off three minutes ago.” She said triumphantly.
“Jumi…you are so
funny…” He laughed.
Bode and Jumoke’s
friendship had blossomed with time, she loved spending time with his kids and
he loved spending time with her. Whenever she spent time with him and the kids,
it was as though life was complete. She learnt the workings of his household,
taught his daughter to tie gele, gave instructions to domestic staff and made
sure that his staff were hardworking. At work, they were both the professionals,
Bode was the boss while Jumoke was his subordinate, there were no problems or
“So…you’re not coming
back to the office today right?” She asked.
“Office? No way! I’m off
to sleep, I haven’t been able to sleep well for the past three days…”
“Okay then…see you at
the office tomorrow…”
“Do you have any more
work to do today?” Bode asked.
“Not really….”
“Why don’t you come over
to the house….I really need company.”
“I thought you needed to
“Scratch that…I need
company…” He laughed and then quickly said. “Your exams were two days ago,
how was it?”
“You remembered! I was
expecting you to forget.”
“Yes I remembered.” He
said with a smile.
“It was okay…these
professional exams are not smiling at all…” She said.
“Hahaha…olodo, don’t
worry, you’ll do well. So, are you coming to the house?”
“Okay…I’ll be
“And err….one extra
favour please….”
“Could you kindly make
an amazing dish of Ewedu soup and Amala for me when you come? I’m sure the new
cook has stocked the kitchen.” Bode said mentioning the new female cook he had
hired a month ago.
She stressed and laughed.
“Thanks dear…see you
soon.” Bode said and hung up.
As soon as he hung up
the phone, he smiled, Jumoke almost made him forget how much he missed having a
woman around. They were not romantically involved but they had been able to
form a very close friendship which he never wanted to trade for anything. He was
about dialling his driver’s number when a call came in, Bode paused, stared at
the caller ID with mixed emotions and answered the call.
“Hello love…” She
“Tosin!” He breathed.
“Hey darling….how are
“It’s been two
months….” He said.
“I know…I’ve been busy
but with the grand opening which happened a month ago,  it was fantastic. Did you see it on TV? How
have you been holding up?” She asked in a soft voice.
“Really? I am so
grateful that you have time for us…” He said.
“Don’t sound like that
Bode, I have been calling the nanny from time to time and I have been speaking
to the kids too. Didn’t Shade tell you that I have spoken to her on a few
“Really? Have you?”
“Bode…I called to say
hi, let’s not argue okay…”
“I have a score to settle
with you….how come you never told me the real reason you fired the first
cook? How come you found the cook assaulting our daughter and you failed to
tell me?”
“Bode…I can’t talk
about this over the phone…”
“Listen to me Tosin, I
can’t hold a decent conversation with you on the phone. I suggest that you find
your way back to Lagos so that we can talk about the status of our marriage because
as long as I am concerned, we are not in a marriage anymore but in a long
distance friendship.” Bode spat.
“Bode! Where is this
coming from?”
“Ohhh…were you expecting
that I jump for joy that my wife of six years who I have been living with for
the past five years plus, and who relocated to Abuja and blocked my number,
called me? Sorry babe, I have begun living life like a bachelor, same way I’m
sure you’re living yours as a spinster.” Bode said and hung up.
His driver soon came to
meet him and together, they walked to his car.
The past two months had
given Susan so much relief, Tom’s body had been flown to his country for burial
and the investigations had wrapped up as the police said that it was the case
of hired assassins. Augustine was out of her life for good as after the
incident at her house, she had sent him on his way and he had never bothered
her again. Her face had healed, after the blows she had received from Augustine’s
cruel beating and she had taken two days off work to that effect. Now, seated
at her desk at work and waiting for the hand of the clock to strike at six pm,
she couldn’t be more content. She had spoken to her dad last night and had
promised to be home in a week in order to spend time with family.
“Sussy…any plans for
tonight?” Her colleague Martha asked.
It was a Friday and
everyone had one plan or the other for the night but she didn’t, all she wanted
was to go home, lay her head on her bed and sleep. She had began house hunting
as well, since she had less than four months to vacate the accommodation the
company had provided for her.
“Not really…what’s up?”
She asked Martha.
“Well…it’s Abdul’s
birthday this weekend so, we decided to throw a small party at the restaurant
and bar in Maitama today.” Martha said.
“Oh! I didn’t know it
was his birthday…I’m interested in attending…” Susan said.
“Okay…so I guess I’ll
add you to the list then.” Martha said excitedly.
“Why do you sound so
excited?” Susan asked.
“Well…you know that
Abdul has so many friends around, so, it’s not going to be a birthday bash
alone but a single/ mingle kinda party…” Martha whispered.
Susan smiled and
shrugged, with all she had been through in the past two months, she had quickly
forgotten her mission in Abuja. She assured her colleague that she intended in
joining the party and soon enough, office time was over and she joined some or
her colleagues in a car enroute to the party venue.
In two hours, the party
started and both junior and senior workers were bent on having a swell time. Susan
wasn’t in the mood to dance so she sat at a corner and nursed her drink.
“Bored?” A voice asked
Susan looked up to meet
his gaze, he was a very handsome dude with a full beard.
“Says who?” She said.
“Ebuka…” He introduced
himself while stretching out his hand for a handshake.
“Are you friends with
Abdul?” He asked.
“Colleague…” She
“Oh really….”
“I’ve known him since
high school, he was like my best bud back then.” Ebuka said.
Ebuka was a smooth
talker and soon the conversation got pretty interesting, and she enjoyed his
company. When it was time to go, he offered to drop her off at home.
“C’mon…I can’t
infringe…” She said.
“Of course you
can…lemme drop you off…” He insisted.
She agreed and the both
of them walked out of the party place, talking at length about the weather and
everything. They were both immersed in their conversation when all of a sudden,
a knife flew over Ebuka’s head and landed at a safe distance. Ebuka and Susan
were stunned and immediately took cover behind one of the cars at the parking
“What was that?” Ebuka
asked in a whisper.
“It can’t be bokoharam
fighters, they attack with bombs and guns and not with sharp objects.” Susan
said quickly, stooping low in fear.
“Susan!” A lone voice
Immediately Susan heard
his voice, she closed her eyes in disbelief, it was Augustine.
“Someone just called
your name.” Ebuka said.
She started.
“Susan…my love!”
Augustine shouted again.
“He almost killed me! Is
that your boyfriend?” Ebuka asked incredulously.
“No…he’s not my
boyfriend…please could you stay here while I speak to him?” She said quickly
and crept out from the side of the car and stood upright, looking for him with
her eyes.
“I’m up here!” Augustine
Susan looked up and
suddenly she saw him, he sat at the top of a tree and he was waving at her with
his left hand while his right hand had about a dozen knives in it.
“What are you doing? I
thought I told you to stay away from me!” Susan spat at him as she walked up to
the tree.
“Your colleagues are
having fun…it’s a party right? Why wasn’t I invited?” He asked.
“As you rightfully said,
my colleagues! They have nothing to do with you….they don’t even know you.”
She spat.
“Tsk…tsk…I know all
of them…even the one who died…no…the one who was murdered two months ago
and funny enough, the person was stabbed with a knife, Tom right?” He said
staring at her lecherously.
Susan looked around,
there was no one at the parking lot expect her and Ebuka who was still
crouching behind the vehicle, the security was nowhere to be found.
“Looking for someone?
Security perhaps?” He asked.
“No…” She said hastily
then continued. “Augustine, stop bugging me…please…”
“Me? Bug you?
Hahahahahahaha….you must think that you are so important that I should
consider bugging you.” He sneered.
“Why did you throw that
knife?” She whispered.
“What did you say? You
are whispering, I can’t hear you! Afraid to say the word, knife? Hahahahahaa….”
Augustine laughed.
There was a movement
behind the car and Ebuka slowly crawled out, he stood up and walking towards
them, he called out to Susan.
“Are you okay?” He
Another knife was
thrown, this time, barely missing his arm.
“What the…” He started.
Another knife followed,
Ebuka took to his heels and ran back into the bar. As soon as he disappeared,
Susan glared at Augustine angrily.

“Watch your back babe!
My eyes are on you…” Augustine said quickly and jumping down from the tree,
he hurried into the enveloping darkness.
To be continued next week….

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  1. Rita hasn't seen anything yet, after watching Chuka deal with Aisha she still went in. Serves her right.
    Tosin no job is more important than your family. I wish you could open your eyes.
    Jumoke and Bode are falling in love already. God help them not to fall into temptations
    As for Augustine, Bola got it right! Serious mad boyfriend.


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