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Sean got into Lagos and as soon as he arrived, he called his
“Hello dear…”
“Back already?” She asked.
“Yea…I’m back, I actually just got off the plane. How are you?”
“I’m okay…I’m missing you, that’s all.” She said.
“Hmmm…me too…so are you coming over to my place today? Let’s
spend a few days together.” He said.
“Well, I don’t know if that’s a good idea…I am at work and I
have a lot to do. Can we leave this till maybe weekend?”
“Okay then, but I’ll come pick you up after work.” He said.
“Sure, of course…” She smiled and hung up.
His friend John was by his side all the while he spoke to
“That’s Cherry huh? Your lady-love.”
“I love that lady like crazy, it’s almost as though I’m
“Where is she from?” John asked.
“What’s your business with that?” Sean asked.
“It’s nothing really, I just wanted to see if she belongs to
the tribe that jazzes their men.”
“Hahahaha….very funny. Cherry is a sweet, down to earth and
God fearing girl.”
“I’m happy for you bro.” John said.
“I’m happy for myself.” Sean said. “I have a parcel for her,
a very big one , something she won’t believe.” Sean said.
John smiled and patted his friend at the back.
Cherry was at work smiling as she typed into her computer,
she loved love, she loved being in love and she can’t remember not ever being
in love in her entire life. Sean was her everything, he made her smile, he made
her happy and he was very wealthy to boot which means she could get everything
she wanted and more.
“Cherry!” A colleague of hers called out.
“What’s up?” Cherry asked.
“There’s someone waiting for you downstairs.” Her colleague
said. “And by the way, congrats again on your engagement, your ring is out of
this world.”
“Thank you….” Cherry stressed, looking at her finger with
the huge diamond ring, Sean had given her. “Who’s downstairs by the way?”
“I don’t know, he refuses to give his name, he says it’s a
“Are you serious? Okay…” Cherry said, leaving her desk and
hurrying off downstairs to the reception.
She got downstairs to see Mitch seated on one of the sofas
at the reception, holding in his hands, yellow beautiful flowers. Cherry’s eyes
widened, she quickly slipped off the ring Sean had given her and put it in the pocket of her
“Mitch!” She called out.
Mitch turned to look at her and gave her a big smile.
“Hello baby…” He greeted as he stood up with the flowers and
handed them over to her.
“Wow…thank you.” She said.
“I was in the area, I submitted my CV to a company down the
road, one of my guys that schooled with me abroad linked me up. His
uncle heads the board….”
“Wow, that’s good news! Congratulations.” Cherry said.
“Well, thank you but it’s not yet finalized. I just
submitted my CV and they said they’ll get back to me.” He said. “I pray I get the job because it means that we’ll work closely and I’ll get to see you all the time.”
“I wish you all the best dear.” She said.
He looked around the office reception and said.
“You have a beautiful office….”
Cherry forced another smile, she really wanted Mitch to go
before her busy-body colleagues came downstairs and started asking questions.
“Errr…Mitch, I’m kinda busy…” She said.
“Oh, I’ll wait.”
“Wait? I don’t think you’ll want to wait…I’m really busy and
I have a load of work to last me a lifetime.”
“Look at me baby, I’ll wait for you till closing time and we’ll
go home together.”
“Go home together?” Cherry squeaked. She had a date with
Sean tonight and there was no way she was ever going to let that slide.
“Yes, it’s almost three pm, so I’ll wait till five and…”
“I don’t close at five besides I have a load of work and I
might close by ten today.” She lied.
Mitch sighed and looked at her.
“I really want to wait for you.” He said.
“Wait for me? Naaa…that’s not necessary okay…the weekend is
almost here and we’ll err…be together then.” She said quickly.
“Okay then…I guess I have to go.”
“I’m so sorry honey…you know I love nothing more than
spending time with you.” She said.
“Yea, I understand…I’ll be off now. I’ll call you this
evening…” He said.
Cherry waved when he left and just as she was about heading
upstairs, a call came in from Sean.
“Hey baby…” She said. “You just called me hours ago.”
“Step outside your office…” Sean’s voice said.
“Outside my office?” Cherry asked as she headed over to the
exit door.
“Yes…” He said.
Cherry stepped outside and walked out to head out through
the gate. Sean was standing there with one of his impressive rides and right
there beside him was a red brand new vehicle. Sean walked up to her, took her
hand in his and dropped the keys in her palm.
“It’s yours baby.”
It was a miracle that Cherry didn’t scream, she stared at the
vehicle and jumped into Sean’s arms.
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My goodness! I can’t
believe this!” She said.
“You mean more to me that you can ever imagine.” Sean said
with a smile as he held her hand.
Cherry hurried towards the car, opened it and got in, it was
brand new and she was amazed at the interior of the car. She stepped out and
hugged Sean again, kissing him and not caring if people watched.
Mitch walked to the bus stop and waited for a bus to his
destination, as soon as he got there, he perched against a pavement at the
roadside and composed a long sweet text to his fiancee. It was no secret that
he loved Cherry beyond words and he wanted to show it to her anyway possible.
He finished typing and pressed the send button.
The bus he was waiting for arrived and he ran to secure a
front seat as well as some people who ran behind him. As soon as he got into
the bus, he smiled, he was back in Nigeria where people chased buses as though
they aren’t paying for transportation. He thought of how Cherry got to work
every morning and knew she took the bus, he prayed that he got the job with the
company he’d just sent his CV to. The first thing on his list once he got his
salary was saving up to get Cherry a car.
Madu waited at the gate for the school bus to drop off his
daughter, and soon, the bus was driving towards their gate. The bus stopped and
the child minder alighted and carried out his daughter from the back seat, what
he saw left his mouth agape. His daughter’s arm was bandaged.
“What happened?” He shouted.
“She was on the swing when it broke and she fell down and
sprained her arm.” The child minder said.
“What?” Madu shouted.
“There’s a letter from the headmistress, the school will
take care of the bills.”
“Are you guys crazy? How can you place faulty game equipment
on school grounds?” Madu shouted.
Kamsi reached out to him and he took her from the child
“We are so sorry sir…” The child minder said, handing over
the letter to him.
Madu took the letter and stormed off into the compound with
his daughter. They entered the house and he proceeded to help her remove her
uniform, he was scowling.
“Are you angry with me?” She asked.
“No…I’m angry with your school management. What if something
bad happened? What if you broke your head?” Madu spat.
“They said I don’t have to go to school tomorrow…” Kamsi
“You don’t have to go to school? Where will you stay?”
“At home! You lost your job remember? So you’re at home for
“No baby, I got a new job and I can’t stay home tomorrow.”
He said.
“And I can’t go to school either.” She said.
Madu released a pent up breath as he studied his daughter’s
bandaged arm.
“I wish great-aunt was staying here with us, she’d have been
here with me in the house.” Kamsi said of her father’s aunt.
“Yea…but she’s in the village.” Madu said as he walked over
to the bathroom to get her bath ready.
Stella stepped into the house and saw Madu cradling their
sleeping child with a bandage on her arm and asked in alarm.
“What happened?”
“She fell from a faulty swing at school.”
“What? How come? Didn’t the school check their swings before
kids climbed on them?”
“I really don’t know…I spoke to the child minder and she
said the school will foot the bills.”
“Is that what you should be looking out for? Our child
almost died and you’re spitting about bills.” His wife screamed.
“Don’t yell at me! What did you expect me to do?”
“I expect  that you
would have stormed off to the school and demand an explanation for this!”
“It was already end of school hours and…”
“You’re such a weakling!” Stella fired.
“What did you just say to me?” Madu asked in anger.
“You heard me, you are a weak man! How could you sit here
and do nothing when your daughter was almost killed at school? Where you
waiting for me to put on my superman gear and head over to the school and demand
an explanation?”
Madu was so angry, he had never felt this angry at his wife
before, he quietly lay his daughter on the sofa and walked out through the
door. He knew that if he sat in the house a moment longer, he’ll do something
he’d regret.
He walked out of the compound and kept walking. Nothing was
making sense to him anymore, his wife’s degrading tone, his wife’s insults and in
fact everything. After spending about an hour outside the house he walked back
to the compound. He tried opening the door but it was locked, he knocked
quietly at first and after a while, knocked harder.
“Stop wasting your time Madu, you’re sleeping outside today. Since you can’t be a man, then there’ll be no roof over your head tonight besides, I pay the rent!” His wife shouted from within.


  1. Mitch deserves whatever he gets, how can he be so dumb after his sister warned him? With proof of ring sef, mtscheeeew. As for Madu and his wife I see where this is going, his new boss still has the hots for him and he will prob fall cos of home wahala. While I know it's not easy to be the bread winner, his wife still has to be mindful of her words, people's fortune can change at the click of a second.

  2. Stella is way in over her head and sadly, she's unaware of it.

    Mitch's heartbreak when it happens, would be too much to bear. It wouldn't have hurt to verify his family's claims of Cherry's engagement, would it?
    Sometimes, we mistake foolishness for love.


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