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Morayo stared at the intruder in her home, one mind told her
to call the police, another mind told her to scream and demand that he leaves
the house, she did neither.
“Welcome back.” She said and picking up the bag she tossed
on the chair, she struts past him, headed towards her room.
“That’s no proper greeting for your husband.” Gbade said.
Morayo turned to look at him.
“Our divorce is still on, so I wonder what wife you refer
to. Yours or someone else’s perhaps…” She said.
“Let’s toss this madness behind us. I am back and that’s all
that matters.” Gbade said haughtily.
Morayo forced a smiled at him and said.
“I actually never ran mad….you did.” She said.
“I am back to build our home. I shouldn’t have left in the
first place …we can weather the storm together.”
“That sounds like a plan. Get your coats and minks ready,
because the storm is going to be rough.” Morayo said and walked into her room.
As soon as she shut the door behind her she let out a heavy
breath. ‘What is he doing here?’ she asked herself and ‘how was I able to speak
to him without trying to murder him?’ She realised the answer to her question
and it was none other than, she had gone past the pain, and there were no
feelings left, anymore.
Kolade parked his car at the garage of Morayo’s house, his
mother had happily agreed to get the girls ready for school so that they don’t
miss the school bus. He, on the other hand had someone in mind to visit and it
was none other than Morayo. It was a beautiful morning and all he wanted to do
was see Morayo and laugh with her. He knew that Morayo would be leaving for
work quite early in the morning and that was the reason he’d decided to
surprise her before she left for work, and hopefully, she’ll let him drive her
to work.
He reached the reception and spoke to the security.
“Is she expecting you sir?” The security man asked.
“No she isn’t. It’s actually a surprise.” Kolade smiled at
the security man.
The security man knew Kolade quite well, and knew that he
paid frequent visits to Morayo’s apartment and knew that they both emerged
looking happy after all his visits.
He hadn’t been on duty for the night shift if not, he’d have
seen Gbade walk into the building with his bags, so he nodded.
“Thank you…” Kolade said and took the elevator upstairs.
He reached Morayo’s apartment and rung the bell, there was
no answer at first, he was to call her phone but stopped when he heard the key
turn in the lock.
The door opened and he stood face to face with a man he
didn’t recognise.
“Looking for someone?” Gbade asked.
“I’m here to see Morayo…” Kolade replied.
“My wife?” Gbade spat.
Kolade opened his mouth and shut it close.
The beach was quite deserted because it was in the wee hours
of the morning, Nkiru had grudgingly followed her mother to the prophet’s place
because she didn’t find the ring no matter how hard she searched.
The prophet and his followers were chanting by the side of
the beach while the winds from the sea howled in response. Nkiru and her mother
stood at a safe distance while the prophet and his people prayed, soon the
prayers were over and some of the followers dispersed.
“Prophet…” Nkiru’s mother called out.
The prophet turned around, looked at them and beckoned that
they come closer to him.
It was hard trudging on the sand but Nkiru hastened
alongside her mother.
“You should have joined us for morning devotion.” The
prophet said.
Nkiru stared at the man whose length of beard rested just
above his chest and whose dreads blew about with the wind. He was dressed in
red and yellow and he was holding a massive book with no inscription on it.
“We didn’t know if it was proper to do so…” Nkiru’s mother
“Well, next time then…” The prophet said.
Nkiru’s eyes widened, there wouldn’t be a next time, she
thought. She couldn’t wait for the prophet to release her sister so that she
could never step foot here again. She recalled the way her sister looked this
morning before they left the house, she had looked so pale and she only made
low hums and didn’t speak to anyone.
“Is this the daughter?” The prophet asked her mother.
“Yes…she is…” Nkiru’s mother responded.
The prophet looked at her.
“You did an evil thing….you cleared your sister’s memory
of her husband and children, all because you wanted her husband. Is that how
much you loved him?” The prophet asked.
Nkiru didn’t want to reply but she needed help so she said; “I
was a fool to believe that I could have him all to myself.”
“It is funny how deep you’ve gotten yourself! You’ve dug a
hole so deep for yourself that it would only take the intervention of God to
set you free. Your first offence is, you took your sister’s husband, second
offence is, you erased her memory so that you could have what she has. Have you
ever heard the saying that ‘Blood is so thick, it runs deep?’ She is your
sister and your duty to her is to help her and not destroy her.”
“Please help us prophet…please…” Nkiru’s mother pleaded.
The prophet walked up to Nkiru and stared her in the eye.
“I can read your mind, you are thinking ‘I can’t wait to
leave this place, these people are no better than I am’ but come to think of
it, you actually came to us for help.” The prophet smirked.
Nkiru stared at the man, it was as though he had a personal
vendetta against her.
“I didn’t think that…” She said.
The man screamed at her.
“You did! You thought of it! I can see the look in your eyes.
You can’t wait to get out of here, you want to protest but you can’t because
you are the cause of these problems!”
Nkiru was startled by the man’s countenance.
“Help us…please prophet…you said, she’ll need
cleansing…” Her mother said.
“Hmmm….” He nodded and quickly started speaking in a strange
Nkiru stared at the sand on the ground and wondered how she’d
gotten herself into such quagmire.
“Listen to me Nkiru and listen well!” The prophet shouted.
Nkiru was startled to hear her name.
“How old is your sister?” He asked.
“Thirty-four…” She stammered.
“You will get thirty-four candles, all white. Another
thirty-four candles, all blue and another thirty-four all red. After that, you’d
bring a seven bags of salt, twenty bottles of olive oil, two pieces of white
cloth in three yards each and finally, two pigeons. You are to bring these
items yourself, do not send anyone to the market to get them for you or your
sacrifice will backfire!” He screamed.
Nkiru nodded.
“Last but not least, I need your sister here for the
sacrifice. It shall be done tonight just before the moon comes out.” He said.
Nkiru blinked, ‘night?’ she thought, ‘how can any sane
person be on the beach at night?’
“I know what you’re thinking..” The man started.
“I’m not thinking anything sir…I mean prophet…” Nkiru
“Go now and return with these items as soon as you can or
your sister will die.” The prophet acclaimed.
Nkiru and her mother rushed out, heading out of the beach in
Kolade stood at the door to Morayo’s house, unflinching, he
knew he needed to see her.
“If you’d please excuse me…: Kolade said as he made to
enter the house.
“This is my house and until you state your intentions here,
I won’t let you in.” Gbade said.
“I am not spoiling for a fight, I am here to see
“You didn’t finish your sentence, you said you’re here to
see your…” Gbade said in spite.
Morayo’s voice resounded from behind Gbade.
“His girlfriend…” She said. “He is here to see his
Gbade turned to stare at Morayo who was in the sitting room,
dressed in her bathrobe and clad in bath slippers.
“Kolade…please come in…” She said.
Kolade gave Gbade an unapologetic smile and stepped into the
house, he walked towards Morayo to give her a kiss. Morayo kissed him back and
took his hand. Gbade stood there, he had a disbelieving look in his eyes.
“I came to surprise you…” Kolade said.
“I am pleasantly surprised.” Morayo said with a smile.
“Can I drive you to work today? I have a meeting at noon so
I have enough time on my hands.” He said.
“Sure…” She said, pulling him towards her room.
“Morayo!” Gbade said in an accusing tone of voice.
“You have no right to call my name with such authority. I am
not your wife.” Morayo said and disappeared into her room with Kolade.
As soon as the door was shut behind them, Kolade looked at
her questioningly.
“What is he doing here?” He asked.
“I have no idea, he stumbled in yesterday….I saw him I got
back from your place.” She said.
“Are you serious? Doesn’t he have any shame?”
“Do you want us to spend our quality time together talking
about a man who isn’t really necessary?” Morayo asked.
“No, I’m wondering what your next step would be. He can’t
live here…”
“This is his house, he pays the rent, his name is on the
papers…and documents…”Morayo said.
“Then you have to move out of here…”
“Move to where? I’m not moving anywhere…” Morayo said.
“Are you going to stay here with him?”
“I can’t go looking for a new apartment now….maybe later
but not now.”
“How do you expect me to take that news? You are mine Morayo
and I am not ready to share.”
“Listen to me Kolade, that man out there is a confused soul.
He actually threatened me some nights ago about my being the cause of his
girlfriend’s predicament at the hospital. Now, he’s here and I really don’t
know what he wants. The divorce is still on, I’ve signed the papers and he’s
signed too, there’s no turning back.”
“You’ve loved that man for years and you’ve been with him
for years, how am I so sure that you won’t change your mind and go back to him?
Move in with me and the girls, please…”
“I can’t move in with you…we are not married. What sort of
example are you trying to set for the girls? No way! I’m staying here. I am not
a baby and there’s nothing he can do to me. I lived with him after our son died
and we lived like roommates, what makes you think that I’m ready to jump into
his arms after years of being thrown out in the cold? You underestimate me,
Kolade. You underestimate the power of a woman scorned.” Morayo said.
To be continued on Friday.
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  1. Standing ovation for Kolade and Morayo on how that situation was handled. Morayo, i understand that you are scorned and want revenge but the best revenge is the happiness you have found with Kolade. Put on your big girl panties and move out. Kola, Morayo is yours hun, don't even worry about nothing.

    Ada beeke, you my honey nut cheerios (my fave cereal) are the bomb diggity! Errr write a book (for adults) nne. I will invest o.

    • I was pleased the way she handled herself too. Thank you dearie, Honey nut cheerios is my fav cereal too. I'm already done with my book and it's on its way to the printers. Thank you so much dear.


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