Zach was stunned. What in the world was his son doing here
at his sister in-law’s? His heart started beating fast like the hooves of a
horse! Where was Queen? Was she somewhere around? But that wasn’t possible, he
thought. He’d just dropped off Queen at the hotel and there was no way she
could come here so fast.
“Zach…are you okay? It looks like you’ve seen a ghost.”
His wife said to him, taken aback at his reaction.

“Errm…I…I…am well…” He stammered still staring at
his son whose arms were wrapped around his legs.
Jessica crouched low towards the little boy and tried to pry
him away.
“C’mon Junior, let’s give uncle some space okay…” She said
to him.
Junior began to cry.
“Oh, it’s okay, lemme hold him for a while…I guess we are going
to be best buddies.” He said laughing nervously.
Zach lifted his son up in his arms and at that moment, he
was relieved that the boy had speech impairment as well as a hearing one too. He
looked heavenward in thanks.
“What…who…brought the boy?” Zach asked with a squeaky
“Do you have a sore throat?” His wife asked in concern.
“No, I mean…yes…I think I’m coming down with a bit of
cold.” He said quickly.
“Aww honey…well…come on let’s join the party.” Jessica
said to him.
“You haven’t told me who brought the little man.”
“Oh, I did…I brought him here, I picked him up from his
mom’s and…” She started but was interrupted by her sister.
“Jessica, I need you now.” Her sister said dragging her
Zach was dazed, he walked over to sit on a chair with his
son in his arms; he didn’t know what questions to ask. Then, he realized that
his wife had told him something about a colleague taking their son out for a
He froze.
Ella came back from the market bearing in her hands, two
heavy bags of foodstuff. Her car had refused to start so she’d taken a bus for
the first time in her life and gosh, she felt terrible. Not only had the market
been very dirty and uncomfortable, but the bus had been very tight and had a
lot of sweaty passengers who’d pressed themselves to her as though they were Siamese
twins. She’d mentally praised the housekeeper and the cook at her father’s
house. Was this what they went through whenever they went to the market?
As she made her way towards the house, she recalled the
argument she’d gotten into with the passengers in the bus.
“Madam abeg shift…na ya parlour you dey?” A male passenger
had hissed at her.
“What do you mean by that? Isn’t this row for four
passengers?” She’d asked.
“Madam na five dey sit for dia.” The conductor had said.
“In that case, I’d rather get down from the bus. What sort
of rubbish is this? How can five of us fit into this small space?” She’d spat.
“Get down! Madam get down! You nor fit inconfinense my
passengers abeg!” The conductor shouted.
“Why are you shouting? Do we know each other before now? Why
are you shouting at me?” Ella asked, almost close to tears.
“Madam, if you refuse to shift, please get down from this
motor…” The male passenger shouted.
“Wetin dey worry dis woman sef? Why you dey do like pesin
wey never enter bus before? If you want space abeg come down from motor, go
find taxi.” A woman spat at her from behind.
Ella turned to regard the woman.
“What a shame! How can you speak to your fellow woman like
that? Do we know each other? Why do you sound so bitter?”
That was when the chaos erupted, the woman stood up and
began pointing at Ella maliciously.
“Who you be sef? I say, who you be? Na ya mama wey get craw
craw for body be bitter pesin! Na God go punish that ya mouth!” The woman
screamed at her.
Ella was lost for words, she had no reply for the woman she
just sat there and stared at the woman. Some other passengers tried holding the
woman back because she was about to attack Ella.
“Madam nor cause wahala for dis my bus. If you nor wan
shift, e nor hard, just kukuma come dan!” The driver had said to her.
Ella looked around and realized that this was how life was
on the flip side of the coin. She had no idea that buses crammed up passengers
like sardines and she couldn’t afford a taxi either. She’d swallowed her pride
and adjusted for the next passenger so that peace could reign.
As Ella walked towards the house, a tear escaped from her
lid and soon after, her face was streaming with tears. She never bargained for
this life, her parents had sheltered her from her childhood years and she’d
never experienced life outside the walls of her parent’s luxury mansion and
She got to the door of the house and dropped the bag to
knock at the door. As soon as her hand rapped the wooden frame, the door pushed
open. She was astonished.
“Lola! Jacob!” She called out.
There was no response, she walked into the sitting room and
looked around, the whole place was in a mess.
“Lola! Jacob!” She called again.
She walked into the kitchen to drop the bags when she heard
a scuffle in the sitting room and soon her husband rushed into the kitchen.
“Honey…” He said with a smile. He looked dishevelled as
though he’d rushed to put on his clothes.
Ella gave him a weary look and sighed.
“How come the door was open? Where is Lola? Where were you?
I called you…” Ella asked you.
“Oh…you mean…you mean…Lola…I think…she’s sleeping
in the other room…I mean…she…should be there.” He said sounding quite
“Okay, I need to rest…I’ll just drop off these foodstuff
here, have a bath and rest for a while before I cook.”
“But…but it’s almost one pm, and we didn’t eat breakfast
or lunch…” He protested.
Ella looked at him with weary eyes.
“Do you want me to die in this house?” She asked. “Would I
be a bad wife if I sleep for a while before cooking? Besides, you should pity
me, I queued at the ATM for forty minutes before I could withdraw money for
foodstuffs and I spent more than an hour at the market….plus I had to sit in
a bus full of sweaty people.”
“Why do you sound like that?”
“How do I sound?”
“You sound like you’re doing me a favour, when the truth is
that this is what you should be doing as the woman of this house.”
Ella looked at him and shook her head.
“I’m going to sleep.” She said and made her way out of the
Ella got into the bedroom she shared with her husband and
stopped short. The room looked as though animals had ravaged it. The bed sheet
was on the ground as though some kind of weird lovers had been inside the room.
“What happened here?” She asked aloud.
Zach was enduring the party; his son wasn’t making things
easy for him as he refused to leave his side. Jessica was already beginning to
get so uneasy with the boy’s clingy behaviour.
“Honey, you can put him down while you eat…” She said as
she handed him a plate of food.
“No….don’t worry, he’s a cool kid besides we would be
parents very soon so I’d like to practice.” He said to her with a smile.
“I’m glad you’re cool with it. I’m going to tell my colleague
that her son has been glued to my hubby like magnet.” She said with a smile.
“Oh don’t bother…let’s not get her uneasy.” He said. “So,
how come I don’t know this colleague of yours? What’s her name?”
“Oh, she’s the sweetest colleague ever! She’s a kind, loving
and very beautiful woman. Her name is Queen and do you know what? We share the
same surname, Izamojie!” Jessica said excitedly. “Do you think we might be
related? I mean, since she bears the same surname with us.”
“I…doubt…I doubt it…” He said quickly.
“Well…there’s no harm in trying.” She said. “You could
find out…maybe we have dinner together. Yes! We could invite her and her
husband over to our house for dinner. Won’t that be fun? We might find that we’re
related after all.”
“Can..can I be excused? I’d like to get something from my
car.” He said, standing from the chair and holding his son in his arms.
“Okay but set the boy down so that you can go to the car and
return quickly.” She said.
“No…don’t bother, I’ll take him with me.” Zach said and
As soon as he left, her brother walked up to her.
“Your husband is acting quite strange.” He said.
“You’re silly Jude.” She said throwing a playful punch at
her brother.
“Well…I’m just saying…” He said and walked away.
Jessica sighed and thought to herself that what her brother said
was true, her husband was really acting strange.
To be continued tomorrow….


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