Madu woke up to the noise
from the neighbours, his mouth had a sour taste and saliva had
trickled down his jaw and dried up. He opened his eyes and realized where he
was, he was crouched at the entrance to his house. He remembered what had happened
last night, how his wife had refused him entry into his house. Some of his
neighbours threw him puzzled looks as they nodded in greeting and went about
their businesses. Madu was ashamed, he had never been embarrassed this way in his
entire life.

Madu was a private person,
he never liked people to know the challenges he went through during the course
of his life as he hated sympathy. Now, the whole brouhaha with his wife which
he had been trying to cover up was out in the open.
The key turned at the door
lock and Stella opened the door. Madu stood up, beat his bottom with his
palms and stepped inside the house. He could tell that his daughter was still
asleep and from the strong scent of perfume, he could tell that his wife was
already dressed and ready for work.
He walked into the small
room they all shared and saw his wife wearing her shoes, she didn’t talk to him but
avoided his gaze.
“Let this be the last time
you’d ever try what you did again.” Madu said, trying to control his temper.
“Maybe when you start
paying the bills and being the man of the house, I’ll not lock you out again but as
it is, I pay the rent so, this house is mine.” She said and stood up to leave.
Madu pulled her to him and
she beat him with her fists.
“Let me go! Let me go you
“I’m warning you Stella, do
not try this again. I slept outside on the cold hard floor because of you.”
“Who bloody cares? If I
don’t pay the rent of this house, would you have a place to lay your head?”
“I won’t repeat myself
“You’re pathetic Madu. So
pathetic!” She spat.
Their activity woke up
their daughter who lay on a small mattress at the far corner of the room.
“Mommy! Daddy! Are you
fighting?” She asked.
“Your dad is in the best
position to answer that question.” Stella spat and stormed out of the room.
“No…not at all honey. How
did you sleep?” Madu said walking over to his daughter’s bed to sit by her.
“Not very good…my tummy was
disturbing and I woke up to poo. I think it’s the food I ate at the
restaurant…” Kamsi said.
“Don’t worry, I’ll prepare
something better for you today. How does your arm feel?”
“It’s better…I think I’d go
to school since you are going to start your new job today.” She said.
“No…never mind about that, I’ll figure
a way around it.”
“I didn’t see you on the
bed with mommy last night.” She said.
“Why would you say
“Well…I woke up to poo and
I wanted to wake you up to come with me but I didn’t see you and I woke up
mommy instead and she told me that I am a big girl and I can go to the toilet
all by myself. So I took the torch and went because there was no light, I was scared at first but later, I wasn’t
scared anymore.”
“I guess that’s when I went
to errr…check out some noise I heard at the back yard.”
His daughter looked at him
and he could tell that she didn’t believe him.
“Mommy isn’t a good wife is
Madu stared at his daughter
in alarm.
“What? Who told you that?
Don’t you ever repeat those words again.”
“I’m sorry daddy but at
school, everyone talks about the things their mommy does but she doesn’t do
“Enough of this! I’ll go
get your water ready for your bath.” He said and stood up.
Kamsi nodded and lay on her
bed, staring at nothing.
Stella walked into her
office angry as hell, she wanted to feel good for punishing her husband by
locking him out of the house but she felt bad. Why was she so mushy over him?
She thought. He wasn’t worth it at all and she knows she did the right thing.
Rhoda walked over to her
desk and smiled at her.
“Good morning…”
“Hey…” Stella said, not
sounding too happy.
“What’s with the long
face?” Rhoda asked.
“Is it not Madu? That man
annoys me so much. I locked him out of the house last night so he had to sleep
“What?” Rhoda asked with
eyes wide then stretched out her hand to her friend. “Give me five baby!”
“For what?”
“For finally realizing that
your husband is nothing but a leech.”
“Abeg jo…I’m not in the
“I’m glad that you’re
borrowing sense ooo…you see me ehn, I’m still single but I can beat my chest
that when I get married, I’ll have so much fun and no one can stop me.”
“It’s just that some times,
I can’t help but feel sorry for him. His situation is helpless! It’s like there’s
some kind of ill luck following him. Madu is intelligent, sharp and very smart
but I don’t know why he can’t get a decent job.”
“The answer is, he’s lazy!”
“He tries so hard.” Stella
“Try hard ke? I can bet
your husband does nothing but run about during the day doing nothing and when
he comes home, he lies to you that he’s been working hard. Smell the coffee
dearest, your husband is a burden, cut him loose and be free…”
“How?” Stella asked in a
strangled voice.
At that moment, the GM
walked into their department and Rhoda said in a whisper.
“I guess you have your
answer.” She said and hurried off to her desk.
Stella saw the GM walk
towards her desk and couldn’t stop blushing, she tried to keep a straight face
but couldn’t help but smile.
“You didn’t say you’d be
back today.” She said.
“Oh…I didn’t?” He asked
with a smile.
“Welcome back sir…” She
“Drop the sir, it’s Duncan.”
He said.
She blushed again.
“You really want me to
refer to you as Duncan instead of the GM?”
“It makes it real. GM is
just a title but Duncan is my name, my given name from birth, just as yours is Stella. I could as well as refer to you with your office title.”
“You have a point. You’re
so smart, I actually sound like a fool.” She said stupidly.
“Well, I’m here to ask that
you accompany me somewhere.”
“Yes…I have a meeting to
attend today and I want you to be there. It’s actually a very important meeting
and I’d like to have you there.”
“What? Really? Me?”
“You’re one of the most
hardworking staff I know.”
“I’m flattered sir but…but
your assistant is…”
“I make my decisions and I’ve
decided that you should come with me.” He said.
“Sure…I mean, when do we
leave?” She asked.
“Soon…in the next thirty
minutes.” He said.
“Oh okay, I’ll err…freshen
up and meet you downstairs.”
“Good.” Duncan said and
left the department.
Rhoda ran to her as soon as
Duncan left her desk.
“What did he say? Tell me…tell
me…” She asked bursting with excitement.
“He wants me to accompany
him to a business meeting…I’m overwhelmed.”
“My God! Oh my gosh! My
friend’s about to climb the corporate ladder! Don’t forget me in your kingdom.”
“Of course…not…” Stella
said, still surprised that she’d been asked to accompany the GM and also to
refer to him by his name. She felt goosebumps crawl over her skin.
Angel was checking updates
on her fake Instagram account-the one she stalked people with- she had her
brother’s fiancee on it and was shocked to see her latest post. Cherry had uploaded the picture of a brand
new salon car with caption.
‘When you have the best fiancé a girl could ask for.
I was in my office working my ass off and he surprises me with this! I love you
baby boy, with my whole heart and I can’t wait to walk down the aisle with you
and say my vows with you. #myheart #akingsqueen #Igotacarforbeinghiswifetobe
#gratefulheart #futureMrsOkon.’

Angel sat up with a start
and stared at the picture of the car again with Cherry standing beside it and
smiling like she’d just won the ticket to a lifetime of happiness. She bolted off her bed and
ran out of the room she shared with her sister, heading to her mother’s room.
“Mummy! Mummy! You have to
see this! Mummy!” She screamed as she ran into her mother’s room.
Her mother was just
stepping out of the bathroom, clad in a towel when she saw her daughter
running up to her.
“What is it? Is something wrong?”
“Mummy look.” Angel said as
she showed her mother the picture of the car.
“Okay, so? It’s a car like any other.”
“Look at the ID mom and
read the caption.”
Her mother read the caption
and looked at her daughter in shock.
“She’s fully engaged to
another guy and she’s leading Mitch on…” Angel said.
Her mother pursed her lips
in a thin line and stormed over to her wardrobe. She dragged out a dry lace buba and
wrapper and hurriedly dressed in it. She took her wig and placed it on her head
and turning to her daughter, she said.
“Woe betide me if I sit
down and let that girl disgrace and mock my son.”
“What are you going to do
mom? Mitch is not listening to us…he’s so obsessed with her.”
“I’ll cure that obsession
of his, today. I am going to Cherry’s house now and you’re coming with me.”
Angel nodded.
“Let me change my clothing
and get my car keys.” Angel said and hurried out of her mother’s room.
She was headed over to her
room when she saw Mitch walk in through the passage door, he was heading to his
“Hey sis…”
“Hey…” She said quickly,
she didn’t want to tell him anything because she really wanted their mom to
handle this issue once and for all.
“You haven’t asked how my
interview went?” He said.
“Oh, that…how did it go?”
She asked, hoping she didn’t sound too hasty.
“I have a feeling that I
might get the job and guess the best part?”
“Tell me bro…” Angel forced
a smile.
“My fiance’s office is
actually a walking distance from the office.”
Angel coughed loudly.
“Are you okay?” Mitch asked
in concern.
“Yea…I just need to get
water. Do you know what? We’ll discuss this in detail later, mummy and I are
going to the salon.” She lied.
“You didn’t go to work
today, why?” he asked.
“I thought I told you. I’m
having cramps and I had to take the day off.”
“I hope you’re better now…”
“Yea…thanks..” She said and
disappeared into her room.
Kamsi clutched her father’s
hand with one hand and her doll in the other hand which was bandaged as they walked
into the massive structure. Her eyes grew wide as she stared at the building.
“Is this going to be your
new office, daddy?” She asked in awe.
“Yes…I hope so…” Madu said,
wondering how Anita got her money. Was the company really hers? He thought. He
looked at the card again and saw the name of the company branded and her name
on the card as the MD/CEO.
He walked into the company
and soon was ushered into her office. He hadn’t told her that he was bringing
his daughter along but he hoped she would understand that he couldn’t leave her
home alone.
He sat inside the office
with his daughter as they waited for her to finish with her board meeting and
step into her office. The time was fifteen minutes to nine am.
“Good morning…” Anita
greeted as she walked into the office.
She was dressed in black
ankle length trousers, a yellow camisole , a hounds tooth blazer and a pair of
black shiny stilettos, she looked every inch the executive.
“Good morning…” He said
quickly and stood up from the chair.
“Oh hello, you must be
Kamsi…” Anita smiled and walked over to meet the young girl. “Whatever happened
to your arm?”
“I’m sorry I had to bring
her with me, she had a minor injury at school yesterday and she was asked to
stay home today and there is no one at home and I’m wary of dropping her off at
my neighbours…”
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“It’s okay…” Anita said,
looking at Kamsi with interest. “You look so much like your daddy, except that
you’re prettier.”
“Thank you.” Kamsi said
with a smile.
“Awww…she’s so respectful,
she takes after daddy in that regard.”
“Thank you Anita, I really
appreciate your understanding.”
“Oh never mind, she could
stay here with me in my office while we both talk about your employment. In the
meanwhile, I’ll have the HR speak to you and I’ll have someone take you on a
tour of the facility.”
Madu was grateful and soon,
he left his daughter with Anita and followed Anita’s secretary to the HR’s
office. Anita smiled at the young girl again.
“So tell me, what’s your
favourite thing to do in the whole wide world?”
Kamsi giggled.
“Well, I like to skip and
watch Barney and friends and I love ice cream too.” Kamsi said.
“Then, that’s what you’re going
to do…” Anita said.
“Really? You mean, I can
watch Barney and friends here and skip and eat ice cream?” Kamsi asked excitedly.
“You can’t skip though ‘cos
of your hand but I’ll have someone get you the most tasty ice cream you’ve ever
tasted and also get you a DVD of the Barney and Friends.”
“Wow! Are you serious?”
Kamsi asked, wondering if Anita was an angel.
“Yes kiddo…I’m your fairy godmother,
or didn’t daddy tell you?”
Kamsi shook her head in a
“You and I are going to be
best buds and soon, we’ll be so inseparable and be best friends forever.”
Kamsi stared at her fairy
godmother and smiled, she had no idea of what she was talking about.
Stella stepped into the car
and relaxed in the plush seats, she loved the feel of the car’s interiors.
Soon, Duncan joined in and the driver kicked the engine to life.
Duncan slipped his palm
over hers and she blushed, they were both seated at the back of the tinted car.
“You did amazingly well..”
He said.
“Oh no, I didn’t, I wasn’t
prepared…I had no idea that you’d call me to speak, I…” She stuttered.
“You did great and because
of you, we’ve landed the deal.”
Stella’s eyes widened as
she stared at Duncan.
“The eighty five million
naira deal?”
“You bet!” He smiled.
“What? Oh my goodness! I’m
so thrilled.”
“You’d better be because I’m
treating you to something special for accompanying me to the meeting.”
“Serious? That’s not necessary…”
“Send me your account
details, I want to spoil you a little.”
“What? Spoil me? What have
I done to deserve this?”
He lifted her chin up with
his hand and said.
“Look at me Stella.”
She looked at him.
“You are gorgeous, sexy as
hell and the most hardworking woman I’ve ever met. Don’t reject my offer to
boost your morale. I’m going to transfer something to your account, just to say
thank you for helping me nail this contract and I don’t want you to say no.” He
said and released her chin from his gentle grip.
Stella felt like crying in
joy, she copied her account number and sent it to his phone and soon they both
reached the office.
She got to her desk and got
an alert. She saw the sum and almost had a heart attack. 
Duncan had transferred
half a million naira to her account.

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  1. I still don't trust this Anita. I hope I am wrong though.
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