Ebube stood over Ogonna’s frame on the bed, she was fast
asleep.  She wanted to wake her up but
decided against it. Ogonna in a hospital ward, could only mean one thing; that her
roommate had been through a lot. She pulled a chair to seat beside her on the
bed when Ogonna opened her eyes.
“Ebube! You came…” She smiled weakly.
Ebube reached out to hold her hand.
“Yes, you called me…”

“I am sorry to disturb you, I had your number etched in my
head and I couldn’t think of anyone else to call.” Ogonna said.
“Did you call your parents?”
“My what? I don’t want to complicate issues by having them
here. They’ll come with a lot of questions and God knows that I can’t answer
them.” She paused. “I was pregnant Ebubs, I was really pregnant but I lost
it…” A tear slid down her cheeks.
“I am so sorry Ogo…” Ebube said, not knowing what else to
“The doctor said that there’s no way that a child can
survive an ectopic pregnancy…well, the chances are slim but I had to be
operated on…”
“An ectopic pregnancy? Oh my God! You must have gone through
so much pain…”
“Yes, and worse of all is, I have just one tube left…”
Ogonna said forcing herself to smile through the pain.
“I am really sorry…”
“I don’t know where Gbade is…I guess he had to go to work
and would return to see me this evening. I called his phone and it was switched
off. Thank God for the nurse who loaned me her phone to make a phone call to
you or I wouldn’t have called you to come.”
“Gbade was at our quarters…” Ebube said pausing to see if
her words had any effect on Ogonna.
“He came to drop your bags….” Ebube said.
Ogonna’s eyes glistened with unshed tears, she looked away
and the tears fell rapidly.
“I am sorry…”
“No, don’t be….it’s not over yet.” Ogonna said.
“Don’t you see that it is over? C’mon Ogonna, you barely
came out of this unscathed, please move on with your life.”
“Move on? I have no life without Gbade! How can you tell me
to move on?”
“Doesn’t his absence tell you something? He left Morayo all
because their child died and now, he’s doing the same to you.”
“That’s not a logical explanation! He hates Morayo but loves
me and he still does. I’m sure the house needs repainting that’s why he took my
bags to the quarters.”
“Listen to yourself….you sound like you have no brains.”
“I have brains and my brains tell me that Gbade is coming to
see me tonight and that we are going to continue life as though nothing
happened. The doctors say that I can conceive again with one tube.”
“Are you ready to lose the second one for him again?”
“Ebube, I called you here to sit with me and chat and not
judge me…”
“I am sorry but I can’t sit for long, I have an exam to
write tomorrow…” Ebube said.
Ogonna’s eyes widened.
“What? Has exams started already?”
“Yes, we wrote a paper today…”
“Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you remind me?” Ogonna
“You have a time table, besides, I felt that you weren’t
going to miss your exams for anything in the world till this morning when I
arrived at the exam hall and didn’t see you. I called your phones but they rung
and you didn’t answer.”
“Oh my goodness! Can you tell the lecturers what happened? I
can have the doctors write a letter to show that I’m in the hospital.”
“Well, I really don’t know if I’m in the best position to
deliver the letter. You can focus on getting better then come to school once
you are fully recovered with a letter explaining your absence.”
“You sound judgemental…” Ogonna accused.
“I can’t help it! Ogonna, please borrow sense and understand
that you are lucky to have come through this! That man doesn’t love you, he
never has and never will, you were nothing but a pain reliever for his pain and
now that he has no use for you, he’s left you!”
“Get out of here! Get out!” Ogonna screamed. “I don’t ever
want to see you again!”
Ebube stood up from the chair and left the room.

Nkiru raced into the house belonging to her sister and her
husband and almost turned it upside down. She searched for the ring she had
been given at the Spiritine temple to no avail.  After she had searched for hours, she heard
the doorbell and went to answer the door. At the door stood her mother.
“Can I come in?” Her mother asked, still standing at the
doorstep of the house.
“I asked if I could come in…” Her mother said. There was a
very strange look in her eyes.
“Of course mummy, this is your daughter’s house.” Nkiru
“Which of them? Ihuoma or Nkiru?”
Nkiru looked at her mother in confusion, she didn’t
understand where the questions were coming from.
“It’s Ihuoma’s house…” Nkiru answered.
Her mother nodded, stepped into the house and shut the door
with a loud bang.
“I just wanted to know.” Her mother said still looking at
“Don’t mummy me! I couldn’t believe it when the prophet I
had gone to visit about Ihuoma’s case told me that it was you who had caused
such misfortune on your sister and don’t you dare deny it! No wonder you held
me back from laying a curse on the person who brought such calamity to my
daughter’s life.”
Nkiru fell on her knees and holding on to her mother’s
ankles, she wept.
“I am sorry mummy, I am so sorry…I wanted…” She cried.
“I know what you wanted and did you get it? Did you get it?”
Her mother shouted in tears.
“No…I’m such a horrible person.”
“I have always known that Sam was a nasty womaniser and that
was the reason your sister kept all house helps at bay. When you decided to go
and stay with her, I wanted to object but I thought you’d be sensible to stay
away from your brother-in-law.” Her mother cried.
“I am so sorry mum…” Nkiru cried.
“They said that the only solution to this problem is that I
bring you for cleansing at the beach and your sister too…” Her mother cried.
“Bring me for cleansing? Why? I think I can remedy the
situation. I had a ring given to me by the priestess I met at the Spritine
temple….she…she gave me the ring and everything started happening to Ihuoma
but that’s what I’m trying to find…”
“Where is this priestess?”
“I went looking for her…I swear mummy, I went looking but
she’s gone….” Nkiru cried.
Her mother crouched low and looked her in the eyes.
“They said that if you do not come for the cleansing soon,
your sister will die….” Her mother said in finality.
Nkiru cried loudly.
“I don’t know why I did this….Sam was so persuasive and I
had not been able to get a man to like me and he was interested in me. I had a
problem till I met Sam and he helped me….” She cried.
“Listen to me, whatever the problem was, it wasn’t enough
for you to sleep with your sister’s husband. I didn’t raise a dog!” Her mother
“I’ll find the ring…I promise I will and I’ll tell…tell
the ring to undo everything that it has done to my sister…I
promise…please…” Nkiru cried and standing to her feet, she turned around
and rushed off into her room to continue her search for the ring.

Morayo sat across Kolade’s mother at the table,they had just finished dinner and the twins
had gone to bed. Kolade was somewhere around the house making a phone call.
“I love Lagos, even though everyone says it’s polluted…”
Kolade’s mother said.
“Well…I heard it’s one of the busiest cities in Africa…”
Morayo smiled.
“No doubt it is. You know, I was worried when Kolade decided
to return to Nigeria, talk more of the city of Lagos. He grew up in Ibadan and
there’s peaceful than here.”
“Yes, I understand your worry but he’s a big boy and he’ll
get used to it.”
“I was also worried that he left the United Kingdom to get
away from pain and I was worried that coming to Nigeria would make things worse
for him.” She said.
Morayo didn’t speak, she wondered why Kolade’s mother was
sharing her fears about her son with her.
“I am saying this because I see that he likes you a lot also
the kids and I want to know that you’ll stay and not leave him when you feel
like.” Kolade’s mother said.
Morayo took in a deep breath.
“Madam, I have seen my share of pain and try as I may, the
pain won’t go away and I’ve not thought of travelling anywhere to escape from
it. Pain is what you make of it and I am sure your son moved here to Nigeria
for a purpose and he’s gradually leaving his pain behind, even though it’s hard
to do so.” She said, and then added humorously. “When it comes to hurt, I understand
it pretty well and that’s why I’m not in the business of hurting people.”
Morayo said with a smile.
Kolade’s mother laughed.
“My son said you’re funny but nothing prepared me for
this…” She laughed.
Morayo smiled again and reaching out to touch her hand over
the table, she said.
“It’s okay to be scared for your son, that’s what mother’s
are here for anyway. Being scared is part of life but he’s a man and he can
take good care of himself. Don’t worry too much.”
“I like you Morayo and I am glad that my son found you…”
She said.
Morayo smiled back at her.

Morayo parked her car at the garage and walked the short
distance to the serviced apartment where she lived. She took the elevator
upstairs and soon was at her apartment door. Rummaging through her bag for the
keys to the apartment, she unlocked the door and stepped in.
The lights of the apartment were on which was quite strange
and she was wondering if she had turned them off when she left the house this
morning. She had just dropped her bag on the sofa when someone strode into the
sitting room from inside the house. It was Gbade.
“Hey Mo’, I’m home.” He said.

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. See ehn, they should just bundle that Nkiru,tie her and take her for the cleansing, what kind of useless ring is she looking for? Is it not obvious the devil has played her? *hiss…
    Meanwhile thunder fire Gbade there, he must be mad! 'Mo' ko, 'Fa' ni…I've never seen such a selfish man, in my entire life. Imagine! *hiss

    PS: Good job, Ada! *thumbs-up


  2. Which home yeye man. This is the height of selfishness idiot he goat I wouldn't be happy if morayo takes him back and that stupid Nkiru must go for the cleansing.

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