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Jessica stood outside Queen’s hotel room and waited, the
door opened and a smiling Queen stepped out, holding the hand of her son.
“What a handsome young man?” Jessica praised, taking in
Junior’s outfit to her nephew’s party.
“I hope he’s not over-dressed. I tend to match his outfits
“Wow! I love your sense of style Queen…he looks so good.”
Jessica praised.
Queen smiled, she loved it whenever her son’s dressing was

“Thank you…I’m glad you like it.” Queen said. “I wonder
why you didn’t want to come inside the hotel room.”
“You know me and my gist. If I come inside, then I won’t
leave…I’ll rope you in one of my numerous gists.” Jessica laughed.
“Hahahaha…I never get tired gisting with you though.”
Queen said humorously.
“So, your hubby is coming to take you to see the house huh?”
Queen blushed and smiled.
“Yes he is.”
“I wish I could meet him.” Jessica said.
“Yes, I wish you could too.” Queen replied. “How’s your
husband? Is he going to the party as well?”
Jessica shrugged.
“What’s up? Why did you shrug?”
“I haven’t spoken to him in days, we’ve been giving each
other the silent treatment.”
“What? Silent treatment? You’ve been married for barely
weeks, you guys shouldn’t keep malice.”
“Tell that to him! He’s so annoying…” Jessica started. “Can
you imagine that he lied to me? He told me that he has a site to inspect but he
had no site inspection.”
“Are you serious? Did you confront him about it?”
“No, I feel he should come clean and tell me the truth.”
Jessica said.
“By sniffing the air? C’mon darling, marriage is communication
ooo…you can’t expect him to sniff the air to know what’s wrong with you or
why you’re giving him the cold shoulder.”
“Well…I just feel hurt and…”
“Hey…dear…why don’t you speak to him, tell him that you
hate it that he lied to you and patch things up. How long do you think you’re
going to keep this up? You can’t keep malice with him forever or can you?”
Queen said.
“I guess you’re right. I dread going back home because we’re
not in talking terms.”
“Then, break the silence.” Queen advised.
“Well, I guess I will.” Jessica said then held out her hands
to Junior. “Now, I have to take this dashing young man to the party….I can’t
wait to have one of my own.”
“You will…sooner than you think.” Queen said with a smile.
There was a loud shrill of the phone from inside the hotel
room and Queen quickly said.
“That must be my husband…I have to take the call.” Queen
“Okay dear, please take pictures of the new house and send
to me….” Jessica said as she walked towards the stairs with Junior in tow.
As Zach pulled into the hotel’s parking lot, he thought he
saw his wife’s car drive out of the hotel.
“That looks so much like Jessica’s car. No, it can’t be, she’s
at her sister’s place preparing for her nephew’s birthday party. She can’t be
in a hotel and besides, I didn’t get the car plate number though but I’m sure
she’s not the one.” He said as he parked his car and alighted.
Soon, he was at the door of his wife’s hotel room.
“Hey babe…I expected to see you earlier, what kept you?”
Queen asked, giving him a hug.
“I’m sorry darling, the traffic was terrible.” He said as he
hugged her back.
They broke the hug and walked into the room hand in hand.
“So, you’re ready to go?” She asked.
“Yes I’m ready when you are.” He said.
“I’ll just wear a blazer on this dress.” She said.
Zach looked around the room.
“Where’s Junior?”
“Oh, he went out with a friend, she took him for a party.”
“A party? What friend?”
“My colleague at work…you see, her nephew is…”
“How come I knew nothing about this? Shouldn’t you have
asked me? Am I not his father?”
Queen was surprised at her husband’s reaction.
“I never thought you’d mind.”
“Of course I mind! I don’t know who the heck my son is with
and I have no idea if the person is to be trusted or not. Queen, this is not
Calabar, this is Lagos and you can’t meet someone at work and instantly call
her your friend.”
Queen looked disconcerted.
“I had no idea that I should have asked you about this…I
felt that Junior needed exposure and…”
Zach threw his hands in the air.
“Exposure! Ha! Do you know that there are different kinds of
exposure? There’s the good kind and the bad kind…”
“I’m sorry, I’ll call her now and tell her that you don’t
approve…I’m sure she’ll understand.” Queen said, walking over to take her
phone from the bed.
At that moment, Zach’s phone rang, it was a call from his
wife, Jessica. He walked into the bathroom and shut the door.
“Are you coming for Zeek’s birthday party?” Jessica asked.
“You didn’t invite me…” He said gruffly.
“Well…you didn’t speak to me so…”
“You started it all…you gave me the cold shouler.”
“Yea…well…you lied to me.”
“Me? Lied to you?”
“Yes and don’t you dare deny it. You told me some days ago
that you had to be on the site and when I called your office, your PA told me
that there were no new sites here in Lagos but outside Lagos.”
“What? You were monitoring my movements?”
“Of course not! I was just calling to check up on you and
your number wasn’t connecting so I called your PA instead.”
There was a long pause.
“Listen babe, I told you that there was a site inspection
and yes, there was a site inspection. My PA doesn’t know every little detail
about my business and he had no idea of that particular site and he still doesn’t
have an idea.”
“Okay…if you say so. So, are you coming for the party?”
“Will there be cake?”
Jessica laughed and Zach felt relieved, he hated having to
hold grudges with his wife.
“Of course, I’ll save you a large chunk.”
“I’ll be there but that will be later in the day, I have to
do some work stuff.”
“Okay darling, I’ll be expecting you.” She sang.
“You know what babe, next time, if you have questions,
please come to me directly and stop imagining things, okay.”
“Okay…” Jessica responded and ended the call.
Queen was desperately trying to call Jessica’s number but it
was busy, when she was about dialling again, her husband walked out of the
“I’ve been trying her number but the line’s busy.” Queen
“Never mind, if you trust her, then I trust her too…I’m
sorry for acting the way I did.”
Queen’s eyes brightened.
“Are you for real?”
Zach walked up to her and placed his hands on her shoulders.
“I love you Queen and I love Junior too…you guys are all
that I have and I’m always very worried about you guys. I’d just appreciate it
if next time, you inform me first before taking decisions regarding our child.”
“Yes, I promise I will…I’m so sorry…”
They both hugged.
“Why can’t we move into your place? Must we get a new house?
I mean…you have a place that you’re staying at right? Why are we spending so
much to move to a new place?”
“I told you I moved to a new place but it’s a really tiny
place…for a bachelor…I got it because I am living all alone and it can’t
fit all three of us. Now that you’re here, I feel it’s best that we move to a
bigger place. Once we finalize on this new place, I’ll move all my stuff to the
new house. How does that sound?”
Queen nodded and kissed him.
“What did I do to deserve you?” She asked.
Jessica arrived at her sister’s house with Junior in tow,
the party hadn’t started yet but her brothers and sisters as well as their
children were already there.
“Hellloooooooo….” She screamed as she hugged her siblings.
“You’re late…and you’re supposed to help decorate the
party area.” Her sister chided.
“I’m sorry dear, I had to go and pick up a cute little
munchkin from his mom…” She said.
Everyone suddenly directed their attention to the little boy
standing by their sister’s side.
“The resemblance is uncanny!” Jessica’s brother said.
“What do you mean by that? What resemblance?” Jessica asked humorously.
“Can’t you see it? Are you blind?” Her sister asked.
“See what? What are you guys talking about?” Jessica asked.
“The boy! He looks so much like Zach!”
“Zach?” Jessica said.
“Yes, he looks like he’s Zach’s son!” Jessica’s brother said.
Jessica looked at her siblings and turned to stare at
Junior, she was stunned.


To be continued tomorrow….



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