Queen was teaching her son how to communicate in signs, the teachers at his school effectively communicated with the pupils in sign language and they understood. She wanted him to learn faster and she also wanted to learn how to use the sign language. She had resigned to fate, perhaps he wasn’t meant to speak, maybe she wasn’t destined to hear his voice and no matter how hard it felt, she knew she had to look at the brighter side of things and make the most of her situation as a parent.

She was occupied with this when the security man had told her about the very important visitor she had at the gate. She had asked him to send the in the visitor even though she had no idea who it was.

The door bell rang and she stood up from the ground and made her way to the door. She opened it and stared at a lady she didn’t know.

“Hello…” The lady greeted.

“Hi…” Queen greeted.

A man stood behind the lady and he greeted her as well, his face looked familiar but she knew she’d never seen him before.

“My name is Evanesa…I am Jessica’s sister.”

Queen stood there and didn’t know whether to shut the door on their faces or let them in. She stared at them, wondering if they’d come to beg that Jessica be allowed to continue to be her husband’s fake wife.

“Can we come in?” Jessica’s sister asked.

“Yes…why not?” Queen said and pulled the door wider for Jessica’s siblings to walk through.

Junior looked up at the visitors and smiled at Jude, Jessica’s brother, he seemed to recognise him from the party.

“Hello, big boy!” Jude said walking over to lift the boy high in the air.

Queen watched Jude play with her child and suddenly, the resentment she felt in her heart was there no more.

“Please sit.” She said.

Jessica’s sister sat while Jude spun Junior in his arms.

“You’ve grown so big since the party…wow!” He said to him.

“How’s Junior?” Jessica’s sister asked Queen.

“He’s fine…” Queen said.

“I mean, how’s his hearing problem? My sister told me that you’ve been making efforts to see that he starts speaking.”

“Well…I guess I have to accept the fact that he can’t speak for now…so, I’m working on communicating through sign language.” Queen said.

“I know a specialist at LUTH, she’s a really good doctor and accidentally, she is my neighbour at home. I could speak to her to help you with Junior.” Jessica’s sister said helpfully.

Queen was done with the formalities.

“What are you trying to do? Are you trying to do this so that I can let your sister have my husband?” Queen spat.

Jessica’s siblings looked at her in surprise.


Ella spoke to her sister over the phone, she was clearly upset.

“Can you imagine her? After all, I’d done for her.” Ella was saying.

“Do you mean you don’t believe her at all?” Tamara said with a hint of surprise.

“How can I believe her? She’s lying to my face, isn’t that obvious?”

“Ella, I need you to pause and think.” Her sister said with a firm voice. “Please think of what she told you and see if there’s any truth to what she told you.”

“I can’t believe you’re saying this.” Ella said incredulously.

“Remove the cobwebs from your eyes darling, there’s something fishy going on and you need to investigate fully or else.”

“What are you talking about?” Ella asked.

“I’m talking about the fact that you haven’t been paying close attention to what your husband has been doing behind your back all these while.”

“I called you to tell you about Lola and expect that you take sides with me and understand my opinion about her and not to openly criticise my husband. A marriage is between two people, a man and a woman and anyone who stands against it is trying to destroy what God has planned.”

“You’re not listening to reason, Ella…”

“I am going to hang up this phone right now…” Ella warned.

“Do you know what? Why don’t you speak to someone else about what Lola told you and listen to what the person has to say to you? I don’t want you to think that I am being sentimental towards your husband.” Tamara said.

Ella hung up the call and tossed her phone on the bed.

Jacob walked into the bedroom and lay on the bed beside her.

“You’re so exceptional, darling.” He said to her.

Ella looked at him and gave him a stiff smile.

“I can’t believe that you invested your time to take care of Lola at the hospital.” He continued.

“What did I get in return? Lies, deceit…” Ella said.

“Honey, no one can be like you are. You are pure, beautiful, honest, and loyal.” He said to her. “The fact that Lola upset you and spoke lies about me means that she hates the fact that we love each other so much and have weathered the storm.”

Ella looked at him in silence.

“Is there any truth to what she said to me?”

“Ella! C’mon honey, I thought I had explained to you about my aunt and how she wanted me to marry someone else and I disappointed her that’s why  she sent her daughter here to destroy what we have.”

Ella looked at her husband, her sister’s words kept ringing in her ears.


“My husband told me that your sister is insane, a mental case and a psycho who wants my husband by all costs and I won’t let her have him. I know you guys are here to try to make me see reason and accept your sister in my husband’s life because of her condition.” Queen said, trying to keep her calm.

Jessica’s sister looked at Ella in confusion.

“What are you talking about?” Jude asked.

“I am talking about your sister’s mental condition according to Zach.”

“My sister? Mental?” Jude asked agitatedly.

“Calm down Jude, let’s listen to what she has to say.” Evanesa said.

“Listen, I understand that you want the best for your sister but you need to understand that she needs psychiatric evaluation. How can she keep following a man about and claiming that he’s her husband all because she saw him at a party?”

Jude and Evanesa started at Queen, their mouths stood ajar.

“Why are you both looking at me in that way? Am I speaking in Spanish?” Queen asked.

“We don’t understand you. I’m sorry if we seem lost but we don’t understand you.” Jessica’s sister said.

“What do you mean by you don’t understand me? Your sister has been set on destroying my marriage by obsessing over a man who’s not her husband.” Queen said.

“Who told you this?” Evanesa asked.

“How dare you call my sister a psychopath? Who do you think you are to speak about her like that?” Jude shouted in anger.

“If you’re here to scream at the top of your lungs, I need you to step outside. My son is inside this sitting room and I don’t want him getting bad vibes. Even though he can’t really hear, he can sense the reaction from the people in the living room.” Queen warned.

“We are sorry about that.” Evanesa said. “We are just shocked to hear the words coming from your mouth.”

“Sister, you shouldn’t try to stroke her ego, this woman refused to give her husband a divorce and here she is, trying to heap the blame on my sister by referring to her as a mental case.” Jude said.

“I what?” Queen asked in shock.

“You heard right.” Evanesa said.

“Zach is my husband, we have a son together…the only usurper here, is your sister.” Queen said.

“With all due respect, my sister is legally married to Zaccheus Izamojie, he didn’t tell her about you when he married her but he told her that you refused to grant him a divorce and you are using your son against him.” Evanesa said.

Queen’s mouth opened in shock.

“That’s preposterous!”

“Well, that’s what he told her. Are you trying to say that it’s not true?” Evanesa asked her.

“Of course not! I found out about Jessica because we became close friends in the company and I was willing to help her find out about her cheating husband and during the burial of my father-in-law, she sent me the address …”

“Did you say, the burial of your father-in-law?” Evanesa asked.

“Yes.” Queen responded.

“Do you mean that you went for Zaccheus’s father’s burial?”

“Yes, I was there with the whole family.” Queen said. “It held in Benin City.”

Jude stared at his sister and shook his head.

“Are you trying to say that Zaccheus is still married to you?” Evanesa asked.

“Do you want proof?” Queen asked.

“What proof are you willing to show us?” Evanesa asked.

Queen walked over to bring out the framed picture of her wedding with Zach and handed it over to Evanesa.

“This doesn’t prove anything because it only proves that he is married to you. All we need to know if whether Zach’s lying to our sister or not.” Evanesa said.

“We need clarity.” Jude said.

“I need clarity as well.” Queen said sounding exasperated. “I won’t lie to you, I haven’t been at ease since I found out about Jessica. He told me a lot of things about her but I have known her for a few months. She doesn’t strike me as one with a mental problem.”

“He has been deceiving you! He’s been deceiving my sister! He told her that you are mean, wicked and evil. He said he demanded that you give a divorce but you refused and that you’ve been using your son to blackmail him to stay with you…” Evanesa said rapidly as she tried to control herself.

“My God! That’s not true…” Queen cried. “I swear by everything I have that my marriage with my husband is still intact. Zach has never asked me for a divorce….I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“What did he tell you about Jessica?” Jude asked.

“He told me that he met her at a party and she stalked him since then and he had to pretend that they were married to help her with her health. He said something about her family members begging him to accept her at least for a year before she’s sent to a psychiatric hospital.”

“What? He said that?” Evanesa spat.

“Yes…he said that…” Queen said.

“Zach is a dangerous man! My God! If he really said all this against our sister then he is capable of killing.” Jude said.

At that moment the door bell rang and everyone turned to stare at the door.

“Honey! Open up! It’s me…” Zach sang out from outside the door. “I’m home!”

Evanesa, Jude and Queen stared at one another, they didn’t know what to do.


To be continued on Friday….




  1. interested! like one of my former neighbor would say about an interesting movie. well-done Ada. Though episode is a Lil short.


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