Jessica looked at her bandaged foot which was pressed on the
brakes of the car and frowned.

“We’ve been here for more than an hour. When are we going
in?” Her sister asked.
Jessica looked at her sister and sighed. They had driven all
the way to the address of the place her husband had rented in his name. They
had set out on their journey as early as five am in the morning so that they could
be done on time and get to their workplaces.
“You’re exaggerating Lisa. We’ve only been here for less
than twenty minutes,” Jessica said.
“Why don’t you turn off the car engine, your foot has been
on that brake since…”
“Oh stop it! I am trying to concentrate.” Jessica said.

“Why don’t you face it? You don’t want to go inside because
you’re afraid of what you might find out.” Her sister said.
“If he’s cheating on me…I don’t know what I’d do…”
Jessica said with tears in her eyes. “It’ll be a repeat of history, just like
it was with mom. Our father cheated on her right under her nose and eventually
left us with that…that swine of a woman.”
“Look, let’s not compare Zach with our dad…I believe he’s
a good man and…”
“And what? He got a house for a woman and …”
“You aren’t sure of anything yet…why don’t you just kill
the engine and let’s go and check out the house. We already know what we’ll say
in order to avoid drawing any kind of suspicions.” Her sister said.
Jessica sighed and turned off the engine.
They both alighted from the car and crossed over to the
other side of the road. They reached the gate to the house and pressed the
bell. Soon, a security man peered at them,
“Good morning…” Lisa greeted breezily.
“Good morning madam.”
“Please we were sent here to view the house…and see
errm…the vacant flat.” Lisa lied terribly.
“There are no more vacant flats in this house.” The security
man said.
“Really? But we were assured that one of the flats was
actually vacant.” Lisa said.
“We only have four flats in this compound and the last one
was rented out a few weeks ago.” The security man said.
Jessica recalled that the receipt for the flat payment was
dated back to the same time the security had mentioned, she said.
“That flat was supposed to be given to me.” Jessica said
quickly, knowing that she had to play smart in order to get more information.
“I’m sorry madam but you’ll have to contact the caretaker in
charge of the house.” The security man said.
“Is the person who rented the flat at home? I’d like to
speak with him or her just in case she has any information about another
property that’s quite similar to this one.” Jessica said.
“She’s not at home, she travelled.”
Jessica’s heart twisted, it was a ‘her’, a woman, she wanted
to faint.
“Oh…it’s a lady? Wow, I think errm…this house attracts
women.” Lisa said to the security with a smile.
“Well, it’s a family…I mean, she has a husband and a son
but her husband is not always available.” The security man blurted, itching to
“Really?” Lisa said. “When will she return from wherever it
is that she went? Did she leave with her family?”
“I don’t know…she just packed some things and left with
her son, I think they travelled.” The security man said.
“Oh…okay…we’ll definitely be back to see her. Thank you
so much for your help.” Lisa said with a smile and taking her sister’s hand,
they walked away.
They got into the car and Jessica began to cry.
“What is wrong with you?” Lisa asked, irritated at her
“Why does life have to treat me this way? What have I done
to deserve this?” Jessica cried.
“Are you sure you’re not about to go crazy?”
“Don’t be silly Lisa! My husband has a woman…he has
someone else.”
“Hey! We didn’t hear all that! We just heard that a woman
occupies the flat with her son and husband. Apparently, it’s a family that
lives there.”
“The security man said that the woman’s husband is not
always around.”
“Well, how many husbands are always in town? Lots of
businessmen have to travel from time to time for different things. Don’t be
paranoid, Jessica.”
Jessica tried to push the key into the ignition but her
hands couldn’t stop shaking.
“Can we switch places? Lemme drive because I don’t trust you
to handle this vehicle in your present state.” Her sister said.
“I don’t know why I feel like this. I guess my mind will
never be at rest until I see the woman and her husband….I need to be sure that
there’s nothing to be worried about.” Jessica said.
Her sister looked at her and reached out to hug her.
“Don’t bother yourself….everything will be fine.” She

Ella felt awkward calling her dad to ask for his help with
the case of the missing Lola.  Before she
left for work, she and Jacob had reported Lola’s disappearance to the police and
now, as she placed a call to her dad and heard the dial tone, her heart raced.

“Hello angel.” Her dad greeted.
“Hello daddy…”
“How’s my princess?”
“I’m doing okay but Lola’s still missing.”
“Really? Did you call your husband’s family members to ask
if she’s with them as I’d advised?”
“Yes I called his mom…”
“What did she say?” He inquired.
“It’s funny but she has no idea of who Lola is.” Ella said. “Jacob
said that Lola is a relative from his paternal side of the family so, his mom
doesn’t know much about her.”
“Then, you should call his relatives from his paternal side
and be sure that she’s with them before anything else. I remember Tamara said
that she was waiting at your doorstep when you saw her or something along those
lines…it means that she’s some sort of a wanderer and might be moving from
house to house. Have you stopped to think of whether her family was searching
for her all the while she was in your place?”
“You have a point dad but Jacob is going berserk…he’s
really worried.”
“She’s his relation, isn’t she? Why isn’t he the one calling
his relatives to know if she’s with them? Why is he leaving the
responsibilities to you?”
“Dad…c’mon, don’t be so protective…I offered to help.”
“Well, I think you should let him handle things.”
“That won’t be fair on him daddy, he’s my husband.”
“I don’t know how else to advise you on this situation.”
“Could you maybe help us out by…by calling your contacts
with the police?”
“Ella, I really don’t have time to chase shadows.” Her
father said.
“Dad, imagine that it’s me who’s missing. Wouldn’t you pull
all the strings in the world to find me?”
“Well, that’s if it’s you but I don’t know this woman and I
really don’t want to disturb the police.”
“Dad, you’re being stubborn.” She said.
“Have your husband call me. If he really wants my help, then
he should man up and call me and not send you to do the job.”
“But daddy, he’s not sending me to do anything…I just want
to help.”
“That’s what you want me to believe my dear but I know you
so well, you sacrifice so much even to the detriment of your own self.” He
“Please, dad…”
“Have him call me…” Her father said and hung up.
Ella sighed and shook her head. Just then, her colleague
walked up to her desk.
“You have a visitor.” He said.
“Really? I’m not expecting anyone…” She said.
“He said he’s name is Lawrence…”
“Ohhhh…really? Please, could you tell him to come up? My
intercom is not working…thank you.” She said to him.
“I’ll just call the front desk and tell her to send him up.”
Her colleague said.
“Thank you.” Ella said quickly.
Soon, Lawrence was seated on the spare chair beside her
“It’s as though you disappeared from the planet…when was
the last time we saw each other?” She asked with a smile.
“Well, it’s been quite a while. How have you been?”
“I have been through fire and brimstone.” She replied.
“What happened?” He asked in concern.
“Nothing much, it’s just that Lola is missing.”
“Lola, you mean the lady you told me about that stays with
you guys.”
Ella nodded and sighed. She realised that even though she’s
known Lawrence for a short time, she told him a lot about her life.
“What happened? How come?” He asked.
Ella opened her mouth to reply when she looked up and saw
her husband standing at the entrance to her department. He looked very angry
and upset as his eyes didn’t leave Lawrence who was talking to her.
“Oh…excuse me…my husband is here…I wonder what brings
him here.” She said in a low tone.
Lawrence turned to regard Jacob who was already approaching
Ella’s desk, he stood up in greeting.
“Darling, what brings you here?” Ella asked.
Jacob stared at Lawrence with fury in his eyes.
“Who is he?” He asked. “I think I know most of your
colleagues and I haven’t seen this one.”
“Meet Lawrence, he’s a friend and he also supplies my
healthy fruit squeeze.” She said.
Jacob gave Lawrence a once over.
“Can you kindly leave my wife’s office?” He spat.
“Excuse me? Jacob! Is something wrong with you? Why are you
talking to him like that?”
“Do you think I don’t see what you’re doing?” Jacob flung at
her. “How dare you entertain men behind my back?”
“Keep your voice down and don’t be ridiculous! This is an
office.” Ella said.
Her colleagues were already interested in what was going on
in Ella’s corner.
“I’ll leave…I’ll see you later.” Lawrence said.
“No, you will never set your eyes on her ever again! She is
my wife and mine alone! Go and find yours elsewhere!” Jacob shouted.
Ella was embarrassed. Lawrence quickly left the office while
Jacob stared at her angrily.
“What has gotten into you? How dare you pull such stunt in
my office? Jacob! You embarrassed me before my friend and my colleagues.” Ella
Jacob gave her an ugly look and walked away.


To be continued tomorrow…


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