“Leave me alone with him!” The boss said to his men who
quickly dispersed like cockroaches.

The boss stared at the images in the phone intently, the
first was an image of Demilade standing at the front of a gate to a house, the
second was a close up of her and a young man speaking to each other and the
third was that of the young boy dressed in uniform holding on to her hand as
they waited at the side of the road.

His heart beat frantically in his chest, there was no
denying it that the young man standing before him was his son.
“Please sit.” The boss said.
Bobo was already shivering in fear, he walked to one of the
sofa’s and sat down, facing the boss. His head where he had been hit hurt badly
and he felt a bit feverish.
“How are you doing?” The boss asked.
“Your men captured me, wounded me and rough-handled me and
you’re asking how I am doing? Can’t you see that I am held here against my
will? Are you blind?” Bobo asked, he didn’t understand where the boldness came
from but he finally felt the urge to speak.
“They hurt your head?” The Boss asked, he walked towards
Bobo and examined the wound on his head.
“Yes…the other slim man hit the gun on my head…and it
wounded me.” Bobo supplied.
“Stick! Stick!” The boss shouted in anger.
“Yes boss!” The slender man answered as he appeared from
inside one of the rooms.
“Were you given an order from me to attack the captive?”
“No sir!”
The boss lifted his palm and slapped Stick hard across his
face, when Stick cringed and held his cheek indicating pain, he punched him in
the abdomen and kicked him hard on the legs.
“Never take any decision without orders! You are not the
boss, I am!” The boss barked.
Stick nodded and hurried back into the room he had just come
“I am sorry about that…” The boss said to Bobo as soon as
Stick disappeared. Then, he held out the phone to Bobo to show him the images
on the phone screen. “Do you know this woman?” He asked, about Demilade.
“That’s my mom….don’t hurt her please don’t…” Bobo
cried, for the first time since he was brought to the place.
“No…I’m not going to hurt her….I just want to be
sure…that she is your mother. What is your name?”
“Not your nickname, your full name.” He asked.
“Dapo Oluwasegun Ajala, but everyone calls me Bobo except my
classmates who call me my first name.”
The boss closed his eyes and took a deep breath, Demilade
had given Bobo his last name and his first name. There was no doubt that the
young boy was his, his only child, the only good thing he has ever done in his
entire life.
“I need some air….” The boss said more to himself than
“What did you say? Are you going to release me?” Bobo asked
in a small voice.
“I can promise that nothing will happen to you…I promise.”
“Please do not let that slender man come near me, he is so
mean.” Bobo said.
“I’ll take care of him.” Changing the topic he said, “How is
your mother?”
“Do you know her?”
“I used to, when we were really young…”
“She is fine but she must be so worried about me, I am the
only one she’s got!” Bobo said in tears.
“Doesn’t she have other children?”
“No…just me.”
“What of your dad?”
“I never knew him, mummy said they met at the university and
they lost contact because she got pregnant for me…” He said.
The boss buried his face in his palms and shook his head.
“Are you okay? You look pale…” Bobo said in concern.
“I am fine…have you eaten anything?” The boss asked.
Bobo shook his head.
“What do you want to eat?”
“Rice maybe…” Bobo said.
“What’s your favourite meal?”
“Amala and Ewedu….” Bobo said, smiling for the first time
and the Boss saw a hint of his dimples on his cheeks. Same like his.
“That’s good! I hope you stay away from bad guys at school.
You need to grow up into a fine young man and make your mom proud of you.” The
boss said with a smile.
“Yes I will…”
“I’ll tell my men to get you something to eat. Do you want
to watch television?”
Bobo nodded quickly.
“Yes I do but while they are at it, can they get me pain
killers as well, my head is starting to hurt bad.” Bobo continued.
“I’ll have them get fresh plaster as well, so that I’ll help
dress the head wound. I am so sorry about what my men did to you.”
“Thank you, I wish all kidnappers are as nice as you are.” Bobo
said and smiled.
The boss knew he’ll treasure that smile for the rest of his

Demilade didn’t know how to describe it but the DPO was God
sent, he listened patiently to her side and George’s side of the story and
immediately sent a police officer to the hospital to get a statement from
Amelia. By the time the policeman came back from the hospital, he whispered
something into the DPO’s ear and left the office. Soon, the men who had
arrested both Demilade and George walked into the DPO’s office.
“I am going to release this man and this woman, it seems
that the lady who accused them has made false claims as she insulted the
officer I sent to the hospital to question her.”
“But sir, her father… made the complaint, he is very well-placed
and he…” One of the officers started.
“What does influence have to do with the law? Did you take
time to listen to this man and woman before you arrested them? How could you
believe that they stabbed a woman to kill her and dumped her in the kitchen and
went to their room to sleep and wait for her to die? What kind of ridiculous
story is that?”
“The victim made a distress call to her father sir and he
called us and reported the case to us…”
“And you went there and found them where? In the kitchen
holding the knife?”
“Sir, they were in the room sleeping together, hoping that the poor woman they
had stabbed would bleed to death.”
“Are you daft? Where was she stabbed?” The DPO asked.
“On the arms sir.”
“If they wanted to kill her, I promise you, they’ll stab her
in a more lethal spot than that!” The DPO said. “Are you with the knife which
was supposedly used to stab her?”
“Yes sir, we have the knife and we made sure that no other
finger print was on it.”
“I want you to send that knife for a finger print test…but
for now, this young people are free to go!” The DPO proclaimed.
“Thank you sir, God bless you sir!” Demilade cried as she
fell on her knees before the DPO.
“Thank you sir …I really appreciate this.” George said in
“You both can go, I’ll see what I can do about your son’s
disappearance but since the police men handling that case is a different
division from mine, I can only contact the head inspector on the case. But for
now, go home, have a bath and get some sleep, you son will be found soon.”
“How can we thank you sir!” George started.
“I am happy that this is settled, just remember that the
police is your friend.” The DPO said.
George and Demilade left the police station wondering how
their lucks suddenly took a turn for the better.

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. *Heaves sigh of relief*. Thank God the situation is being resolved gradually.
    Thanks Adaeze for being consistent with posting, am enjoying all the series and I love the way you write. Thumbs up


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