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ate her food in silence and stared at Chuka who was still picking through his
hope everything is alright?” Tamirah asked.
was a Sunday morning and the new couple had skipped church after a busy night
session, they were seated at the dining eating breakfast.
is that any of your business?” Chuka blurted.
me? Chuka are you talking to me?” Tamirah asked with eyes wide.
could you let me be please?” Chuka said in annoyance.
you be? Chuka! Is everything okay?” Tamirah asked again.
out of my sight!” Chuka screamed at her.
out? I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s up with you.” Tamirah
Chuka asked menacingly.
You can’t treat me like dirt. I have been with you for the past three days and
I have given you everything you want. My body, my time and I have even cooked
for you. What in the world is wrong with you? How dare you ask me to leave?”
Tamirah shouted.
stormed out of the dining room and headed to the bedroom and Tamirah left the
table and hurriedly followed him to the bedroom.
was acting like a crazy bull, he hurried to the wardrobe where her suitcase was
and picking the luggage, he took it out to the bedroom balcony and flung it
downstairs. Tamirah was shocked at his behaviour, she began to panic but
decided to calm down and handle the situation the way she used to watch her
mother handle her father’s tantrums while growing up.
am sorry if whatever I said offended you but…” She started.
told you to get the hell out of my house! Get out of my life now!” Chuka
fell to her knees and began to cry, she couldn’t believe that her dream life
was about running with the wind and she was so devastated to watch it happen.
She still owed Okezie a lot of money and Chuka was too marriage material to let
go of, so soon.
Chuka…what have I done wrong? I gave you everything you asked for, I gave you
was searching the room for any trace of her personal belongings, he saw a bra
and a padded bum and staring at it he shouted.
you have been a devil right? You have been deceiving me with this pad…am I
correct?” Chuka asked her waving the padded bum at her.
I wasn’t deceiving you…I was only wearing it to make my outfit stand out, why
are you complaining. Many girls wear it nahhhh…” She cried.
hurried to the balcony with Tamirah’s under things and threw it over the balcony,
Tamirah was already screaming in tears as she couldn’t believe that such could
ever happen to her after she had revamped herself to look more suitable.
get out!” Chuka shouted.
me my offense…please…I beg of you Chuka…” Tamirah cried louder.
don’t want you here…” Chuka said.
if you send me out, I’ll be stranded…if you send me out I don’t have any money
to even take a cab and I don’t have anyone here in Abuja. If you must send me
out, please give me some money to get a flight ticket back to where I came
from.” Tamirah cried.
hoisted her up in his arms and carried her out of the room and into the sitting
room, he quickly reached the exit door and opening it wide, he tossed her out
and locked the door behind him.
Chuka! Let me in! I am still on my nightwear Chuka! Chuka!” Tamirah cried as
she pounded the door hard.
didn’t sleep a wink on Sunday night, she couldn’t wait for Monday and her
nine am flight to the city of ‘husbands’, Abuja. Susan had her plans all mapped
out and she was so excited to leave Lagos for good atleast till she found a
husband. She was tossing and turning hence disturbing her sister’s beauty
would you please stop turning? You are disrupting my sleep.” Her sister
Susan said and kept still.
a while, she kept turning again.
pleeeease…” Her sister stressed.
am sorry…besides I can’t sleep, I am so excited over my trip to Abuja tomorrow.”
Susan said.
okay but please be wise, I have heard a lot of gist about that city…” Her
sister said.
keep the gist to yourself. Don’t worry by the time I’m back from the capital,
with a dashing young man in my arms you’ll want to go too and get yours.” Susan
forbid that I’ll ever take such drastic step all because I need a man in my
life! How many men do you see relocating inorder to find women of their dreams?
Thirty is not one hundred and you are a very young and attractive lady…I
wonder why you’ve decided to be so desperate.”
you shut up?” Susan said.
and shut me up!” Her sister retorted.
won’t let you spoil my night with your bad mouth.” Susan said.
don’t have time for that…besides, I remember seeing a very skimpy outfit today
on the bed. What are you doing with such outfit?” Her sister asked, sitting up
on the bed.
going to Abuja as a new and re-branded me, my old life has passed away and
behold, its time for the new.”
such dress? That’s so skimpy! What makes you think you won’t be mistaken for a
That dress is for babes who understand fashion and know how to look and feel
That dress is for a lady who needs to attract the opposite sex with her looks
and not her personality…”
I sleep now? It’s obvious you have nothing to say to me but trash!” Susan said.
I am younger than you are but that doesn’t mean that I should not advice you,
you have been a good lady with a decent upbringing. Do not throw it away all
because you are looking for a husband. Marriage cannot bring you happiness, not that marriage doesn’t bring happiness. What I mean is, you don’t need marriage to be happy, only God
and you alone can make yourself happy. Don’t go to Abuja and become someone
else, you’ll only fall prey to the wrong people and make mistakes you never
imagined you’d ever make.”
you counselor. Can I sleep now?” Susan spat.
and please stop tossing, I’d hate to sleep on the floor because you refuse to
let me sleep in peace.”
it’s not a bad idea! You can sleep on the ground besides after today, you’ll
get this bed all to yourself!” Susan retorted.
sat on the small chair in the mini apartment she shared with her mother and
siblings, the room was hot as there was no power supply. It was seven am in the
morning on a Monday morning and she was so confused, what had happened on
Saturday had shaken her terribly.
Ah Ah…work nor dey?” Her mother asked her as she stepped out of the room within
the house.
Good morning…” Jumoke said, sighing aloud.
is wrong? I hope you are fine?” Her mother asked.
ma…I am fine…”
why you still dey house?”
was about to reply when her phone rang, it was a number without an ID so she hesitated
a bit before picking it up.
Jumoke said into the receiver.
Jumoke, this is Bode from Bode and Young…” The male voice said.
want you to know that I am really expecting you at work today and I also need
to apologize for my actions on Saturday. It would never happen again!” Bode
Jumoke croaked.
I expect you at work today then?”
Jumoke said quietly.
you…very much…” Bode said and hung up.
mother stared at her and asked again.
happen? You nor wan go work?”
going to work mummy…” Jumoke said and got up from the chair, and left the
sitting room.
dropped the phone and heaved a heavy sigh of relief, he couldn’t say what went
through him on Saturday but he was very sure that it would never happen again.
He was still submerged in his thoughts when his wife rushed out of the
don’t know why you didn’t wake me up when you saw that I was sleeping into six
am…” Tosin said to him rushing to the wardrobe to pull out her outfit.
honestly didn’t know your flight is booked for nine am.” Bode said still seated
at the edge of the bed.
am so late ehn…I can imagine the traffic leading to the airport right now and I’m
supposed to be at the airport by eight am. It’s already seven!” Tosin said
down and get dressed…you’ll get there in the nick of time…” Bode assured.
hurriedly wore her outfit and was about wearing her shoes when there was a
knock at the door.
is it?” Bode shouted out.
me sir! Na Felicia…” The maid said aloud.
rolled her eyes, she wished she had found a replacement for the maid after all
that happened on Saturday but with the short notice, she hadn’t been able to.
do you want?” Tosin shouted out.
dey vomit…” The maid said through the door.
rushed to open the door and the maid stepped into the room with the baby, he
was indeed running a temperature. Bode quickly carried the baby and rocked him
is running a temperature…” Bode said to Tosin.
Maybe she should give him baby paracetamol, he must be teething…” Tosin said.
him, feel his temperature for yourself.” Bode said.
I am already late to catch my flight and you’re asking me to hold the baby. You
are his father, hold him!” Tosin snapped.
Tosin! This is getting out of hand. This baby is ill and needs his mother.”
needs his father too besides you need to prove that you’re not just a sperm
donor but an active hands’ on dad.” Tosin said as she quickly rushed her make
up. “Felicia! Go downstairs and tell the driver to get ready but first, carry
this bags downstairs.” She said gesturing to her bags beside the door.
you dey travel?” Felicia asked stupidly.
sort of nonsense question is that? Get my bags downstairs and tell the driver
to get ready!” Tosin screamed.
maid quickly rushed to do her bidding and as soon as she shut the door behind
her, Bode said.
really don’t understand what’s gotten into you…”
ignored him and continued with her make-up.
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both boarded the plane, a few minutes apart from each other, they didn’t know each
other and each was seated at a class of her own. Tosin was nestled in the
premier business class section of the flight while Susan made herself
comfortable at the economy section.
is flight 212 departing for the Federal Capital Territory Abuja…” The voice
echoed in the plane.

both heard the announcement and smiled. 


  1. Chuka doesn't have a heart, he deserves a demonic lady like Ngozi abi Nkechi in the first wife material.
    I wonder whether Tosin's new job is worth the life of her baby, however the interaction between them implies that the love in that marriage is dead. In fairness to Tosin though, Bode is the father of the child and he should pitch in too.
    Susan, Abuja men aren't all you think they are. I wish you could receive small sense.

    • Nope Chuka has no heart but sometimes life reserves the bad for the good and the good for the bad!
      Tosin well…I guess she has a point lol…
      Susan ain't seen nathin yet…
      Thanks for reading namsie!


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