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Amelia knew she had to get back into the hotel she had shared with Andy, she had told
the taxi to stop far away from the hotel. Quietly she walked in, the guards
were at the gate and pretending as though she’d never left in the first place
she walked into the reception.
“Good evening madam…” The receptionist greeted.
“Goo…good evening…” Amelia stammered.

“I hope you are enjoying your stay at the hotel.
You are checking out tomorrow with your partner, am I right?”
“Yes…I am…we are…” Amelia stammered again.
“That’s okay madam, did you drop your keys at the reception when
you left earlier?”
“No…no…my partner…is inside.”
“Okay madam…enjoy your night…” The receptionist smiled at her.
Amelia scampered off, she hurried to the room
thankful that she had taken the keys with her earlier, she opened the door. The
stench that met her nostrils was repulsing, Andy was still there on the bed,
the bloodied sheets were already turning dark-brown. Amelia hurriedly locked the door behind
her and ran to the wardrobe to search her luggage for her passport, she saw
it and placed it inside her bag. Something told her to take her bag, but if she did, it would definitely draw attention, she rummaged through it to be sure that there was no evidence that could give her away, she saw a passport photograph and took it with her, leaving just her clothes behind, she placed her soap and cream in her handbag and zipped up the bag. She turned to the bed and stared, his face was
already losing colour and his eyes were open, still and staring lifelessly at the
ceiling. This was murder, but by whom? Who hated Andy? Who killed him? If her life wasn’t as complicated as it was she would have alerted the police and
gone far and beyond to bring his killer to justice. But she couldn’t, no one
should know she even knew him at all, the truth would break her young family,
her parents and even her friends, no one should ever find out that she was
having an affair with Andy. This was the last time she would ever see him again
and as far as her covered tracks could take her, she was never going to be
found out. She vowed to go back to the arms of her loving husband and be the best
wife she could be to him, maybe, it was time she got pregnant, maybe a child would erase the mistakes of her past. She was about to
leave when there was a knock at the door, Amelia almost died at the sound. She ran towards Andy’s corpse and using the huge quilt, she covered him with it, the bed was still messy and she had run out of options on what to do.
“Who’s there?’ She asked.
“Room Service ma…we were asked to deliver a
bouquet of roses to this room at this time of the night. The order was issued
yesterday by Mr. Andy Ifediora.”
“Okay…thank you…please leave it outside.”
“Okay madam.”
She hurried to the door and pressed her ears
against the wooden surface, waiting to hear the retreating footsteps of the
hotel staff. Quietly, she opened the door and making sure that no one was
watching, she took in the flowers and dropped them beside the door, the note
attached to the bouquet caught her eyes and she quickly took it out and hurried
out of the suite. Getting past the reception was quite easy because the
receptionist wasn’t at the desk, within minutes Amelia was in the taxi and off
to the bus park’s guest house.
She arrived at the guest house safely and after
paying for a small room, Amelia sat beside the window with owl-like eyes,
waiting for dawn.
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Grace had had a nice time, Isaac was the best
companion ever, they talked about everything from sports to fashion and even
life. Somehow she knew she’d found a friend. They were seated at one of the
posh restaurants on the Island and Grace was so delighted at the special
treatment he gave to her. They were just about to order deserts when two
ladies, provocatively dressed walked into the restaurant with a white man,
their loud talks and laughs drew the attention of everyone in the restaurant
and Isaac’s look of disdain couldn’t be hidden.
“I thought this restaurant would have the
decency to show these ladies out, but I guess they have ignored them because of
their white companion.” Isaac spat referring to the ladies who had just walked in..
“Hey…live and let live, okay.” Grace cautioned.
“Excuse me? Live and let live? This place is not
for whores, it’s for distinguished members of the society who want to…relax…and
have dinner with friends, clients or family.”
“Whores are not less humans you know…”
“But they are filthy…”
Grace almost flared, she gave him a stony stare
and said;
“Well…not all men can say that they haven’t paid
for sex before…”
“Yes, I have paid for sex a couple of times…in
Nigeria, just once and even though I did have sex with some of them, that doesn’t
mean I love them and that doesn’t make me a prostitute either. They are just a
means to an end, for instance, a commodity. I pay to buy you, I use you and
then when I am done, I toss you off. Besides, at the end of the day, that same
prostitute that had sex with me might sleep with three more men…”
Grace was already getting uncomfortable, the
ladies laughter rose to a crescendo and they were talking quite loudly.
“I hope they get enough money from him because
the truth of the fact is, no man in his right mind can marry a whore. They’d
better hustle for more than enough for their old age.”
“Can I be excused? I need to use the bathroom.” Grace said, standing up to leave.
“Oh okay…what do you want for desert? You
haven’t placed your order yet.” Isaac said.
“Errr…I am actually full, I think I’d skip
desert.” Grace replied icily and walked to the toilet.
She reached the ladies in no time and walking
towards the mirror just above the wash-basins she stared at herself.
“Why are you deceiving yourself Grace? Why are
you doing this to your heart? You have no heart remember? Getting involved with
Isaac will do you no good…leave him and run away…run as far as you can!” She
said aloud to herself in the mirror. “But then again, aren’t you tired of this
trade? Does he need to know? You’ve covered your tracks well and if in the
nearest future, he finds that he loves you, he’ll forgive you…love conquers
all, right?”
Sniffing back the tears that threatened to
spill, she washed her hands at the sink, and using the tissue at the sink
stand, she dabbed under her eyes.
“You are not going to think of this! Why can’t
you for once in your life, get to know what love means? Even if you fall for
him, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to marry him?” She said. Her phone
rang and she quickly opened her bag and brought it out, it was her business
“Hello…” She echoed into the receiver.
“Femme Fatale?” A male voice asked.
“Yes…who am I speaking with please?”
“One of your forgotten customers…” He said,
“Chief Adewale…”
“Ohhh…Chief…” Grace echoed, Chief used to be one
of her star customers about three years ago till he was transferred to Abuja on
political assignment.
“Yes dear…how are you? I was going through the
numbers on my phone when I saw your number and decided to give you a call.”
“That’s so nice of you chief…”
“How are you holding up?”
“I am very fine…”
“Don’t tell me you’ve left your trade…you are so
good at it you know.”
“No sir, I’m still the sexy vixen…” Grace
answered quickly changing her tone to a more sensual one.
“That’s more like it…you know, I’ll be in Lagos during
the week, I’d like you to be my companion and if you please me as much as you
used to, then, I might consider propositioning you.”
“Proposition? What kind of proposition?” Grace asked.
“How would you like to be my official mistress?”
“Sir…I don’t know what to say…”
“Think about it…a house in the high-brow area of Lagos,
a brand new car, a whooping allowance every month, expensive all-expense trips
around the world and many more.”
“Chief!” Grace said in shock, this was every prostitute’s
prayer, to land a rich man and be his side-kick.
“Come to the usual spot we used to meet, let’s
say Tuesday…by eight pm.”
“Tuesday is fine by me sir…”
“Good to hear from you…”
“You too sir…till then.” Grace hung up with a
shocked look on her face. ‘This is a sign.’ She thought, ‘This is my destiny…I
was born to be this way and woe betide me if I sway.”
She left the restroom and walked back into the
restaurant to meet Isaac who was already polishing off his desert.
“What took you so long?” Isaac asked.
“Err…lady things…” Grace replied.
Isaac smiled, reached out across the table and took her hands in his own.
“Grace, you are a remarkable lady…I am so glad I
met you and that we live close to each other.”
“Isaac…what are you up to? Why all the praises?”
“I know it sounds too soon but, I’d like you to
be my woman. I want us to become a couple…lets start a relationship, you and I…”
“What?” Grace uttered, this was not good, there
she was, thinking that her destiny had already been decided, now, this. She sat
there like a scarecrow and stared at Isaac, words failed her.
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“Dr. Babz, can I have a word with you?” Demilade
“Yes, sure…shoot!” Babz replied.
“I err…want to find my family…I can’t just sit
here and wait for nothing.” Demilade replied.
“Hmmm…what do you want me to do for you?”
“I want you to take me to the nearest police
station…I need them to help me find my family.”
The door leading to the sitting room opened and
Kehinde walked in.
“Why? What do you need a police for? You are just
so paranoid…your memory will come when it will.” Kehinde said.
“No…I can’t stay here anymore…who knows who I
really am? What if I am a mother and have young children who need me? What if I
work in an organization and they haven’t heard from me?”Demilade said.
“That doesn’t change anything…involving the
police in this matter is not necessary.” Kehinde said.
“I see her point Kehinde, let’s take her to the
police station and recount everything, I am sure that they can help.”
“Are you seriously saying this? Babalola! Do you
know that I could be arrested for knocking her down?”
“Let’s be serious here, the police aren’t evil
people, ofcourse you will write a statement but they wouldn’t…”
“You are also going to be arrested too, I hope
you know that. You took her into the hospital and treated her without even
getting the police involved, your license could be seized.”
Babalola was tired, his wife had a point but all
the same, Demilade had a right to know where her family was and who she is.
“I will tell the police that you were both good
to me, ofcourse they will believe me.”
“Believe you? Stop talking rubbish!” Kehinde
spat at Demilade.
“I am sorry if this will soil your plans or even
get you arrested but is anyone thinking of me right now? Or thinking of what my
family might be going through? I can’t just sit here waiting for my memory to
come back, what if it never does?” Demilade said.
“Could we tell the police that you sustained
head injuries in an accident and was brought to the hospital by my wife and
that was how you lost your memory? In this way, we would rule out the chances
of them accusing my wife of knocking you down.”
“I really don’t care how you tell the story, I
just want to go home.”
“What do you think Kehinde?”
“No…I don’t think that’s a good idea…why don’t
we sleep on this and tomorrow, come up with a plan of what to do. Demilade is
just stressing us out with this issue…” Kehinde said and stormed out of the
sitting room.
After a nearly close brush with death-the poisoned food-, Demilade
knew she couldn’t take anymore chances, she went to the guest bedroom and
marked time till she left this cage for good.
The bus left Ghana very early in the morning and
Amelia breathed heavily and closed her eyes to take a much deserved sleep. She
hadn’t slept a wink all through the night for fear of Andy’s ghost or even, the
authorities. She was just about to doze off when the television in the bus came
on and the broadcaster started with the headlines.
“Na wah for this bus ooo…please put Nigerian film for us, we are not interested in watching the news, haba!” One passenger said.
“Don’t worry, by the time we leave Ghana, the station will be lost …then, they will play a home movie.” Another passenger said.
They were still conversing when the Breaking news story caught everyone’s attention.
“The body of a middle aged Nigerian man has been
found dead in one of the luxury hotels in the country. The Nigerian man
identified as Andy Ifediora lodged into the hotel on Friday night with one Miss
Amelia. The hotel authorities says that the couple were loved up till Saturday
when Miss Amelia was identified making suspicious movements around the
premises. As at the time Mr. Andy’s body was found stabbed repeatedly, his lady
companion was nowhere to be found. The police are currently at the scene and
are ongoing, the Nigerian government has also been alerted about
their citizen who was killed in a brother country.”
The noise from the passengers was enough to
deafen as people started talking.
“The woman killed him. She killed him and took
his money, I am sure she knew he had a lot of money on him. I pray she is found
and brought to justice.” One woman said.
“What a wicked world. To think that the woman is
roaming free while the man is rotting argghhh!” One of the male passengers said.
“Are we sure she killed the man? Let’s stop
apportioning blame.” Another said.
“If indeed she is innocent, why did she run?
Something tells me that she will be found soon.” Another passenger said.
Meanwhile Amelia shuddered as she listened to
the passengers, she held in her hand the note that was placed in the bouquet of roses and she had read it over and over again. It read:
“It’s  two hours to go till your birthday! Happy Birthday sweet Amelia! From your knight, Andy Ifediora!
Amelia quickly placed the card into her bag and prayed with all her heart that God forgives her.
George was not himself, he had been calling his
wife’s number to no avail, he had just finalized the birthday preparations and
cancelled the venue inorder to move the celebration to the house.The house was
already filled with caterers, decorators, cakes, food and various items for the
party. He watched the decorators turn his home into a party place and watched
the huge portrait of his wife Amelia come alive as it was hung at the center of
the sitting room.
“Don’t worry, we will create the perfect
ambience for this party.” The party planner said to him.
“I am wondering if I shouldn’t have cancelled
the hotel venue, it was just because of costs…”
“Don’t worry, your wife will understand.”
“I hope she does…I’m sure next year will be
“Your wife is lucky to have you, Mr. George.”
“And I am luckier to have her.” George replied.
Amelia was so tired, her back ached and the bus
ride had seemed unbearable at some point. She walked into her compound and
wondered why everywhere was deathly quiet. She walked up the stairs to the
front door and rang the bell, no one answered, she turned the knob and the door
“George!” Amelia called out as she stepped into
the pitch dark house.
Suddenly the lights came on and there were loud
shouts of ‘surprise!’ as all her friends and family sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to
“Happy birthday to you…happy birthday to
you…happy birthday dear Amelia…happy birthday to you…” They all sang.

From the crowd emerged George in smiles as he
held a massive cake in his hands and walked towards her, the world instantly
began spinning before her eyes. Amelia dropped to the ground in a dead faint.



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