“Nooo way! You must be kidding me, Ade!” Bola shouted through the
“I’m not, that lady is a pompous human being. I don’t like
her and I sincerely don’t want to hear anything from her about keeping my
relationship alive. I’ll pray and ask God for guidance.”
“C’mon Ade…you know that God works through people na…” Bola
“Honestly, I regret coming to your office today.” Ade continued,
“I wasted two hours of my time…”
The door to the house opened and Emeka walked in bearing two
full bags of fries and chicken, he smiled at Ade and closing the door he
strolled towards her and dumped the bags on the side table. Ade smiled, blew
him a kiss and continued her phone conversation.
“I can’t believe you are saying this. Ngozi is one of the
most intelligent and talented people I’ve ever met and she’s so honest too.”
Bola was saying.
“Cut it out babe…” Ade rolled her eyes and yawned. She was hungry
and it was on the tip of her tongue to tell her cousin the truth about Ngozi’s
relationship but she decided not to bother. The truth will come out at its own
good time. She stared at the clock and almost moaned, it was already eight pm.
“Mehn…this is not fair ooo…coming from you. Anyway, it’s
your decision I just wanted to arm you with the right connection before
marrying into an Igbo household. I felt his family should know that you have
Igbo friends and all.” Bola said.
“Thanks for caring Bola. I’ve got to go now. Bae just came
in with food and I am famished, will speak to you tomorrow.”
“Okay…bye dear.” Bola said and hung up.
Ade shrugged, she knew her cousin Bola so well and knew that
she wouldn’t let the issue end there. Ade couldn’t be bothered, she rummaged
through the bags that Emeka had brought into the house and found her way to one
pot of chicken. Grabbing a drumstick, she bit in slowly, savoring the spicy
“Babe, did you wash those hands?” Emeka asked, he had just
come out of the kitchen with clean plates.
“Aww mehn!” Ade sighed.
“Even with the Ebola virus in town, you don’t know how to
take necessary precautions?” Emeka asked, already getting angry.
Image Source: wzakcleveland.com
“Why are you angry with me? What have I done wrong? It isn’t
like I farted in the food!” Ade said in the defensive.
“I’m not eating that food…you’ve contaminated it.” Emeka
“Okay…do as you please. I’ll eat the chicken while you help
yourself with the chips besides, I haven’t touched the chips bag so it’s Ebola
free!” Ade snapped.
“Don’t use that tone of voice with me, I’m warning you…”
Emeka started.
“Who do you think you are talking to? Your maid? The last
time I had a boyfriend, he took me to Chinese restaurants for dinner and made
sure I had a treat. He never bought unhealthy foods from fast foods.” Ade said.
“When you decided never to step your foot into the kitchen,
how do you expect to eat a well-balanced meal?” Emeka screamed at her.
“So, you hired me to cook for you right? To be a slave in
your house shebi? I am not that kind of girl, Emeka! I am tush, high-class and
“Posh? Don’t make me laugh! A posh girl who even after the
numerous commercials on television, blogs and billboards warning Nigerians
about the Ebola virus, doesn’t know that she has to wash her hands all the
time?” Emeka mocked.
“How dare you?” Ade screamed, her eyes were already filled
with tears.
“Go ahead and cry…cry like a baby because I’m not
apologizing. You are the wrong party here.” Emeka said.
Ade angrily threw the drumstick in her hand at Emeka’s face
and picking up her bag, she stormed out of the apartment. Emeka was so angry,
he pushed the bags of food aside, picked up his phone and dialed his sister.
His sister picked on the third ring.
“Emeka bobo…what’s up?”
“Sis…I am fed up. Are you still with that girls’ number?”
“What girl? Is everything alright?” His sister asked
“The one you wanted to match-make me with.” Emeka said.
“Really? You want Nkechi’s number?” His sister said with
“I need a bed warmer for tonight. Does she have any
restrictions?” Emeka asked his sister.
“She’s our person ofcourse…an Igbo girl to the core, she
won’t only warm your bed, she will cook delicious meals for you as well. You
called at a good time, she’s even on leave.” His
sister giggled.
“Please send me her number.” Emeka said.
“Don’t worry, I’ll call her for you and give her your
address. I am so proud of you bobo, you are finally leaving that
good-for-nothing Yoruba girl. I’ve wondered how she trapped you… onyere gi
n’onu?’ Na jazz? Abeg ooo…lemme call Nkechi for you, she’s sweet like an apple
from the juiciest tree.” His sister continued.
Emeka quickly ended the call and stared at the ceiling of
his house. He was a fine boy, good-looking and considered a good catch to many
women, perhaps it was time to teach Ade a lesson. He’d make her beg to have him
back, she’ll crawl on her knees in pleas, he thought. He chuckled at the image
of Ade sweating over the pot in the kitchen and striving hard to win back his
affection. Enough is enough! He thought.
Image Source: www.loverofsadness.net
“What have I done to deserve all this ehn? Nduka! Remember
our love…” Ngozi cried.
The huge pellets of rain soaked her to the skin, she stared
at herself still scantily clad in a see-through nightwear.
It was Nduka’s birthday today and she had gone through all
lengths to make sure that he had a wonderful celebration. Aside from sending
him a gigantic cake at work, she had rushed home as soon as it was five pm to
cook his special meal, Ofe Nsala with pounded yam and stock fish. She had
emptied her account and bought him a designer watch and an expensive silk tie.
She didn’t want to remind any of her friends that today was Nduka’s birthday
because, they all still remembered how Nduka used to come and pick them up from
her office and spoil them with a buffet at one of the most luxurious hotels in
Ikoyi on his birthdays. That was his birthday routine up until this year. She
had predicted that he would change the habit of lavishing money on herself and
her friends when on his last birthday he had dispassionately taken them out for
buffet and all through the chats and discussions he was busy typing messages
via his BBM and WHATSAPP to unseen people. When she had asked him why he had
seemed so disconnected, he told her that he was replying to birthday wishes. Today,
all through work, her mind had been far away, even when Ade, Bola’s cousin had
come to see her.
Ngozi had called Nduka’s phone fifteen times that morning
but he didn’t pick, she had called his office line as well but his secretary
icily told her that he was stuck in a meeting. That afternoon, she had sent him
a huge cake and lots of love messages but he hadn’t called back to acknowledge
Now, standing under the rain, she recalled how this evening,
he had walked into the house with a skinny girl and how stupid she had looked
with a party cone on her head and a small chocolate cake in her hands and a
bottle of champagne. She had screamed ‘surprise’ as he opened the door only to
find out that he was not alone but with a giggling young girl who could pass
for her youngest sister, Chizoba.
Nduka didn’t acknowledge her greeting, he had stormed into
the room and came out dragging her suitcases in tow which he flung out through
the open door. Ngozi had screamed and begged still with the cake and champagne
in her hands. He took the cake and champagne, laughed at them and holding the
cake high over her head, he smashed the cake on her skull, he dropped the
champagne on the center table and his new companion rushed to pick it up.
Nduka’s actions had hurt but not as much as his betrayal did, the young girl
laughed hard and quickly went to turn on the television still with the
champagne in her hands. The generator was running so none of the neighbours had
heard the commotion and she was thankful that they didn’t. As she watched Nduka
throw her belongings outside, she begged and pleaded with him to rethink on his
actions to no avail. The television blared loudly and she felt like snatching
the remote control from the girl’s hands, besides, she was the one who had bought
the fuel that powered the light.

Ngozi stared at herself, she was a mess, her suitcases lay
at her feet and the mashed cake had messed up her hair and some of it was
falling down her face, the party cone was somewhere on the floor of the
apartment. She couldn’t leave, she knew she couldn’t. She had left her
apartment two years ago to live with Nduka and now she had nowhere to go, her
parents’ lived in Enugu and most of her friends thought her relationship was
rosy, all because she had been lying to them about herself and Nduka. Shaking
her head silently in self-pity, she picked up her suitcases, and opening her
car door with the keys that Nduka had thrown out the window an hour ago, she
loaded the back seat. Entering the car, she locked herself in and cried hard.

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