Rita walked into a silent house, it was already evening and she was expecting to see Chuka and his mother outside the gate searching
for her. During her ordeal in the cab, she had lost her phone and her wallet,
she was lucky after lying at the side of the road for hours to be picked up by
a good Samaritan and driven home. She limped into the house feeling aches all
over her body, she began crying as soon as she stepped into the house.

There was no one in the sitting room so she walked to the
bedroom and saw Chuka and his mother seated on the bed and staring at nothing.

“Chuka…Chuka…I had the most terrible experience in my
entire life…” Rita wailed, falling to the ground and weeping.

Chuka’s mother looked at her and said in disgust.

“What is this one saying? Will you get up from there and
come and console your husband?”

Rita stared at Chuka’s mother in shock, she turned to look
at Chuka who was hunched on the bed, with his face buried in his palms.

“Chuka…what happened?” Rita asked, forgetting the incident
that she had just survived.

“I was fired…” He started.

“What? Are you serious? Fired?” She screamed.

“Why are you repeating the word and why are you asking if he
is serious. Ofcourse he’s serious!” Chuka’s mother fired at her.

Rita ignored her mother in law and asked. “What happened?”

“I am in a serious dilemma…they have frozen my bank
accounts…I have no access to my cash…they had seized my
buildings…everything I’ve worked for…” Chuka broke down in tears.

“Oh my God!” Rita cried, rising from the ground and walking
towards her husband to hold him in her arms. “I am so sorry baby…all these
will pass, that’s a promise…” She cried.

“I have nothing…nothing at all…” Chuka cried further.

Rita cried hard, recalling that the robbers had taken her ATM card and withdrawn most of the money in her account. She instantly wished she had bought a pregnancy test knit and checked the results at home.

“Is that blood?” Rita’s mother in law asked, pointing at Rita’s legs.

Rita looked at her mother in law and looked in the direction that she was looking. There were traces of blood on the ground and
trickles of blood on her legs. Rita screamed.

“Hello mom…” Shade said, clinging to the nanny’s phone.

“Shade…are you asleep yet? I am sorry that I’m calling so
late…I had such a busy day.”

“Oh…sorry about that mom.” Shade said yawning, she was so

“Where is your brother? Is he asleep yet?”

“Yes…daddy tucked him to bed…”

“So what’s up with you? You know you can tell me anything…”
Her mother cajoled.

“Nothing much…it’s just that we have a mommy and me day at
school on Monday…and I’m going to be presenting a short poem…that’s all.”

“Awww…that’s my baby! You are so smart. So, tell me
more…since it’s a mommy and me day, aren’t you supposed to go with your

“Yea…but I got that all covered.” Shade said sweetly.

“Really? How?”

“ I asked aunty Jumi to come.”

“Who’s that?” Her mother asked sounding angry.

“Don’t you know her? She’s daddy’s PA and his friend too and
she’s so nice. She takes care of us when daddy has to work late and she cooks
very delicious meals too…she’s my bestest auntie in the entire world.” Shade

“What? How come I’ve never heard of her?” Tosin asked
through grit teeth.

“I dunno…but she spends time with us and daddy…” Shade


“Yea…so I invited her for mommy and me because after you,
she’s the next person that I love…”

“Are you kidding me? Shade! Are you out of your mind?” Her
mother barked.

“I don’t understand ma…” Shade said in a small voice.

“How dare you give my mommy position to somebody else! I am
so disappointed in you. Infact, I am sending auntie Kemi to your school on
Monday, she will act in my stead, besides she’s my blood sister.”

“But I don’t want auntie Kemi!” Shade said crying. “She
always tells me to shut up…”

“Now you shut up and listen to me. I am your mother and I
tell you what to do. So, as soon as you are done with this phone call, go to
your dad and tell him that you’ve changed your mind and that it’s auntie Kemi
that’ll take you to the mommy and me whatever in school, am I understood?”
“Yes mum…” Shade said in tears.

“Goodnight and make sure you do as you are told.”

Shade nodded and handed the phone over to her nanny, curling
her legs beneath her on the bed and staring at the wall with glassy eyes.

The nanny listened to what her madam had to say to her and
once she was done with the phone call, she hung up.

“You talk too much Shade, there was no need of you telling
your mom about the mommy and me day since you’d already taken care of it.” The nanny
said in a soft voice.

“But she asked me to tell her what’s up….and I did…”
Shade sniffed. “I don’t want auntie Kemi…I don’t.” She cried.

“Your mom says I should make sure you go to your dad’s room
and tell him what she asked you to…” The nanny said.

Shade nodded and getting off her bed, she headed towards her
dad’s room.


Jumoke twirled before her mother in the beautiful blue dress
she had just bought and said.

“Like it?”

“Ah ah…who nor go like this pretty dress? E fine ooo…”
Her mother said.

“You should dress like this more often sis…” Her brother
said, swallowing his eba with pride as he gazed at his beautiful sister.

“Yes ooo…my boss gave me thirty thousand naira to shop for
the dress because I am representing his daughter’s mom at their mommy and me
day at school.”

“Really? So this dress is thirty K?” Her little sister

“I dey craze? It’s thirteen thousand and even when I was
paying for it, I almost bled.” Jumoke supplied.

“It’s breathtaking for thirteen thousand naira.” Her brother

“I went into Balogun market, don’t you trust your sister? I
can’t be spending money lavishly on boutiques.”

“Hmmm…this beautiful dress is meant for a wedding or a big
party, not for a child’s mommy and me day at school.” Her sister said.

“My dear, don’t talk ooo…the school is a very big one and
the mothers’ there wear designers ooo…I have gone to pick these kids at
school myself and I must tell you that people have money in this country. Do
you know that these kids pay more than a million naira in school fees?”

“What? One million ke? When we dey find twenty thousand to
start recharge card business for your brother.” Her mother exclaimed.

“Yes ooo…that’s how life is…” Jumoke started but was
interrupted by a phone call. She looked at the caller ID and said, “It’s my

“Hmmm…this boss that likes to call you often…hmmm…”
Her brother said in speculation.

Jumoke splayed her right hand at him and gave him a quick ‘WAKA’ sign. She picked the call.

“Hey boss…” She greeted.

“Jumi…hope you weren’t sleeping…” Bode said.

“No…I was actually trying on the dress I got from the
market today for Shade’s mommy and me day at school.”

“Oh…that’s nice. It’s a pity that you aren’t going for the
activity anymore.” Bode said in a resigned voice.

“What? Did they cancel the function?” Jumoke asked.

“Noo…they didn’t…it’s just that Shade changed her mind
and said that her aunt Kemi will take her instead. I am so sorry if she ruined
your plans of representing her mom…”

“Oh…no…it’s not a problem…it’s fine…” Jumoke lied as
she felt her heart beat painfully in her chest.

“Thank you dear for understanding…I’ll tell Shade not to
change her mind too quickly again.” Bode said.

“Goodnight then..” She said.

“Sleep tight…” Bode said and hung up.

Her brother looked at Jumoke’s downcast look and asked.

“What happened?”

“Shade changed her mind…I’m not going for the function
anymore…she chose her aunt.”

“Spoilt pikin dem! See as she allow you waka for inside
market like pesin wey forget something…” Her mother grumbled. “Which kain
mind she dey change up and down sef? Anyway, I nor blame am, na her school feez
I blame…” Her mom said and got up from the worn sofa and went inside the

“I hope you keep the dress sha and that your boss doesn’t ask you to return it since you aren’t going for the school function again…” Her sister said hopefully.

Jumoke nodded and went into the room to change.


Susan was fast asleep when she heard the loud knock at the

“Who is that stupid, good for nothing fool? Who is that
idiotic bastard? Who is that nonsense he-goat?” She shouted as she rose from
her sleepy slumber.

“It’s the Nigerian police!”

Susan’s eyes widened, ‘what were the police doing at her
door at this time of the night?’ she wondered.

“What do you…want?” Susan said, her voice trembling in

“Open this door…” The men shouted.

Susan looked around at her room and walking towards the
door, she opened it.

“Good evening sirs…” Susan greeted the three men in uniform.

One of the policemen flashed a badge at her.

“We are from the Nigerian police. Are you Ms. Susan…” He

“Yes I am…what …why are you here?”

“You are under arrest for the gruesome murder of Engineer
Thomas John. You are advised to stay silent as everything you say shall be held
against you in the court of law.”

Susan’s mouth opened and closed, then opened again.

“Me? How? I…” She started.

The policemen handcuffed her and bounded her downstairs. On
their way out of the building, some of the tenants, opened their doors to see
what was going on. The last thing they saw was a team of policemen leading
Susan out of the compound.

To be continued next week….
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