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It was everything and more, Amelia had dreamt of this, long before she had even met George. She had always longed for that special kind of love and now, she’d received it in full measure.
The beautiful resort that Andy had booked for their getaway was more than she ever expected. Now, as she lounged on one of the chairs beside the pool and watched him swim towards her, she smiled and gloried in the beauty of the day.

“Aren’t you coming in?” He asked, smiling.
At that moment, something flashed. A memory, a voice of reasoning, a flash of warning, it was just like she was reliving her honeymoon but with someone else,. Andy suddenly changed to George before her eyes and the guilt that she had left in Lagos yesterday afternoon came flooding back.
“Amelia honey, are you okay?” Andy asked.
“Hmmmm yea…I was just enjoying the beauty and serenity of this place.” She echoed.
“C’mon don’t be a kill-joy, let’s swim together.” He beckoned at her.
Amelia couldn’t remove George’s face from her mind, he had been so good to her, she thought, but then, perhaps his being good wasn’t for the best, he was too good for his own good she concluded.
“Can I join you later? I need to use the toilet for a bit.” Amelia said as she scampered off and went towards the ladies.
She remembered their arrival yesterday and her delight at the whole place, it was everything she’d ever wanted and more. She remembered her husband’s solemn goodbye that morning as he left for work and felt guilt seep into her bones but shrug it off.
“Should I ask for a divorce?” She asked herself as she walked into the Ladies. “If I do, then people will talk, I’ll be used as a mocking reference every time they talk about failed marriages.”
She finished with the loo and went to wash her hands, then she noticed an extremely light complexioned lady walk into the ladies, and give her a hostile stare. Amelia shrugged and continued washing her hands, the lady hissed and entered one of the toilets. She rinsed off her hands and hurried out of the ladies, walking back to the swimming pool. She got there to see Andy already out of the pool and tying a towel.
“Tired of swimming so soon?” She asked smiling.
“I was thinking, why don’t we change our resort? This place seems too crowded.” Andy said to her, he looked shaky.
“But we just got here yesterday, besides this is our last night here. Why the rush to relocate? Let’s sit it out till we get back to Lagos tomorrow.” Amelia said.
“Okay…eerrr…can we go to our room now?” Andy said.
“It’s just past noon…” Amelia said starting to protest.
“Yes…remember we were supposed to spend the whole day in bed today.” He asked.
Amelia had been feeling the guilty nudge all through yesterday that she had postponed sex till today.
“I know but I thought we have all night for that…” Amelia said.
“Hmmm….let’s do all afternoon and all night…how about that?” Andy said and pulled her close in an affectionate hug.
Amelia nodded and walked with him, Andy was acting rather weird, he kept throwing glances behind their backs as they walked back to the hotel room.
Grace was petrified, this was her twelfth film store and she hadn’t seen it yet. The store keeper was staring at her, throwing her annoying glances and she honestly didn’t care. By the time she had scattered most of the films on the ground and was satisfied that she saw nothing of what she had been looking for, she walked up to the store keeper and asked.
“Do you have any recent porn movies?”
“After scattering my movie shelf?” The store keeper asked irritably.
“I’ll pretend that you didn’t address me in such manner and ask you again. Do you have any recent pornographic movie?”
“If you had asked that question earlier before proceeding to scatter my shop, you might not have spent all the time in the world here. And to answer your question, yes, I have recent porn movies.”
“I need to buy all your most recent x-rated films…” Grace said.
The store keeper stared at her in a bewildered expression on his face and shook his head.
“I’ve seen people addicted to porn and it’s not a good thing. I mean, I’m not going to judge the kind of films that you watch but, do not make it an obsession.” He cautioned.
“I am not addicted…now please can I have all your recent movies, rating back to two days ago.”
“Excuse me?” The store keeper asked.
“Give me your porn movies that were produced yesterday or the day before, I need to buy all of them.”
“You must be out of your mind madam to think that films are produced over such short periods of time. Any film that’s been brought to the store days ago has been in production for a long time perhaps three months or thereabouts.” The store keeper supplied.
Grace stared at him, she knew he was right but her mind has been nagging at her for the past two days to do something. The video of herself in the sex act was definitely going to be released and she must do her best in ensuring that she buys all the copies. She didn’t have much but she definitely needed to stay away from the public eye. She has been a prostitute for about twelve years of her life and during these times, she had been careful never to let her deeds portray her as one, she had always carried herself with much respect and dignity. If the film came out, then, her secrets will be out for all to see.
She nodded at the store keeper’s explanations and went her way.
Demilade knew Babs and Kehinde weren’t in the best of terms, she had see them ignore eachother more than once and deep down she knew she was the bone of contention between the couple.
‘Why can’t I remember my past? I need to go back home…my family must be worried sick about me, I need to find out who I really am.’ She said to herself as she opened the door of her room and stepped out into the sitting room, Kehinde was seated on the sofa with a middle aged woman, they were both laughing at something and stopped immediately she walked in.
“Good afternoon…” Demilade greeted.
Neither of the two women answered her or replied her greeting, they acted as if she wasn’t talking them.
“Aunty Kehinde…I am greeting, good afternoon.” Demilade greeted again.
“Is it by force to acknowledge greetings? Please if you have nothing to say, go on your way. You aren’t ashamed of yourself, as old as you are, you are looking for how to send your fellow woman packing from her matrimonial home.” The woman said in disgust.
Kehinde hissed and hummed under her breath as she changed the channel on the television set.
“Ahhh…Aunty Kehinde…can you hear what your friend is saying?” Demilade said in shock.
“Excuse me…who is your aunty? Do we look alike in any way? Are we related? My friend is telling you to pack your things and leave my matrimonial home for good…go away…leave!” Kehinde booed.
“I am sorry you feel that way about me, I’ll go but first of all, I need to find my family…that’s why I am going to the police station to tell them my story and see what can be done to help me.” Demilade said.
“Ehhhh…police? We don’t need to involve the police in this matter now…” Kehinde said, changing her tone of voice to her friend’d chagrin.
“I have seen the animosity between you and your husband and I hate to think that I am the cause, this is why I want to go to the police and file a report, perhaps I could get the assistance I need.”
“No…please don’t get the police involved, I am sorry that I have acting bitchy towards you…the police will only worsen the whole sceneario….okay.” Kehinde said smiling and walking towards her to pull her close in an embrace.
The look on Kehinde’s friend’s face was epic! How come all of a sudden the most dreaded enemy had turned the best friend? She asked herself.
“Why don’t you go to your room and rest. Have you taken your pain relievers? My husband said he gave you some medication.” Kehinde said.
“Yes…I have.” Demilade replied, not knowing whether to take Kehinde seriously or not.
“Then please go and rest, I’ll make something for you to eat, okay.” Kehinde said.
“Okay…thank you so much.” Demilade said and excusing herself she left the sitting room and went to her bedroom.
As soon as the door shut behind her, Kehinde’s friend launched an attack at her.
“What was that supposed to mean? How come you became so nice to her after she tried to ruin your home? Are you not the one who told me how she fell infront of your car and how she made up the story of having lost her memory all to woo your husband inorder to have kids for him?”
“But you know that I can’t have her going off to the police to report me?”
“Excuse me? If she goes there just tell them the truth, that your mother-in-law planned with her to destroy your marriage.”
“She has the doctor’s reports and the hospital to back her up, it’ll be a lost case…” Kehinde said.
“Then you should look for other ways to eliminate her…you can’t have another woman living under your roof, with your husband. That lady is pretty….infact very beautiful and it’s just a matter of time before he notices her the, before you can say jack and jill, she’ll start expecting a child for your husband.”
Kehinde walked towards her friend and sat beside her.
“I need help, please…I can’t lose my marriage, not now, not ever.”
“Now you’re talking…we need to get rid of her fast and now!” Kehinde’s friend supplied.
“What are you suggesting?” Kehinde asked, inching closer.
Her friend laughed heartily and taking the glass of drink from the side stool, she sipped, and laughed some more.
“We remove her completely…that way, she cannot report to the police and all evidence is lost forever.”
“Ore mi…what are you implying?” Kehinde asked with eyes wide.
“We kill her.”
George had just finished with last minute plans with the party planner and was so excited. It was eight pm and he couldn’t wait to see his wife the next day. Eager to hear her voice, he dialled her number the umpteenth time, the number as usual was switched off.
“Where are you Amelia? You didn’t even ring me to say you landed safe…oh my God I hope everything is alright.” He asked himself as he paced his sitting room.
He kept pacing for thirty minutes till he stopped and looking at the time, he decided to call in the local airlines, he knew some of the staff as he travels quite regularly and some of them were quite close to him.
“Hello…Jide…good evening, how is the family? How are you? My wife is fine…I am calling because of her…” He started and within minutes had informed Jide of his wife’s travel plans and asked him if she had boarded their flight.
“You know I’m not supposed to let out such information.” The airline staff, Jide insisted.
“But she’s my wife and I’m worried about her, she said she was going to Asaba to work for the weekend and she hasn’t called me since then and all efforts to reach her has proved abortive.”
“It’s okay…I’ll check the records for you to see if she boarded any of our planes.”
“I appreciate it…thank you so much Jide.” George said in appreciation.
Two phone calls later, George was exasperated, none of the local airlines had her name in their database.
“Did she take a car? Or a bus? But she told me that she’ll take a flight…where is my wife?” George asked aloud. “Amelia! Where are you?”
Amelia was dreaming, it was a foggy dream, one that she couldn’t place her hands on. She woke up suddenly and felt the urge to vomit. The room was dark except for the light of the bedside lamp, she remembered the wild passion she had unleashed in Andy’s arms and smiled tenderly. The room smelt stale and damp, she sat up, reaching out to touch Andy who was lying at the other side of the bed.
“Andy darling…are you asleep?” She asked, holding out her arms to him.
Andy didn’t reply, she felt his form and tapped him, she suddenly felt the wetness beneath her palms, ‘was he sweating?’ she asked herself as she knew that the air conditioning was at its highest and she was almost freezing. She touched him again and felt the wetness all over again, she stretched to turn on the lights and as soon as the lights turned on, she stared at her palms. It was red, dark bloody red. In a daze, she turned to look at Andy and almost screamed in terror. Andy was lying on the bed and soaked in a lot of blood, his own blood. His eyes were open, lifeless and very dead.
Amelia jumped off from the bed and stared at her lover, in his hands was a long sharp knife and a piece of paper which was already darkened with blood. At that point, Amelia threw up.



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