“What?” Cherry called out as she hurried after Diamond. “Wait! Diamond! Wait!”

“What’s happening babe?” Sean asked cutting in as he quickly intercepted her.

“I’m trying to catch up with my sister…it’s urgent…” Cherry said as her eyes stayed on her sister who was already in the sitting room and heading out to the exit door of the house.

“Hey…let her be…we’re just a few steps away from becoming Mr and Mrs. After today,  all we have left is our traditional wedding and church wedding, aren’t you thrilled?” He asked with a smile as he drew her close to him.

Cherry tried to smile but she couldn’t as all she could think of was Mitch. He was in danger, and Diamond had said something about an accident. She needed to know what’d happened.
“Please Sean…I need to catch up with Diamond.” She pleaded.

“You’ll catch up with her later, come with me, my aunts want to pray for us.”

Cherry felt her heart sink, what had she gotten herself into? She wondered as she let Sean drag her out to the sitting room to meet his aunts.

“Our wife…come let us bless you. He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.” One of Sean’s aunts said. “The evil ones wanted to stop this introduction when you fainted but God proved Himself and you suddenly were revived.”

Cherry wanted to say something, anything to stall the moment and race after her sister but she couldn’t find the words, her heart thumped loudly in her chest and as she kept glancing desperately at the door. Sean leaned in and whispered into her ears.

“Later, I’d like you to tell me who that mad man who came to disrupt our introduction, is.” He said.

“Kneel down, both of you, let us pray for you.” Another of Sean’s aunts said.

Sean and Cherry knelt down and they began to bless them but while this was going on, Cherry’s mind was far away.

Mitch opened his eyes and saw his family, tears stood at the brink of his eyes and he couldn’t stop them from failing.

“Mitch, my son…” His mother said in tears.

“How do you feel, do you feel any pain?” His father asked in concern.

Mitch tried to shake his head but found that it was constricted, he raised his hand towards his neck and saw his hand wrapped in bandages.

“My hand…” He choked in tears as he looked at the hand carefully bandaged.

“You sustained some injuries….thank God you escaped with your life.” His mother said.

“Yes…thank God.” Angel said.

He reached over to touch his neck and stopped, it was encased in a neck brace.

“Arrrggghhh….” Mitch groaned.

“Are you okay? Mitch I hope you’re not hurting….” His mother said in tears.

“No…I feel woozy…I just hope I’ve not broken any bones.” Mitch said then turning to his sister, he said. “I’m sorry about your car, Angel.”

“Forget the damned car, I’m glad you are alive…” Angel said with misty eyes.

They all kept silent, then Mitch said.

“Did I break any bones?” Mitch asked.

“They did some x-ray on you…the results aren’t out yet.” His mother said.

“I have been a fool….and it’s all for love. I’ll never let any woman get close to my heart anymore.”

“Shhh….let’s forget that for now…” His father said.

“I walked in on Cherry’s introduction…” Mitch said.

His family stared at him in stunned silence.

“I thought…thought…we were supposed to be at her place in two weeks for the introduction.” His mother said. “How can she have an introduction without you?”

“I don’t know if she wanted to scam me or maybe marry two men at the same time but fact is, I saw her handing over the glass of wine to a guy. I know you’ll say ‘I told you so’ and it’s okay for you guys to say that.” Mitch said in pain.

“No…we won’t say that. We knew she wasn’t sincere with you and wished you’d open your eyes but it seems you have realized that she really had someone else.” His mother said with tears in her eyes.

“While I drove, I couldn’t see the road, all I could see was the betrayal, the lies…” He cried. “Cherry duped me…she threw my love into the dirt.”

“Stop this Mitch! Let’s concentrate on your recovery…” His father said.

Mitch nodded and Angel’s phone rang, she instantly answered the call and after speaking into the receiver for a while, she said to Mitch.

“It’s Diamond, she’s in the hospital and wants to see you.”

“No! Enough of that family! I won’t have them kill my son! No way!” His mother said emotionally.

“C’mon mom, Diamond is different…she’s good…” Angel defended.

“Let her come in…anyway she’ll be able to tell her sister about my state.” Mitch said dryly.

Angel sighed and raised her phone to her ears and told Diamond where Mitch was. Soon, there was a knock at the door and Diamond walked in. The air seemed suspended for a moment.

“Good afternoon…” Diamond greeted in a shaky voice.

Mitch’s parents turned to look at her in hostility, she was dressed in a full traditional gear, something appropriate for an introduction.

“Diamond…” Mitch called out.

“My God! Mitch…I’m so sorry that this happened to you…” She cried.

“It’s okay…I’m fine…” He said with a raspy voice.

A nurse walked into the room and shook her head disapprovingly.

“The patient doesn’t need so many visitors.” The nurse said.

“We are his family except her ofcourse…” Mitch’s mother referred to Diamond.

“Could everyone please excuse us? I’d like to speak with Diamond alone.” Mitch said.

His mother didn’t look too pleased but she left with his father and sister. When Mitch and Diamond were all alone, Diamond spoke.

“I am so glad you’re alive. When I called your phone and Angel told me the bad news, I freaked out. I came as soon as I heard.” She said tearfully.

“Cherry’s married now…isn’t she?” Mitch asked.

“Let’s not talk about that, let’s talk about you and….”

“No! I won’t postpone the talk Diamond.” He said staring at her with open hatred. “How could you? How could you hide such information from me? How could your family hide such information from me?” He demanded.

“Look, it’s Cherry’s life and her decisions. Mommy tried to make her see reason, she even told her to move out and we all kinda excommunicated her but she refused to listen.” Diamond said.

“How long has she been dating that guy?”

“I beg of you Mitch, don’t let me say things…I think all these should be said by my sister. Talking to you about this feels as though I’m betraying her. She’s my twin.”

“Oh please! She betrayed me! She betrayed the love I had for her!”

“I understand but I can’t explain anything to you. I think you should focus on recovering…” She said.

“I’ll never forgive Cherry for making a fool of me. I will never forgive her!” Mitch spat.

Diamond nodded, she didn’t know whatelse to do.

“How do you feel? She asked.

“How do you think I feel?” He spat.

“I…wasn’t asking about errrmmm your heart, I’m asking about your body. What did the doctors say?”

“I have no idea…I just woke up…I’ve been unconscious the whole while.” He said.

“Oh…so sorry about that.”

“I’d like to rest now…” He said.

“I’ll come and see you tomorrow…” Diamond said.

“Do me a favour and don’t come at all, I don’t want to see anyone from your family.” Mitch said bitterly.

“You can’t say that Mitch, you can’t transfer the aggression you have for my sister to me and everyone else in my family.”

“Ofcourse I can! You didn’t tell me that she was playing me and you wouldn’t have told me if I hadn’t barged in on that introduction ceremony.”

“Please understand me Mitch, I was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Even if I told you, you might not have believed me. You were so head of over heels in love with her and …and…”

“Just go away…” He said.

“Please don’t shut me out…I beg of you. It hurt that I couldn’t tell you…it hurt so bad.”

“I’d like to rest now.” Mitch said stiffly.

Diamond nodded.
“I know you’re angry right now and I understand. I’ll come to pay you a visit again even if you send me away.” She said and left.

Diamond emerged from the room where Mitch was and his mother walked up to her.

“Your family brought this upon us!” She spat.

“I’m really sorry ma…”

“I hope you understand that I don’t want to see you or any of your family members in this hospital or near my son ever again.”

Diamond was so sad, she nodded in understanding and walked away.
Anita wore her sexiest lingerie as she made her way to Madu’s room. She walked towards his room with a bottle of chilled champagne in one hand and two glasses in the other hand. She knocked at the door and soon heard footsteps as Madu walked up to open the door, he seemed surprised to see her when he opened the door.

“Hey…” She smiled, holding up the bottle of champagne for him to see.

“Are we celebrating something? It’s Sunday night…and there’s work tomorrow.” He reminded.

“Don’t be a party pooper!” She smiled and pushed her way into the room.

She walked up to the table and placed the bottle of champagne on it then turned to face him.

“I want to say a big thank you to my knight in shinning armour.” She said to him with a seductive smile.

“Knight? Who’s the knight?” Madu asked with a small smile as he turned around to see if there was someone else in the room.

“You ofcourse! Give yourself more credit…c’mon.”

“Naaa…I’m no knight.” He said with a wider smile.

“Ofcourse you are…you saved me today and I want to specially thank you.” She said.

“Thank me? Okay…” Madu said.

She shook the bottle of wine hard and pulled the cork free. The wine sloshed around and she screamed in delight, then filled the wine glasses. She handed him a wine glass and said.

“To us…” She drank the contents while staring at him intently.

Madu smiled slightly and said nothing, he drank a little of the wine and kept the glass on the table.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you want to drink?” She asked.

“No…I have work for tomorrow and I don’t want to feel woozy.” He said.

“Have you forgotten that you’re talking to the boss? C’mon! I am the owner of that company and I can decide that you take tomorrow off.”

“I wish I could but I have to be up early to prepare my daughter for school.” He said.

Anita rolled her eyes, she liked Kamsi but it seemed that the little girl was all Madu could think of now that he was separated from his wife.

“Don’t worry about the future…tomorrow will think for itself. Think of the present…think of now…” She said as she inched towards him.

Madu stood there staring at her while she inched closer towards him, his heart pounded as he wondered if he really had the strength to say no to her. Life had been so crazy that he’d had no time to think of being with a woman and Anita was offering herself to him on a golden platter.

“Anita…” He started.

“Shh…let’s enjoy the moment…” She said as she inched towards him to kiss him.

The door burst open and Kamsi ran into the room to hug her dad. Anita almost yelled in frustration.

“I had a bad dream daddy! I had a very bad dream!” Kamsi said in tears.

“It’s okay sweetie…daddy is here now…” He said carrying her in his arms.

“My teddy bear grew so big and it was chasing me…” Kamsi cried.

“It was just a dream love…” Anita said through grit teeth.

“Can I sleep here…with you?” Kamsi asked.

“Sure darling…” Madu said.

“C’mon Kamsi, you’re a big girl…you can’t sleep with daddy.” Anita said.

Madu gave her a ‘no, don’t say that’ look and Anita groaned within.

“Thank you daddy…” Kamsi said as Madu lay her on the bed.

“I guess we’ll have to take our party over to my room.” Anita suggested.

“No…I have to be here with her.” Madu said.

“Don’t spoil the fun…c’mon Madu. She just had a stupid dream…”

“I can’t go with you, I’m sorry…” He said.

Anita nodded painfully, picked up her bottle of champagne and made to leave.

“Anita…” Madu called out.

Anita turned to him hoping that he’d say that he’ll be with her in a bit but instead, he said.

“I’ll start recruiting for the position of a body guard, first thing tomorrow.”

“What?” She asked in a whisper.

“I have to get back to my home soon…with my daughter….I need to get my life back on track.” He said.

Anita nodded and walked out of the room as though she was walking on hot coals. As soon as she left his room, she gritted out in fury.

“You can never leave this house Madu, you’ll remain here for as long as I want you to and that’s a promise.”

Cherry was waiting in the living room when her sister came back home. It was past ten pm and she hadn’t gone to sleep yet. Sean and his family had left the house by six-thirty and all the other guests had left before eight. Diamond entered the house and was surprised to see her sister.

“I thought you should be with your husband now…” Diamond said.

“I didn’t go with him…” Cherry said silently.

“Goodnight…” Diamond said.

Cherry stood up and walked up to her sister.

“You’re reeking of alcohol.” Cherry said. “You never get drunk. Are you drunk?”

“Yea…drunk in looooovvvve….” Diamond sang and hiccupped.

“Diamond…this is not you…” Cherry said in worry.

“Leave me alone! You’re one hell of a lucky bitch!”

Cherry’s eyes widened as she stared at her sister.

“What’s gotten into you?” She asked.

“Nothing! It’s just that the love of my life is lying in the hospital…and it’s all thanks to you.” Diamond spat.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. You guessed it yourself.”

Cherry’s eyes widened.

“Are you talking about Mitch?”

“Yes! He is the love of my life. I have loved him for so long and that’s why I never dated any other guy who came my way. He saw me first remember? Before you came and charmed him away.”

“Diamond…” Cherry started.

“But as fate would have it, you got him and not only did you get him, you got a lot of other guys too and I watched you play him and now, he’s in the hospital all because of you and he doesn’t want to see me or have anything to do with me because he feels I betrayed him too…” Diamond cried. “I’m such a fool…I should have told him about your lies at the beginning…”

“Wait…what are you saying? Where is Mitch?” Cherry asked.

“What do you think? He got involved in an accident and guess what? He’s erased you from his life and did the same thing to innocent little me as well. I hope you’re happy!” Diamond spat.

Cherry sat on the sofa and began to cry, at first it came slow then it came in fast spurts. Diamond half-staggered to her room and shut the door.
To be continued tomorrow….
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