Amelia woke up staring directly into the faces of her
husband and parents, from the frowns on their faces, it was obvious that she
didn’t look good.
“Are you okay honey?” Her husband asked in a concerned
“My darling, you need to see a doctor…” Her father was

“These are pregnancy symptoms ooo…she has been stressing
herself too much. Amelia, I think you should take a vacation just to relax.”
Her mother said.
At the mention of vacation, Amelia pushed herself up and
threw up all the contents of her stomach on the floor of the room.
They had carried her to the bedroom and she could still hear
the faint sounds of music coming from the sitting room. Amelia had been
surprised by the surprise party and she felt so guilty knowing that she wasn’t
worth all the trouble.
“Darling, let me take you to the hospital okay…” Amelia’s
father started.
“No…thanks dad, I’m fine…thank you…” Amelia murmured weakly.
“I think you should get some rest baby, I’ll get you
something to drink.” George started.
Amelia looked at her husband and tried to smile, he loved
her too much and she had paid him back wrongly.
“No…I need to join the party, you went through all this
stress for me…I can’t kill the joy of this party. I’ll change into something
decent and join the party.” Amelia said to her husband.
“Are you sure?” Her father asked.
“Don’t worry daddy…I’m fine…” Amelia said and standing up
from the bed, she walked to the adjoining bathroom.
As soon as she closed the door and turned on the shower, she
began to cry, loud wrenching wails left her mouth, she stared at herself at the
bathroom mirror and shook her head at the image staring back at her.
“This is not me…oh my God! How did I get myself into such
mess? What can I do to get myself out of it?” She fell to her knees and looked
up heavenward, “Please father, let this cup pass me by, I beg of you Lord. I
promise that from today, I will be the best wife ever, the woman that George wants
for a wife and the mother to his children. I will stop enjoying the worldly
pleasures of this world, but please do not let the police arrest me for murder
and do not let Andy’s ghost haunt me, please Lord!” Amelia cried.
She stripped slowly and stepped into the shower.
Demilade knew everyone was asleep, she quietly opened the
door to her room, snuck out into the sitting room and unlatching the door to
the house, she snuck out. She couldn’t bear it anymore, ‘why didn’t Kehinde
want her to find her family? After trying to kill her with poisoned food,
Demilade had put an end to eating whatever came from Kehinde’s kitchen, she ate
mostly biscuits or cereals and prayed ceaselessly on each one before she ate
them. She got to the gate of the house and was about to open it when a
torchlight beamed on her.
“Who be you?” The gateman asked.
“Me? I errr…live in this house, I just want to go and get
something outside.” Demilade said.
“I don dey for dis gate for three years now and I never use
my koro koro eyes see ya face for dis compound. Who be you? If you nor talk
true I go blow whistle and everybody wey dey dis compound go run come out.”
Demilade was terrified.
“Please sir, I live with Dr. Babalola and his wife, I…”
Demilade started.
She had hardly finished her statement when the gateman whipped
out his whistle and blew it hard.
“Ahhhaaa Oga!” Demilade shouted in terror.
Suddenly, lights began to turn on in flats and doors opened
and closed, Demilade knew at that moment that her escape plan wasn’t going to
work. Soon enough, Dr. Babs and his wife were at the gate with a handful of
their neighbours.
“I don helep una catch thief.” The gateman said
triumphantly, he carefully placed his torch underneath his armpit and placed
his hands behind his back and smiled, pleased with himself over the catch.
“Demilade!” Kehinde exclaimed when she saw her.
“Do you know her?” Asked one of the neighbours.
“Yes we do…” Babs started.
“I need to leave…I need to get out of this place, I need to
find my family.” Demilade said.
“What?” A neighbour exclaimed, turning to stare at Kehinde and
“Sorry dear neighbours, Demilade is my distant cousin, she
is suffering from a mental illness and has been placed in my care because her
parents are late. I am sorry if she disturbed your sleep.” Kehinde said.
“What? Me? Mental? Kehinde you knocked me down and I lost my
memory…and instead of reporting my case to the police, you decided to lock me
up in your house…how dare you call me mental? Dr. Babs, did you hear what your
wife said?” Demilade asked Babs.
“Sorry dear neighbours, my wife is right. Demilade is
mentally imbalanced, we are sorry for disturbing you…” Babs said.
Demilade’s mouth hung open, she stared at Babs in shock.
“That’s a lie…I am fine…I am okay…I only lost my memory and
it was due to the accident which was caused by Kehinde, she knocked me down.”
Demilade cried.
The neighbours shook their heads and turned to go, one of them
stayed back and spoke to Babs and Kehinde.
“If you need any help in placing her in a psychiatric hospital,
please let me know…” The man said and walked away.
Demilade blinked rapidly, she couldn’t believe that this was
happening to her.
“Thank you Abu…I will definitely give you something in the
morning. But, I’d like you to watch her, she shouldn’t leave this house unless
accompanied by me or my wife.” Dr. Babs said to the gateman.
you sir…I go everly watch dis gate. Even if she like, make she turn to
mosquito, I go catch am.”
you Abu, God bless you.” Kehinde said and turning to Demilade, she said. “Do
you think you can run so easily? You better get back into the house or I’ll ask
Abu to carry you inside.”
shook her head, she had no choice, Babs and Kehinde held hands and waited for
her to step ahead of them while they followed her behind. Escaping their grasp wasn’t
an easy task after all.
party had ended and the last of the guests were just leaving, George was the
perfect host and gentleman, he saw everyone out to their cars while Amelia, who
was still feeling a bit weak said her goodbyes in the house. As soon as George
left with the last couple, while her father had left the house to make some
phone calls, Amelia’s mother walked up to sit by her.
look so gloomy…” Her mother started.
sniffed and turned to stare at her mother.
I am fine…do you know that George’s parents are coming to visit tomorrow?”
Amelia said changing the topic.
shouldn’t come here and give you stress, today is the birthday, why are they
postponing till tomorrow? Over sabi people.”
mom, they are my family too.” Amelia said in a quiet voice.
sorry dear, but I thought you didn’t like his mother, I remember you calling
her ‘bossy’” Her mother nudged her playfully.
lucky to have them.” Amelia said.
me… stop pretending, I know we’re expecting a grandchild.” Her mother sang out.
From where? Did Nedu get someone pregnant?” Amelia asked referring to her
little brother.
be silly, I mean you!” Her mother said.
are having the pregnancy symptoms already. George is clearly the sharp
shooter.” Her mother joked.
not pregnant mom.”
you take a test?”
“No I
if we hop to the doctor’s tomorrow and take a quick test.” Her mother cajoled.
don’t want to…” Amelia insisted.
dear, you don’t need to be scared about it.”
says I’m scared?” Amelia screamed and standing up from the sofa, she began
pacing. “I am not scared of anything…stop saying that!”
has gotten into you? Amelia are you alright?” Her mother asked.
walked to the cake that was still seated on the center table and taking a huge knife
from the table she stabbed the cake repeatedly.
father and husband entered the house and were shocked at the scenario.
it! Amelia what are you doing?” Her mother asked in fear, she wondered whether
to approach her suddenly menacing daughter or not.
“No! I
am going to kill…destroy…everything…everything!!” Amelia screamed as she
scattered the cake.
father rushed to her and grabbed the knife from her hands, George took the
knife from his father in law and quickly tossed it into the waste basket.
me alone daddy! I want to be the best wife that I can ever be…I want to kill
the past…I want to destroy sadness.” Amelia cried.
are scattering your cake dear…what has gotten into you?” Her father asked
worriedly. “I think you should take a break for a while, where in the world do
you want to go? Maldives? Tanzania? Ghana? Where?”
stopped struggling and quickly hugged her father. Her mother soon joined in the
hug, George too. Amelia knew she couldn’t tell anyone the truth, not her father
who loved her too much, or her mother who always had a solution to every
problem and certainly not George, who could lay down his life for her. Infact
she doubted that he’d ever forgive her once he heard the very terrible thing
she had done.
It was
Tuesday, how time flew! Grace took a cab to the meeting point with Chief, the
journey made her reminisce on the old days when she used to be out all night on
business with the rest of the girls. Even though bizarre, Grace knew how many
men she had had sex with, their names were written in a diary which she kept
secretly hidden in her house. Now, as the taxi driver drove her to the venue,
she couldn’t help but think about Isaac. He was everything and more that she
wanted in a man and she knew she was already in love with him. Her heart told
her to go with love and damn the consequences but her head told her otherwise,
it told her to go with Chief’s proposal and live her life till old age as a prostitute.
arrived at the venue at some minutes past eight pm, as soon as Grace alighted
some men walked up to meet her, she recognized one of them.
time.” She greeted.
been forever. How are you?” Emeka asked, he was one of the rare people who
addressed her as Grace, everyone else called her Femme Fatale.
“I am
good ooo. Body dey inside cloth.”
dey wait you sha…” Emeka smiled and said.
“I hope
say he bring package come ooo…” Grace said.
I hope say you know say Chief don land government appointment. Nne shine ya
eyes well ooo…nor see flesh come dey chop bone ooo. The man has big plans for
you, by next year you should be one of the biggest babes in Nigeria.”
shakes.” Grace said.
trust you…” Emeka replied.
is Chief?”
usual room, don’t knock ooo…just go in. He sent us out to wait for your
you.” Grace said and proceeded into the hotel.
reached the room and pushed the door open, Chief was in the bathroom, she
guessed because the water was running. She kicked off her shoes and walking to
the bar she pulled out a drink and poured some for herself. The door to the
bathroom opened and Chief came out clad in a towel, he looked older than the
last time she saw him.
Fatale!” Chief exclaimed in delight.
it is so good to see you.” Grace said as she walked up to his and gave him a
pulled her close and squeezed her breasts roughly with his palms.
beautiful Femme, I have missed you.” Chief said.
“I have
missed you too.”
tell me that! You are a whore my dear, you don’t miss anybody but the money.” Chief
words stung but Grace shrugged it off, she knew he was right, she never missed
any of her clients but their money.
“I hope
you know that you have to please me tonight…I need new skills. Young girls of
nowadays have been producing bed skills as though they were born with it. You
need to impress me.” Chief said.
comparing me to those half-baked thwarts, I am capable of fulfilling your
fantasies.” Grace replied.
excitedly jumped to the bed and lay down expectantly.
me five minutes, I need to change into my costume…” Grace said.
love that…I hope it’s something wicked.” Chief said in delight.
me chief…you’re going to like this.” Grace said as she went into the bathroom
with her bag.
She had
just stripped her clothing when her phone rang, she could tell from the
ringtone that it was her personal phone. She retrieved it from the bag and
shuddered when she saw the caller ID.
my dear…” Isaac greeted as soon as she pressed the answer button.
Isaac…” Grace whispered.
are you whispering? Where are you?”
“I’m at
err…my dad’s place…” Grace lied.
hello to him for me.”
will.” Grace replied.
“I haven’t
gotten a reply from you about the other night. I thought you said you’ll get
back to me.”
“Yes I did…”
what’s your response?”
“Can we
talk about this tomorrow?”
“I can’t
wait till then, I want your answer tonight.” Isaac said.
stared at her nude self at the mirror and subconsciously saw the word ‘WHORE’
in bold letters emblazoned on her forehead.
not talk about this here…”
going on there? Of course you can tell me if you want a relationship with me or
not, c’mon. I need you in my life.” Isaac said.
date you.”
did you say?” Isaac asked in an elated voice.
Let’s do this!” Grace said.
“Oh my
God! This is the most beautiful day of my entire life…” He started.
knocked at the bathroom door and said.
“Do you
want me to ravish you in there? Is that the plan? I am tired of waiting…”
was suddenly torn, she didn’t know who to answer first.
heard a voice, are you with someone?” Isaac asked.
“My dad…he’s
calling for me…can I call you back?” Grace whispered and cut the call. As soon
as the call was ended, she answered Chief.
“I have
a lot of things planned for you Chief, I doubt you’ll get enough sleep tonight…”
Grace said in her sultry voice.
“I can’t
wait…” Chief said as he left the bathroom door.
exhaled sharply and closed her eyes for a moment. Then opening it, she started
at her reflection in the mirror and said.

“I can
do this! Who says that I can’t eat my cake and have it? I don’t really need to
choose between the two lives…besides I’m the one living.” She said firmly as
she put on the costume she had planned for the night.



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