Rose and Bobo sat in the sitting room watching television,
while Amelia hovered around pressing her phone. Bobo was careful not to talk to
the lady who according to what he heard when his mom and Rose spoke in low
tones, was Uncle George’s wife.
‘How come she and Uncle George are not together any more? Did
she do something bad?’ He asked himself as he stared at her, still pacing the
sitting room.
Suddenly her eyes met his and she shouted.
“Why are you looking at me? Don’t you have anything better
to do with your eyes?” Amelia screamed.

“Excuse me madam…abeg make you mind ya business ooo…”
Rose warned.
“Look at this pathetic slave! You should be rejoicing that I
gave you a roof to place that your rotten head!” Amelia screamed.
“You nor be God wey dey give roof so…sharrap!” Rose said
rudely and reverted her gaze to the television.
“Don’t let me slap that useless face of yours..” Amelia warned.
“See pesin wey wan slap pesin. You don use hand pound yam
before? Shebi you know say, hand wey don pound yam ehn…dey give pesin one
kain slap wey dey cause epilepsy. And na dat kain hand I go use slap you!”
“Don’t talk back…aunty Rose…my teacher says, silence is
the best answer to a …” Bobo started.
“Are you mad? Silence is the best answer to a what?” Amelia
“Abeg…make we comot from dis woman bad luck…make we go
buy biscuit from supermarket jo…” Rose said.
“Oh goody…I want biscuits…I am tired of eating cake
already…”Bobo revealed.
Rose and Bobo stood up, Bobo waited while Rose made sure
that all the room doors were locked properly before they left. As soon as the
left the gate, Rose held onto Bobo’s hand and they crossed the road, heading to
the supermarket. What they didn’t know was that there was a van sitting not too
far from the house, watching and waiting. Immediately they crossed the road,
the van kicked up its ignition and zoomed down the street in a flash, halting
only for the back door to be thrown open and a man in a mask rushing out to
grab an unsuspecting Bobo and hurl him into the vehicle. The van door shut
quickly and it zoomed off, leaving a shocked Rose running after them and
Isaac watched his mother and his childhood friend nurse
their drinks, his mother tried to bring up a conversation but Isaac’s mind was
far away, it was with Grace.
‘So it is true that…my Grace…the lady that I have been having
sleepless nights over for the past few weeks is a prostitute…’ George
thought, he remembered the jewellery store he had seen last week and how he had mentally
prepared himself to shop for an engagement ring for Grace there and shook his
head. ‘I am a big fool! How can I? Isaac Mobola Jacobs fall in love with a hooker? How many men has she been with? Ten? Twenty? A thousand? My God!’ He thought.
“Isaac! Son…” His mother called out to him.
“Oh hey mom…” Isaac said quickly stepping out of his
“Where is your mind?”
“Oh I am so sorry mother…I was figuring out some accounts
and stuff in my head…” He lied.
“Well I was suggesting that Jemima stays here with you for a
while. I mean…you live alone and you need company and her new office is not
too far from the mainland…” His mother chirped in.
“Live here?” Isaac asked in shock.
“Yes my dear…is there any problem with that? Afterall,
this house is still my husband’s.” His mother said succinctly.
“Well…err…” Isaac stammered, not knowing what to say.
“Then it’s sealed then…Jemima moves in first thing tomorrow…tomorrow
is a Sunday so, she has to get settled in pretty quickly in order to start work
on Monday.” His mother chirruped.
It was moments like these that Isaac felt like strangling
his blackmailing mother.
“That would be great! I could also stop by at the
supermarket today and get some fresh foods to stock up the kitchen. I could
also make you something to eat too. 
Pasta sounds great right?” Jemima asked in delight.
It was at the tip of his tongue to say ‘did I invite you to stay?’ instead, Isaac gave her the killer stare and quickly excused himself.
As soon as he was out of earshot, his mother whispered quickly to Jemima.
“Rope him in. Do not disappoint me. Your mother and I have
already picked out the wedding asoebi for the both of you. I need a wedding to
happen, this December!”
“Yes mummy, you can count on me.” Said a smiling Jemima.
It was God’s grace that Grace was spared from the jaws of death.
She was tossed into one of the abandoned landed properties along the canal that
fateful night and was about to be shot dead as one of Chief’s thugs had raised
a gun to her head and aimed it at her but suddenly he stopped as it was as though something told him
“Na God’s grace ooo…” The thug said suddenly and
disappeared, leaving her on the muddy earth.
Grace had cried hard after they had left, ‘so this is how I
should have been killed?’ She cried. For the first time in her life, she was thankful for her name, Grace. There and then it dawned on her that she had been spared due to God’s grace and she was determined to change for good. “Thank you God! Thank You Jesus!” Grace
crawled to her knees and raised her arms in the air in thanks.
“For sparing my life dear Lord, I promise to go to Isaac
with the whole truth of my past and beg for mercy. I promise to shed my former
life and begin a life anew…please forgive me Lord…” Grace cried hard.
She tried crawling out of the land but felt so weak that she
fell to the ground and let unconsciousness claim her.
Demilade and George drove back home that evening after a
long day at the police station with the hotel manager and some of the hotel
staff. The hotel management had signed an agreement, promising to settle
Demilade with the huge sum of money for damages while their staff, Mr. Stevens
waits trial, they however begged that their hotel name be excluded from the
scandal. However, George had urged Demilade to press charges against Mr.Stevens
and ignore the fact that the hotel begged to be avoided from the scandal.
As they drove home, Demilade felt so happy, she remembered
everything about her past life and couldn’t wait to see her son and tell him the
“Bobo will be so thrilled to hear that you’ve got your
memory back.” George said to her.
“Yes he would be…he has always wanted me to get my memory
back. I can’t wait to see the look of pure joy on his face when her finds out
that Mommy has got her memory back.” Demilade said in an excited voice.
“This is a relief…I am so happy…” Changing the subject, George asked. “What will you do about the hotel’s request that you shouldn’t mention their hotel name if you do press for charges?”
“I really don’t know…all I’m concerned about is, that the
swine, Mr. Stevens pays for the damage he has done to me and every other woman he has abused.
“True, but then, you have been promised settlement for
damages by the hotel management…as well as every woman who was in one way or the other, molested by
the man…what next? And truth is, once he is charged to court, the hotel still
has to pay for damages, besides it was under their roof that such misconduct
was going on.”
“I really don’t want to remember the whole incident you
know…now I understand why I had that accident which rid me of my memory. I have a lot of terrible
memories locked up inside my head. I have gone through a lot. These months I
spent without half of my memory is actually one of the best times of my life
except my childhood.”
“I am so sorry about that but perhaps it’s time you decided
to shape your future. Now that your memory is back, what do you want to do
with your life?”
 “I would love to go
to film school, maybe …in the long run…start producing movies…do
something meaningful with my life…”
“That sounds like a plan…” George said in affirmative.
“I’d be glad to see you through film school.”
“You’ve done a lot already George…you shouldn’t do any more…”
“Says who?” George asked. “You’ve made the most terrible
times of my life more bearable…I owe you alot Demilade…”
The car got to the gate of the house and they were surprised
to see that the gate was open and some policemen were inside the compound while their police vehicles blocked the house entrance. George parked the car and he and Demilade
got out, rushing into the compound in panic. As soon as they entered, everyone
turned to stare at them, whispering and pointing at them. Demilade begged her
heart not to panic, that there was really nothing wrong but she saw Rose sitting
on the ground in tears and she was so confused. It was when Rose whose puffy
cheeks from so much crying, turned to look at them in tears that Demilade felt
something rip her heart from her chest.
“Where is Bobo?” Demilade asked in a whisper.
“Rose…where is Bobo? What is going on here?” George asked
in panic.
“Na road we jus cross finish…na dia…dem carry am go…”
Rose wailed.
“Are you the mother of the young boy, Bobo?” A policeman
asked Demilade.
Demilade nodded slowly as though in a trance.
“We are sorry but information just reached us that he was
kidnapped in the late hours of the afternoon…we are doing everything possible
to …” The police man trailed off.
Demilade let out a deafening scream,

As soon as she said his name, she fell to the ground in a
helpless heap.


  1. Adaeze, you no try at all. You got me hooked up with your stories and now i'm given this dead end and have to wait till Friday before you release another piece.
    By the way, lovely story, you should be doing Nigerian TV series.
    You rock girl!


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