was having breakfast with his kids, they were all having cereal and from the
look on his children’s faces they were so happy that daddy was having breakfast
with them.
you taking us to school daddy?” Shade asked her dad sweetly.
you want…I mean…I have a meeting at twelve and that’s practically my whole
schedule for the day.” Bode said smiling back at his daughter.
yes! Yes! Yay!” Shade and her brother whopped for joy.

walked down the staircase, with her bag in her hand and a new signature scent
that was determined to paralyze everyone in the dining room.
finish your breakfast and stop talking…” She shunned Shade.
wasn’t talking…” Shade said.
quiet!” Tosin said to her daughter, she had quickly paid her children a brief
visit in their room in the wee hours of the morning. “Where is that freaking house help? Is there
no breakfast for me?” Tosin shouted.
should be…” Bode started but stopped when his phone rang, he stood up as soon
as he saw the caller ID and excused himself.
you’re not staying here in Lagos, Mommy…” Shade started.
have tons of work in Abuja…”
can we come to Abuja?” Her son asked.
wrong with Lagos?” Tosin asked her son.
boring without you here…” Her son who seldom spoke said.
sorry dear, but soon, when you grow up, you’ll understand why mom had to go to
Abuja…” She said.
maid came in wearing a skin tight dress and was quite shocked to see that her
madam was still around, she had thought she would leave super early for the airport.
is this? What are you wearing? Have you been attempting to seduce my husband
you fool?” Tosin screamed at the girl.
use bad words mom…or you’ll go to hell…” Her daughter cautioned.
ignored Shade and faced the maid. “When did this start? So, you couldn’t wait
for me to leave before flinging yourself before my husband right?” Tosin
No ma…I swear…na de only cloth I get for inside my bag…all my oda cloth dey for
line outside.” She defended herself.
you expect me to believe that? Go and pick them from the lines and wear
something decent even if it’s wet…and infact…” Tosin started and standing up
from the dining chair she, she motioned to the maid. “Show me to your
room now!”
maid walked ahead of her dutifully and soon they were headed to the boys’
quarters. On their way, Tosin shouted out to the nanny who was in the kitchen.
me some kerosene and matches.”
ooo…e nor reach like dat ooo” The maid cried as she walked to her room and opened the door.
are the clothes? Show me quick!” Tosin screamed and walked towards the wardrobe
where she pulled out the tattered bag of the girl and quickly started sifting
through the clothes in the girl’s bag. Most of the clothes were skimpy so, she
set them aside and when she was done, she kicked the clothes outside and taking
the kerosene she poured it on the clothing and struck the match.
maid cried bitterly as she watched her clothes burn right before her.
on the other hand was standing beside his car outside, speaking to Jumoke through the phone.
calling because you are not at work …and you are normally quite early. I hope
everything is fine. Nothing bad happened to the kids?” Jumoke was asking.
the contrary, they are very well…I decided to have breakfast with them and
delay them a bit because we have lots of catching up to do.” Bode said, happy
that she’d asked over his welfare and his kids.
cool…so you’ll be at work today then…” She said.
will…I really don’t have much to do today so…I might come in late…” He said.
wow!” She sounded disappointed.
anything the matter?” He asked.
mean…well…because of your extreme kindness to me, I took it upon myself to make
you something and because it’s food, I’m scared it might get cold by the time
you arrive.” Jumoke said.
you serious? That sounds nice…” He laughed.
terribly embarrassed, I shouldn’t have…I got home yesterday evening and kept thinking
of what to give you in return so…I went to the night market, got some foodstuffs and decided to make your favourite food. I know
it is, because you speak about it a lot. So, I woke up extra early and prepared Amala
and Ewedu.” She said.
That’s amazing…” He said, quite surprised.
you don’t want to eat…I understand…I should have thought of something else…I
honestly should have thought of something else. Now, I’m blabbing…am I
blabbing?” She asked.
so cute…this means so much and yes, I can die for Amala and ewedu…thank you so
much…I’ll go drop the kids off at school and come over to the office to have
the delicious meal…thank you so much…” Bode said again.
shout disrupted the phone call as she walked over to him barking like a dog.
How could you allow that little tramp to seduce you like this ehn?” She was
see you at the office then…” Bode said quickly and hung up. Turning to face his
raging wife, he asked. “What’s the problem dear?”
problem is, you let that stupid tramp dress seductively for you. Bode, I hope
you haven’t forgotten our vows!” His wife stated.
What has vows got to do with what you are talking about?” Bode asked.
maid! She has been dressing to seduce you and you haven’t been shunning her!”
if that’s my job!” Bode spat.
So, you mean that you liked everything she showed you huh?” His wife shouted.
you know that you have nothing important to say, get yourself back on that
bloody plane and go to Abuja. How can you leave your home unattended to for
more than a week and come back like a saint, to point accusing fingers. I won’t
have that! If you want a home devoid of skimpily clad maids, stay in
Lagos and make sure that such never finds its way into your home.” Bode shouted
and walked away from her.
stared at her husband. Was she was seeing a new side to him that she has never seen

had stepped into the office that morning at six forty-five pm, this time, she quickly answered her emails, got back to her superiors via email on the work she was
supposed to do and made sure she took no breaks all morning. Susan was a hard
worker and it was time she showed everyone in the office who she truly was.
Then again, she was one who never gave up easily and who never let anyone take
her for a ride, something she proved last night to Tom who was beginning to be
a torn in her flesh. 
She had just stopped for a coffee break when she heard
loud sobs in the office and some of her colleagues gather in groups discussing
something that gave them great grief. Soon it was a full blown news in the
office, Tom was dead, obviously killed by hired assassins they all presumed. 
Susan played her ‘shock’ part so well that it seemed like she had no idea of what
must have happened to him. She saw the two men she had had the sexual encounter with at Tom’s insistence, they both
walked past the main office and headed to the office they shared with grim expression on
their faces and Susan seized the opportunity to go and speak with them.
me for a moment…I just can’t believe this…” Susan said to some of her colleagues as she left them and hurriedly
followed the men.
As soon as she reached their office, she
put a foot through the door as they were about to shut it close, they
stopped short when they saw it was her and motioned that
she come in and close the door behind her.
happened? This is so sad…” Susan said in grief.
you see him yesterday? I mean…he was supposed to come get you…at your place…oh
my gosh! Tom!” John cried aloud.
didn’t see him…he called me but I was indisposed so I didn’t take my calls…should
I tell the management that he called me last night?” Susan started acting all innocent.
the management what? The police are deep in this investigation already and this
is a big case, the expatriate community are also on it. Oh my gosh! Listen, Susan, now is the time that the police will dig into anything…my family is at
stake here…do not…and I repeat, do not let anyone know that we all had
something. If anyone asks you, tell them that it was all business, am I clear?
The police are going to dig deep into this and they are going to try to dig out
shit and I can’t let our sex escapades get out into the open. May Tom’s soul rest
in peace but…this is the only way out.” John was saying.
Chuck nodded in affirmative.
know there was a video…of us…he …showed me…won’t that implicate us? Won’t that
show that we’ve been involved in orgies? That video could drag us in so we need
to destroy it from the source.” Susan said, trying hard to mask her relief.
to worry…we just watched the video in Tom’s system when he was editing it…after
which he transferred to his phone. Wait a minute! We need to destroy the video
in his computer!” John said alarmed.
worry about that…I’ll handle that…” Chuck said quietly.
take care of his driver too…none of our sexcapades must ever be leaked, not to
the police and not to anyone. As long as we are concerned, Tom was a diligent
man who worked hard and lived well. We can’t let his family have a bad memory of him and most importantly, we can’t drag ourselves into this mess…” John said.
is it then…Tom is gone…wow! Life is so unpredictable.” Susan said.
it is…please go back to your office now, I’ll hate staff to think we have
anything special going on here.” Chuck said.
nodded and left the office, she felt like jumping through the roof in glee.
Finally, she had succeeded, finally!
got back to her desk and saw a huge parcel on it, she was puzzled to see it because
she knew no one in the city.
security said it was delivered for you.” One of her colleagues who sat not too
far from her desk said to her. “I can’t believe Tom is gone…you knew him right?
You guys were pretty close…right? I’ve seen you walk into his office one time…” The lady said.
knew him so well…he…just wanted to teach me the ropes you know…for the company
and all…but it’s unfortunate that he’s gone…” Susan stammered.
is…” The girl said.
quietly unwrapped her gift, afraid that it was a bomb of some sort, as soon as
she opened the box containing the gift, she gasped in shock. In the box was a
sharp knife with a boldly written note next to it which read:

‘I know what
you did last night!’


  1. OMG!!!
    Adaeze no kill person with suspense and excitement, it feels like a Sheldon novel or Ludlum. Your gift will make ways for you and your name will become a household name too.


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