Cherry stood before the mirror and stared at her reflection.
It was a work day and she was determined to look her best. It was a Monday
morning and also the first time she was going to work after Sean’s death and
she didn’t want to look like the widowed bride or anything like that. She ran
the brush through her hair and smiled. She also had another motive for looking
good, Mitch’s office wasn’t far from hers and she knew today was his first day
at work from the conversation she’d eavesdropped yesterday when her sister was
telling her mother about Mitch’s progress. She stepped out of her room and soon
was out of the house, she had no car so she had ordered a taxi service, she
really wasn’t in the mood to take a bus.

She got to work in the nick of time and many of her
colleagues who knew about Sean’s death were so sympathetic with her, offering
her words of comfort.
“We’re so sorry for your loss dear.” Tina, one of her
colleagues said to her.
“Oh…there’s no need.” Cherry said.
“How do you mean by that? You were almost married to him.
Didn’t he meet your family already?” She asked.
“So?” Cherry asked.
The lady looked at Cherry and was confused, she wondered how
Cherry didn’t seem affected by her fiance’s death.
“Anyway, I pray you find the fortitude to bear loss.” Tina
“Don’t bother about that, I have already moved on.” Cherry
said and walked up to her desk.
Mitch smiled as his colleagues sang for him with a large
cake in their hands. It was a welcome back mini-party for him and he felt so
loved. He leaned on his crutch and smiled at them.
“Thank you all for this…I am really touched.” He said to
all his colleagues.
“We all missed you.” They said with a smile.
Soon, he was settled at his desk and working on a project.
As he worked, his mind strayed to Diamond and he picked his phone and dialled
her number.
“Hey…guess who’s back at work today?” He asked with a
“You ofcourse! I’m so proud of you…welcome back!” She said
with a giggle.
“Why are you giggling?” He asked with a wide smile.
“I know you’re feeling important now that you’re back to
work. I can remember you limping like a crab…” She laughed.
“You can talk now ehn…you know that if I’m close to you, I’d
have pinched you.” He said.
“Hahahahaa…but seriously, I am so happy for you. I am glad
that you survived the accident and that you are taking life one step at a time.”
She said.
“Yes and it’s all thanks to you.” He said.
“You know it’s not all me, your family contributed to your
speedy recovery and let’s not forget God too.” She said.
“Can we go out for lunch today? Your office is not too far
from mine.” He said.
“Hmmm…let me check my schedule and get back to you.”
“Look at you, forming important.” He teased.
“Of course I’m important jo…” She laughed.
“Yes you are…I was juts kidding but seriously, I want us
to go out for lunch today.”
“Okay then…sure.” She said.
“So it was shakara that you were doing before abi?” He asked
with a smile.
Diamond laughed and when the call was ended, he stared at
his screen with a wide smile. Diamond was really one of a kind, he thought.
Cherry waited for lunch time as though her life depended on
it, when the clock struck twelve, she stood up from her chair and taking her bag,
she walked into the toilet and refreshened up. Soon she was stepping out of her
office with a smile on her face. She took a keke to Mitch’s office as it wasn’t
far from hers and when she got there she walked up to the security post.
“Good afternoon.” She greeted the security man with a smile.
“Good afternoon madam, who are you here to see please?” He
“I am here to see Mr. Mitch, he just resumed today because
he had an accident.” She said.
The security man looked at her as though trying to recall
who Mitch was when she looked up to see Mitch limp towards the company car in
the office premises.
“Don’t bother…I’ve seen him.” She said and called out. “Mitch!
Hello! Mitch!”
She hurried up towards Mitch who turned to regard her in
“Hello dear…” She greeted.
“Cherry…” He said.
“Congrats on your first day back at work.” She said to him.
“What are you doing here?” He asked.
“Well…I want to invite you out for lunch so that we can
celebrate your first day at work together.” She said with a smile.
“Why would you do that?” He asked.
“I…just guessed that you’d want to do that for old timessake.”
She said.
“My memory is cleared of everything old.” He said.
“You haven’t lost your sense of humour.” Cherry said with a
“What do you want Cherry? I am on my way out.” Mitch said
looking at the driver whom his boss had loaned him to drive him out for lunch.
“Let’s go together…I wanted to go out for lunch with you
but since you’re on your way out, we could go together.” She said.
“Stop throwing yourself at me Cherry.”
“Me? Throwing myself at you? Aren’t you being a little
insultive?” She asked.
“Isn’t that what you are doing?” He asked.
“Don’t insult me Mitch…I’m doing all this because I care
for you.”
“Cherry If you don’t leave this office right now, I’ll have
the security men walk you out.”
“Mitch! What happened to you? It’s me Cherry! Have you
forgotten all we shared?”
“All we shared? You really want to bring that up?” He
sneered at her.
“I know I made a mistake and I regret the fact that it took
me so long to realize that what we had was so precious.” She said.
“Are you serious?” He asked with mock empathy.
“Please don’t mock me…don’t mock the love I have for you.”
“Love? For me? You disgust me Cherry!” Mitch spat and
limping over to the car, he got in.
Cherry stood there and watched as the car pulled out of the
driveway and left the compound. She wasn’t defeated yet, she thought to
herself, this was just the beginning.
Mitch was looking through the menu when Diamond walked into
the restaurant, she was wearing a bright red midi gown and nude heels. He
smiled when he saw her approach.
“I am so sorry for not joining you when you came to pick me
up at the office.” She said with a smile.
“I know you were busy….” He said.
“My boss had a lot for me to do and I needed to get back to
him on some things.” She said with a smile. “Enough about me, how are you? How
is your first day going?”
“It’s going pretty well…except for a minor hitch.”
“Minor hitch? What happened?” She asked worriedly. “I hope
you didn’t trip and fall off or something.”
“Your sister showed up at my office.”
Diamond looked at Mitch in surprise.
“My sister? Cherry?”
“Who else? She’s trying to patch things up with me.”
Diamond shook her head and rubbed her temple with her index
“Cherry never ceases to amaze me.” She said.
“I swear that the next time she approaches me, I’ll do
something I might regret.” He said.
“Calm down, Cherry is…errm…going through a lot right now.”
“Don’t make excuses for her, I still wonder how I managed to
date her for years without realizing how much of a schemer she is.” He said
“I know how you feel but she’s my twin sister…I can’t say
anything bad about her, it’ll be like stabbing myself at the back.” Diamond said
“I’m sorry I brought this up…I’m really sorry…I don’t
expect you to speak badly against your sister.” He said reaching over the table
to place his hand over hers.
“Can we change the topic and make our orders for lunch?” She
said with a smile.
“Sure…I’ll be having roast chicken and coconut rice.” He
said with a smile.
Diamond smiled back at him then began to look at the menu
she held, Mitch stared at her, he wondered how he’d never noticed how pretty
she was.
Madu watched his daughter sleep as they took a road trip to
the village with Emenike and his aunt. Last night, after the rescue, he had no
choice but to tell his aunt everything that had been happening in his life.
Aunt Scholastica had cried so hard he thought she’d never stop crying.
“Why are you crying auntie.” He’d asked.
“I just hate myself for not following my instincts. I wanted
to come to Lagos so desperately but things just came up from nowhere. Chei!
Stella ooo…how could she abandon her family? Her daughter…how?” His auntie
had cried.
Now, as he sat at the front seat of the vehicle while his
cousin drove the car, he turned to stare at the back seat where his daughter
was lying on his aunt’s lap asleep. He wondered what he’d have done if they
hadn’t found her, he’d have gone mad, that’s for sure, he thought.
He had agreed to follow his cousin to the village as he’d
been of great help to him in the search his daughter and he was more than
 Madu knew his life
was about to change, it was going to be a good change because he was going to
get back everything that rightfully belonged to him. He had suffered for so
long, scraping the streets with his shoes and receiving insults from people.
Now, the tables were about to turn and for his good too. Was he ready? He
Stella tried to open her eyes but found that it was shutting
close, she could tell that it was morning and from the pains she felt on her
body, she knew that she had been bruised badly. She also knew she had passed
out from the beatings she’d received from Duncan. She heard footsteps as it
seemed that someone was in the room with her and she groaned.
“Finally! You’re up! Do you know that because of you, I had
to skip work today huh?” Duncan sneered.
Stella couldn’t speak, she painfully swallowed her saliva
and tried to take in deep breaths.
“Did you hear what I said?” Duncan sneered at her again.
Stella forced her eyes open and found that it seemed swollen.
She rolled on her side and struggled to get off the bed.
“Are you listening to me? Stella!” He screamed at her.
Stella stood up from the bed with difficulty, she felt so
much pain in her abdomen and her head hurt badly. She made her way towards the
door leading out of the room when Duncan rushed up to her and dragged her back.
“Where do you think you’re going?” He spat at her.
Stella was angry, she tore herself away from his grasp and with
all the strength she could muster, she raced towards the door. Duncan followed
in hot pursuit. They reached the stairs and struggled for a bit but she was
able to free herself from his grasp. He tried dragging her back but when he
did, she moved away from him and he slipped and fell down the stairs. Stella
gasped in horror as Duncan rolled down the stairs like a bag of tissue paper.
He cracked his skull on the last step and there was silence.
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  1. My heart literally stopped when I got to the last line. Stella has had it tough o! I don't envy her at all. I hope Duncan survives that fall, although his accident is the ticket to Stella's freedom.
    I have subscribed for the thriller on MTN but when I clicked on the link, I was asked to enter my pin. What should that be, please?


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