It was a sunny Friday
and Ade sat impatiently and waited for her driver.

“Where the heck is
this Jonathan? Didn’t I call him hours ago to inform him that he’ll be driving
me to Allen Avenue?” Ade muttered angrily.
She was still fuming
when one of her colleagues knocked at her office door and walked in.
“Are you still
here? I thought you’d have left for Allen long ago. Do you know that traffic
has built up at this hour?” Her colleague said.
“I’m waiting for
that nut-case driver of mine. Jonathan is really getting on my nerves!”
Ade shouted.
“I saw him thirty
minutes ago at a fast-food off Adeola Odeku. I thought he was going to get
lunch for you. Though he was with a young lady…”
“What? Is Jonathan
using my car to pick up stray girls? This has to stop!” Ade said as she
picked up her phone and dialled Jonathan’s number.
Henrietta was still
picking her teeth in remembrance of the hot spicy meal she had just had at the
fast-food, courtesy, Jonathan. Now, as they drove towards her office in
silence, she pondered on what he had asked of her. She was still fighting with
her conscience on if she should agree or not when Jonathan’s phone rang. He
picked his phone, saw the caller ID and ignored it.
“Who’s that
babe?” Henrietta asked. She leaned over to glance at the caller ID, the
name started with a Miss.
“Oh…it’s one of
these girls that can’t take my No for an answer. Don’t bother about that. Now,
let’s talk about the topic we were discussing during lunch.”
“Oh Jonathan, why
can’t it wait?” Henrietta asked, desperation tinged in her voice.
“Wait? You know I
can’t wait…I know you’re a Virgin and I’m so blessed to have found one so
rare but I’m a man and a man has needs.”
“I can’t.” Henrietta
said and turned to look out the window.
“Why? Because I’m
not worth it or what?”
“Stop talking like
that, you know you’re worth it and more but…I’ve. Come a long way and I can’t
just throw it away at this point. It has to be on my wedding night.”
” What rubbish! So,
making love to me is throwing it away right? Am I that trashy?” Jonathan
asked starting to take offence at her words.
“Please babe…I’m
sorry…I didn’t mean that.. you know what? Lemme think about it….we
shouldn’t quarrel because of this okay.”
Jonathan wasn’t
listening, his eyes were on the road ahead and his countenance was really sore.
Henrietta almost wept, she felt so bad to have refused him of the only thing he
had ever asked of her. She was about to speak when Jonathan said.
“Would you wait in
the car for me? I want to pick up something quickly.” He said as he parked
the car and got out.
Henrietta let out a deep
sigh. ‘Wasn’t Jonathan worth the price of her virginity? She was still
pondering deeply when Jonathan’s phone rang again.
She saw it charging
between the seats and quickly picked it up. The caller ID read, Miss Ade,
Henrietta hissed.
these desperate women, trying to snag my man. look at her name sef…miss Ade.
it sounds like something from the factories.”
The phone continued to
ring and Henrietta picked it up.
“Hello…who is
this?” Henrietta asked rudely.
“Where is
Jonathan?” Ade asked.
“Are you stupid? Is
he your messenger? Please call his name with respect, he’s not your mate.”
Henrietta breathed down the phone.
“What little twart
is this?” Ade asked in a voice laced with anger.
“The little twart
is his babe, his girlfriend and the woman of his life. Something you’ll never
be! Take this advice dear, stop calling his phone! He’s a busy man and he
doesn’t need your kind to disturb him okay!”
“Who the hell are
you? Give the phone to Jonathan now….” Ade shouted.
Henrietta didn’t wait to
listen further, she cut the call. As soon as she dropped the phone, Jonathan
got back to the car and started the engine. They found their way back to the
road and drove off.

Nkechi bent to pick the
fallen tomato from the wooden table in the stall.
“God bless you my
daughter.. you go marry better husband.” said the woman who owned the
“Thank you
ma.” Nkechi replied as she dropped the tomatoes back on the table and made
her way out of the market.
Nkechi knew she was a
good woman, the kind that any man would love to have in his home. The woman who
would cook, clean, wash, look pretty and above all take care of his needs at
night. Nkechi was all that and more, being the first daughter of her mother and
the tenth child of her father, she had grown up in a polygamous home. All her
life, she had watched her mom and her father’s wives struggle for their
husband’s attention, most times fighting in the process.
While Nkechi walked out
of the market, she remembered her mother’s teaching, her mom had taught her
well. She had taught her everything she knew, from cooking to pleasing a man
and she had learnt it all at a young age. She remembered how young boys flocked
to her hostel in the university and how she was nicknamed ‘Nkybaby’ all because
she treated them like kings fit for a palace. But at the end of the day, after
all her hard- work, none of the men she’d taken care of, was bold enough to
take her to the altar. They always ended the relationships first and each time
they left her heartbroken. She had changed churches countless times, all for
miracles but to no avail, every time she received a prophesy, it never came to
She boarded a taxi and
gave him Emeka’s street address and soon they were on their way to his house.
Her new home. The very first day Nkechi stepped her feet into Nduka’s home she
had picked up the sand from the ground of the house and spoken to it. She had
“This house must
favour me and as I have stepped in, may I never step out unless Emeka marries
Now as she journeyed to
Emeka’s house, to prepare a meal of chicken stew with rice, Nkechi marked time
till Emeka became hers.

“I had to sack him
and could you believe he was threatening me?” Ade said into the phone.
Emeka laughed harder
than he had ever laughed in a long time, he really missed Ade.
“Why wouldn’t he
threaten you? You’ve cut off his source of livelihood.” Emeka said still
” I should throw
you a punch you know…” Ade joked and laughed.
They were chatting on
the phone and had been doing so for the past forty minutes. Emeka had called to
ask Ade how she was and she had delved into the happenings of the past three
“So you didn’t go
to Allen again abi?” Emeka asked.
” How could I? When
I had sent my driver packing after his so-called girl friend insulted me.
Besides you know how I hate driving on the third mainland bridge…. its scary.
I hope I get a new driver soon.” Ade sighed.
“I’ve missed you
babe.” Emeka whispered
“I have missed you
more. It’s like ages since we laughed like this you know….” Ade said.
“Yes I know and
it’s all my fault. Did I ever apologise for letting you go the first time?
Because I promise not to do so again.”
“No…I’m the one
that should apologise….I should never have disrespected you from the start. You
know what Emeka?”
“Why don’t we start
from scratch. I don’t think I’ve appreciated you well enough. I’ve seen things
happen and I mean real things to know that…life is lived just once and I want
to live it with no one else but you. So, I’ve decided to take up a catering
course…during my free time so that I can make you those special meals that
you love so much.”
“Are you serious?
Wait, am I speaking with the same Adeola Bode- George?”
“Yep! In flesh and
“You don’t know
what this means to me. Why don’t we catch up on old times and meet after work
since you’re not going to Allen anymore today? Let’s go to the Palms, watch a
movie and hang out.”
“Yes… I’d love
that very much. There’s a new Nigerian movie that’s out in the cinemas, it
stars Omotola, Omoni and Desmond…will love to watch that movie.”
“That would be
great! I’ll check what time it’ll show for tonight.” said Emeka.
They said their goodbyes
and hung up. Emeka was elated, he had just dropped his phone when he heard the
text message beep. He picked the phone again and scrolled through the message.
It read:
‘Hey dear, I took today
off work to make you something special. You’ll never guess what it is! And
after that, I’ve planned a brief but long session for later. Can’t wait to see
you. I love you. Nkechi’
Emeka groaned loudly, he
quickly replied.
‘Sorry can’t make it for
dinner. Will eat the food tomorrow. Please keep it in the fridge and leave my
keys under the doormat. Thanks a mil for the thought and gesture. Have a lovely
As soon as the message
was confirmed as sent, he turned to his computer hurriedly checking out the
movie typing in the cinema that he and Ade were going to see.

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If anyone was to
describe Moses, he would be described as the only guy in the world who didn’t
have enemies or hated anyone but as at today, Moses hated someone greatly and
she was no other than Ngozi. Since he arrived at his brothers house on Sunday, Ngozi
had been out of his way, yet there was something very discomforting about her
presence. She sneaked around so much and she appeared around the house in the
nights just like a mouse much to his fear and dread. And to top it off, she
whispered a lot.
Moses was spooked! His
brother’s house grew scarier by the minute and something told him that something
wasn’t right.
He quickly flipped
through television stations when her eerie whisper  jolted him from his reverie. Why did she do
that every time? He asked himself.
“There’s food on
the table, please go and eat.” Ngozi said.
“I’m not hungry
yet.” He started. Then after a short pause, he asked, “Ngozi, where
is my brother?”
Ngozi couldn’t have been
more outstounded by his question. When she came into the sitting room to tell
Moses that his food was served she was jolted by the fact that he was seated in
the same position as Nduka had, the night he’d died. She remembered coming to
ask him to have dinner and he too was flipping through channels on the
television looking bored and uninterested till she called him to eat the ofe
nsala meal she’d prepared. That was a night she could never forget.
Now as she stared at
Moses, Nduka’s brother she wondered how her life had turned out this way. Was
it a crime to be in love? She asked herself.
“Errr…I thought I
told you already…he went to Seychelles.” Ngozi replied.
“Are you sure
you’re his fiance?” Moses asked her.
“What do you mean
by that?” Ngozi asked offended.
“Because if I have
a pretty fiance like you waiting for me at home, I’ll make sure I call you each
and every day and also hurry back home to you. The scenario you’re painting
with my brother is not the ideal relationship I’m used to.”
“Well, we’ll
appreciate it if you don’t meddle into our business. We’ve lived together for
so long that it’s like we are married already so…”
“Does marriage mean
love is dead? Ngozi, if this is how your love life with my brother is, now that
you two are not married, then, something drastic must be done.”
“I’m not going to
talk about your older brother’s relationship with you. When you’re ready…your
food is at the dinning. I have to step out for a while. Will be back soon.”
Moses nodded and faced
the television again. As soon as he heard the door close he hurried to the
curtains and peeped out through the window and watched as Ngozi got into her
car. Not wasting time, he ran to the corridor leading to the rooms and entered
Ngozi’s room. All the while he couldn’t stop muttering,
“She’s hiding
something…I know she is.”
Moses counted the days
since he arrived Lagos. It was five whole days in total and since he came he
hasn’t heard anything about his brother. He quickly scanned her room and left
it hurriedly. He didn’t know what he was looking for but he was sure that Ngozi
was hiding something from him.
He went back to the
sitting room and something drew his attention to the kitchen. He entered it and
scanned the small area within the kitchen and was about to leave when he saw
the door hidden behind one large cupboard. ‘what could be in there?’ he asked
himself as he quickly moved the cupboard aside and tried opening the door. A
mental though tcame to his mind about Nduka being chained up inside the room
but he shrugged it away, he wasn’t one for paranoia.
The door was latched
shut and he tried forcing it open to no avail. ‘why was it locked?’ He asked
himself. ‘What did she keep there?’ Determined to open the door by all means
possible, he forced his weight on the door but it didn’t open. He forced it
again but it didn’t budge, he threw all his weight on it and this time, it
opened. Moses rubbed his sore arm and when he was about to go in, he heard a
Turning quickly, he saw
a shocked looking Ngozi staring murderously at him. It was at that point that
he knew that Ngozi had something to hide.

As soon as Ngozi had
stepped out of the house, the PHCN had seized the light and Ngozi had hurried
back home to switch on the generating set only to see Moses in her kitchen.
Even thought the freezer was locked, it wasn’t something that couldn’t be
tampered with. And the generator was needed for the freezer to keep preserving
Nduka till she had found a miraculous way to saving his life.
“I err…chased a
rat in here…it was running around the house so…I wanted to kill it.”
Moses stammered.
“O…okay err…I
found out that I didn’t need anything from the stores anymore. I’m sure the rat
must have escaped…please close the door.” Ngozi said to him.
Moses quickly shut the
door close like a zombie, as he was about to leave the kitchen, Ngozi said to
his retreating framw.
“I’ll appreciate it
if you’d stay away from my personal stuff, the kitchen included. Whether you’re
looking for a rat or not!”

The silence was awkward
and Moses nodded and left the kitchen hastily. Ngozi let out a huge sigh of
relief, she touched the door to the store room where Nduka lay and wept



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