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The room was deadly silent as the steel fell to the tiled
floor in a loud thud. Cherry stood there at the entrance to the sitting room trembling
and shaking. She couldn’t believe it, she had never thought she’d go this
extreme. She stared at the knife at her feet and burst into tears.

“I’m sorry…oh my God! What came over me? I am so sorry…”
Cherry said falling to her knees in tears.
Diamond, Mitch, Jerry and their mother turned to stare at
Cherry who was shaking like a leaf. They stared at the knife at her feet and
stared at her in shock.
“What did…did you intend to do with that?” Her mother
Cherry replayed in her mind the scenario she’d so
desperately wanted to pull off a few minutes and trembled more, she couldn’t
believe she’d actually imagined striking her sister with the knife, she felt so
“I don’t know what came over me mom, I am so sorry…I don’t
know what I’ve turned into…please forgive me.” She cried as tears streamed
from her face.
Mitch hurried over to pick up the knife and inched away from
her. Diamond stared at her sister apprehensively, she walked up to her and crouched
beside her.
“Hey…Cherry, it’s okay…” Diamond said comfortingly. “You
didn’t mean to do it, you were blinded with anger.”
“All you’ve ever been to me was a good sister, you supported
me, you even covered up for me but how did I want to pay you in return? I
wanted to stab you…I’m a devil…I’m a horrible person.” She cried.
“No you’re not, you’re just a bit disturbed but you’re not a
horrible person sis…you’re a good person.” Diamond said pulling her into her
arms for a hug. “I forgive you, I know how hard it is for you to accept the fact
that Mitch and I are going to be together and I’m sorry that I chose Mitch
instead of someone else….”
“No, you two deserve each other. You are selfless, loving,
kind and sincere. Mitch was never mine from the start, he was yours and he
always will be.” Cherry said and breaking the hug she looked up at Mitch. “I’m
sorry Mitch, for everything that I caused you, for every tear you shed for me,
for every hurt I brought your way, I am truly sorry.”
“I’ve forgiven you Cherry…” Mitch said not knowing
whatelse to say.
Their mother walked up to them and hugged them tightly.
“Hatred is really as strong as love and I am glad that love
triumphed after all. You didn’t go ahead with your evil intent because you
realized how much you love your sister and how much she’s a part of you. I am
glad that at the end of it all, you remembered your upbringing and decided to
block the evil thoughts in your head.” Their mother said to Cherry with tears
in her eyes.
“I’m sorry mummy, for all the troubles I put you through,
for every bad word I uttered, for every time I didn’t listen to you. I am really
sorry.” Cherry cried.
Their mother hugged them tightly while their brother joined
in the hug, it was a bittersweet moment.
Stella stared at the address in her hands and stared at the
building again. Her sister stood behind her as silent as a mouse as she too
stared at the building before them.
“Are you sure this is the address?” Stella asked her sister
without turning to look at her.
“Yes, I called Madu and he gave me this address.”
“Does he know I’m coming?”
“Well…I told him you’d like to see your daughter.” Her
sister said.
Stella looked at the paper with the address again and stared
at the house, she couldn’t believe it.
“Are you sure we’re not in the wrong house?”
“How can you know if you don’t go in?” Her sister said.
Stella nodded and took a small step forward. What happened?
How did Madu amass such wealth? She thought to herself as she rang the bell at
the gate.
The gate opened and a young man stared at her strangely.
“Good afternoon…I am here to see Mr. Madu.” Stella
“Mr Madu?” The young man said as though not understanding what she was talking about.
Stella turned to regard her sister as though to say, ‘I told
you we’re in the wrong place’ when she heard a small voice.
Stella turned around and tears fell from her eyes.
“Kamsi!” She said.
Kamsi was at the gate with a bicycle which was obviously
quite difficult to ride. Kamsi dropped the bike by the side and rushed into her
mother’s arms. The gate man was surprised as he tried to pry her away from
“She’s my daughter…she’s my…” Stella said hugging her
daughter fiercely.
“I’ve missed you mummy, where have you been?” Kamsi hugged
her mother back.
“I’ve missed you too my little sweetheart, I’ve missed you
so much.” Stella said.
Stella sister touched Kamsi’s hair affectionately and she
looked up at her.
“Auntie…you’re here too.”
“Yes I am.” Stella’s sister said to her niece.
“Come inside…c’mon in.” Kamsi said as her mother lifted
her up into her arms.
A young girl walked up to the gate with a frown on her face
and with her hands on her hips.
“Kamsi, how many times have I told you not to run to the
gate?” The girl said.
“I heard my mummy’s voice.” Kamsi said to the girl.
The girl stared at Stella and her sister.
“Good afternoon…” She greeted.
“I’m Kamsi’s mother, is her father at home?” Stella asked.
“No ma, he went out but his aunt is at home.” The girl said.
“Meet Youme, she helps out around the house and she takes
care of me.” Kamsi introduced the girl to her mother.
The girl smiled slightly and the gateman opened the gate
wider for them to come inside. Stella couldn’t believe how beautiful the house
was on the inside, she kept staring at the compound in open admiration.
“You like our new house right?” Kamsi asked with a smile.
“Yes, it’s lovely…it’s really lovely.” Stella said with a
“Do you know that this is the house daddy grew up in?
Daddy’s father built this house long ago but he didn’t get it back till now.”
Kamsi informed.
Stella knew Madu’s story so well, she knew how his father’s
people had taken all that belonged to him and threw him out into the streets.
She was surprised that they’d returned his parent’s property to him.
“This house is so empty without you mummy, promise that
you’ll come back.” Kamsi said.
Stella could only smile bitterly in response, it would take
a miracle for Madu to ever let her pay regular visits to her child, talk more
of returning to him as his wife. Duncan had killed her self-esteem, she didn’t
feel she deserved a man like Madu or even her daughter.
Madu and Emenike alighted from the car laughing like good
old friends, they had just left the company where Emenike was helping Madu
learn the ropes.
“We should hang out at a bar sometime.” Emenike said to
Madu. “Gisting over drinks is so much fun.”
“Yes we should, it’s been so long since I hung out at a
bar…you know.” Madu said as they walked up to the house.
“Really? How long?”
“I think the last time I hung out at a bar was when Kamsi
was born. I went out to celebrate with friends on the arrival of my daughter
“What? Are you kidding me? What sort of a man are you? I
can’t believe we share the same blood.”
“Life happened. I had to take full responsibility of my
daughter right from the moment she was born. I used to decline offers to hang
out because I wanted to spend more time with her and by the time I lost my job,
I was a full-time stay at home dad. I guess I just got used to not hanging out.”
“You need to be rebaptized.” Emenike said and they both
Madu pushed open the door to the house and stepped in with
his cousin. The interior of the house boasted of two massive sitting rooms joined
together, downstairs while the upstairs had a big sitting room and five rooms.
The house also had boys’ quarters for two household staff. They heard noise
coming from the television in the second sitting room and they both walked in.
As soon as Madu stepped in, he froze in his tracks. Stella
was seated on the sofa watching television with his aunt while Kamsi’s head was
nesting on her lap. As soon as Stella saw him, she jerked causing Kamsi to wake
“Daddy…” Kamsi greeted leaving her mother to hug him.
Madu didn’t speak, he just stared at his wife in silence.
“Mummy came and I told her not to go.” Kamsi said.
“Yes, Kamsi insisted that I stay with her…I
was…was…about to leave but she…she…” Stella stammered.
“Youme!” Madu called out.
The young girl rushed into the sitting room.
“Take Kamsi to bed.” Madu said.
Kamsi looked at her father with tears in her eyes.
“Don’t send mummy away please…” Kamsi begged.
“Go to bed Kamsi, you have school tomorrow.” Madu said to
his daughter.
As soon as she left, aunt Scholastica stood up from the sofa
and motioned to Stella’s sister to join her. Emenike stood there and stared at
Stella in open hostility.
“So she’s the one huh? She’s the one who left you for the
finer things of life.” Emenike spat.
“Can you excuse us please?” Madu asked.
Emenike stared at Madu for a while and walked away. When
they were left alone, Stella looked at her feet as she couldn’t look at her
husband in the eye.
“How are you Stella?” Madu asked.
Stella couldn’t believe the first words Madu had said to her
was to enquire on her welfare. She looked up at him as tears welled in her
“I feel…empty.” She said to him. “So empty.”
“Have you had anything to eat? Did my aunt offer you
anything?” He asked.
Stella looked at him as tears poured from her eyes.
“Why are you being so nice to me? I’d rather you insult me,
and call me names for abandoning our family. It’s unbearable to have to speak
so nicely to me…when I’ve been so bad.”
Madu shrugged and said nothing.
“I know it’s too late to say this but I’m sorry. I now
realize that there’s nothing better than a strong and good family. I expected a
thrashing from your aunt and yes, she was upset with me but after a while, she
spoke to me about life and how I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. I am not
asking you to take me back because I know I don’t deserve you but I just want
you to know that you’re a good man, you are priceless, you didn’t have anything
and you tried so hard to make me happy while I abused your kindness. Even now,
with all your wealth, you’re still the same man I met and married, you are
“I understand that you want to see Kamsi from time to time
and I’d like you to know that you can come and see her whenever you want.” He
said to her.
Stella nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes.
“Why don’t you go up to her room to bid her goodnight? I’m
sure that’ll mean a lot to her.” He said.
“Thank you…thank you… you have such a heart of gold.”
As she left the sitting room, Madu stared at her retreating
back and sighed, he knew he couldn’t be cruel to her even after all she’d done.
Three weeks later, Madu and Emenike sat at a bar and gisted
about life. Stella was a frequent visitor at the house as she paid her daughter
a visit on a daily basis.
“Tell me bro, are you really allowing that woman to weave
her way back into your life? Don’t think I don’t see that she visits the house
frequently to see her daughter and waits till you return home before leaving.”
Emenike said raising his glass to his lips. “She’s out to get you back.”
“Well…she’s entitled to see her daughter.” Madu said.
“You’re divorcing her right?” Emenike asked. “You have to
divorce her.”
Madu didn’t respond.
“Don’t tell me you’re thinking of taking her back. Listen to
me Madu, that woman is not worth the trouble! There are loads of women out
there who’d love to be your wife and take care of your daughter like she’s
theirs. Don’t go back to your vomit…c’mon.” Emenike said.
Madu looked at his cousin and said.
“She hasn’t said anything to me about coming back into my
life, besides I allowed her visit our daughter.”
“Don’t you see that she’s slowly weaving her way back into
your life? Did you forget what happened two days ago? She prepared dinner all
in the pretence that her daughter wanted her to cook for her. If she wanted to
cook for her daughter, why didn’t she cook for her child alone and forget about
cooking for the house in general?”
“I’ve learned that in life, we all make mistakes no matter
how small. When Stella left me, I fell into Anita’s trap and I almost ruined my
life because of that woman but for some reason, I came out unscathed. I have
made my mistakes and so have many people in life. For instance, your dad and my
uncles sent me out of my parents house at a young age and I practically fed
from hand to mouth for over twenty years of my life and they wouldn’t have
returned my properties to me if bad things didn’t start happening to them. What
I’m saying in essence is, as humans, we really don’t have a long time to live
on this earth; rich or poor, sick or healthy, tall or short, beautiful or ugly,
and we all make mistakes. If I forgave those who threw me out and disinherited
me and made me suffer for years, all in one day, what more my wife who I
pledged to love. You see, everyone expects life to go the way they planned it
but life has its own plans for us, sometimes, it’s good, sometimes, it’s not so
good. Stella has asked for my forgiveness and I have forgiven her. She hasn’t
asked to come back into my life and if she does, I’ll make a decision. I can’t
hold on to hate forever.”
Emenike looked at Madu, he was speechless.
“You’re really an old soul. I’ve never viewed life the way
you see it and if that’s what works for you, I support you a hundred percent.”
“I haven’t said I’m taking her back but I’d like to see her
try to win her family back.” Madu said and lifted his glass to his lips and
drank his beer.
Cherry held on to Diamond’s wedding dress as they both
walked down the aisle, she had helped her sister chose the ivory wedding dress
and she was so glad that it looked stunning on her.
Mitch stood at the altar, waiting for his bride, he looked
so gorgeous and dapper in his blue tuxedo suit.
Their families stood in the pews and watched with joy as
their children prepared to say their vows. The moment couldn’t have been
Cherry was taking life one step at a time, she had retraced
her footsteps and vowed to stay away from dating for a while as she
rediscovered herself. She was pursing a master’s programme and was focusing on
it for now. She had asked Mitch’s family for forgiveness for all she’d caused
their son and they had readily forgiven her, she felt as light as a bird.
Stella knew she had to tell her parents the truth, she had
hidden it for too long and she was tired of hiding any longer. Her parents had
come to Lagos for a family wedding and they’d decided to stop by at her place.
They were so surprised to see that she was living in a hotel with her sister.
“What is going on here? What happened to your family home?
Your husband…” Her mother had shrieked.
Stella broke down and told her family the whole story; they
were bitter and angry over their daughter’s actions. Stella had informed them
that Kamsi was with Madu so they decided to pay Kamsi a visit at her father’s
house and Stella joined them as well as her sister.
When they got to the house, Madu received them warmly, he
didn’t show any resentment of any sort. He spoke to them just the way he used
to and he made sure they were comfortable. After seeing their grandchild, they closed
the door of the sitting room for a private family discussion. Emenike, aunt
Scholastica and Madu sat on one side of the sitting room while Stella, her
sister and parents sat on the other side of the sitting room.
“What our daughter did to you was wrong.” Stella’s father
said bitterly to Madu. “We had no idea of all that was going on till we decided
to pay her a visit and saw her living in a hotel.”
“We are really disappointed in Stella…so disappointed…”
Stella’s mother said in tears.
Stella stood up from the sofa and walked over to kneel
before her parents.
“I am sorry…I am very sorry, I can’t blame anyone but
myself. I was carried away by all Duncan offered me. He had wealth, power and
many other things I felt were impossible for Madu. It was when I got into his
house that I realised that I’d stepped into a trap. He beat me terribly on
several occasions, he stripped my job from me, he stopped me from contacting my
daughter, my parents and siblings. Now, I know that all I suffered in his hands
were to teach me a lesson for abandoning what I had all because of greed. I am
really sorry…I am so sorry…” She cried.
“Don’t apologise to us! We are not your husband…you didn’t
wrong us but you wronged your husband and child.” Her father shouted at her.
“It’s okay…please Stella, rise…don’t cry…we know how
sorry you are.” Madu said walking over to her to help her up to her feet.
“You’re too kind to me Madu, I don’t know what good I did to
deserve you.” Stella said.
“We have all learnt from our mistakes. Let’s forget the past
and move on to the future.” Madu said.
Everyone looked at him in surprise, Stella’s parents couldn’t
believe what he’d just said.
“Are you saying…are you saying you’ll have her back?”
Stella’s mother asked.
“Don’t put words into his mouth.” Auntie Scholastica said. “He
said that we should move to the future and not that he wants her back. Stella
has wronged Madu. Who says she won’t do the same again if given another chance?”
“Auntie…I know that I lost your trust when I  abandoned your son
and grandchild and I vow that if they have me back, I’ll never…ever hurt them
again. I promise…I promise…” Stella cried.
Aunt Scholastica stared at Stella and said nothing. Stella
looked at Madu with tears in her eyes.
“I know I shouldn’t ask this but …but…I have to ask if
…if there’s room in your heart to accept me back. I promise that I’d live
under your terms, whatever you tell me to do, I’ll do it…just …just accept
me back…I beg of you.”
Madu didn’t respond.
“I know it’s so hard to forgive me after all I’ve done, even
after I aborted the baby…and…” Stella sobbed.
“Aborted what?” Aunt Scholastica screamed as she jumped off
the sofa.
Stella’s parents stood up in shock and stared at their
“Stella! You did what?” Her mother asked.
“I was stupid…I was so stupid…I let Rhoda push me…I
let greed push me.” She cried.
“That’s the height of it all! I won’t allow her back into
this house! She did what? She aborted my grandchild? What?” Aunt Scholastica
“Madu, say something…” Emenike said quietly.
Madu looked at his cousin and sighed, Stella had just opened
a can of worms.
“Did you have to go that far? Is that what greed pushed you
into?” Stella’s mother screamed at her.
Stella burst into tears, she was so sad.
“Please Madu…I beg of you…take me back…I vow to
never…” She cried.
“She’s still begging to be accepted back after killing our
child! You have the nerve Stella! You have the nerve!” Aunt Scholastica spat.
“Enough!” Madu said firmly.
Everyone turned to stare at Madu in silence.
“If you’re ready to come back home, the door is
wide open.” Madu said to Stella.
There was a loud gasp as everyone stared at Madu in
“This is jazz!” Auntie Scholastica said open mouthed.
Stella burst into tears as she hugged Madu close, she
thought she’d lost it all but right here was a man who showed her that true
forgiveness was real.
The End
prayed and understanding was given me; I entreated and the spirit of Wisdom
came to me. I esteemed her more than scepters and thrones; compared with her, I
held riches as nothing’. (Wisdom 7:7)
This season of Wife Material throws light on forgiveness. From
Cherry, Diamond and Mitch to Stella and Madu, there wouldn’t have been a happy
ending without true forgiveness. Forgiveness heals all wounds, mends broken
hearts and breaks the chasm of hate.
Let us learn to forgive from the heart.
Thank you so much for being amazing readers. Let’s hope for
a new episode soon….
God bless you all.
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  1. Ada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this ending is superb, I almost wish you would continue with a part 2.

    God bless you,looking forward to more books from you.

    Have you thought of compiling your past stories into volumes?

  2. But would Stella go bck to Madu and begged if he was still stuffing? Hmm "True forgiveness" ….Wonderful story and ending.Thumbs up Ms. Ada!

    • @May that is exactly what I was thinking. I think he let her back to soon. She should have really worked to earn her forgiveness considering all she did. If it was the reverse no one would want the woman to go back.


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