Ella yelled like a crazy woman and rushed up to her husband and the woman he was having sex with, out in the open. She screamed as she dragged Jacob away from the woman and he fell to the ground. With the strength that Ella didn’t know she possessed, she began dishing Jacob with blows and wailing in tears at the same time. The prostitute quickly slipped out and left the scene.

“Whaat…whaaa…are you doing here?” Jacob started but after seeing that there was nothing he could say to defend himself, he cried. “Honey, it is the work of the devil, I am totally innocent.”

Ella got off from him and began to cry.

“How could you? Everyone pointed this out to me but I turned a deaf ear. They told me that you are nothing but a gold digger and a lying and cheating husband but I refused to listen.” She cried.

“Ella…I’m drunk…I am tipsy on alcohol, and I swear that I didn’t know when that woman came to meet me. In fact, I can’t remember anything…” He said.

“You are a bastard!” Ella spat, shocked at herself for using such a foul word. “I regret the day I presented you to my parents as my husband and I rue the day I met you!” Ella spat and turning on her heels, she stormed off.

Jacob struggled to wear his trousers and just as he had buckled his belt, he heard loud clap. He looked up see Lola standing before him with a smug grin on her face.

“She don catch you abi? You nor be better pesin Jacob, in fact ehn, women suppose to dey run from you. You be devil!”

“What did you do? How did Ella find me here?” Jacob asked.

“Na me send you message? I nor sabi anything wey consign you ooo…as you see me so ehn, I just dey my lane jeje.”

Jacob rushed up to her in anger but he missed a step and fell on his face. Lola hurried out of the place, laughing as she left.

“Ella! I love you! Ella please…” Jacob began to cry.


Jude sat beside his sister in the hospital and held her palm in his, he looked so relived. When he’d received the call from the nurse, telling him the hospital that she was in, he had rushed down to the place even though it was in the middle of the night. Evanesa and his mother had come too but they had gone straight to the police station.

Jessica opened her eyes and gave him a small smile.

“You’ve been through a lot already.” He said to her. “You were just discharged from the hospital and now, here you are again.”

“Zach is scum.” She said.

“Yes, he is…he is an evil man and he needs to be locked behind bars.” Jude said. “If he wanted to marry two wives, why didn’t he say so? Besides, this country accepts polygamy.”

“If he had told us his intentions, we would never have agreed to marry him.” Jessica said slowly. “And I think he was thrilled with having to keep us a secret from each other.”

“Mom went with Evanesa to the police station, her former colleague is the DPO’s sister and I assure you, Zach will be arrested.” Jude said.

“I feel so sad for Queen and her son, they don’t deserve this at all.” Jessica said.

“And neither do you, Jessica.” Her brother said.

When Jessica kept silent, he said.

“What happened? What really happened at the house? You said that your body was almost disposed by Zach if Queen hadn’t saved you.”

“Immediately I left mum’s house, I headed over to Queen’s place to be sure that what you guys had told me was the truth. You remember that I told you that Zach had left me at home with the excuse that he had business to settle. So, I went to Queen’s house, knocked at the door and to my surprise, Zach answered the door. I can’t explain what I felt at that instant but I think my heart stopped and I lost consciousness, only to open my eyes and find myself in the booth of the car.”

“I went to Queen’s house and asked if you were there with her but she said no, I also recall that she was acting a bit strange.” He said.

“Zach must have threatened her to keep silent.”

“The doctors said you had a minor heart attack and that you are lucky to have survived it.”

Jessica nodded.

“Yes, I guess that’s what made me lose consciousness. I blame myself for loving Zach and believing the rubbish he told me about Queen.” She said with tears in her eyes. “I think I felt so betrayed when I saw him in Queen’s house, that I lost consciousness. It proved that all you guys told me was true, Zach had told Queen that I was a psycho who was obsessed with him and immediately after he’d dropped me at home from the hospital, he’d disappeared to be with Queen and her son. I feel so used and I feel like a fool.”

“You are not a fool Jess, you were lied to by a man you vowed to love and trust.”

“Are there good men out there? I don’t think I’d ever trust any man enough to marry him.”

“Don’t say that, we have good men out there and one day, you will find someone better than Zach….I promise.”

Jessica nodded, tears tugged at the corner of her eyelids.



Queen shivered as she packed the last of the clothing and pushed it into the luggage. After their neighbour had brought in her son, she’d felt as though her world had crumbled. Zach had held on to Junior all through the night as he had even slept the little boy’s room.

Their neighbour had told them that Jessica was unconscious at the hospital and that seemed to make Zach relax as he’d told her that first thing in the morning, they were leaving the vicinity for a while.

Queen wanted to leave but she wanted to leave with her son and not with Zach, she wanted the nightmare to end and she was worried about Jessica. As she packed their luggage, she wondered what life had in store for her. She didn’t want the marriage anymore as all she wanted was to take her son and start a new life with him, someplace far away. She needed to tell Zach that she could never trust him again after the lies and deception. All these thoughts went through her head when she heard the bell ring. She startled. ‘Who can that be?’ she wondered. She stepped out of the bedroom and made her way to the door but Zach hurried out of Junior’s bedroom with his son in his arms.

“Go back inside.” He ordered.

Queen stubbornly stood there.

“It’s not even five am in the morning. Who could that be?” Zach said aloud as he held on to his sleeping son and opened the door.

Zach’s breath caught in his throat when he saw the team of policemen standing at the door with Evanesa and his mother-in-law.

“What…what is happening?” Zach asked in fear.

“Is this the residence of Mr. Zaccheus Izamojie?” An officer asked.

“I…err…I…” Zach stammered.

“That’s the man! Arrest him!” Jessica’s mother shouted.

“Unlock the burglary proof, Mr. Zach, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Mrs Jessica Izamojie.” The police officer said.

“Murder? I swear…I didn’t…I didn’t do anything…” Zach started.

“Unlock the burglary proof and do not try anything stupid.” The officer said. Then addressing the second officer, he said. “Go and check if there’s a back door. Make sure you take position there.”

“Sir…officer…I am not a dangerous person. You are almost sounding like I’m a criminal…” Zach laughed nervously.

“Do as we say mister and unlock this gate.” The officer demanded.

“The funny thing is…I don’t know where the keys are….”Zach started.

“Officers, I have the key.” Queen shouted as she quickly made her way to the door.

Zach looked at Queen and didn’t know what to say but from his facial expression, he looked mad.

“This is a big mistake officers, I don’t think you know whom you are attempting to arrest. I am a realtor, one of the most popular in the country and I am a decent man…”

Queen unlocked the burglary proof and tried to take her son from Zach’s arms.

“No! He’s my son and I won’t let him stay with you. He is coming with me to the station.” Zach said.

“If I were you, I’ll shut up and stop talking rubbish. Your cup is full, Zach and I hope you rot in jail.” Queen said as she dragged her son away from his grasp.

Despite his protests, the officers quickly handcuffed Zach and took him away.  When they were gone, Evanesa quickly hugged Queen.

“Thank you so much for saving my sister’s life.” She said.

Queen broke down in tears and nodded, Jessica’s mother patted her at the back.

“Thank you so much my daughter.” She said.

“I didn’t save her. Yes, I helped her out of the booth but I’d initially thought she was already dead. I am sorry for not fighting harder when Zach wanted to dispose of her body.” Queen said.

“We need your statement at the station. We need you to give a full account of everything that happened when Jessica was unconscious and even after you and Zach had left the house to dispose of her body. We need to keep that scum behind bars.” Evanesa cried. “Charging him with being a polygamist won’t convince the judge to sentence him to jail, we need to make them understand that even though he didn’t try to kill my sister, he had wanted to dispose her body by the roadside.

Jessica’s mother patted her daughter’s shoulder and said to Queen.

“Thank you so much. I can’t believe I handed my daughter over to a man who is no better than my ex-husband. Jessica’s father left me with the children and married another woman and till date, he’s never returned to us. At least, I am better off because I know that he married someone else rather than think that I am his only wife when I am not.”

“No one deserves to be married to men like Zach…no one….” Queen said.


Jacob opened the door to his house and saw Ella drag out her luggage and place them in the sitting room.

“Ella, darling…are you leaving me?” He asked.

Ella didn’t respond, she shut the door to the room and took her luggage.

“Ella, can we talk about this? Why are you acting like a spoiled brat? Isn’t marriage supposed to be for better or worse? Didn’t I see you with a man some weeks ago? Did I pack my things?”

Ella’s head snapped.

“What do you mean by that? When did you see me with a man?”

“The fruit maker! Didn’t I see the both of you…”

“In my office! We were in my office and we were speaking to each other like civilized people and not holed up at the back of a bar, having sex. But why am I disturbing myself by explaining things to you. I have seen the real you and it’s over!”

“Admit it, you wanted to end this marriage long ago but you didn’t know how to…”

“What are you saying? I stood up for this marriage. I fought hard for it but it’s obvious that I have been the fool in love. It’s over Jacob…it’s over!”

“No, you can’t leave me! You can’t leave me like this! I married you and we are one.” Jacob shouted.

“I am already leaving you.” Ella said and suddenly broke down in tears. “I desperately wanted to be the world’s best wife, I was convinced that I am wife material and that I would conquer it all but apparently, I was deceiving myself.”

“You owe me a lot Ella. If you want to leave me all because I had sex with a nobody, then do so but you have to pay me all you owe me.”

Ella’s mouth opened in shock as she stared at her husband.

“Pay you what?”

“You owe me Ella! I took pity on your single status and married you and that’s not all, I have been an emotional pillar of support for you, so you owe me. Do you know how many single ladies that are out there looking for a husband? I erased the single status from your name and I deserve to be paid for it.”

Ella looked at him and shook her head.

“I should have known. I should have figured this out but I was so stupid. It’s the money right? You married me because of my wealth.” She said.

“Stop talking rubbish and pay me. If you refuse to pay, there’s no way in the world that I’ll ever give you a divorce!”

“Have you forgotten that my dad is a judge? Are you trying to play with fire?”

“Pay me!” Jacob screamed. “You owe me a lot.”

“I can’t pay you for making my life a living hell! I took care of you, I fed you, I clothed you. You even got rid of my car and we haven’t seen it till date. I rescued your girlfriend from the kidnappers den and had her admitted in a good hospital, where I settled the bills. Read my lips Jacob, you owe me!”

“You are mad!” Jacob screamed as he rushed to grab her luggage. “You are not leaving this house with anything. If you can’t pay me, at least, I’ll sell your expensive clothing for money. Do you think I’m stupid? If we are in America or other developed countries, you are to pay alimony for divorcing me.”

Ella looked at her husband and realized that she’d married a totally insane man.

“Get out of my way! I am going home.”

Jacob dragged the luggage from her and they both struggled. Suddenly, Lola appeared at the door and rushed up to Jacob, pushing him to the ground and sitting on him.

“Run Sister Ella, run!” Lola shouted.

Ella quickly dragged her luggage and sprinted out of the house. The cab she’d called was waiting and she quickly got in.

Jacob was stronger than Lola and he fought her off but by the time he ran outside, Ella was already gone.


Ella moved back home with her parents and filed for a divorce from her husband. He stalled at first but with her father’s influence, he realized that there was no way he could refuse signing the papers. He tried begging her at first by sending her long apologetic text messages but when she didn’t respond, he resorted to threats, and then finally started begging her again. Ella apologized to her parents, especially her father for being so rude to him when she’d asked for her inheritance. Ella and her family were very grateful to Lola and helped enrol her into a catering institute to help empower her. They also helped rent a decent mini apartment for her with a promise to set up a business for her once she was done with her training.

Ella apologized to Lawrence and they became better friends.

Jacob couldn’t cope after the divorce, it was obvious to everyone that he was a lazy man who had depended on his wife to survive. He continued his womanizing ways, and took to drinking. He was eventually evicted from his house and after moving from one relative’s place to another, his family members had a meeting and decided to send him to the village to learn farming. However, that still didn’t help his situation as he was too lazy to work and instead of farming, he found a spot on the farm where he drank. He ended up penniless and roamed about the village like a half-crazed fellow.

Queen and Jessica made statements at the police station against their husband. They teamed up to build very solid charges against Zach. Since they couldn’t accuse him for being a polygamist, they both accused him of trying to dump Jessica’s body at the side of the road, they also accused him of being abusive. With the help of a very good lawyer, Zach was sentenced to seven years behind bars.

Queen and Jessica filed for a divorce and in due time, the separation was finalized. Queen refused to return to Calabar but continued living in Lagos, raising her son as a single mother. Jessica relocated to Canada as she couldn’t bear the shame of having to explain to friends that her husband had been a big liar and a cheat. She also needed a fresh start and a new life.

Zach’s brother stepped in to handle his real estate company and with the money he made from the business, he took care of Junior’s needs including his treatment abroad. Queen filed a restraining order which states that Zach should never be allowed to see her son even after he was done serving his jail term, at least, till Junior was eighteen years old.

A year after it all, Junior’s hearing improved as he was wearing a hearing aid and even though his speech was a bit slurred, his improvement made his mother very happy.

Queen and Jessica received love advances from men but after their ordeal, they were not in a hurry to settle down. Their marriage to the same man built a bond between them and they became very close friends and considered each other as sisters. Zach, on the other hand, remained in jail and counted the years till he’s set free.

The End.


Thank you all so much for reading this series. I hope you enjoyed it.

God bless you immensely.




  1. wow what a happy ending, i really enjoyed this story Ada, men please always be open to your wife’s, husband/wife relationship should be secrete free biko nu ooooh.

  2. Ada my darling……
    Thank you sooooo much for wife material. Being a wife myself, ive learnt alot. God bless you abundantly and increase your knowledge. Amen.
    #ehugs hun

  3. wow ooo! so lovely. jacob and zach deserved dt. nemesis have finally catch up with them. thank God that ella finally wakes up from her slumber, and jessica and queen understand the type of man in their life. but that shouldnt scare them from moving forward with life. i offer them my philosophy in life “forward ever and backward never in life ramifications” Ada, weldone for a good job done. you are really talented. more power to your elbow, more grace for more creativity


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