Nkiru’s mother stared at her in fear, she didn’t want to
believe that her daughter was running crazy.
“Nkiru!” She called but Nkiru was staring at the beach as
though lost in thought.
“What can we do Prophet? What can we do?” Nkiru’s mother
Sam saw his wife standing beside her mother, she looked sane so he hurried to hug her.
“I missed you darling…” He said.

“What happened to me? I can’t remember anything. Where are
the kids?” She asked.
“They are at home, you haven’t been yourself in quite some
time.” He said.
“How? What really happened?” She asked.
“Don’t worry about that, let’s go home.” He said.
Nkiru’s mother glared at Sam in anger and shouted.
“Don’t you see that Nkiru is not acting okay? What is wrong
with you? Where do you think you’re taking Ihuoma to?”
“My wife is well, I need to take her home.” Sam said.
“Really? Did you tell her the reason she was in such
predicament?” Nkiru’s mother spat.
Sam stared at his mother in-law.
“Yes, Sam, tell me all that happened. I need to know…”
Ihuoma said.
“I didn’t have anything to do with your mental condition.”
Sam started.
“Mental? I went mental?” Ihuoma asked in shock.
As Sam, his wife and mother in-law were conversing, the
prophet walked up to Nkiru who was staring at the waves and stood by her side.
Nkiru wasn’t saying anything, she stared at the waves of the ocean and was
“Nkiru….” He called.
“Yes…” She answered.
“You have to go home with your family.” He said.
““Powers don’t mix…beware of you could fall the victim..”
She started.
“I have heard that sentence over and over again, I think you
should stop saying it.” The prophet said.
Nkiru turned to look at him and said.
“I am not going home!” She said.
“What? Why?”
“I am staying here, I’ll be safe here….let me be one of
your followers.” Nkiru said.
“Do you want to join my team?”
Nkiru nodded.
“Powers don’t mix….” She started.
“Stop saying that.”
“I want to stay with your people, I do not care for the
outside world.” She said.
The prophet nodded and left her side. He walked over to meet
Sam, Ihuoma and her mother who were arguing heatedly. Ihuoma was crying and
heaping curses on Sam.
“You dared have an affair with my own sister?” She screamed
at him.
“I am sorry, it will never happen again.” Sam said.
“You bet it won’t because I’m out! I want out of this sham
of a marriage.” Ihuoma started.
“No! Please no! I can’t live without you!” Sam said falling
on his knees.
“Ihuoma, think of your kids.” Her mother said. “You have
four children….”
“I can’t stay with him mom. Look at me! Look at what I went
through all because of my husband’s infidelity. I’m even lucky that it was my
sister and not some strange woman who’d do something as evil as this and won’t
even strive to make sure I get better. The next time this man takes a woman,
she might as well as kill me and my kids won’t have a mother.”
“No! I swear with my life that I would never ever have
any other woman except you.” Her husband cried.
The prophet interrupted.
“Nkiru has decided to join the angels on my mission.”
Everyone turned to face him in total shock and surprise.
“What? Join who?”
“Yes, she has decided to join us. Most of my followers were
once young souls who went through my cleansing ritual and once they became
saved, they decided to plough the holy path.”
“Nkiru wants to do what?” Ihuoma asked again.
“I want to talk to her…I need to speak to her. She has a
job, a life ahead of her, how can she throw that all away to become a follower?”
Nkiru’s mother shouted in frustration.
“That’s what she wants and it is a great honour to be a part
of us.” The prophet said.
Sam, his wife and mother in-law stared at the prophet as
though he was mad. They saw Nkiru walk towards the Prophet’s followers who were
dancing in circles and joined them. They had to accept that she had chosen a
Ogonna knelt before Morayo’s desk in her large office, she
had been accompanied by Ebube.
“It would be evil of me not to properly ask for forgiveness
from you. I am sorry for all that I’ve done. I broke your family, I took your husband….” She said.
“It’s fine…you are forgiven.” Morayo said quite
“Really? You’ve forgiven me?” Ogonna asked in relief.
“To Err is human and to forgive, divine.” Morayo said. “However,
I’d like it if you can re-evaluate your life for the better. You are young,
beautiful and very smart and shouldn’t be with men who don’t deserve you. Be
true to yourself, and someday, someone good will find you.” Morayo said.
Ogonna nodded in gratitude.
“You are a kind woman, and a very true one.” Ogonna said.
Ebube quickly said.
“Morayo’s the best, she’s so cool.”
Morayo laughed and Ogonna joined in, soon they were all
Gbade had waited for Morayo to come home for two days and
she hadn’t shown up so, he bought a gift and delivered it to her
office himself. He told the receptionist to tell Morayo that she had a parcel
waiting for her outside the gate and soon, Morayo walked out of her office with
Angela and Fisayo in tow.
The gift was a brand new white salon car with a huge red bow at
the top and an inscription on a square cut paper on the car which read ‘Forgive
me Morayo!’
Morayo was so surprised to see Gbade and the gift and she
stood still and stared at the gift while her friends stood by her sides like
“I ….it’s for you. I just want to say, I am really sorry
my love and I know I don’t deserve to have you back but I want you back.” He
“Take your silly gift and get out! Do you think you can buy
love with a car?” Angela said.
“Don’t mind him Mo’ after all he’s done to you, he wants
forgiveness.” Fisayo said.
“Please Morayo…” Gbade said, walking up to her and falling
on his knees before her.
Morayo stared at him and  said.
“I have forgiven you Gbade, if I hadn’t I won’t be this
“Thank you so much, I promise never to make you unhappy again.”
“No, you won’t ever make me unhappy again.” Morayo said.
“I know it’s too much to ask but can we go back to the way
we were? Before Lolu’s death, I mean.”
“Can you turn back the hands of time?” She asked.
Gbade shook his head.
“You have my answer.”
Gbade’s face fell, he looked at his ex-wife and searched her
features for any form of love for him, no matter how little but he saw none, he
knew all hope was lost.
Nkiru followed the prophet for eight months before deciding
to go her way, her mother visited her weekly while she was at the place and
when she said she wanted to leave, she had been thrilled. However, Nkiru didn’t
want to return to the life she’d once lived, she felt so ashamed of herself and
actions and with the help of her mother, she relocated to another state in the
country, hoping to start life afresh there.
Ihuoma separated from her husband for some time but Sam
refused to let go, he kept coming to ask for her forgiveness. He had
been working hard on himself`and had changed for good. Ihuoma accepted him back but
only on one condition. Her condition was that if he ever cheated again, she would leave without a
second glance.
Since Gbade hadn’t been able to patch up things with Morayo,
he went back to Ogonna but she literally spat in his face. She called him cruel,
heartless and wicked and she refused to take him back, no matter how hard he
had pleaded with her. She had been able to re-write her exams and once school
was over, she had left Lagos for good and returned home to her family. In three
months, she found a job and soon, fell in love with a young man and they were
both in a relationship.
Morayo and Kolade got married one year after her
separation with Gbade and , a year later they welcomed a son. She named him
Omololu, in honour of the son she had with her first husband. Mofe and Mo were thrilled to have a new mother and Morayo loved and nurtured them as she would her own.
The End
They say life gives us second chances at every turn, they
say that sorrow lasts but at night and joy comes in the morning. They say that
there is time for everything under the sun, it is also said that ‘the way you
lay your bed, so shall you lie on it’.
I hope the stories of these characters have thrilled you,
inspired you and most of all, taught you. Thank you for making this season one
of the best of all the seasons under the Wife Material Category. God bless you
all immensely.

Let’s hope for a fresh new season next week, shall we?


  1. God bless you soooooo much Ada. I enjoyed every bit of this series
    More of God's grace, inspiration and wisdom to write.
    Thank you so much

  2. Yaaaay, finale. IRS been awesome. Adaezewrites you're the best, I have set my alarm for when to check your blog for daily stories. More might to your pen.

  3. I really enjoyed this season. One question though, what was the real story behind Nkiru's nightmare of molestation. I was hoping we would know what happened to her (and her sister maybe) as a child. Or did I miss it in one of the episodes? Still, it was a great read.

    • Nkiru's parents experienced a brief time of hardship where their they were shipped off to their uncle's house. That was where they were abused. While Ihuoma was able to move on, a part of Nkiru still held back to the memories she had as a child.
      I had written that side of the story but intentionally left it out, as I wanted it to remain a mystery.
      Thank you for enjoying the season. God bless.

  4. Lovely! I enjoyed every bit. But you never revealed who was abusing Nkiru and Ihuoma as kids. Would loved to have known that part of the story

    • Good question. Actually the pron who abused them as kid was their uncle. I had written about him at some point but intentionally omitted it later on because I felt that it might take away the severity of Nkiru's affair with her sister' husband away from whole story.
      Thank you for reading and enjoying the series. God bless you.

  5. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee you Ada…. This Wife Material series always got me wishing everyday is Friday…. More grease to your elbow darling… I'm gonna miss my favorite characters Morayo and Gbade tho

  6. Alright. Wicked uncle. I like the fact that you chose to leave it out for the reason you stated. Morayo and Gbade's story intrigued me the most though.

    • That's a good idea, I'm definitely going to give it a try. Thank you for the request and for reading too. My apologies for the suspense, I really really can't help it dear.


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