Tosin was behind bars, she had pleaded, begged, cajoled and
even threatened the police officers to let her go to no avail. She had heard of
what her so-called friend, Priscilla, and her son had planned to do and how they
were caught and she couldn’t believe that she had been so foolish to have
trusted Priscilla.

After sitting in the cell for five hours, one of her bosses
from Lagos flew in to Abuja and came to the police station to see her. Tosin
was led to a small room where the meeting was to take place.
“Tosin, I am highly disappointed in you…” He said to her.
“Please sir…don’t look at it that way, I am innocent
of…” Tosin started.
“The woman claims that you helped her out, she even claims
to be your lover!” he shouted.
Tosin’s eyes widened at the fact that Priscilla had said
that they were lovers.
“Are you going to deny it?” Her boss asked.
“It’s not what you think!” Tosin said.
“You’ve been stripped of your position in the company
Tosin fell on her kneels before him.
“Please sir…I’ll do anything, anything…I beg of
you…please don’t take my life away from me…it’s all I have got…this
office….my career, it’s all I have…”Tosin cried.
“I am sorry Tosin, I am here to make sure you walk out free
from this place but it comes with a price. We have no option but to drop you off…”
“You didn’t even investigate…you didn’t even hear my side
of the story.” Tosin cried.
“Do you or do you not know Priscilla Ezeani?”
“I…do…” Tosin sobbed.
“She claims that you spend the nights in her place and
tells her major company decisions…”
“I don’t do that…sir…I don’t…”
“The bitter truth is, she tried to burn down our company building which cost us so much to erect. Losing the building wouldn’t have been as bad as the important documents, files and storage systems in the company.”
“I didn’t know she was evil…I…I”
“You should be careful of the kind of friends you
keep. Do you know that Priscilla’s husband was once the owner of the land that
our company sits on now? She was trying to get it back but when she found out
that it was impossible she tried to exert revenge and she used you.”
“Oh my God…”
Her boss stood up and said to her.
“You’re free to go Tosin, I give you two hours to get to office and pack up your
things…you are fired.”
“Nooooooooooooooooo…..” Tosin wailed.
“Tosin! Tosin! Where is my wife?” Bode’s voice called out, he was at the
police station and had heard his wife’s cry.
Tosin and her boss emerged from the interrogation room and
as soon as Tosin saw her husband, she flung herself into his arms.
“Bode…oh my God…Bode you came….” She cried.
At that moment, Priscilla and her son were being led out of
the cell they had been occupying, their hands were in handcuffs and they were
being led out of the police station.
“We don’t have enough space here so we are taking them to
another prison till they are tried.” The police officer said.
Priscilla looked at Bode and Tosin, with a wicked glint in
her eye.
“Oooohhh look at the love birds! Have you told him the
truth?” Priscilla spat at Tosin. “Have you told him how you moaned in my bed
all these nights?”
If Bode was shocked, he didn’t show it, he just stared at
Priscilla and her son.
“Let’s go mom…I told you that we should have planned this properly before going ahead with it.” Her son said.
“Will you shut up? You should go to jail you know….and not
me because I was fighting to get back what is rightfully yours.” Priscilla
“Thanks to you, I might actually be going to prison…” Her son
barked at her.
Tosin stared at Priscilla’s son in surprise, he was still a
minor, she thought.
“Yes you are. Your child-like body stature cannot deceive anyone
anymore because I’ll tell the truth. You are twenty one and not fifteen as I
made people think.” Priscilla spat at her son.
“And you are an old hag!” Her son spat at her.
“Get me out of here officer! Get me out of this place and I
never want to set my eyes on this boy again!” 
Priscilla said.
“If you are so keen on telling the truth, why don’t you go
ahead and tell Chief that I am not his biological son and that you lied to him that you
had gotten pregnant for him with me when you guys lost contact. No, I bet you
won’t tell him! You made sure that his will included me in it not for my gain
but for yours. You used my small stature to deceive Chief by telling him that
he was my father when in actual sense, I was born before you met him. I am ashamed
of you.” Her son spat.
“I will kill you! You hear me? I gave birth to you and I
will kill you!” His mother thundered as the police officer led her out of the
Bode heaved a deep sigh and looked at Tosin and her boss.
“Good day, I’m Tosin’s husband…” Bode greeted, extending
his hand for a handshake.
“Well…that’s good to hear because as from today, your wife
is no longer a staff of our company. Her employment has been terminated and she
can go home with you.”
Bode nodded and held Tosin’s hand, Tosin sobbed hysterically as they left the scene.
Susan looked at her apartment one last time and picked up
her bag, her father was already downstairs with the other bags and was loading
them into the taxi cab.
“Susie!” Her father called out to her.
“Coming dad…” Susan said as she looked around her
apartment one last time and shut the door behind her, hoping that the next
tenant that takes the place would have less drama than she did.
They both got into the taxi and sat quietly as the driver
took them to the airport.
“What next?” Her father asked placing her palm in his.
“I don’t know dad…I really don’t know…” Susan said in a
low voice. “Let’s get to Lagos first.”
As they boarded the plane, unknown to Susan, the same woman
she had shared her first flight to Abuja, was in the company of her husband,
also on her way to Lagos.
Bode held Tosin’s hand as they boarded the flight, Tosin was
a nervous wreck, she couldn’t stop crying or speaking to herself in low tones.
They both settled on their seats and wore their seat belts.
“Thank you…” Tosin said, looking up and him and for the
first time in her life, appreciating him as her husband.
“It’s okay…”
“Is there any hope for us? I mean, as a couple…”
“Why don’t we get to Lagos first….” Bode said and looking
ahead he quietly closed his eyes.

The plane moved slowly at first and suddenly took a quick
pace and Susan, whose dreams had felt incomplete when she first arrived was
suddenly asking herself if she was returning much worse than when she came.
Tosin on the other hand closed her eyes and mourned the loss of her job, career
and what she had once regarded as life.
This season of Wife Material ends tomorrow…hope you enjoyed it?


  1. Tosin awwwwww Pele. I doubt if Bode will give her a 2nd chance. Why don’t we get to Lagos first hahahahaha. Sharp Bode.
    Jumoke….what will your lot be?
    We are waiting patiently my darling Ada.

  2. Sigh, i really do hope "Why don't we get back to Lagos first" means, i am thinking hard about it and we will hopefully work things out. Please Ada, let their marriage work please!!! It will be a hard, long road but their marriage can still be saved.


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