Ogonna stood in line at the clinic, there were a handful of
women waiting for one thing or the other. She felt like pacing about, something
told her that it was going to happen. Something big was going to happen.
“Ogonna Anifowoshe!” The nurse called out.
Everyone turned to stare at her but she didn’t flinch, she
was used to being singled out from the crowd, it wasn’t everyday that a young
lady answered strong names bellying two tribes.
“Yes please…” She said as she stood up from her seat and
rushed up to the nurse.
“Here’s your test result…” The nurse said handing over to
her a sealed envelope.

“Excuse me, would I be able to read it? I mean…the test…”
She asked.
“Are you educated?”
“Ofcourse!” Ogonna almost exclaimed, she remembered her
matriculation vividly as though it was yesterday and her graduation ceremony and even though she hadn’t graduated with
honours, she was a graduate.
“Then, you can read it.” The nurse said to her.
‘I’d rather open it here and you read it to me…” Ogonna
persisted stubbornly.
The nurse rolled her eyes and practically snatched the
envelope from her hands, tearing it open, she read;
“It’s negative!”
“What?” Ogonna gawked.
“The pregnancy test is negative!” The nurse said.
“Are you sure? I have all the signs and…”
“Are you married?” The nurse asked her.
“Is that any of your business?” Ogonna flung at her. “So pregnancy is now exclusively for married people abi?
“Not at all, I was just curious…forgive me for asking.”
“Mtchewww…” Ogonna said snatching the test result from her
hand and peering at it closely. The nurse was right, it read negative. Highly
disappointed, she tossed the paper on the counter and walked away.
“Hey! Come and take your test…” The nurse called out.
The call fell on deaf ears.
Gbade was tired, he had had such a long day at work, he
pushed open the door to his house and stepped inside. The lights were turned
off so he didn’t see it coming, as soon as he turned on the lights, he heard
the shout.
“Happy Birthday!”
Gbade was surprised, he looked around to see all his friends
smiling at him and singing the ‘happy birthday’ song.
“Happy birthday to Gbade, happy birthday to you…”
“Shola, Kenneth, Chike…oh my God, this is such a pleasant
surprise….” Gbade said with a smile as he reached out to hug his friends.
“Don’t thank us, thank her…” Chike said pointing at Gbade’s wife who held the cake and was smiling at him.
“She begged, pleaded, cajoled….you name it….till we came
through…” Andrew said patting Gbade at the back, he had come with his wife and
they were both still on their work wear which showed they were just coming from work.
“Thank you so much guys…I actually forgot that it’s my
birthday…” Gbade said with a smile.
“Hahaha….stop fooling around jo…how can you forget?”
Andrew laughed.
“I had so much work at the office…and…” He started.
“Come off it man! Enjoy your birthday and then…later…you know…” Kenneth said gesturing to Gbade’s wife. “I’m sure you both are going to destroy that bed of yours tonight.”
“Stop being X-rated! They are married and can do whatever they like, stop butting into their affairs.” Shola admonished.
Soon the friends were eating cake and sipping champagne,
gisting and playing catch up. The party didn’t last for long, it lasted for
about one hour before everyone called it a night.
“We’ve got to go….we are not like you that lives on the Island. Rich nigga!” Kenneth teased.
“Thank you so much for coming and no, I’m not rich…I am a salary earner.” Gbade teased.
“Morayo, you are the best wife any man can ask for.” Kenneth
said reaching out to give her a hug.
“Stop it jo…stop flirting with another man’s wife.”
Kenneth’s wife, Ese nudged him playfully.
The men laughed while Morayo smiled slightly, soon the house
was cleared of guests, leaving only the couple in the sitting room.
“Happy birthday again darling…” Morayo started.
Gbade gave her an icy stare and raised his hand up in the
air to cut her off, his wife cringed and stared at her hands. Gbade stormed out of the sitting room and soon, Morayo could hear the door to his room bang shut. 
Morayo wiped the tears from her eyes as she picked up the
plates, her hands shook so badly that one of the plates dropped and shattered
on the ground. She crouched to the ground in tears.
That night, while the house was deathly quiet, Gbade walked
out of his room. He had been sleeping alone for the past three years while his
wife occupied the other room. He was hungry so he decided to make himself some
food from the kitchen. On his way to the kitchen, he walked past a door and stopped, then taking a step back, he pushed open the door of the room and stepped inside.
The room had not changed, it was still the same. Each and every
day the room looked the way it was on the day he and Morayo had decorated it.
Their first and only child Lolu had slept in this room. He walked over to the
bed and picked up the stuff animal that his son loved so much and pressed the
button by the side, it started singing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’, he felt
the rush of tears almost choke him as he began to cry, slowly at first but soon
in a heavy rush.
“Happy Birthday son…” He said in a strangled voice.
Nkiru watched Patrick tear off the condom wrap and sheath himself, her heart pounded
harder and beat so fast. This was the right decision, she told herself. “I know
what I am doing” she said aloud.
“Hmmm?” Patrick asked moving over to her.
“It’s nothing…I wasn’t saying anything…I mean….” She
started and broke off rapidly. “Let’s continue from where we stopped.”
Patrick started all over again, kissing her tenderly but a
bit hastily and nibbling her earlobes, his breath roaring in her ears.
“You mean so much to me…NK….you are everything I’ve ever
dreamed of and much more…” He whispered as he took her second earlobe into his
Nkiru almost rolled her eyes, ‘could he just get this over
and done with?’ she asked herself the umpteenth time.
She needn’t have worried because soon, Patrick was probing
her thighs. He was so close when the dam in her burst and she screamed.
“Don’t you dare! No! No! No!”
“Excuse me? What has gone into you? You initiated this, remember?” Patrick asked calmly.
Nkiru’s eyes widened and she quickly said.
“I am sorry, please continue…I was just having a moment.”
Patrick nodded and started again with her earlobes.
“Could you just cut to the chase?” She said rather
“Your scream got me err….” he started, trying to explain
to her that it dampened his mood.
Nkiru glanced downward.
“It’s okay…we’ll be ready in a few seconds…” He started.
A few minutes later and true to his word, he was ready and
when Nkiru felt him pulsating, she screamed louder and hit him with her
“Get off me! Get off me!”
Patrick was stunned, Nkiru scratched him and kicked him till
he was off the bed. As soon as he jumped off the bed, Nkiru sat up.
“I am really sorry…I…”
“Please go…before you beat me black and blue, go!” Patrick started.
“I am sorry…”Nkiru started.
“Go home while it’s still early, it’s just some minutes past
eight am. I can’t believe I ditched our boss’s birthday bash because of sex
with you.” He said in disgust, remembering how he had practically rushed home
early with Nkiru that evening, disregarding his boss’s wife’s email, inviting
him to the party.
“Okay…I’ll go but please promise me that this remains a
secret between us…” Nkiru started.
“Whatever! Just go!” Patrick flung. “You almost kicked me in
the groin…thankfully I dodged on time. I can’t die because of sex… go
home!” He flung at her.
Nkiru nodded and picking up her clothes hastily, she wore
them and made her way out of the house.

To be continued tomorrow….
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  1. Haaaaa Ada…..u have come again oooo! Dancing shoki already. This is gonna be one of da bombs….am sorry morayo, I pray ur husband comes around soon.


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