Tosin closed her eyes
and relaxed as the firm but soft hands massaged her body, while at it, the
sweet music from the music box was doing her soul a world of good. She smiled
and kept murmuring, ‘hmmmm’ as the masseuse kneaded her here and there.
“I see you’re enjoying
yourself hmmm…” Priscilla’s voice floated to her.
“Ohhh yes I am…” Tosin
replied as she opened her eyes to stare at Priscilla.
“I’ll leave the masseuse
to her job while I get something light for brunch…” Priscilla said.
“Brunch? I have work to
get to…” Tosin said.

“On a Saturday? C’mon…there’s
something like a day off, you know…” Priscilla joked.
“Yes but that’s when you
have little or nothing to do, I practically have the world on my shoulders.”
Tosin said.
“Really? Does that make
the rest of us lazy?” Priscilla asked.
“Of course not!” Tosin
“I thought as much…”
Priscilla said and headed out but stopped midway. “Tea or Coffee?”
“Coffee please…” Tosin
The rest of the day was
spent in Priscilla’s company as the lady showed her the glitz and glam of
Abuja. Tosin joined her new acquaintance in her vehicle and they both drove
from place to place, she was wrapped up in the fun that she totally forgot
about work and all work related affairs. The two women were walking out of an ice-cream
parlour when Tosin exclaimed.
“Thanks for taking me
around Abuja…I really appreciate this…” She said.
“Anything dear….I couldn’t
let you have a bad impression of Abuja….” Priscilla said as she wiped off the
ice-cream on her spoon with her tongue.
“Wow….Abuja is really
beautiful and well planned too…” Tosin said in open admiration.
“Tell me about
yourself….are you married?” Priscilla asked.
Tosin hesitated before
replying. “Yes….I am….”
“Is your hubby here in
Abuja with you?”
“No…he works in
“Any kids?”
“Cool, how many?”
“Where I come from, we
do not count the number of children we have. I have been blessed with kids,
that’s all I can say.”
superstitious…” Priscilla started.
“Is it?” Tosin replied.
“Hey…don’t get
upset…I was just being curious, pardon me if I overstepped my boundaries.”
“No you didn’t. What of
you? Married with kids?”
“Separated. I have a son
“Oh sorry about your
separation.” Tosin said apologetically.
“No need to apologize,
it was bound to happen.” Priscilla said in an icy voice.
Tosin glanced at her
watch and exclaimed. “I need to get to the office, thank you so much for taking
me around….”
“Oh no worries….lemme
drive you to your office so that you can get back to work. Your driver is
already waiting for you there right?”
“Yes he is….I will
really appreciate the ride…thanks.” Tosin said.
Priscilla nodded and
they both got into the car.
Susan opened her eyes
and groaned in pain, she couldn’t move her jaw muscles, she felt so horrible.
“Hey baby…how are you
doing? I was so scared that you might not wake up.” Augustine said as he
hurried to her side.
Susan noticed that she
was lying on the bed, she groaned louder.
“Shhh…don’t stress
yourself my love….I’ll take good care of you. I have a cup of hot tea…it
should help.” Augustine said as he held the cup of tea to her mouth.
Susan felt the metallic
taste of blood in her mouth plus a huge gap between her side teeth.
“Shit! My tooth….”
Susan groaned in realization and sat up.
“Shhh….you need rest.”
Augustine stressed.
“You broke my
tooth….you idiot! You broke my tooth!” Susan said.
“I am sorry….I don’t
know what came over me…” Augustine said.
“Get out of my house!
Get out now!” Susan shouted, feeling pain all over her mouth.
“Wait my darling….let’s
talk this through….I have a temper…you see…” He started.
“Get out! You are
crazy….leave my house now! I don’t want you here…” Susan said staggering to
her feet and pointing at the door.
“Okay…I will leave but
you must learn to forgive…remember that to err is human and to forgive is
divine….please have mercy my love.”
“I am not your love and
please leave now!” Susan said louder
Augustine stole glances
at the door and nodding quietly, he left the house. As soon as Susan banged the
door shut behind her, she staggered to the full length mirror on her wardrobe
and stared at her reflection, what she saw made her scream!
Rita woke up and opened
her eyes, she reached out to feel the other side of the bed but felt nothing
which meant that Chuka was up. She yawned and sat up on the bed, she was about
climbing off the bed when Chuka walked into the room.
“Hey husband…” Rita
smiled at him, thinking of a more romantic a name to call him but coming up
with none.
Chuka hardly spared her
a glance and walked to the mirror where he observed the day old growth of beard
on his face.
“Good morning….” Rita
said, figuring that he didn’t hear her the first time.
“Can I have my
breakfast?” He asked without breaking his glance from the mirror.
Rita was surprised at
his new tone, she stood from the bed and walked up to him.
“Chuka, is everything
alright? Yesterday was our wedding…”
“So? I need my breakfast
please….” Chuka said rudely.
“I don’t blame you at all…I
am your wife already so you feel you can tell me whatever crap you want.”
Chuka ignored her and
focused on his face at the mirror. Rita gave him a stern look but seeing that
he wasn’t in the least interested in her facial expression, she walked out of
the room.
When she got to the
kitchen, she took a pot and hurled it at  the kitchen sink, soon she had thrown in all
the pots into the sink in anger. She panted heavily for a while and soon she
pulled herself together and began unloading the pots from the sink. Quickly,
she whipped up and omelette for her husband and carrying it to the table, she
set it there alongside some toast bread which she had quickly made.
Chuka walked into the
dining as though on cue, freshly shaven and impeccably dressed.
“What’s for breakfast?”
He asked curtly.
“Omelette and toast.”
She replied.
“You heard me!” She
retorted, intending to show him that she was a Warri girl hence, she had no
time to play ball.
“Watch your tone with me
woman and kindly take this trash and get me something heavier to eat.” He
“I am not your slave but
your wife and I demand respect!”
“Obviously, you have
nothing to offer in the food department. I’ll grab breakfast at the restaurant along
the road.” Chuka said to her as though she hadn’t spoken and heading out of the
dining, he left the house.

Rita was astounded. What
happened? Is this what marriage looked like? Is this who Chuka really was? She
was utterly confused.

To be continued Tomorrow….

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  1. Too early for chuka to change or is it the outcome of the curse? Madam Tosin, hope this new friendship won't be ur doom though u AR already doomed lol. Susan sorry o, Augustine is ur nemesis face the music and dance to it, hop Ada wil have mercy on u though and save u from Augustine.


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