“Jump! Jump! Now stop!” Shade said as she played with her
brother in their compound.
Bode drove into the compound with Jumoke and the baby and as
soon as he turned off the engine, he alighted from the car and rushed to give
his daughter who had run to the car door in welcome.
“Welcome daddy! Yay! Baby is home!” Shade announced in glee.
Her father held on to her and whispered into her ears; “Daddy
is here for you…always baby…always…” He cooed into her ears.

Shade broke the hug and looked at her dad with her
intelligent eyes.
“What’s going on? You’re not dying are you?” Shade asked in
“No…I’m not but I want to talk to you…” He said.
Shade looked at Jumoke and a flash of betrayal crossed her
features, she felt so betrayed by Jumoke.
“You told him didn’t you! After I told you it was a
secret…”Shade cried in accusation.
“She did the right thing…” Her father said to her. “Your
mommy shouldn’t have told you to keep it from me, it’s wrong…what happened
was so wrong and that man deserves to go to jail…” Bode said passionately.
“But…but…are you angry with mommy?”
“Yes I am and I will discuss it with her privately, right
now, I have called a doctor who will talk to you and I want you to be really
honest with her, okay?”
Shade nodded and held on to her dad’s hand as they walked
into the house.
Jumoke followed them behind holding the baby and staring in
awe at the beautiful house that her boss and her family resided. When they
entered the sitting room, she looked around in admiration, family photos were
everywhere, from Bode and Tosin at their wedding to individual pictures of
their children and a single shot of Shade cradling her immediate little brother
to a family picture. The nanny came out of the house and greeted them and led
Jumoke to the nursery where the baby slept.
Jumoke knew that people were wealthy but she had never come
this close to wealth and comfort in her entire life. The baby’s nursery smelt
of sweet jasmine and had cute wall papers around. The plush rug was heavenly as
Jumoke removed her shoes under the direction of the nanny who pointed out to
her that no one steps into the nursery with their shoes on. Jumoke sighed at
life, how could some people be so rich while a lot others basked in poverty?
Many of whom thought they were well-off as they even displayed wealth in slums.
She remembered her neighbours, Papa Bobo who worked with a fast moving consumer
goods, and made sure he stocked his house with all the products from the
company hence attracting the envy of the neighbours, last year, when he brought
his first car, his wife and children proclaimed themselves as the richest in
the compound, making others feel inferior to them. How she wished that Papa
Bobo could see such wealth, he would definitely shudder.
The nanny excused herself and went downstairs to get the
baby’s pacifier from the car and Jumoke availed herself the opportunity to look
around. Tosin had taste, she concluded, from the wardrobe to the little
bathroom attached to the nursery, she had kept to details. Everything was
purple themed and it was so beautiful. Jumoke was still admiring the place when
Shade walked into the room.
“You betrayed me!” Shade accused.
“No Shade I didn’t, I only told your father.”
“If you think that doing this would make my daddy like you
more than my mommy, then you are wrong.”
“What? Where is this coming from Shade?” Jumoke asked.
“If my daddy divorces my mom, I’ll never forgive
you…never!” Shade said and ran out of the room.
Jumoke was astonished at what Bode’s daughter had said to
her, she almost followed her out of the room but stopped.
Susan watched in horror as Augustine smiled with the policemen
and let them into the house in glee.
They looked around the house and began the conversation;
“Good evening…” The officer greeted.
“Good evening, officers…” Susan greeted, she looked at her
palms and realized that it was shaking.
“How can we help you?” Augustine asked, he was really
enjoying himself as he kept speaking to the policemen as though he was in
“We have some questions for Ms. Susan.” One of the officers
said, “Please madam, can we have a word with you?”
“Yes…sure…” Augustine said.
“We were speaking to the madam please…” The officer said.
“Oh…but I am her man and I know more about this case than
she does..” Augustine blurted.
“Really? You do? So tell us sir, what are we here to talk to
her about?” One of the policemen said sitting on the chair in Susan’s
“Err….well…I know…well…” Augustine stammered.
The police officer turned to Susan and said,
“We believe that you were in close acquaintance with the deceased…”
The police started.
Excuse me officer! She is my woman and has never been in
close acquaintance with anyone except myself so, get your facts right!”
Augustine said angrily.
“Sir, you are obstructing an investigation…can you kindly
step aside while we continue with our questions.”
“Don’t worry Augustine…please back off…” Susan said
“Please answer my question madam…” The police man said.
“I was never in close acquaintance with the deceased sirs, I
was just an employee and I was recently moved to Abuja on transfer, if you’d
check my files….” She started.
“Yes…we did all that but from investigations, we found
that you are quite close to the deceased.”
“No…I was not!” Susan said in denial.
“Okay…so, you did not see him the night of the murder.”
“No! I didn’t see him at all on that day.” Susan lied.
“Really? Engr. Thomas’s PA told us that you had gone to see
him in his office on the day of his death.”
“Oh…yea…it skipped my mind…”Susan blurted.
“Thank you very much Ms. Susan, we will take our leave now!”
The police man said to Susan.
“Thank you sir…goodbye…sirs…” Susan said sweetly.
As soon as the policemen left, Susan turned back to face Augustine,
his face had the most deadly expression she had ever seen. Before she could say
jack, he had knocked her down with a clothes hanger. Susan yelped in pain and
fell to the ground. Augustine growled in anger and continued hitting her with
the hanger.
“No one ever talks to me like that in front of people! No
one! How dare you interrupt your man when he’s speaking to people! Such
disrespect!” He shouted.
I know that this episode is short…please bear
with me…I confess…I rushed it…

To be continued next week…


  1. Hello Ada, it's thoughtful of you to write some lines.
    I wish Sandra would just own up and get Augustine out of her life, prison life is far better than slavery
    Have a wonderful year


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