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Grace had been locked up for the past three hours, she was
hungry, thirsty and tired. She looked at her watch the umpteenth time and almost
cringed , it was almost past four pm and no word had been sent to her. She
looked around at the small room and buried her face in her arms, her
declaration of love for Isaac and the truth that she was carrying his unborn
child had given her inner peace and even if Chief killed her, she was so sure
she’ll die a peaceful death.

Just as she was immersed in her thoughts, the door opened
forcefully and she was dragged out of the room, kicking and screaming.
“Don’t you dare touch me! Let me be! Leave me this instant!”
She screamed in terror at the thought of what they were about to do to her.
Chief’s thugs carried her to the sitting room and tossed her
to the ground before Chief and the juju priest who had come some weeks ago to
perform some sort of ritual for Chief, and who had used her blood and pubic
hair for some reasons best known to him.
There was tense silence as the thugs left them alone and
Chief and the juju priest stared at her. The juju priest hissed and looked at
“You are a demon!” He said to her.
“You are an agent of hell!” Grace spat.
“Will you shut up? C’mon keep that useless mouth of yours
shut or I’ll send people to do it for you.” Chief warned.
“And here I was, wondering why the crow didn’t fly past at
the usual time, not knowing all these while that the charm did not work because
the stupid girl was pregnant!” The juju priest spat.
“Oh my God! So you mean that the charm didn’t work? The
whole ritual of our binding of souls together was such a waste?” Chief shouted,
jumping from his chair and pacing the sitting room.
Grace was astonished! She almost lay flat on the ground in
thanksgiving to God for sparing her life from the hands of men like Chief.
“The ritual did not work…it is customary that after the
binding of two souls, the crow flies past my shrine for three days but it didn’t
fly. I thought it was eventually going to, sooner or later so, I didn’t tell
you anything. There is only one thing that can dissolve the soul-binding ritual and it is, innocence. The innocence of a child is a force so strong that it can break the most
powerful chords.” The juju priest said.
“Why didn’t you know this at the beginning? Why didn’t you
tell me about this?” Chief thundered to the juju priest.
“It is not my business to spot if a woman is pregnant or not
but my business to bind chords together and break them…I am a juju priest and
not a midwife!” Said the juju priest, staring at Chief in anger.
“So, what does this mean? The binds are useless…you said
it yourself.”
“Well…you could wait till the child is born and…”
“Nonsense! I can’t do that…not with many fishes in the
sea. I’ll just dispose of her and get another girl…another woman…” Chief
said disappointedly.
“That is fine…go ahead and get another woman and we will
perform the ritual again…” The juju priest said.
“Please Chief…please set me free I beg of you…I promise
never ever…to tell anyone anything…please let me go…please…” Grace
Chief looked at her in spite.
“Let you go? After all I have spent on you? Let you go? To
another unworthy man whose probably the father of that bastard you’re carrying?
Woe betide me if I ever let you go scot free…” Chief said in anger. “Tugo! Tugo!” Chief
called out.
The thug came out accompanied by two other thugs.
“Take this tramp out of this place and …when you have taken her some place secretive….” Chief finished
off his statement by straightening his right palm and cutting it across his
Tugo nodded in approval and dragged Grace to her feet.
Grace was terrified when she saw Chief’s signal, she knew what it meant so she
cried aloud.
“No! No! Please! Please Chief…have mercy I beg of
you…don’t kill me…please…chief…” Grace cried.

“I don’t think this is a good idea…” Demilade said to
They were driving down the paved roads and one look at
George’s face showed that he meant business.
“I have really kept calm Demilade…all for you but I wouldn’t continue to let that woman test my patience.” George continued.
“But is this worth it? I don’t think that lodging in a hotel
till she decides to leave, solves any problem.” Demilade said.
“Don’t worry, it will solve plenty of problems.” George reassured.
“I wonder how a man who had loved a woman with everything he had suddenly stopped loving her…” Demilade said.
“It will shock you what thin line exists between love and hatred…” George finished.
Demilade and George had left Bobo in the safe hands of Rose
and were off in search of a suitable hotel where George could reside till
Amelia moved out of his house.
“Okay…if you say so…” Demilade said.
“Did you see the way she looked at me this morning? That
whore! She stared at me in such a seductive manner! How does she think I’m wired? With my genitals? Nonsense!” George spat.
“Hey…take it easy…okay…” Demilade said.
They reached a hotel and George drove in, Demilade stared at
the surrounding, suddenly feeling a bit choked up and quite nauseous. George
parked the car and stepped out, Demilade stepped out as well but she wasn’t feeling
comfortable at all.
“Are you alright? You look pale…” George said.
“I really don’t know…I feel like I know this place…”
Demilade said.
“Maybe you do…but since you lost part of your memory, the
memory of this place somehow might have eluded you.”
“Yea…maybe you’re right.” Demilade said.
They both walked up into the hotel and stopped at the
receptionist’s desk to make inquiries, Demilade still felt a bit dizzy so, she
went to sit on the sofa provided. She was just about to rest her head against
the sofa when she looked up and saw him. He was smiling at her and turning
to speak to George. Suddenly, it hit her like a slap, her eyes widened and she
blinked, she remembered.
George was still talking to the receptionist when a man who introduced himself quickly as the hotel manager, and started to speak to him. Suddenly, Demilade rushed up to them and attacked the man.
“It was you…you! May God punish you! It was you!” Demilade
“Excuse me? Madam…excuse me…” The man started.
“Demilade…stop it…what has gotten into you?” George
“George…I remember…my memory…it’s back! Oh my God! It’s
back…” Demilade said in tears as she held on tightly to the man’s shirt.
“Excuse me madam…what has your memory got to do with me?”
“Shut up you vagabond! I came here some months ago to apply
for a position for a cleaner and there in your office, you took advantage of
me, you raped me!” Demilade screamed.
“What? Are you sure?” George started in shock.
“Yes…” Turning to the receptionist, she asked. “Is this
not Mr. Stevens? Is his office not located at the third floor? Doesn’t it have
a portrait of his family hanging on the wall? Doesn’t it have a green rug and a huge centre table with about three vases on it?”
The receptionist nodded in affirmative.
“What? You what?” George asked in shock and lifting his
fists, he punched the man on the nose.
“Oh my God! I remember…I just had to come here and …I
remember…” Demilade said crouching to the ground and crying helplessly.
George quickly whipped out his phone and dialled the police.
“Sir…what are you doing? Sir…” Mr. Stevens asked, struggling to get up from the ground and with blood
dripping from his nose.
“I am calling the police for you idiot!” George said in
“Please…let us discuss this…please….”Mr. Stevens said,
turning to the receptionist he said, “Miss Joy, please lock the doors to the
hotel, tell the security that they should bar anyone from coming in…”
“Why would I do that?” The receptionist fired at him. “Your
cup is full, Mr. Stevens and I am not going to stop it from overflowing. It is
time the management knew of your misdeeds. It is time they knew how you forced
us to sleep with you before giving us a job here and how you force yourself on
the ladies that do not comply…”
George kicked him hard and placing the receiver at his ear he quickly spoke.
“Am I on to Sergeant James?”

To be continued tomorrow… 


  1. I hope they cut off Mr stephen's genitals before throwing him in jail and Grace,hmmm,d innocence of the child that saved you from chief and his juju man will still save you from this untimely death.

    Thanks so much Ada

  2. Thank you Avidreader for your kind words. I'm slowly getting used to posting on a daily basis and it's quite exciting too. I'm so glad that you guys are happy about it.
    God bless you too dear.


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