Grace knew she was somewhere but she had no idea where she
was, she knew she felt some kind of numb pain wash over her like spasms. She
opened her eyes, she wanted to turn her neck but something restricted her from
moving her head, she lifted her hands and touched it, it was a neck brace. She looked
up at the ceiling and saw the ceiling fan twirl lazily, ‘Am I in heaven?’ she
thought as this couldn’t be hell, it wasn’t hot or anything. She was still
lying there when she heard his voice, it was like a heart-wrenching sob.

“I am so sorry Grace, I was just so heart-broken and
shattered when I found out that…that…you did those disgraceful things for a
living. I admit that I was proud, selfish and arrogant, I should have heard you
out and I am really sorry. God! Please bring her back to life! I need her back,
I promise to make things right if she pulls through. If you get her out of
this…please…” He cried.
“You don’t need…to feel guilty…you can go home…I’ll be
fine.” Grace murmured.
“Grace! My God! Grace!” Isaac shouted as he rushed to her
As soon as Abu had told him about her supposed death, he had
fainted only to be revived by Jemima and some neighbours. As soon as his eyes
had opened, he had asked for Grace, and they had told him that they had reached
her on time, and that she was at the hospital. He had instantly rushed to the
hospital and had been by her side all night till this morning, crying and
praying that she doesn’t die.
“You can go Isaac…I’m not dying…” Grace said in a croaky
“No…I’m not going anywhere…I am so sorry…please forgive me…”
“I have forgiven you long ago…even before I tried taking my
life. I haven’t forgiven myself but I forgive you…” Grace said.
“Thank you…” Isaac said.
“Now go home…” Grace said quietly.
“No…I want to stay by your side…I…”
“No Isaac, you have a life…don’t worry, I’m not going to
attempt suicide anymore. I just realized that I have so much to live for. But
for you and I, it’s not going to work. My past…”
“Shhh…don’t say that…please don’t mention the past…we have a
future together.”
“You think?”
“Yes…I do and I’ll do anything to make that happen.”
“You have a fiancée now, please go back to her…”
“No…she’s not…Jemima is my childhood friend…I just said
those words to spite you…please understand the pains I felt. I was so betrayed by
you, by the love we shared and by everything…”
“I understand and that’s why I’m emphasizing that there
cannot be an ‘us’, we are in two different worlds and …try as we may…my past
might come to haunt us…” Grace said.
“No Grace…please…do not leave me, I beg of you…please…”
“Go home Isaac…just go and please do not come back.” Grace
said and closed her eyes.
“Grace! Grace! Please! C’mon! Grace!” Isaac shouted.
The door to the hospital room opened and a nurse stepped in.
“What is wrong? Please do not unsettle the patient. I think
it’s best you leave.” The nurse said to him.
“No…I was speaking to her just now and…I’m going anywhere…”
Isaac demanded.
“I’ll call security if you do not leave this premises this
instant…” The nurse threatened.
Isaac heaved a heavy sigh, and turning on his heels, he left
the room.

Demilade and Rose were seated on the sofa of the sitting
room staring at nothing, Demilade’s family had left the house yesterday night
and till now, there seemed to be no news on Bobo’s whereabouts. George stormed
out of his room dressed and ready for work, he didn’t look too happy.
“Good morning sir…” Rose greeted.
“Mornin’…” George replied.
“Good morning George…” Demilade greeted.
George gave her a chilling stare and ignored her, he walked
towards the exit door of the house and was about to leave.
“George I’m so sorry…” Demilade said, standing up from the
“Really? You are sorry? For humiliating me yesterday infront
of your family?”
“I am sorry. It would have been selfish of me to let you
stay here with me while your job is at risk…I just had to say those words so
that you could leave.”
“Oh, so, words like ‘Bobo is not your son, he’s mine’ or ‘we’ll
be out of your life soon’ are words that should be blurted out just like that?”
“I am truly sorry…please forgive me…I’m just so devastated…it’s
almost five days and he’s nowhere to be found, we can’t even find a lead or
anything…” Demilade started crying.
George felt his anger dissolve into nothingness and he
walked up to her to hug her.
“I feel so sad too…I feel bad mostly because I know you must
feel so terrible, yet, you are so strong and I feel terrible because Bobo could
be in the hands of evil people who have no idea of how special he is to us…”
George said.
At that moment, the doorbell rang.
“Who be dat? Who dey come pesin house at seven for morning?”
Rose hissed, her eyes were red from too much tears. She went to the door and
opened it, then a loud scream followed.
“Bobo! Bobo!” Rose screamed in surprise.
George and Demilade quickly disentangled from each other’s
embrace and raced to the door to grab Bobo in a choking hug. An elderly woman
stood at the door, smiling and crying at the same time. Demilade hugged and
kissed her son and looking up to the woman, she mouthed the words, “Thank You.”
The elderly woman entered the house and Rose closed the door
behind them, they all couldn’t contain their excitement.
“Are you hurt? Did they hurt you? Have you eaten? I have
been worried sick! Where did they take you to?” Demilade asked a barrage of
“I am so glad to see you mummy…and you too Uncle George.”
Bobo said excitedly.
“He was telling me so much stories about you two on our trip
here…” The elderly woman said.
“Thank you ma…God bless you ma…” Demilade said in
appreciation as she fell to her knees to thank the woman.

“No…I should thank you instead…” The woman said.
“Really? We are so grateful to you ma, Bobo has been missing
for almost five days, he was kidnapped and we been searching for him since
then…” George said.
“How did you find him?” Demilade asked the woman.
“I didn’t find him…his father did.” The woman said.
Demilade and George stared at the woman in confusion.
“I am Mrs. Ajala, my son is Dapo Ajala…”
“My God! Dapo! It’s been ages…whatever happened to him? How
come he found Bobo? He abandoned me when I was pregnant…” Demilade said.
“My son, Dapo Ajala…is the leader of the gang who kidnapped
Bobo…” Mrs. Ajala said tearfully.
“What? Dapo? How?” Demilade asked in shock.
“He was one of the kidnappers mom…” Bobo said. “When they
brought me to his place, he started asking me lots of questions and even though
the man who had asked them to kidnap me wanted me dead, he saved me.”
“What? I don’t understand…” Demilade said.
“My son, Dapo, originally kidnapped Bobo for an affluent
man, apparently, he discovered that he had kidnapped his son and decided to
bring him to my house so that I could return him to his mother. My son,
followed the rough path and the fact that after his upbringing, he could stoop
so low to follow the dirty ways of life, led his father to an early grave. I am
so ashamed to say that I have a son like that…” Mrs. Ajala said, wiping a lone
tear from her eyes.
“This is a miracle! So, you mean that, the kidnapper who
happens to be his biological father, rescued him.” George said in shock.
“Yes…I really don’t like the fact that he’s my father…but I guess
I should be grateful that he spared my life.” Bobo said quietly.
“Oh my God! I am so sorry Bobo, you must feel so heartbroken
to have met your dad through such terrible means…I am so so sorry…” Demilade
said and hugged him tight.
:It’s okay mom…I guess I’m lucky that my real dad was the
kidnapper, because if he wasn’t, I’ll be dead. The kidnappers said that the
client issued a directive that my head should be delivered to you…” Bobo said
“No! Don’t say that! I don’t want you to remember any of
your ordeals in that place. Am I clear? Do you remember the story I used to
read to you as a child, about the Gobblin who refused to think of the bad
things but concentrated on the good in the world? I want you to focus on that.”
Demilade said.
“Wait a minute! You remember! Is your memory back?” Bobo
asked with a huge grin.
“Yes…yes my angel, it’s back!” Demilade said and clung on to
her son tightly.
“Yay!” Bobo said in excitement.
“Rose…please take Bobo into the house, run a warm bath for
him, he must be so tired.” George said.
“He had a bath in my house this morning.” Mrs. Ajala said.
“Oh okay, just take him to the room and let him lie
down…we’ll take him to the doctor as soon as he wakes up.” George said. “I
guess I’ll have to call my office and tell them that I can’t make it to work
Rose hugged Bobo again and almost carried him out of the
sitting room, everyone smiled as they watched her express her joy.
“I know that you might not know this but did your son in
anyway tell you the name of the person who wanted Bobo dead?” George asked.
“Yes…he did mention the name of one Chief Maduka…” Mrs.
Ajala said.
“What? Chief Maduka! That’s Amelia’s father.” George
“Are you serious? Amelia’s father wants my son dead? What
have I done to deserve all this ehn?” Demilade said in tears.
“I am telling the police about this and please madam, we’ll
also need your help even though it might not be in the best interests of your
son…” George started.
“I understand…even though he’s my son, evil cannot be swept
under the carpet.” Mrs. Ajala said.
“Thank you again ma…I really appreciate this ma…” Demilade
said, kneeling down again.
“I should be thanking you instead, you have given me a much
greater gift my dear, the gift of Bobo, my grandson. I’d like to ask a special
request that, Bobo recognizes his father’s family as his. Even though we
haven’t been there for him all these years, I’d like to introduce him to his
father’s family and also be a part of his life.” Mrs. Ajala said.
Demilade looked at George and addressing the woman, she
“Bobo has always answered his father’s name right from birth
and somehow I knew that someday, he would need to identify with his father’s
family. I accept your request.” Demilade said.
Mrs. Ajala reached out and hugged Demilade close.

Amelia was still at the hospital, she wasn’t discharged yet
and the doctor’s didn’t look like they were about to do that anytime soon.
“Helooo…can I get out of here already?” Amelia shouted from
her room.
The words bounced back at her and she sat up hissing under
her breath, her mother hadn’t come to see her and neither had her father. She
was officially mad at them. Suddenly, the door opened and a young man stepped
inside the room.
“Excuse me? You must have the wrong room…” Amelia barked.
“You are Amelia Maduka right?” The man said.
“Yes I am and who the hell are you?”
“My name is Dr. Chidi, I am a psychiatrist.”
“What? I’m not mad…what is wrong with this hospital? I
need to leave this place now!” Amelia screamed.
“Calm down Amelia…I am not here to send you to a psychiatric
hospital. I am just here to talk to you. You see, the hospital has been working
hand in hand with the police and we’ve decided to place you on a suicide watch…”
“What? Are you guys mad? I don’t intend to kill myself ever!
Where is my dad? I need to see my dad!”
“Please calm down Amelia…it’s just standard procedure
especially regarding the fact that you might have stabbed yourself. You see,
the knife almost hit a vital nerve which could have killed you in less than
thirty minutes.”
Amelia’s eyes widened as she stared at the doctor, guilt
slowly crept upon her.
“I…I really didn’t want to kill myself, I just wanted my
husband back…okay…” Amelia said as her eyes welled up with tears.
“What happened to you? I’m sure that perhaps a year ago, you
were full of life and excitement. What happened to make you become this version
of yourself?” The doctor asked calmly.
“I…I…I can’t say…” Amelia burst into tears.
Dr. Chidi quickly brought out a handkerchief which he handed
to her, as soon as she wiped her eyes of the tears, her story began.

To be continued tomorrow…


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