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The boss parked his jeep behind another vehicle on the street
he had grown up in. He stepped out of the car and opened the back door to carry
out Bobo who had been sleeping throughout the trip. By the time he had locked
the door of the car, he held onto Bobo in his arms and crossed to the other side
of the road where he quickly walked up to the gate of his father’s house. He
had given Bobo sleeping pills because he was careful not to draw attention to

What if he had driven past some policemen at the traffic light and
Bobo raised an alarm? Those and many more were the thoughts that went through
his mind last night as he had made the solemn resolve of setting things right. He
raised up his hand and knocked hard at the gate. The gate opened and Baba Aliyu,
the gateman he had known as a teenager started at him in shock.

“Sir Dapo! Sir Dapo! God be praised!” Baba Aliyu shouted in
“How are you Baba Aliyu…” The boss said in smiles.
“I am fine…but you…it has been six whole years….ohhh…what
your father would have given to see you come home, just the way you have done
now.” Baba Aliyu said. Then staring at the boy in his arms, he asked. “Yours?”
The boss felt his chest well up in pride as he nodded.
“Yes…he is mine.”
“Ohhhh…goodnews…goodnews…come in….please come
in…your mother is upstairs.” Baba Aliyu said.
The boss walked into the house with Baba Aliyu in tow, he
pushed open the door to the interior of the house and felt a wave of nostalgia
hit him squarely in the face. Nothing had changed, the strong scent of the
house was still intact, he quietly carried Bobo to the sofa of the sitting room
and lay him down on it. The pictures of his childhood and young adult years
placed proudly on the walls made him want to cry. His parents had had such high
hopes for him and he had paid them back with ill. He was still staring around
when he heard his mother’s voice.
“Dapo! Dapo!” His mother shouted as she rushed down the
staircase to envelope him in a hug. “When you called me, I thought I was
“Mummy…I am so sorry…mom…please forgive me….” The
boss said as he fell to his knees in tears.
“Shhh….you here are and that’s all that matters.” His
mother said.
Baba Aliyu stood behind them smiling and raising his hands
heavenward in thanks.
“I want you to meet somebody….” The boss said and holding his
mother’s hand, he led her to where Bobo lay on the sofa.
“Meet your grandson, Dapo Ajala….”
His mother’s eyes widened in surprise as she stared at Bobo.
“What? I have a grandchild?” His mother asked.
“Yes…yes ma…” The boss replied.
“Baba Aliyu…please could you excuse us for a moment?” His
mother said quietly.
Baba Aliyu exited the sitting room while the boss and his mother
sat beside Bobo and conversed.
“Did you get married? How?” His mother asked, with a glint
of excitement in her eyes.
“Mom…I have done terrible things that I am too ashamed to
tell you but here is one good that I have ever done in my life.” The boss said
pointing to Bobo. “He is the product of an affair I had as a young man in
“Where is his mother?”
“She doesn’t know where he is, that’s why I need your help
mom. I want you to take him back to his mom…he knows his house address and
the phone number to reach his mother. I brought him here because I also want
him to know you as his grandmother. He bears our family name and I want him to
have a share in my inheritance, I want you to be a part of his life as much as
you can…” The boss said emotionally.
“How I wish your father was alive to see this day. He dreamt
of your return and of your children….he was so hurt that you left and never
kept in touch. He had a stroke and soon after, had a heart attack, he missed
you Dapo.” His mother said.
“And I will never forgive myself for not being there for him
when he needed me most.” The boss said.
“No…don’t say that….he forgave you before he left this
Bobo coughed and blinked, opening his eyes to stare at the
boss and the elderly woman by his side.
“Where am I?” Bobo asked.
“You remember I told you that I had somewhere special to
bring you?” The boss said.
“This is the place. I want you to meet my mother….she is
your grandmother.” The boss said.
“My grandmother? I have a grandmother already and it’s not
“I am your grandmother because your father is my son.” The
boss’s mother said, indicating to the boss.
“Who?” Bobo asked in shock.
“You didn’t ….know?” The boss’s mother asked Bobo and
turned to stare at her son.
“He is not my dad….you are mistaken ma. This man is one of
the kidnappers who took me from my mom…” Bobo started.
“Kidnapper?” The boss’s mother asked in shock.
“Mom…” The boss started.
“No! Dapo! We gave you everything…how did you turn out
like this? What did we do to deserve this? My son? A kidnapper? My God!” His
mother screamed.
“I can explain mom….I have done bad things for a living
but I am willing to change. The moment I took Bobo captive I knew that there is
something different about him and soon after, I realized that he’s my flesh and
blood. I feel so bad that my son knows me as the man who kidnapped him and I am
truly ashamed of what I have done.” The boss said in tears.
“You can’t be my dad…I don’t my father but he is not a
kidnapper! He is a hero! I know he is a hero and not a thief or kidnapper! You are
evil! You can’t be my dad….no you can’t!” Bobo shouted and ran out of the
sitting room and disappeared behind the staircase.
“Who asked you to kidnap him? Why did you kidnap him? Was it
for money? Who is behind the innocent child’s kidnap?” His mother screamed at
“I can’t tell you…he’s a client and…and I didn’t know he
was my son before I took him…I can’t give you the information on my client…”
The boss started.
The loud stinging slap from his mother came unexpected as
soon as it hit his cheeks the boss began to cry.
“Who gave you the order to kidnap a little defenceless boy?
Who?” His mother asked again.
“It’s Chief Maduka…he is…an affluent man and…Please
mom…don’t say this to anyone, I could get implicated if you do…”
“You came to drop the boy right? You have handed him over to
me, be assured that I will return him to his mother but you are no longer
welcome in this house until you turn a new leaf. I will not harbour a criminal
and neither will I be a mother to one. Go and come home when your slates have
been wiped clean!” His mother said to him in tears.
The boss nodded and left the house.
News spread as fast as the wild bush fire. No sooner had
Grace been seen hanging down her fan than the news had reached the ears of Abu,
Isaac’s gateman. As soon as he heard the news, he hurried to the door of Isaac’s
house and started banging at it.
Isaac had been trying to sleep after sending the nosy
neighbour on her way but found that he couldn’t shut his eyes in sleep. The
face of Grace kept haunting his subconscious and he wondered if he should have
listened to the neighbour and gone to Grace’s house as she had suggested. As
soon as he heard the bang at the door, he ran out of his room and hurried downstairs
to the door, he unlocked it and pulled it open, staring at his gateman with
“Oga you for go that time ooo…auntie Grace don die oooo…”
Abu wailed.
Isaac felt as though a strong hand grabbed hold of his heart
and ripped it off his chest.
“Wha…what?” Isaac asked in numb shock.
“Them don carry im body rush comot from d house….dem say
she use rope hang her neck for fan.”
Isaac fell to the ground in a dead faint.

To be continued on Friday…..


  1. Awwwww Poor Grace.
    Ada I love the twist. Bobo….bobo's dad,his mum and lots more. It's really sad that Bobo had to meet his father in such manner. But mehn na life be that o.
    Demilade and George…..I av my eyes on u two.
    Good job Ada love.


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