Gbade sat before the doctor and stared at his grim facial
“Doc…” He started.
It was morning and Ogonna had been operated upon. An
operation that he had given his consent the night before.
“How are you Mr. Gbade?”

“I am fine, how’s Ogonna? You did the operation on her, right? Where you able to save her and the baby?”
“I thought I laid out the options to you last night. It was
an ectopic pregnancy and in her case, the Fallopian tube ruptured and we had to
do an emergency surgery to stop the bleeding.”
“So you stopped the bleeding right?” Gbade said with a shred of hope.
“It’s more complicated than that…it’s unfortunate that the Fallopian tube was damaged and we had to remove it.”
“What are you saying doctor? What happened to the baby?”
“Haven’t you been listening? The baby couldn’t survive it.
The good news is that she has one tube left and can still get pregnant with it.”
“What? Doctor! What are you saying?”
“Mr. Gbade, I know this is hard but you need to be strong at least for your wife.”
Gbade was so bitter, he stared at the doctor in anger.
“She’s not my wife, not yet…” He said.
The doctor looked at him with an unreadable expression.
“Let’s be thankful that women were provided with two tubes
and not one. With one tube she can have a dozen babies if she wants but I’d
suggest that you wait a few months for the damaged area to heal. Another option
is the in vitro fertilisation where we could put one or two embryos in the
middle of the uterine cavity.”
Gbade nodded wordlessly and stood up from the chair.
“I am sure you’d like to see her now…just ask the nurse to
take you to her.” He said.
Gbade left the office.
Kolade had come to pick Morayo up for lunch and they were at
an African Kitchen restaurant eating Eforiro with pounded yam and assorted
“I am definitely going to get fat on this…” Morayo
laughed, referring to the size of her pounded yam.
“We’ve got to be true Africans….let’s cherish our heritage
and eat more of our foods.” Kolade giggled.
“This is too heavy abeg! I’d rather do a garden salad and
roasted chicken.” Morayo laughed again. 
“You make me laugh so much you know…”
“I’m not even trying too hard…” He winked at her.
“I know right?”
“Ehem!” He coughed.
“Water?” She asked reaching out for a bottle of water on the table.
“No…I was just clearing my throat…” He chuckled.
They both laughed again.
“My mom’s in town….she’s at home.” Kolade said.
“Oh, that’s nice…” Morayo answered.
“She said she’d like to meet you.”
Morayo gawked at him.
“What? Meet me? Why?”
“Well…the girls talk about you a lot and errr…she felt
that it won’t be a bad idea to meet you.” He smiled.
“Are we not rushing things? I’ve known you for how long?
Less than a month…let’s not rush it.”
“I’m not introducing you to her as my wife, but as a friend.
My mom isn’t the match-making kind, she just noticed that her grand-daughters
seem to be happy and her son too so she just wants to meet the woman behind it
Morayo gave him a questioning look and slowly broke into a
“Yea….okay then…”
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Nkiru couldn’t make it to work, she was seated by her sister’s
side, whispering comforting words into her ears. Her temperature was still high
and she kept breathing heavily from time to time. 
Nkiru felt like dying, she
recalled her visit to the Spiritine Temple and thought of how possible it was
that there was nobody there anymore.
‘God please, I beg of you! Do not let anything happen to my
sister or I’ll never forgive myself! Please Jesus!’ She cried.
The door to the house opened and Sam walked in. Nkiru looked
at him and instantly looked away.
“Hey Nkiru…where’s everyone?” He asked.
“Out…” She said.
“You didn’t return home last night and I was worried.”
“That house is not my house, it’s yours and my sister’s so
please, do not call it my home.” She sniffed.
“I know you’re upset by what you saw and I…I am
“Can you spare me the talk? I made a mistake by falling for
you and trust me when I say that I’m not in-love with you anymore.” She said.
Sam nodded.
“We have to come up with a solution to Ihuoma’s problem.”
“Daddy said the doctor recommended a psychiatric hospital…”
Nkiru said silently.
“That’s not acceptable!” He shouted.
Nkiru suddenly remembered something and looked at her right
hand, ‘where was the ring?’ she thought. There was a ring that she had gotten
from the Spiritine temple! Where was it? She asked herself. She quickly stood
up from the sofa and headed towards the door.
“Where are you headed?” He asked.
“I’ll be right back. Make sure that you do not leave her
side because if you do, you’ll have me to deal with.” She said and stormed out
of the house.
Ogonna opened her eyes and stared at the hospital room, she
was alone.
“Gbade!” She called out.
There was no answer. The door opened and a nurse walked into
the room.
“You are awake, you have been slipping in and out of consciousness
for the past five hours. How are you feeling?”
“Where is my husband?” Ogonna asked.
“Yes, the man I came here with.”
“Oh…he never mentioned that you are his wife. He just paid
your hospital bills and left.”
“He left? What do you mean by he left?” Ogonna asked in
“Yes, he left since morning and I don’t know if he’s coming
“I don’t understand. Why would he leave? What happened to
me? Did anything bad happen to me? What of my baby?” Ogonna cried.
“I’ll tell the doctor to come and see you.” The nurse said
and left.
Ogonna looked up at the ceiling and began to cry. Soon, the doctor walked in with the nurse.
“How are you feeling Ogonna?”
“I am not feeling too well, what’s happened to me?”
“You had an ectopic pregnancy, we couldn’t save the baby and also, one of your tubes.” He said.
“What? My baby! My tubes!”
“I explained everything to Mr. Gbade and I’m surprised he’s not here to break the news to you. You won’t be expected to try for a baby for a while because you aren’t properly healed yet but you can have as much babies as you want with one tube.”
“That’s not what I want to hear! I planned so hard for this baby…I…”
“Get some rest okay….” The doctor said.
Ogonna cried as she watched the doctor walk away, she wished she had a phone so that she’d call Gbade. He had just lost another child and she knew he’d be mad with himself for it. 
“Gbade, where are you? We’ll have another baby…I promise…” She echoed.
Ebube had just finished her exam and had just arrived at her house when she heard a
knock at the door. She opened it to see Gbade at the door.
“Good afternoon…” She started, not knowing what else to
“Hey…” Gbade greeted, he was with Ogonna’s bags in his
hand. “I came to drop Ogonna’s things.”
“You came to what?” Ebube asked.
Gbade didn’t reply, he pushed his way into the house and dumped the bags
at the center of the room and turned to leave.
“Where is she?” Ebube asked.
“In the hospital…” He said.
“You are so cruel…how can you bring her bags back here?
What happened to the life you both planned together? It’s just a little over a
month and you are done?”
Gbade didn’t reply, he just walked out through the door,
leaving a shocked Ebube staring at his retreating back in disbelief.
To be continued on Friday.


  1. Gbade and Morayo are like day and night……I wonder how Morayo never knew this selfish side of him before marriage. So much to learn from this. Can't wait for Friday to be here. Kudos!

    • An adage says 'it's good for some things to happen so that you can see the true colours of your loved ones.' I guess that's what happened to Morayo.
      Thank you for reading Teekay.

  2. Ada ooooooo you have started again abi. Now na make we dey use our head and mind to dey picture next step.
    Morayo pls enjoy life jare.
    Ogonna,you thought you will have it smooth abi. Pele
    Gbade SMH
    Nkiru wait small u here

  3. Hello
    I am really enjoying this series but I don't understand the long gaps. please when is the next episode. its already established that you're a good writer so your readers will keep coming back. there's no need for the suspense.

    • Hello Sarah,
      If you've been following my stories, you'll find out that for everyday there's a different story and that I follow a timetable.
      The Thrillers Section comes up everyday and the latest season is titled 'baby Mama Drama'
      Black Mail comes up on Thursday and Sunday
      Teenage Series comes up on Monday and Tuesday
      Wife Material comes up on Fridays and Saturdays
      The Diaries which has Abosede as the current season comes up on Wednesdays.
      I do not understand your pointing out the suspense part as all my works are meant to have cliff hangers till the next episode.
      This means that for the Wife Material episode, you'll have to be patient till Fridays and Saturdays. I hope I answered your questions.
      Thank you so much for enjoying the stories. God bless you.

  4. I am enjoying this series, Adaeze is awesome as always. Thank God Morayo is getting her acts together again. Sorry Ogonna, Gbade only reacted to you the same way he did to Morayo. That is his character but your greed wont let you see clearly. Thanks Adaeze


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