Duncan opened his eyes to see his brother by his bedside, he
blinked weakly and tried to speak.
“Shhh…” Josh said.
“Where’s she? Where’s that bitch? She caused all of this…”
Duncan said with difficultly.
“She’s gone.” Josh answered.
“What? Gone where? Who gave her the permission to leave? I
swear that when I’m out of here I’ll…”
“Stop it Duncan, just stop it! This has to stop, this behaviour
of yours towards women has to stop!”  Josh said.
Duncan looked away.
“Tell me how this happend? Did she just shove you down the
staircase? I doubt it, you were obviously beating her and in self defence, she
shoved you down…perhaps.”

“Does it matter? What matters is that she should be punished
for this! Look at me! I’m confined to a hospital bed, what if I died? What if I
can’t walk? What if…”
“You know me Duncan, and you know that we are complete
opposites of each other. I couldn’t blame her. She called me, she actually left
the whole scene the way it was just incase we called the police and that showed
me that she didn’t do things intentionally. If she’d cleaned up the blood and
maybe tried to hide a few things, I’d never have let her go. But then again, I
have a beast for a brother and you’ve proved to me that the leopard never
changes its spots. It’s a good thing that I am in the country when this
happened or you won’t have a family member here with you at this time.”
Duncan looked away.
“I spoke to dad and I spoke to the doctor too. The doctor
says that we should wait till you’re healed before you get on a plane.” Josh
“What am I getting on a plane for?” Duncan asked tensed.
“You’re going for therapy. You need to get your head fixed
bro…or you might kill someone.” Josh said.
“She almost killed me! Why are you turning the tables on me
now and blaming me for what she did?” Duncan spat.
There was a knock at the door and Rhoda rushed in with tears
in her eyes.
“Duncan, darling…I rushed here as soon as I received the
call…what happened to you? Did Stella do this to you?” Rhoda asked in tears.
“Will you shut up and get out?” Duncan spat in anger.
Rhoda stopped in her tracks and stared at Duncan in
“Didn’t you hear me or are you deaf? Get the hell out of
here and never come back!” Duncan said.
Rhoda didn’t know what to say, she nodded and made her way
out of the room in silence. Josh looked at his brother and shook his head.
Mitch was going through a vacation website on his laptop and
was so engrossed that he didn’t know when Angel walked into his bedroom.
“Hmmm…someone’s thinking of travelling.”
He looked at her and smiled.
“Yes…I still have my leave from the office and I was
thinking of travelling somewhere less expensive.” Mitch said.
“Travelling alone can be boring.” Angel said.
“Who says I’m travelling alone?” Mitch asked.
Angel smiled at him and said.
“Are you asking Diamond to go with you?”
“Do you think it’s too soon?” Mitch asked.
“I don’t know…do you?” Angel asked.
“Right now I’m clueless. I’ve spent so much of my time
pursuing the wrong woman when the right one was right there. Did you know that
Diamond loved me from the very first time we met? I met her first you know but
I was captivated by Cherry’s wild heart.”
“Yes, I knew she really liked you and some how I preferred
her for you back then but it was your heart’s choice and not mine.” Angel said.
“I feel so guilty for not seeing through her heart and…”
“C’mon brother, that’s why we are human beings, we make
mistakes but then, we’re considered lucky if we’re given a second chance.”
Angel said.
“I don’t even know what I’m doing, I really like Diamond…I
really do but the fact that Cherry’s her sister…”
“Doesn’t change a thing.” Angel said, completing his
statement. “Cherry is her sister, yes, so? Things didn’t work out between you
two and you’ve decided to give Diamond a try…”
“I haven’t even told her my intentions yet.” Mitch said.
“What’s stopping you?” Angel asked.
“I am not ready for games anymore, and God knows that I don’t
want a relationship either. I want to get married and if Diamond would have
Angel’s eyes widened in surprise as she stared at her
“My only worry is that they are both from the same family
and that marrying Diamond would mean that Cherry is going to continue being in
our lives and I don’t want that. I don’t want to have to pretend to like her
all because of Diamond. I don’t want Diamond’s bond with her sister to break
because of me. Even though they’ve never really been close, I feel that if
Diamond and I become a couple, it’ll affect their sisterhood.” He continued.
“Mitch, you think too much about others. Look where it got
you the first time. You were so considerate with Cherry that you gave your
relationship your all. She kept lying to you and would have continued lying to
you if you hadn’t caught her at her introduction. Why don’t you speak to
Diamond about your intentions and hear what she has to say. If she voices these
same fears, then, you guys would see if you can actually let a relationship
thrive in the midst of it all but if she doesn’t, then go with the flow. Who
knows? Diamond might have actually been your destiny from the start and it
might just be that you failed to see it.”
“Thank you sis….you know you’ve always been right about
everything from the start, and even while I was dating Cherry, you pointed out
facts to me but I refused to listen to. Now, I wish I had listened. I’ll take
your advice and speak to Diamond about it, then, I’ll know the next step to take.”
He said.
Angel bent over to hug him and smiled.
Diamond was helping her mother to fold her clothes when she
heard a text message beep on her phone.
you free during the public hols?”
Mitch had texted.
what’s up?”
She texted back.
“Can we
see each other? I want us to talk.”
He said.
time and what place?”
She texted back in reply.
When she was done texting, she continued the task of helping
her mother with her clothes.
“Thank you so much for this D, I was already wondering how I’d
fold all these laces and wrappers myself.” Her mother said to her with a smile.
“You know I’d always help you out whenever I have the time.
Besides, I came home from work early today because I stayed out late yesterday.”
Diamond said.
“So, you went on a date?” Her mother asked.
“In the night? No, I had a meeting with a client and we just
went out for drinks.” Diamond said with a smile.
“So no dates?”
“Well…I had one yesterday afternoon…during lunch.”
Diamond said.
Her mother smiled.
“Yes dear…”
“What do you think about this thing of having to date
someone who had dated your sister or relative or friend in the past?” Diamond
“Someone who’s dated a sister, friend or relative?”
“Yes mom, like…I hear people say that it breaks the girl
code. Is that true?”
“Well, it happens but errmmm…it creates some kind of
awkwardness, if you know what I mean. For the fact that the relationship didn’t
work with the former person, there could be some kind of resentment if it works
out with another person. Why do you ask?”
Diamond shrugged.
“Are any of your friends having that kind of problem?”
“Yea…my friend’s sister dated a guy that my friend has always
liked but things didn’t work out with my friend’s sister and the guy and now,
she’s getting close to the guy. He hasn’t asked her out yet properly but…she’s
wondering what her answer would be if he states his intentions.”
“Well…you don’t jeopardize your happiness for someone else
and if your friend feels that the guy is right for her, she could go ahead.
Besides, there are really no rules to life or dating or relationships or
anything…” Her mother said.
Diamond paused and said.
“What if the friend I am talking about is me?”
Her mother looked up at her and realization crossed her
“You? Do you mean you and Mitch?” Her mother asked in shock.
Diamond nodded slowly and said nothing.
Stella had been able to retrieve the old phone that Duncan
had seized. She had found it inside his desk drawer in his bedroom. Since she
left the house, she’d been holed up in a hotel room sitting idly and doing
nothing. Duncan had been generous during their relationship and she had enough
money to last her a long time. She knew she had to find a place to stay, then a
job, and then maybe beg Madu for permission to see her daughter. The first
thing she did when she got to the hotel was call her sister and ask her to pack
up all her things and head over to the hotel where she was. Now that she was
here, she felt more at peace that she wasn’t with the crow, Rhoda.
She felt so empty and shattered. She remembered the hell she
went through at Duncan’s place. The betrayal from her friend Rhoda who had
pushed her to aborting her pregnancy which would have been four months gone by
now if she’d kept it. She was so sad.
“Why Stella? Why did you throw it all away?” She cried.
Her sister was in the bathroom and she walked out clad in a
towel. Stella had told her the truth of what had been happening in her life,
begging that she doesn’t tell their parents about it till she was ready to tell
them herself.
“Are you crying again sis?” Her sister asked.
Stella nodded.
“I feel so stupid, so used…so used…” Stella said and
burst into tears.
“You made a mistake but forgiveness is the key to erasing
all mistakes. First of all, you must forgive yourself, then ask brother Madu to
forgive you and Kamsi too…”
“I don’t know how to face them…it’s been so long. Madu
will never take me back, he’ll never see me in the way he used to before.”
“Well…he might never take you back but you’ll know you
tried your best, besides, I know brother Madu and he’s the nicest man ever. He’ll
be angry at first but he’ll forgive…”
“No, he won’t, not after what I did to him.” Stella said.
“What else did you do asides running off with another man?”
“I aborted our baby…” Stella sobbed. “We were to have
another child but I didn’t want the child to come in the way of my relationship
with Duncan so I aborted it.”
“My God! You what?” Her sister asked in repulsion.
“Yes, I’m horrible…I’m a horrible person…” Stella
Her sister stared at her with mouth wide open, she couldn’t believe
what she’d heard.


To be continued on Friday…..

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  1. Hmmm…. so many things to mull over in this episode. But i'm very happy that Stella is remorseful over her actions. I believe Madu will forgive her and their marriage will be stronger than ever although that will take time.


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