Lola lay on the bed in the room and wrapped her arms around her belly, she was still in shock. When she’d been told that she was to be released today, she thought it was all a big lie till she found herself with Jacob. As soon as they got to the house, she had had a bath which she hadn’t done in days and had gotten into bed, she felt so feverish.

The door opened and Jacob walked in.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.
She nodded.
“Don’t worry, everything is over….you are safe now.” He said to her.
“Thank you.” She said.
“You should thank Ella, she was the one who brought the money even though I recall how much stress I went through trying to get her to bring it.” He said.
“Ella?” She asked.
“Yes, Ella. Where else would I get five million naira?” He said. “Now, the kidnappers took the car too but I’m sure that we will get it back in no time. All she needs to do is report the car stolen to the police.” He said.
Lola nodded again, she felt so guilty. She had gotten kidnapped on the day she’d gone to the shrine to work against Ella and now, Ella had been the one to set her free from the clutches of the kidnappers. She began to cry.
“Shhh…stop…I told you you’re safe now.” He said.
“I know.” She sniffed.
“Why are you crying?” He asked.
“Nothing…” She said.
“Get some rest…I hope the baby is fine.” He asked.
She nodded slowly. Jacob nodded and got up to leave when the door burst open and Ella stood at the doorway.
“My goodness! Lola! You’re back! Thank God.” Ella said hurrying up to her to give her a hug.
As soon as Ella hugged Lola, the dam burst as she began to wail loudly.
“Is everything okay? Are you alright?” Ella asked looking at Lola in pity.
“I think she’s still traumatised by the ordeal.” Jacob said.
“Shhh…darling, everything will be fine…just get some rest. Have you eaten anything?” Ella asked.
“Not yet.” Jacob said.
“We need to get something for her to eat.” Ella said.
Lola wiped the tears from her eyes and lay on the bed again.
“Let’s give her some time to get some rest…” Jacob said to Ella.
Lola watched them leave in silence, she knew she had to remove the blinders from Ella’s eyes as soon as possible. She had to tell her the whole truth and make her know the kind of man she’d married.
“They took my car?” Ella shouted as soon as they stepped out of Lola’s room.
“Well…that’s how they were able to leave with the money. We could report the car as missing and in a few days, we’ll get it back.”
“Report the car as missing? I gave you five million naira to give the kidnappers and my car wasn’t part of the bargain.” Ella yelled.
“Why are you yelling at me? Are you the only one who’s had to part with five million naira? Besides, it’s just a car, if we don’t get it back, you’ll get a new one. We should be grateful that Lola was brought home alive.”
“Listen to yourself, Jacob! How dare you speak about my property as though it’s trifle? That car was a gift from my dad and if he finds out that it’s missing, he won’t be happy with me.”
“Daddy this…daddy that…when will you grow up and act like a woman? When will you stop your father and your family from having a say in your life? This is your family now! I am your family whether you like it or not and we are in this together. That was just a car and you can get another one.” He said.
“Get another one? Is it that easy? With the state of the economy, cars have tripled in price and I don’t have the money to get a new one. This is on you Jacob, you have to report at the police station and get my car back or else.”
“Have you resorted to threats? Are you threatening me?” He screamed at her in anger.
“Yes, I am Jacob! I am threatening you and telling you that if I don’t get my car back in the next few days, I am …”
He cut her statement with a loud slap across her face.
Ella’s eyes widened in surprise, it all felt like magic.
“Oh my God! I’m so sorry darling…please…I am sorry…it’s the work of the devil…I am sorry…” Jacob apologised, pulling her into his arms for an embrace.
Ella opened her mouth to speak but a loud yell from Lola’s bedroom unnerved them and they both rushed in.
They opened the door to see Lola clutching her abdomen and yelling in pain.
Jessica and her sister sat in the hospital room together, they were both staring at the television but not speaking. Jessica’s sister suddenly broke the silence.
“The doctor should discharge you today.” She said.
“Yes.”Jessica answered.
“But…it’s strange how we never knew that Zach was married before.” She said.
“Well, he said that she showed him hell and he wants to divorce her but she’s threatening to take his son away from him.” Jessica said.
“Are you sure about this? There are two sides to every story ooo…”
“Yes I know but everything he told me makes so much sense. You remember I told you that he began to act strangely some time ago and that coincided with the time that Queen joined our company.”
“But you know Queen and all you’ve ever done since you met that woman is sing her praises.” Her sister said.
“Yes I know, but people can be deceptive. I mean…Queen was nice to me because she didn’t know that I was married to Zach but now that she knows, she’s going to try to punish him more especially by taking his son away from him.”
“Wait…isn’t that the same little boy that came for my child’s birthday?”
“Yes…he is.”
“Didn’t we find it strange that he was latched to your husband all day?”
Jessica looked at her sister.
“Something is not right Jess, I think you need to get to the bottom of this. There’s something Zach is not telling you.” Her sister said.
“C’mon sis, Zach is telling the truth. He broke down and cried, and I’ve never seen him cry before…he actually cried hard when he was telling me the truth. He regretted not telling me the whole truth before we got married but he did that because he was scared that I won’t marry him.”
“He hasn’t divorced his first wife Jess, he is a polygamist.” Her sister said.
“Don’t call him that.” Jessica said hotly.
“I regret the fact that we didn’t do our investigations properly before you got into the marriage.”
“Well, there was nothing to investigate besides, we are going to be fine. Zach has removed Queen from his life and…”
“Look, darling, I’m not speaking of the present but of the future. You have thrown yourself into a situation with this messy triangle. If Queen is as dangerous as Zach claims, then, your life and that of your unborn children can be in danger.”
“Sis…stop worrying.”
“Do you know what I think? I feel you should put off getting pregnant till you’re sure that the divorce is final between Queen and your husband.”
“Sis, c’mon! There’s nothing to be sure about. I trust my husband totally and I believe all that he told me.”
Her sister looked at her and sighed, she wanted to speak when the door opened and Zach walked in with a large pack of pizza and a large bowl of ice cream.
“You want me to get fat.” Jessica laughed.
“I’m doing everything to make sure that my darling gets all the care in the world.” He said with a smile.
He greeted Jessica’s sister who quickly stood up from the chair and walked towards the door.
“Leaving already?” Jessica asked.
“Yes, I have to go home to get some things.” She said.
“The doctor should discharge her today or latest tomorrow.” Zach said to Jessica’s sister.
Jessica’s sister didn’t reply, she opened the door and walked out of the room.
“What’s wrong with her? She didn’t speak to me….” Zach said.
“Don’t worry about her, she’s just playing the role of the big sis.” Jessica said with a smile.
As Jessica opened the pack of pizza and began to devour it, Zach looked worried, he just realised that he had Jessica’s family to contend with.
Ella and Jacob waited for news at the waiting room of the hospital, Jacob watched as Ella sat at the other side and waited for news. She hadn’t spoken to him since he hit her at their house. Jacob made his way towards her and as soon as she saw him approach, she stood up and made to walk away. The doctor chose that moment to emerge from within and they rushed up to him.
“Doc…is she okay?” Jacob asked.
“Are you the father of the child? Is she your wife?” The doctor asked.
“No…No…” Jacob said.
“She’s a relative.” Ella answered.
“Lola went into early labour.”
“Early labour?” Jacob and Ella asked in shock.
“Yes, we had to deliver the baby…” The doctor said.
“How are they doing? I mean…how’s the mother and baby?” Jacob asked.
“We are sorry…the baby was a still born…” The doctor said. “The mother is stable.”
Ella shook her head sorrowfully while Jacob groaned in pain and crouched to the ground in tears.


To be continued next week…..


  1. Aaaaw. poor baby. May he/she rest in peace. Thank God Lola is stable. As for Jacob eh, hmmm…

    JESSICA!!! I just cannot believe she believed her husband, just like that. She needs to be patient and listen to her older sister, and also talk to Queen.

    Also, what can 5million naira buy in Nigeria?


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