had never stepped into Chuka house before but today, as soon as her feet
stepped into the interiors of his house, she was blown away. Rita was from a
polygamous home, her father had married more wives and had more concubines than
he could count, it was needless to say that her house was practically a harem.
The few reasons why her father treated her specially was because her mother was
his first love and first wife who had sacrificed and still sacrifices a lot of
things to be with him, aside from that, she would be treated no better than her
siblings who lived the average life. Even with her father’s wealth, Rita never looked
at herself as rich or privileged, to her, she was just the normal girl like
everybody else.

Chuka’s house and all he had, somehow made her view him in a different light.
He was young and very successful, the kind of man that women dream about but
then again, with the questionable way he treated Aisha her friend- he was no
make yourself comfortable…I’ll get you the keys to the guest room.” Chuka said
to her.
Guest room? I just came to stay a while, I am not prepared to live here with
you…” Rita said.
am begging you in God’s name…I am scared of the ghost of your friend.” Chuka
don’t believe in ghosts!” Rita said blandly.
that’s why you haven’t seen any sign…” Chuka said.
Chuka, you can’t expect me to spend the night here? C’mon…” Rita said
can fall on my knees and beg you…please…”
what if I stay for just tonight, what will happen tomorrow and the next?”
call my brother this night to make his way to Abuja…I can’t stay in this house
alone…I’ll run mad.” Chuka declared.
see what you men don’t realize? Let’s say you never broke Aisha’s heart, you
wouldn’t be so afraid of nothing. Something tells you that you wronged her,
that’s why you are so jittery…” Rita accused.
didn’t wrong Aisha….” Chuka said, more composed this time.
So you mean that your actions didn’t lead to her taking her life?” Rita asked.
her life was her choice and not mine. Is she the only one who has suffered a
heart-break? C’mon….I told her that I was not interested any longer, I didn’t
put a knife to her wrist or slash her…”
you really defending yourself?” Rita asked matter-of-factly.
Rita, I know that you love your friend and that her death hurts you but think
of it. Haven’t you been heart-broken in the past? Hasn’t your heart been
crushed by a man who you fell in love with? Aren’t you still alive? It’s not my
desire to speak ill against the dead but, what Aisha did was so lame. What if
we were not meant to be together and God used me to tell her the truth. By
committing suicide, has she gained anything? We all know that those that commit
suicide end up in hell.”
don’t want to listen to your philosophy, Chuka…please show me to the room, I’d
like to go to bed.” Rita said.
sorry if my words upset you…are you hungry? I know that you had to stop your
cooking inorder to come over here to stay with me. I have frozen potato chips
in the freezer and already barbecued chicken wings, you could microwave it and
fry the chips for dinner. I am sorry, my Cook is on leave so there’s no one to
help with the food.” Chuka said apologetically.
suddenly realized that she was hungry, she nodded and asked Chuka to direct her
to the kitchen which he did and quickly went away to search for the keys to the
guest room. As soon as Rita stepped into the kitchen, she was dazed.
had always wanted and loved the fine things of life. When she finished her
University education, she had asked her father to work her posting to Abuja, as
she really didn’t want the stress of the other states of the country. She was
soon posted to work in the ministry and later on, she was retained. Now,
stepping into Chuka’s kitchen brought out another side that Rita never knew
existed, she found trickles of doubt finding its way into her mind as she quite
agreed with Chuka that Aisha’s suicide had not been entirely his fault.
picked up the phone and spoke into the receiver.
went wrong with your phone? I called you about ten times yesterday to no
 Her father shouted down the line.
in Abuja is hectic…I had hardly settled down before the work suddenly started
flowing in…” Susan said.
hope you are fine…”
sir…I am fine…how is everyone?”
are all fine, still grappling over the fact that you’ve moved from Lagos.”
daddy, moving is inevitable…even if I didn’t move away now, I’ll still move
when I get married.”
and this marriage. I hope that you don’t lose focus of your life over this
marriage issues. Marriage will come at its own time.”
helps those who help themselves…” Susan said to her dad.
doorbell to her house rang and she quickly told her father.
can I call you back?”
to you later dear…” He said.
soon as she hung up, Susan yawned and got up from the bed, she was so tired
even though it was just some minutes past six am in the morning. She tried to
recapture the feeling of Lagos, she tried to imagine what she’d be doing now.
If she were in Lagos, she thought, she’d be out of the house by this time,
hurrying to beat traffic but here she was, still in her nightwear. Susan loved
the fact that there was little or no traffic in Abuja as even though her office
was at Area 2 Garki, and her accommodation was at Wuse zone 2, she could
clearly get to work early even if she left home at seven am.
coming…” She said aloud, stopping to pick up her robe and shrug it on. She wasn’t
expecting anyone and neither did she know anyone in Abuja.
opened the door and saw a young man standing at her doorstep, he was wearing
blue overalls, he was very light-skinned and had grey eyes. Susan looked down
at him, he wasn’t tall.
how can I help you?” Susan asked.
my name is Augustine…I am here to fix the leaking pipes. The company alerted me
on the bad plumbing and I’m here to work on it.”
At ten minutes past six in the morning?” Susan asked in annoyance.
am sorry ma…I have lots of places that I am needed so inorder to meet up with
my client’s needs, I start my rounds very early.” He said.
Susan said snottily and pushed open the door wider so that he could come in.
room was in a mess and this was because she had spent the later part of last
night at a posh hotel in Maitama. By the time Tom dropped her off at her place,
it was well past midnight and she really didn’t have time to arrange the
clothes she had strewn about yesterday morning as she prepared for work.
place you have here…” Augustine said as his eyes caught a leopard print bra
which was hanging carelessly on a chair.
hurriedly snatched the bra up and started picking up her clothes items from the
ground and throwing them into her bag.
your business!” Susan snapped, already annoyed that the plumber’s sarcastic
expression was getting to her.
plumber ignored her and went straight to the mini bathroom and began to work,
Susan sat down on the bed and waited for him to finish, after waiting for about
thirty minutes and he wasn’t close to getting the job done and over with, she
shouted out.
have work you know?”
am fully aware of that…” He said. “But I’m not finished.”
gosh …I am going to be late and the worst thing is, I have no idea of how to
get around this city.”
moved in from Lagos.”
you don’t mind, after working on your plumbing, I could perhaps drop you off
somewhere close…to your office….” He said.
thank you…I’ll appreciate that.” Susan said in gratitude.
soon as Augustine finished work in her bathroom, he moved to the kitchen while Susan
quickly went to have her bath.
the time she was done and was out of the shower, she picked up her phone and
saw three missed calls, it was from Tom.
She said into the receiver, she still had her towel wrapped above her breast.
are you?” Tom asked in a husky voice.
am good…just in my room, preparing to get to work.” She said lightly.
wouldn’t be at work today because I have a few meetings somewhere at the
outskirts of Abuja. I was wondering if you would like to accompany me…” He
But…you know I have work to do…”
worry about that, I took care of the HR…” He said, offhandedly.
smiled and flirted.
you already had this planned before calling me huh?”
know what Susan? You’re beginning to get under my skin…in a good way…” He
sounds like a plan…” She said in a sexy voice. She was beginning to get a hang of her new identity and she loved it.
driver would pick you up at your place…in the next fifteen minutes…well…I’ll be
in the car…” He chuckled.
be with you in a bit…” She said.
tempting…” He said and hung up.
smiled and hung up the phone, thinking wistfully.
done!” Augustine said.
startled and dropped her phone in shock.
wrong with you? Is this how you startle people?” Susan barked at Augustine.
calm down…I didn’t say anything wrong did I?” he asked.
hell you didn’t!” She retorted. “If you are done working already, please leave
my house.”
guess you don’t need a ride from me anymore then…” He said quietly.
for working on the plumbing. Do I have to pay anything?”
company has already paid for my services.” He said and opening the door, he
walked out of Susan’s apartment.

fifteen minutes later, a sleek silver car drove up to the house, its tinted
windows hid its occupants well. Augustine stood at the
balcony of one of the mini-apartments and watched Susan strut to the car and
get in. He shook his head, she looked like a good girl, he only hoped that by
the time the wolves were done with her, she’ll be able to piece up  her broken life together.


    • I guess Augustine is those kind of guys that can't ignore things….
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