Ogonna threw her clothes everywhere, she was looking
for something, Ebube looked at her and hissed. Ogonna looked up at her room-mate and hissed back.
They had been friends for just eight months and room-mates for about six, they had been saddled with each other when they both decided to
embark upon a post-graduate course at the University of Lagos. Since they both
moved from their respective homes in different parts of the country, they both
decided to split costs and live together.

“Why are you scattering the room? Ehn!” Ebube grumbled.
“Can’t you see that I’m looking for something?” Ogonna
“Abeg look for it and rearrange this room, I don’t like a
“So I look like a messy person abi. Eby you have started
ooo…you have started and if I talk people will take sides with you and not
with me.” Ogonna warned.
“That’s because everyone knows how much of a problematic
person you are. My God! I pity the man that’ll marry you.”
‘Excuse me? See dis one ooo.,..you pity the man that’ll
marry me abi. Stay there ooo…stay there and be pitying me while I snag my
dream guy and we explore the world together.” Ogonna spat.
“Aren’t you tired of snagging them? First it was Chief, next
it was Victor after him was Fred, after that was that Warri boy…what’s his
name again, errr….Kingsley and now it’s Mohammed, haba! Give yourself a break, even your privates are screaming in protest because you sleep with any man you
feel has enough money to buy you the world.” Ebube said.
Ebube’s words struck a raw nerve but Ogonna didn’t flinch,
she stood there starring at her room-mate with her hands on her hips creating a
very sexy picture. She was dressed in a strapless asymmetrical dress which
showed off her very stocky legs and had her feet in four inch Louboutin heels, a
gift she had forced out from one of her male conquests. Her hair was natural so
she had combed her afro hair out and had used a red lipstick on her lips.
“Why are you looking at me that way? Haven’t I spoken the
truth? Anyway I hope you’re protecting yourself before you get inflicted with a
serious STD. I hope you’ve heard of the Zika virus because that’s a real scare!” Ebube
“Will you shut up? Will shut that dirty trap of yours?
Ogonna screamed. “You’re just so jealous because you don’t have any designer things and you don’t have amazing clothes either. Shut up!”
“I won’t…I’ll keep talking until you stop this attitude of
yours. It’s embarrassing and many of our classmates have started calling you
names. They call you names like, ‘money miss road’ or ‘the money freak’ and
some even whisper that they’ve seen you standing at the roads at night. I
wonder why you do this! Your family is comfortable, you have everything you need and your folks
send you enough money to feed a village, why your obsession for money?” Ebube
“Talk to the hand boo boo…”Ogonna raised her hand at her
and turned back towards the wardrobe and continued throwing out her clothes on
the bed.
“Mtchewwww…”Ebube hissed.
“You know what? I don’t blame you at all…you never land
inside one chance, they day you do ehn, when you see men with money  you’ll flee for your dear life.” Ebube said.
“Talk all you want, I don’t blame you at all, I blame myself
for not being pregnant because if I were, right now, you’ll be speaking to the
soon-to-be Mrs. Mohammed Abdullahi.”
Ebube’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets.
“Yes…I went to the hospital some days ago and the test was
negative…if it was positive ehn, I would have gotten that car that Mohammed
promised me…plus I’d have become his third wife. Wallahi!”
“Ogonna! Has it gotten to this? I mean…has it gotten to
this? What would your parents say if they see you doing this?”
“My parents have lived their lives and it’s my turn to live
mine.” Ogonna said pulling out a clutch purse from the wardrobe. “Got it.” She
said. “See you later hater…” Ogonna said blowing a kiss to Ebube and leaving
the room.
Ebube wanted to scream but she decided to keep silent as she
quietly picked up the clothes that her room-mate had tossed on the bed and began
to fold them and place them into the wardrobe. How she wished that they had
been able to get the two rooms self-contained house instead of this one roomed
one, she thought.
Morayo was still deep in thought, she was growing leaner by
the day but refuse to acknowledge it.
“Mo…how far? When’s our next hangout?” Angel, her
colleague asked.
Morayo looked at her and smiled.
“You and hang-outs, aren’t you tired of all that?”
“Iro ooo….how can I be tired of taking one weekend off
from being a wife and a mother and mind you, it only happens biannually.”
“What is Fisayo saying? Is she game?” Morayo asked.
“Ofcourse she is…and she wants it to be in Ghana or somewhere
outside Nigeria.” Angel said taking a seat in a chair beside her colleague’s.
Morayo, Angela, Fisayo and Uche had all started work at the
Insurance company seven years ago, back then they were spinsters and every month they made sure that they took some time off for themselves. Now, the four of
them were married and still took time off to spend time with each other.
“Okay…I’ll speak to Gbade about it…”
“Speaking of Gbade, how is he?”
“He’s okay…” Morayo replied, evading her eyes.
“You know we are all friends right? And friends stick up for each other…”
“Yes…ofcourse…” Morayo laughed nervously.
“Mo…it’s been almost two years….since…”
“Don’t…please don’t….” Morayo started.
“We’ve been excluding you from our hangouts because you have been grieving but isn’t it time to move on?”
“Move on? Move on to where? Lolu is dead, he would
have…been three years old, two days ago….he shares the same birthday date with his
dad…and I…I…killed him.” Morayo said in a strangled sob.
“No…you didn’t…it was an accident…an honest mistake…”
Angel said as tears rushed into her eyes. “Please don’t do this to yourself…please…don’t
torment yourself any further. Lolu won’t like to see his mother so
“Go tell the girls that I’m game with this hang out…but I
have to ask Gbade first.” Morayo said 
wiping her eyes with the back of her
palms and refusing to cry.
“Okay dear…remember you have a friend in all of us.” Angel
said and bent to give her a hug.
As soon as Angel left, Morayo quickly started packing up all
the paper work on her desk, then her eyes fell on the photograph of a smiling
boy on her table and fresh tears flowed anew.
Patrick had been avoiding her and who wouldn’t? After she
almost clawed his eyes off last night.
“Hey Pat…” Nkiru greeted falling into step with him as he
walked towards his office.
“I am busy…” Patrick flung at her.
“I am sorry about last night…” Nkiru started.
“Whatever…it didn’t really happen as far as I am
concerned.” Patrick started.
“I am sorry…anyway…”Nkiru started.
“Don’t ever speak to me again!” Patrick warned and walked
Nkiru stopped on her tracks and turned back towards her
desk, she held back the sob that was threatening to come forth but when she couldn’t
hold it much more, she rushed to the toilet and began to cry.
“What have you done to me?” She cried. “My God! Why am I
like this?” She cried louder.
A flashback played in her head and she suddenly saw her six
year old self asleep on her bed and strong hands holding her mouth shut as the
rough voice said. “Shhhh…don’t worry, you’ll be alright.”
She had always wanted to scream but couldn’t, not until it
was all over. Now, she was strongly affected by it. Every night, she fought
against him in her dreams but he still over powered her and now, it was
affecting her life, she had tried having sex with a couple of men but had ended
up hitting them off. Patrick had been an experiment, she just wanted to know if
she could brave it and let things happen but no, the fighter in her said, No!

To be continued next week…..



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