Nkiru screamed in rage, she hurried to the bed and pounced
on the two of them. Sam was completely caught unawares, he thought Nkiru was
still at work.
“You whore! You bloody whore!” She lunged at Victoria who
scampered off the bed and ran out of the room.
Nkiru tried chasing her out but she was too fast for her as
she escaped the room. She turned back to Sam who looked at her, pleading with his eyes.

“What just went on here? Sam!”
“I am sorry…I …I didn’t know…that…”
“This is who you are right? You are not the faithful husband
that you say you are. You are the husband who flirts about with anything in
skirts. My sister found out about your weakness right? That’s why she solely took up the domestic aspects of the house on her shoulders and didn’t want any maids….”
“It’s not what you think…Nkiru…please…”
“To think I fell in love with you…oh my God!” Nkiru cried. “To think I believed you when you said she was so obsessed with the kids and felt no maid could take care of her kids like she did.”
Sam jumped off the bed in his naked state and rushed up to
hug her.
“How dare you? Get your filthy hands off me!” Nkiru cried.
“I am sorry….it was the devil…I promise, it’s not
me…it’s the devil.” Sam said.
“The devil?” Nkiru asked and gave him a loud slap. “Go to
hell! Go there and meet the devil!” She cried.
“I am begging you…please…” He cried.
“You can’t help it, can you? Did you tell Victoria exactly what
you told me? Did you deceive her too? How many women have you been sleeping
with? How many?” Nkiru shouted hitting him with her fists.
“None…I swear…none! Please listen to me…” He begged.
Nkiru rushed out of the room and hurried down the hall and
ended her race in her room and shut the door.
“I am so stupid! I did wicked things to my sister all for
her cheating, lying, swindling husband….how could I have done this? How could
I have done such wrong to my sister? How could I? Oh my God!” She cried. “I
have to go back to the temple, they have to undo what they did to her….” She
said as she hurried to the bathroom to have her bath and prepare to go to the
Sam was outside her door knocking loudly, he cried and kept
calling her name.
Morayo listened to Kolade’s daughters tales about school and
laughed, she enjoyed their company as they had a way of lightening her mood.
Kolade was making dinner as he had insisted that he’d do it
alone, so while he was at it, she was sprawled on the floor with the girls and
was listening to them go on and on about school.
“There’s this girl in my class, her mom comes to pick her up
and they do a mother-daughter hug…” Mofe said rolling her eyes.
“Are you affected by it?” Morayo asked.
“Well…she has a mom so she’d better flaunt it…” Mofe
“I know you’re hurt…but you know your mom would have given
everything to stay with you girls…” Morayo said.
“Why didn’t she stay?” Mo asked with tears in her eyes. “I
miss her so much. The house is always so empty. Daddy is busy with his new business and the
nanny doesn’t speak good English.”
“Hey…don’t blame your mom okay…be rest assured that
she’s watching you…from heaven.”
“It’s not the same.” Mofe said. “I hate it when the kids in
their class say ‘my mommy did this or that’ it makes me feel bad.”
“Aren’t you lucky to have a dad? Some don’t have both
parents…” Morayo said.
“You have both parents don’t you?”
“You are lucky…” Mo said with tears in her eyes.
Morayo didn’t know what else to say, she had spent the past couple of weeks getting to know Kolade’s kids and they were gradually getting comfortable with
her. She had no idea of what else to say to make them miss their mother any less.
 Kolade broke the ice in the air by announcing.
“Dinner is ready!”
The girls got up and rushed off to the dining room and
Kolade walked up to her.
“I am sorry that we are burdening you with our problems when
you have problems of your own.” He said.
“It’s okay…they are hurt and can’t understand why she’s
“Yea…..and I guess they are tired of asking me all the
questions…” He said.
“I wish I could say something to make them feel better…”
Morayo said.
Kolade took her hands in his and looked into her eyes.
“You’ve been a great help and I am so grateful to have met
you…” He said.
Morayo looked away and said.
“You have been a great support for me too…”
“You’re not looking at me…”
Morayo looked at him and gave him a small smile.
“Now I am…” She said.
“I was thinking…we have been close to each other for the
past few weeks and I don’t know if it’ll seem as though I’m rushing it but I’d
like us to make things more official.”
Morayo was taken aback, she looked at Kolade with curiosity.
“Make what official?”
“You and me…and…”
“I am not thinking of that….you are a good friend, that’s
all…that matters now.”
“I like you a lot and I know you like me too even if it’s a
teeny weeny bit. Can’t we take it up from there?”
“I can’t…I would be using you to heal my hurt and I can’t
do that.”
“Are you still holding a torch for Gbade? He left you!”
Morayo was instantly upset.
“How dare you say a thing like that? Yes, he left me but why
rub it in my face? Do I need to jump the dating wagon to prove to the world
that I’ve moved past his betrayal?”
“No…and I’m sorry I said that…” Kolade apologized.
“You know what? I need…to…go…I have to go.” Morayo
said. She hurried over to pick her bag and rushed to the dining to kiss the
girls goodbye and left the house.
Kolade stood there not knowing what to do.
Nkiru refused to go home, she walked along the side of the
road in bitter tears. She recalled visiting the Spiritual Temple in the
afternoon and all that had transpired there.
“Excuse me…there was a spiritual temple here…” She had said
to a man who stood at the entrance of the dilapidated building known as the Spiritine Temple.
“Which temple?” The man had asked.
“I came here about three weeks ago…”
“To this place? This place is under construction…I don’t
understand you…” The man said.
Nkiru looked around the place to be sure that she wasn’t
wrong, the place was still the same, save for some renovations that was taking
“I know what I am talking about…there was a woman…she
heads the temple and…”
“Madam, abeg dis nor be place to kolo at all…” The man
warned. “Which kain talk you dey yarn sef?”
“I….know what I’m talking about…I know…” Nkiru said
desperately. “Can you just let me in? I want to look for her..”
“Let you in to where?”The man barked.
Nkiru rummaged her purse for some money and handed it over
to him.
“Please let me go and see for myself…” She had said.
The man collected the money from her and nodded. Nkiru ran
into the place and searched the whole rooms including the one where she had
seen the woman but saw nothing but building blocks and tools of workers. She screamed in
“Haaaaa….oh my God! What have I done? How can I save my
sister? She can’t be like this forever! Noooooo…..noooo…” She cried.
Still refusing to believe that the place was a building
under construction, she ran into the rooms again and searched and searched.
After a while she came out looking tired and haggard.
“I nor tell you?” The man said, drinking kunu that a kunu
seller had brought to him.
Nkiru had nodded and left the place.
It was already dark and
she refused to go home, she couldn’t face her sister’s kids, she couldn’t face
life. She was still prowling the streets when her phone rang, it was her
“Kene what is it?”
“Come to the house fast!”
Nkiru was scared by his tone of voice.
“What is it? What is wrong?”
“It’s sister ooo…she’s been sick for the past two days but
all of a sudden, this night she refused to eat her food and was just talking
rubbish…her words were incoherent and…all of a sudden, she couldn’t speak
anymore…I can’t say what’s happening to her but we need you to come home
fast!” Her brother said and hung up the call.
Nkiru almost collapsed from fear, she wanted to die!
Ogonna was asleep when she shot up from the bed with a
start, she was sweating and in great pain. Her lower abdomen hurt her badly and
she screamed in terror.
Gbade was in a small room beside the master bedroom which he
had turned to his mini-study. He wasn’t reading or browsing through informative
materials, rather he was thinking.
‘How much better was his life now?’ He thought to himself.
‘There was still no satisfaction even in the fact that he had found succour in
Ogonna.’ He still felt quite empty.
“Gbade!” He heard her scream again and he jumped off his
“Ogonna! What is wrong? Ogonna!” He shouted as he ran into
the bedroom and turned on the lights.
Ogonna was seated on the bed, clutching her abdomen in pain.
“I am in pain…the baby! I think….arrrrrahhhh….it’s the
baby…” She cried.
“Let’s go to the hospital now!” Gbade shouted as he rushed
up to lift her into his arms.
As soon as he lifted her off the bed, he saw the stains on
the sheets, not wanting to alarm her, he carried her out of the room.
Ogonna cried aloud in pain, the pain was so severe that she
thought she would die. Just before Gbade placed her at the back of the car, she

To be continued next week….


  1. No love for Gbade here. Morayo should move on with Kolade (a real man) & the twins. As for Nkiru, the devil is thinking of d best punishment 4her. Ogonna and Gbade sorry o. By Gbade's understanding, Ogonna has just killed his baby. Karma is a bitch hahahaha

    • It's not very easy to move on. Before moving on the first thing to do is heal and I guess that's what Morayo is trying to do.
      Thank you for reading dear.

  2. Morayo still loves Gbade…..even though Gbade I undeserving of it.
    Ogonna and Nkiru hav dipped their hands in much evil. The repercussions would pale in comparison to what they've done.

    • Well…I guess a part of Morayo's heart still burns for him but the realization that he is the major cause of her unhappiness might make that love wither.
      Time will tell…
      Thank you for reading dear.


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