“So are you going back there?” Jumoke’s brother asked her.
Jumoke took one look at her brother and said.
“What do I do? I have to go to work, I have to provide for
us…I can’t leave mum to do it all on her own.” Jumoke started.
“I think you should start looking for another job and maybe
hand in your resignation.” Her brother said.
“Jobs aren’t easy to come by and…”
“Jumoke! You don’t want to help yourself! That man is your
boss infact he’s a partner in that company and I’m scared that one day, he’ll
realize his mistakes and come running back to you and you’ll leap into his
“It was all a misunderstanding…his wife lied against me…”
Jumoke said in tears.
“He is her husband and she is his wife, who do you think
he’d believe? You? A girl he has known for barely three months? Or his wife who
he wooed, courted, married and who has not one but three children for him?”
“I love him…” Jumoke said brokenly.
“Jumoke, pull yourself together, I never knew that you both
have gone this far in the friendship or I’d have cut if off from the root long
ago.” Samson, Jumoke’s immediate younger brother said. He had been away for
some time as he had sat for Postume examination for admission into Kwara State
university and he had to stay with his uncle while he was there. “He is not for you! Realize that you have to be the number one in a man’s life and not number two. There are lots of young men out there who would love it if you could give them a chance but you’re blowing it by settling for a man who has drama! If his wife never abandoned him for her career, do you think he’d notice you?”
Jumoke stared at her brother and kept crying, she looked at
her phone and waited for Bode’s call. ‘Maybe he’ll call and say it was all a
ploy to get his wife off my neck’ she thought.

Susan and her father waited in anticipation for the lawyer’s
call, he called at eight pm.

“I spoke to the lady who used to work in the company…” The
lawyer said through the phone.
Susan quickly placed the call on speaker phone as she and
her dad couldn’t wait to hear all the lawyer had to say. Once Susan’s
colleague, Agatha had given her Veronica Teko’s phone number, the lawyer had
contacted her and she had invited him over to her place to talk.
“She said that Tom came on to her while she was at the
company and once she began dating him, he started forcing his male friends on
her and soon demanded that she joins them in orgy sessions. She said she did
that on countless occasions thinking that he would put in a good word for her
with the board of directors so that she could be promoted but he never did.
As soon as she found out that he was never going to speak on her behalf to the board, they began quarrelling and he started showing her the videos of
all their sessions together while threatening to leak the videos if she refuses
to bend to his rule. Veronica said, she quickly resigned and left Abuja for a
while and came back when she was able to get another job here…she said that
Tom ruined her life….and that till his death, she was still afraid that he
could leak the videos and ruin her.”
“Are you serious?” Susan’s father said.
“I have her story on tape and first thing tomorrow morning, I
am going over to the Expat’s lawyer to have a discussion. I can’t promise you
anything but if they drop the case…Susan walks free but I advise that she
leaves Abuja immediately too…as his family and friend might begin planning revenge against her for his murder.” He said.
“Okay…thank you so much, I appreciate this.” Her father
As soon as the phone went dead, Susan exhaled deeply.
“Do you see what being in a haste has done to you?”
Susan nodded silently.
“If only you had stayed in Lagos…this wouldn’t be
happening…” He said to her.
“I am sorry daddy…I am so sorry…once this is all over, I
am leaving Abuja for good…” Susan said.

“What will you do about the baby? It’s not relevant in the
case anymore so, you are not under pressure to remove it. What’s your decision?”
“I’ll keep it…” Susan said.
“And be a single mother?” Her father asked.
“I can’t commit two murders can I? The murder of Tom has put
me into so much trouble and it has cost me everything. I can’t end my child’s
life….at least not when God has been so merciful to me.” Susan said.
Her father looked at her and nodded.

“Get out of this house!” Priscilla shouted at Tosin.
“I can explain…” Tosin started.
“Explain what! You left Abuja without telling me? You left
this city without even informing me. How dare you?” Priscilla flung at Tosin.
“I never knew you’d take it that serious, I went to see my
family and…” Tosin started.
“I don’t need your damned explanations!”
“I didn’t tell you this earlier but I have a husband and
three kids and I needed to see them. I had family issues that I wanted to trash out.”
“Well…that’s not my business! If you want to see them, you
can go ahead and see them but not without telling me that you are leaving
“I am sorry…I am so sorry…” Tosin said.
“Go home Tosin…”
“Go home! God knows
that I don’t want to see you here tonight.” Priscilla said.
Tosin walked out of the room, as she opened the door,
Priscilla’s son almost fell in, he had been eavesdropping. Tosin didn’t spare
him a glance and walked away.
“Mom! You shouldn’t have done that…” Priscilla’s son said.
“I am really angry at her…I’m angry at everything. I can’t
seem to make meaning of anything. I just realized that I’ve been doing a rat
chase. There’s no way that I can take that land back without going through
proper procedures. I just realized that I have been wasting my time with that
woman and there’s nothing that I can get from her!” Priscilla said bitterly.
“If we can’t get that land, then, no one else should. That’s
my inheritance, my birthright….the courts should have understood before
taking it away from me.”
“What are you saying?” Priscilla asked.
“If the land can’t be mine, then, why don’t we do something else? We could set the company building on fire…maybe that would chase the company away and
whenever anyone starts building on it, we could create another catastrophe. I
watched a film where a house was taken away from a woman and she made sure she
made bad things happen to everyone that stepped foot in that house till people
refused to take the house anymore as they were scared that it was cursed. Soon,
everyone left the house, the price dropped in the real estate market and she
was able to buy it back for a token. Why don’t we do that?”
“You are so smart.” His mother said, rushing to give him a
“Call her back mom and ask her to forgive you then, we can
plan a fire…a huge one. You know we can’t really get access into that
building without her, she holds the master keys to that place. We could make
the fire start from her office so that she gets blamed for it.”
His mother nodded and smiled.

Rita had just finished cleaning the ground floor of the
office when her phone rang, it was her mother.
“How are you Rita?” Her mother asked in concern.
“I am fine ma…” Rita replied.
“How’s Chuka?” Her mother asked. “I have been so worried
about you lately and …I find myself thinking of you often. Are you sure that
everything is alright?”
One of the staff of the company where Rita worked walked up
to her and barked.
“Do you think you’re here to answer phone calls? The MD
needs his tea and you haven’t even finished cleaning the stairs.”
“I am sorry…” Rita apologized removing the phone from her
The staff hissed at her and walked away. Rita placed the
phone to her ear.
“What was that? Where are you?” Her mother asked.
“I err…I got a job…you know I resigned from the one
daddy got for me at the ministry at Chuka’s insistence but I got tired of
sitting idly at home and I decided to err…get a job.”
“A job that sounds like one fit for a maid?” Her mother
“Can I call you back mom…” Rita started, but realized that
she hardly had money for anything least of all, call credit. “Please could you
call me back?”
“What is going on Rita? What is happening?”
“Nothing ma…please call me back okay, I need to go now.”
Rita said and hung up, rushing into the kitchen to make tea.

To be continued tomorrow…..


  1. Ohh baby. Ahhhh, I know I said I don't care about Tosin and Priscilla but I hope they arrest Priscilla and her son.
    I'm happy for Susan's good news and if Rita doesn't want to get divorced, I pray she and Chuka get dragged to church for deliverance.
    Thank you Adaeze. This is a beautiful story. And I'm waiting for your next witty comment on my blog.


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